1 a textile design a ripple in the colors of the Basque Country Good
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 14/1/2009

Humour > Passage pieton
Passage pieton
: 1: a textile design, a ripple in the colors of the Basque Country, Good point, although brainstormed, well done: 2: I love a lot: 6:
De Fanfan du Fatras
Suede Stockholm > Derriere hotel de ville
Derriere hotel de ville
Sublime this picture. This siren without the tail is not cold and it seems we know. : 19:
De Cémaphore
Coucher Soleil > Campagne betschdorf 67
Campagne betschdorf 67
: 19:: 1: I love sunsets especially on Wednesday
De Isa
Chat Persan > Persan 87 01
Persan 87 01
: 6:: 6: the little angel of the photo is a beautiful cat with strong character ... : 6:: 6: This is the most beautiful cat in the world. ! ... Thank you again .. I wish you for this new year filled with happiness of families by giving your little kittens: 6:
France Lyon > 2007 1001lyon quais du rhone et part dieu de fourviere0033
2007 1001lyon quais du rhone et part dieu de fourviere0033
Happy you know! Focus is debatable, there are others and Fourvière battery is in front .. it draws! Lol! Thank you! Trévous is a lovely. !
De Dede69004
France Lyon > 2007 1001lyon quais du rhone et part dieu de fourviere0033
2007 1001lyon quais du rhone et part dieu de fourviere0033
ND more originality Fourvière equaled only ND de la Garde! It built a 2nd round at this time very close, will have to get used a 2nd time, it moves .. ! Thank you. : 19:
De Dede69004
France Lyon > 2007 1001lyon quais du rhone et part dieu de fourviere0033
2007 1001lyon quais du rhone et part dieu de fourviere0033
We built a 2nd, I said, Cape Canaveral .. I'm scared! : 4:: 19:
De Dede69004
France Lozere > Cloture a l infini
Cloture a l infini
It is still not as nice as the Great Wall of China! : 19: But it's worth a look anyway ... : 1:
De Naej
France Cotes D Armor > Bretagne 2008 041
Bretagne 2008 041
A 'Penty typical south of Brittany ... This one is beautifully renovated ... You knew the highlight! : 1:
De Naej
France Doubs > L intrepide
L intrepide
The silhouette of the solitary walker further emphasizes the immensity of this site ... You make some wonderful things with your Lumix Anne: 19:: 1:
De Naej
Chien Rottweiler > Les chiennes 8665
Les chiennes 8665
It's too good, I just have one, it was 4 months. It is already a monster, it is huge but it is a big baby who is learning very quickly.
De Tslwe
France Marseille > Marseille sous la neige
Marseille sous la neige
This is a postcard that will stand out in memory Marseillaise! : 18:: 1:
De Naej
France Marseille > Pins enneiges p1070081
Pins enneiges p1070081
Indeed, it is impressive and the picture is magic! : 1:
De Naej
Humour > Passage pieton
Passage pieton
I much prefer this shot to the previous ... It is quite original and remarkable in every sense of the word! : 1:
De Naej
Lac > Lac 20090113
Lac 20090113
You live in a beautiful area say then! Very nice shot, well balanced. : 1:
De Naej
Suisse > Cortebert et la suze
Cortebert et la suze
A Suze with ice cubes, what is more normal? Beautiful shot ... : 1:
De Naej
Coucher Soleil > Coucher de soleil 20090113
Coucher de soleil 20090113
: 4: Thank you very much. I am pleased to share them with you.
De Doudou138
Coucher Soleil > Coucher de soleil 20090113
Coucher de soleil 20090113
Wonderful atmosphere in this shot ... The reflection of the sun in the lake is beautiful and I think, in this case, the framing is going very well ... : 1:
De Naej
France Lozere > Cloture a l infini
Cloture a l infini
It does not seem to finish the fence, a beautiful picture of your winter season. At least on the heights. Excellent photo. : 3:: 5:
De Guylaine
Fleur Anthurium > Anturium 1 encadree
Anturium 1 encadree
This beautiful flower that goes through the markets this season has several colors of red white called anthurium 'or' flower moon 'for poets and artists! A nice color photo ...
De Cr44
Montagne > P1120040cote brevent ete 2008 fei
P1120040cote brevent ete 2008 fei
You know admirably highlight the mountain (well, almost always: 18:) ... That is splendid! : 1:
De Naej
Coucher Soleil > Coucher de soleil 20090113
Coucher de soleil 20090113
: 5: Thank you for your comments. I am just a novice in photography. One day I could be offering better quality pictures: 4: Over time I would be the experience: 6:
De Doudou138
France Lyon > 2007 1001lyon quais du rhone et part dieu de fourviere0033
2007 1001lyon quais du rhone et part dieu de fourviere0033
With a bit (a lot) of imagination, it's like being at Cape Canaveral for the launch of a satellite! Normally, I do not know Lyon! : 1:: 19:
De Naej
France Saintes Maries De La Mer > Neige 001
Neige 001
I imagine that the change in climate and landscape had to be brutal! This is undoubtedly why the photo is a little sad ... : 1:
De Naej
Coucher Soleil > Coucher de soleil 20090113
Coucher de soleil 20090113
: 5: A big thank you! The purpose of this picture is just the love of my village and you will discover. : 6:: 6:
De Doudou138
Espagne Baleares > Nuages sur pollenca rotine 298
Nuages sur pollenca rotine 298
It is true that in a widescreen format with less sky this picture would become even more beautiful! : 1:
De Naej
France Haute Savoie > Le villard
Le villard
Very nice shot! This site is truly majestic!
De Naej
Lever Soleil > Clochet en hivers
Clochet en hivers
The sun caressed the church is gorgeous ... Like some, I would have cropped ... : 1:
De Naej
France Paris > 10 01 2009 sortie paris 059
10 01 2009 sortie paris 059
I am surprised to be the first to comment on this image that symbolizes the time that passes between these two 'monuments' ... : 1:
