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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 26/4/2007

Paysage fond ecran lac 14jpg 2.php
Thank you for the efforts that you provide to us to enjoy by a variety of impressive pictures as beautiful as each other. It is a mammoth task that you do there. Congratulations and good luck. Thank you for everything. An admirer.
De Saidelhihi
Chien Shih Tzu > Pict0049
HA ! Ha ! Ha ! This photo is great it makes me think of my little sister. Kiss
De Kikou
Chat Sacre De Birmanie > Chatenboite
It looks like my chiko lol ! But I do not believe that this is a 'Sanctity of Burma'.
De Phil84100
Fleur Boule De Neige > Viburnum
Actually, the flowers are greenish at first, then become white. I preferred to wait until they are actually well white for the photograph. Too bad the sky is white on this image, as with a blue sky the contrast between a blue sky and the flowers would have been beautiful.
De Nenfer13
Street Art > Tag
What a great presentation. The colors are very well rendered and valued.
De Zorore74
Oiseau Paon Blanc > Paon blanc
Paon blanc
Bravo for this beautiful photo. It is white or all sorts of blue and green, it is a beautiful creature.
De Pollet.m.f
Avion Militaire > Img 8494
Img 8494
A photo like that, I would have liked to do one, even if the sharpness is not perfect, but the essence is there and we can only appreciate it .
De Nenfer13
Montagne > Les ecrins 1
Les ecrins 1
The landscape is very beautiful, as well as the light. Only the first plan made up of stone blocks is too large, it would have been better to go back a little aiming for the benefit of the sky.
De Nenfer13
Lac > Lac d arcine 2
Lac d arcine 2
This is a beautiful image, I love the reflection on the surface of the water as it is, but what a shame not to have framed horizontally.
De Nenfer13
Oiseau Paon Bleu > Oiseau paon 2jpg
Oiseau paon 2jpg
I think this image is superb and the framing could not be other than centered. In any case, the background of this is beautiful .
De Nenfer13
Chien Dobermann > Img 0744
Img 0744
It is beautiful he seems to be very unhappy lol keep doing what you're doing : this is awesome.
De Sidonie
Fleur Tulipe Perroquet > Tulipe perroquet fei
Tulipe perroquet fei
The color of a blood red is very beautiful, as well as the flower, it would have been beneficial to shift the target to the left.
De Nenfer13
Oiseau Cygne Tubercule > Swan 09
Swan 09
SUPER ! I love your photo, it inspires the life : thank you for sharing.
De Marla
Cetoine > Cetoine
This splendid macro to me is passed through, the insect is very clear-in a setting in harmony with its own colours. .
De Nenfer13
France Eure > Marais vernier 3
Marais vernier 3
This thatch roof is very beautiful, and very original, but the image has too many imperfections, for the framing it would have been desirable to raise the sight ( 1/4 of the height )for the benefit of the roof. The branch in the sky draws too look, and the colors are too dull.
De Nenfer13
Fleur Boule De Neige > Viburnum
There for touch-ups I leave the care to the experts like Marcel, for example, it goes well we will redo it
De Galimichette
France Hautes Alpes > Lac d arcine
Lac d arcine
It is a very beautiful image with a strong contrast due to the light of the sun coming from the left, and illuminating a portion to the right, leaving the rest in the shade. It is pleasant, because its reflects a specific time of the day.
De Nenfer13
Montagne > Grand area depuis les ayes
Grand area depuis les ayes
Very nice decor, I like the composition and framing. The eye is drawn to the center of the image to the houses that are barely distinguishable, and that you would like to see in approaching more.
De Nenfer13
Oiseau Cygne Tubercule > Swan 06
Swan 06
Superb photo, well composed, the reeds in the lower left corner allow us to situate these two beautiful swans white in their natural element.
De Nenfer13
Tasse Cafe > Tasse cafe 05
Tasse cafe 05
Very beautiful photo, beautiful ! The cups are super.
De Niki006
France Savoie > Bonnevalentarentaise 20 220407 42 re
Bonnevalentarentaise 20 220407 42 re
It is pretty this view through the branches. The sky is a pretty blue based. A very pretty photo.
De Guylaine
Oiseau Paon Bleu > Oiseau paon 1jpg
Oiseau paon 1jpg
A beautiful peacock, what a beautiful blue, you have done a superb photo. The houpette is very pretty.
De Guylaine
Oiseau Paon Arlequin > Paon 5
Paon 5
The colors are amazing and so beautiful. A very beautiful bird no doubt.
De Guylaine
Arbre > Nuage arbre couleur
Nuage arbre couleur
Apart from the blue point of your photo is very beautiful. The beautiful light is very beautiful. You'll eventually learn like all of us.
De Guylaine
Chat Europeen > Chipie101
She is beautiful your Bitch, beautiful varied colors of her beautiful hair. The sun was strong it looks like ! Beautiful photo of your pussy.
De Guylaine
Oiseau fond ecran aigle a tete blanche 06jpg 2.php
The shooting is very successful this raptor is sure of himself and very communicative with his master.
De Gabriell01
Banc > P3160050
I like a lot this landscape, the colors, and the bench only one who seems to expect, that someone will be joining his loneliness, in any case, a nice spot to come to rest of the bedlam of the city : so thank you ! Michelle
De M.g.30
Fleur Pissenlit > Pissenlit en aigrettes
Pissenlit en aigrettes
And 'ousqu'it' is 'The(beautiful)Redhead' that will blow over, saying 'I sow to every wind...' I don't even know if the dicos Dictionary of today still have this acronym...
De Deuchman
Chat Siamois > Minet se repose
Minet se repose
She is too beautiful , but I demende if it's a male or a femmelle ?
De Sosolou-mann
Chien Berger Allemand > Pinta des enfers 2006 10 31
Pinta des enfers 2006 10 31
I like the idea but it is a bit scary, especially the dog who is on the ground with red eyes. Personally, for me it gives me chills.
De Anais
Fleur Magnolia > Magnolia 20070416
Magnolia 20070416
Yes, a magnolia is always beautiful in flower, it smells like spring, and this year they were very early flowering, fortunately, there has been no heavy frosts this time ! It is in your garden this tree
De Rotine
Creation Graphique Psp > Carte muguet
Carte muguet
Thank you for your card Fifie, I like this, the 1st of may arrives, the feast of the work, therefore, rest
De Rotine
Super the site : I congratulate you. The photos are all more beautiful than the other.
Jouet > Doudous propres
Doudous propres
well, pretty laundry, I take with me to tell them a big hug.
De Rotine
Fleur Spiree Japonaise > Grappe 4
Grappe 4
This cluster of flowers is gorgeous purity, the dazzling, and the purple ribbon makes a nice contrast pleasant to look at. FANFAN.
De Fanfan
Oiseau Cygne Tubercule > Swan 03
Swan 03
Omelet or steak swan = the end of my report, I should like, therefore, to a diet exclusively vegetarian, consuming the young shoots of cane, like swans ! I admit to sometimes being tempted by the frogs...
De Lumixane
Fleurs fond ecran suzanne aux yeux noirs 01jpg 2.php
Nice rendering of shades of yellow. Thank you, however, I cherhe a sharp image of the leaves in order to identify a plant is born.
De J.L.57
Coucher Soleil > Img 71
Img 71
The colour apricot golden of the sky will vanish in a few moments, you're able to take advantage of this time to keep it as a souvenir. Sober and enchanting !
De Heuzeja
Avion Militaire > Img 8494
Img 8494
Memories, memories ! When living near an air base, these pictures can be taken quite regularly. In general, the jumps of maintenance takes place on the same DZ (dropping zone). In my time, jumped from the North atlas. The paratroopers were the number of 32 in two files left/right. The group is called a 'styck'. The dropping was done by two side doors.
De Marcel
Turquie > Photo 052
Photo 052
Superb, with my wife, we visited the Turqie from Izmir to Bodrum by car, we liked it a lot. The next will be to the north and this photo gives us the desire.
De Midoukouba
Arbre Prunus > Prunus a02
Prunus a02
Here we are at the heart of the tree, and I did not find so bad... Then 5 !
De Lumixane
Grenouille > Photo grenouille 148
Photo grenouille 148
I just put my note ! The comments are already made ! It is a good photo.
De Marcel
Chien Fox Terrier A Poil Dur > Bahia
Too cute, his expression made you understand how much it is. I just lost my Foulky after 17 years and it reminds me of the mine younger. Thank you.
Arbre Prunus > Prunus a01
Prunus a01
Between the two, I have a preference for lighter, more ventilated and offers a beautiful diagonal.
De Lumixane
Retouche Photo > Cetoine copie
Cetoine copie
Marcel arrives to straighten out the buildings.. You think that he would not be able to move the insect in 3/4 before ?... Your editing brings a more.
De Lumixane
Montagne > Grand area depuis les ayes
Grand area depuis les ayes
I find the image well-built, well-balanced, the two diagonals we plunge to the valley and then our gaze goes up towards the snow-capped peaks.
De Heuzeja
Retouche Photo > Touotou2
It is beautiful, I love it, it makes me think of my phoebus that I lost a year ago.
De Christine
Avion Militaire > Img 8494
Img 8494
Interesting what Marcel tells us there ! Thank you to him for all these details.
De Lumixane
France Savoie > Bonnevalentarentaise 20 220407 42 re
Bonnevalentarentaise 20 220407 42 re
Nice photo full of delicacy, somewhat in the style of japanese lessons
De Nguyendomy
Chien Shih Tzu > Pict0049
It has a head adorable, it would have had to do a close up of her face to obscure the background. We expect more photos of Twig
De Nguyendomy
> 0 Merci pour les efforts que vous fournissez afin de nous régaler par une variété
50 Bel éclairage pour ce chat aux multiples couleurs :5: que veut-il dire :16: :19:
50 Beautiful lighting for this chat with multiple color :5: what does he say :16: :
100 Je pense qu'un supplément de contraste serait profitable. Le cadre est bien remp
100 I think that more contrast would be beneficial. The frame is well filled !
150 Ce doit être très intéressant à visiter, le travail de toute une vie, quel coura
150 This should be very interesting to visit, the work of a lifetime, what courage,
200 Figeac c'est Figeac, ville d'art et d'histoire, secteur sauvegardé... Par des lo
200 Figeac is Figeac, town of art and history, industry saved... By laws that are dr
250 On dirait qu'il est venu s'écraser sur l'objectif ce paon, dommage, les couleurs
250 It looks like he came crashing on the objective of this peacock, a pity, the col
300 Il est beau ce chaton quoique je préfére l'autre photo. Un bon cliché quand même
300 It is this beautiful kitten, though I prefer the other photo. A good shot anyway