De Naej
France Lozere > Cloture a l infini
Cloture a l infini
: 1: Very nice photo of the winter landscape and its closure, as well as the horizon, which seems endless, beautiful mix of colors, bravo to the photographer. : 3:
De Tcheidi
Fleur Crocus > Fond d ecran perce neige
Fond d ecran perce neige
: 5: Thank you. I apologize for the error to the names of flowers but I'm glad you enjoy the photo: 6:
De Doudou138
Fleur Crocus > Fond d ecran perce neige
Fond d ecran perce neige
: 5: Thank you very much for the apréciation my photo I am sorry and thanks to you I know the name of my flowers: 6:
De Doudou138
France Pyrenees Orientales > Pyr orientales etang de canet st nazaire 08 6 cpf 207
Pyr orientales etang de canet st nazaire 08 6 cpf 207
Too bad there's these three pictures, they are unfortunately not represent the current situation caused by the irresponsible action of a human being. The vision of the pond for this summer 2008 on the side of St Nazaire was vomiting. A loss to a real desert, cracked frozen soil by salt, whereas in the same places, before the construction of the heads and valves was the average depth of 1, 60. Why this deliberate filling? Of dumping tires, mattresses, and other debris gazinières is what was offered at the sight of everyone in this summer. Lamentable.
De Tété
France Lozere > Cloture a l infini
Cloture a l infini
Symbolic fence, but fence! Beautiful winter landscape enjoyable to watch. : 1:
De Romaric
Thank you for the wallpapers, continue like that, because we need to have fun on our screens.
Espagne Baleares > Img 0677
Img 0677
Geneviève thank you to you for the photo. Coming on this site and I discovered the other pictures.
De Christof
Fruit Pomme > Pommes 1
Pommes 1
: 6: The photo is of a perfect reality, we would like to chew the apple, bravo.
De Zabou
Cheval > Cheval et taureaux
Cheval et taureaux
They are beautiful photos, I love horses, goodbye.
De Didinou
Cheval > Dscn4356
They are truly magnificent (in any case it mares, then they can not be ugly! ^ ^ (Lol) I say: 3: the one / that / those who took the picture!
De églantine
Voiture fond ecran porsche 12jpg 2.php
Fada beautiful car, damage power than looking photo. But bravo, it makes us dream anyway. Thank you.
De Aympasrod
France Lozere > Cloture a l infini
Cloture a l infini
: 3: What beautiful scenery of these mountains, and then we want to follow the fence, but where will it take us?
De Domi
Animal fond ecran dauphin 270jpg 2.php
It would have been nice if there were no waves were good but that it is quite good.
De Leila171996
Animal fond ecran dauphin 282jpg 2.php
I do not like because it's not drawing too many dolphin, that's the problem with this picture.
De Leila1996
Givre > Givre brouillard chenois 09 01 03 cpf 386
Givre brouillard chenois 09 01 03 cpf 386
: 3: Very nice picture, all is harmony, I particularly like this moment where we distinguished the arrival of the sun which gives way to the fog, bravo Ninik. : 1:
De Tcheidi
Chien Rottweiler > Portrait de shana
Portrait de shana
Very nice dog, me, I have a 3 months.
De Coco1419
France Marseille > Marseille sous la neige
Marseille sous la neige
: 3: Fada and thank you. I wish you my best wishes to you and your family. A montage nice to show us Marseille in the snow.
De Domi
Fleur Anthurium > Anturium 1 encadree
Anturium 1 encadree
I found that the shooting does not flower in value, that sounds weird.
De Domi
Maroc Marrakech > La koutoubia
La koutoubia
A very interesting architecture, the emblem of the city of Marrakech: 6:. It leans slightly.
De Cémaphore
Eristale > Syrphe sur crocus
Syrphe sur crocus
Warm and precise image. The insect is perfect. Lighting very good.
De Cham.1
Jordanie > Wadi 3
Wadi 3
: 3: Very nice picture of this desert, the gradient of red brick is a nice effect, the artist bravo. : 1:
De Tcheidi
> 0 :1: un graphisme textile, une ondulation aux couleurs du pays basque, Bien vu,
50 En parcourant la rubrique oie, je tombe sur cette photo qui malgré les défauts o
50 Browsing heading goose, I came across this picture that despite the defects m
100 :1: Très beau profil ! Et quelle concentration... Superbe photo !
100 : 1: Very nice profile! And what concentration ... Superb picture!
150 Je trouve le cadrage un peu serré pour apprécier pleinement ce site. :4: Malgré
150 I find the framing a little tight to fully appreciate this site. : 4: Still it&#
200 Les détails sont vraiment bien rendus, dommage pour la dominante mauve qui dénat
200 The details are really well made, damage to the dominant purple which slightly d
250 Deux jouissances à la vision de ton image. La première, contemplative, devant ce
250 Two enjoyments to the vision of your image. The first contemplative mood before
300 Cette jolie feuille jaune voguant sur l'eau est superbe. Elle est très bien mise
300 This beautiful yellow leaf floating on water is beautiful. It is very much devel
350 Bravo, c'est... :1: :2: :3: Waouuuh.
350 Bravo is ...: 1:: 2:: 3: Waouuuh.
400 Zigou, le chat de ta voisine est magnifique. Je dis toujours qu'il manque la par
400 Zigou, chat with your neighbor is magnificent. I always say that it lacks the fl
450 Pas mal mais vraiment trop de plan d'oiseau de bouée mais sinon on s'y croirait.
450 Not bad but really plan bird buoy but otherwise we think it ...
500 M'autoriserais-tu à insérer ta superbe photo en illustration d'une de mes nouvel
500 M'autoriserais you to insert your beautiful photo illustration of one of my
550 Bonne photo : j'espère en trouver d'autres de même qualité !!!
550 Good photo: I hope to find more of the same quality!