30/4/2007: It is a spurge épurge which has long enjoyed the reputation of repellent for mol

29/4/2007: :5: With her heart-shaped face, the comparison of 'jewel of feathers' is very ap

28/4/2007: :1:Siperbes your wallpapers : meri for this beautiful work. I am very eontent...

27/4/2007: :4: The mixture of the colors orange with the green leaves and the lighting effe

26/4/2007: Thank you for the efforts that you provide to us to enjoy by a variety of impres

25/4/2007: :3: Beautiful photo, not obvious to take, and you give us the pleasure of enjoyi

24/4/2007: It also is magnificent, the tones are very soft and the flowers sharp. Bravo. :3

23/4/2007: Nice ! 'say, bunny, that you have big ears' ! :6: :6: :6:

22/4/2007: What beautiful eyes, what a beautiful photo :3: In sepia, it gives it more depth

21/4/2007: Too strong the picture ! I'd love to have a 'argentine dogo' too !

20/4/2007: In fact, Marcel, the look is not melancholic at all. It was mostly the piece of

19/4/2007: Ah, when they don't want, there's nothing to do, I have already tried in vain :4

18/4/2007: I love this photo of rose with its beautiful white flowers. High honors to its a

17/4/2007: :1: :2: Very nice picture, she is beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful site w

16/4/2007: I had a thought moved for my small poodle Catechu which also has so often accomp

15/4/2007: :3: Bravo for your first photo, I am very happy for you. It is simple, but well

14/4/2007: Beautiful portrait of this bird of prey with the piercing eyes :3: (this is his

13/4/2007: I find it fun... maybe too much grey area... A rectancle additional, perpendicul

12/4/2007: Wow, a bee, a perfect sharpness. Your photo is perfectly successful. Bravo :1: :

11/4/2007: Here's something that was a narrow escape ! And too bad for the other... It is n

10/4/2007: I shoot rarely but I find it particularly nice to look at ! Bravo ! :3:

9/4/2007: :6: There is too much core, this baby raccoon, I want it to happen to me also. B

8/4/2007: This is a very nice picture :2: Actually it lacks a bit of net and we may regret

7/4/2007: Nice, but I prefer the beach and nature, that is to say, without a parasol, and

6/4/2007: :3: :12: :13: Too much of a genius Daniel. In addition to it is lovely too.

5/4/2007: Too much handsome in this photo but especially the dog !!! :1: :5: :3:

4/4/2007: Finally, natural or not natural, it is a beautiful still life that pleases me ve

3/4/2007: It is original, better than the billboards, they are more useful !!! :6: :6: :6:

2/4/2007: Beautiful machine, it looks like he crushes a tree trunk. These weapons are mons

1/4/2007: What can you say to a photo like that ! ... Superb... Strange... But the main th

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