31/1/2009: I never crossed the character and it's perfect. That said, there are similar

30/1/2009: What vineyard. These colors are beautiful, n'agressent not, the light is pla

29/1/2009: Beautiful sunset, but this picture would have deserved a more careful framing.

28/1/2009: Iris This is great. The background a little discomfort the eye and the subject i

27/1/2009: Nice picture which puts this futuristic very slender. It is a great achievement.

26/1/2009: I like this flower because it's my name and it is too good!

25/1/2009: I love watching the sky, and it is beautiful, bravo for this beautiful picture.

24/1/2009: This is the principle of any major dam, valves open electric guillotines once th

23/1/2009: I see that there are amateur Normandy! Me is my corner! I live 30 km from Étreta

22/1/2009: The sky of fire engulfed the sea Hopefully you have a rescue boat! The effect is

21/1/2009: What a beautiful image of a vacancy and boat trips. There are lucky to earth. Ni

20/1/2009: The image I like also that, with regret for the tree and the sun-centered, and a

19/1/2009: Thank you to all non-registered visitors and that's a shame: 18: your commen

18/1/2009: A beautiful image, it reminds me tans memories of my childhood! : 6:: 6:

17/1/2009: Surprisingly, Mexico has a rich history and I love the photographs. : 3:: 1:

16/1/2009: What a beautiful picture. You allow us to admire and this beautiful place that I

15/1/2009: Here, jam is a good idea, it will have to try: 18:

14/1/2009: : 1: a textile design, a ripple in the colors of the Basque Country, Good point,

13/1/2009: Maytoune What a surprise! You make me happy and definitely always the correct wo

12/1/2009: A very subtle display prompting the customer to buy. The Moroccan art to attract

11/1/2009: Lovely mushroom-shaped club. I would rather a 'clavaire Truncated' which

10/1/2009: : 4: Well I have never seen so little cabin overlooking the sea, it does calm, t

9/1/2009: Nice profile for the 'Dalmatian', you are very beautiful Cooky and you h

8/1/2009: : 4: Thank you Sofi! I see that you have found the path of my gallery for the ph

7/1/2009: Nice picture of these beautiful geese not timid English for a cent. : 4:

6/1/2009: It lacked a bit of brightness can be but my picture is light, due to various cha

5/1/2009: Thank you for your encouragement .. Otherwise. The road! LOL! I am happy for the

4/1/2009: Ouh la! Indeed, knowing this place, there is no doubt .. These houses are not so

3/1/2009: : 3: Very nice picture, I love the winter landscapes: thank you, good years and

2/1/2009: The varan Comodo is a huge beast dangerous and photographer who took these photo

1/1/2009: A beautiful photo and presented net of this landscape, reflections are superb. :

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