The snow surface is gray but as soon as it plunges you discover your
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 20/2/2009

Neige > Quelque pas dans la neige
Quelque pas dans la neige
The snow surface is gray, but as soon as it plunges you discover your beautiful whiteness. The picture is outstanding and the color rendering is quite exceptional. Is this due to the lighting for it? A good trip into perspective by following the steps ... Great show: 1:: 6:: 3:
De Le Fada de Marseille
Chat Chaton > Le titi
Le titi
This beautiful bar. When a picture of Tweety and CinE-motion together in one basket: 19:: 3:
De Léna
Chat Chaton > Titoune
Already this endearing and adorable coquine CinE-motion: 6:: 5:
De Léna
France Doubs > Source
: 1: Looking perfection and around the village on the coldest France. Your images are always real lessons of photography, this is where I see the work that remains to be done ... Anne hat: 1:: 1:
De Fanfan du Fatras
Chat Chaton > Un ptit repos
Un ptit repos
It is really mimi ta Titoute, damage that you cut up. Big hugs for me.
De Léna
Photo etats unis photo golden gate bridge 20jpg 1.php
It is very beautiful! I would go there one day ... : 18: Good shot! : 2:
De Queennao
Fleur Paquerette > Paquerette copie
Paquerette copie
Waouw .. As super photo. Clear, well presented, the daisy is the most beautiful effect on the black background. : 1:: 6:
De Ninik
Mystere > Insolite photo mystere dscn7065
Insolite photo mystere dscn7065
Obviously I already know the answer, but I thought it was toast that had Cramé in the pan. : 19:
De Ninik
Oiseau Mesange Bleue > Mesange bleue dscn0118
Mesange bleue dscn0118
Oh the poor little thing, so cute. Fortunately, you could save time and it gives us a beautiful picture. : 3:: 6:
De Ninik
France Finistere > Pointe du raz en fevrier
Pointe du raz en fevrier
Great photo! This is a dream! I think all those who are in Britain but would like to see be able to photograph the sea just unleashed. I'm going in June and I hope some beautiful pictures succeed ... I love this picture!
De Mimi
France Isere > Col du cucheron 2
Col du cucheron 2
Wonderful photo, I went on your blog and I discover my homeland Isère and your photos. You seem to know the corner well. Bravo! : 3:: 3:: 19:
De Dede69004
Great images, very beautiful, I love Paris. Frankly it is fine on a computer.
Animal fond ecran orque orques 053
I love the orc, but I would rather see leq is far from custody.
De Lolotte
Photo paris photo montmartre montmartre29jpg 2.php
This very nice black and white, nice way to return the Montmartre that we love.
De Riti
Retouche Photo > 2 rochemaure
2 rochemaure
A beautiful look, I spent quite often back in the south and not far from my native surroundings, living in Lyon. RN86 side there are nice corners. Thank you! : 3:: 19:
De Dede69004
Photo paris photo seine seine19jpg 2.php
Jolie Seine this dazzling but somewhat ... Too bad because otherwise the night was well chosen!
De Riti
Photo paris photo paris by night 13
This magnificent map of Paris ... And very useful lol!
De Riti
Bourdon > Photo 02 292
Photo 02 292
The bottom of the picture is too dark and difficult to read to put this image on your desktop ...
De Nounoune
France Ardeche > Crussol
Classic in the region Valentinois, you seem to know the area well, I could not locate you or a member on Geolocation, dommage! The castles are numerous in Drôme. ! : 19:
De Dede69004
Montagne > La vallee de la vologne
La vallee de la vologne
Very beautiful area, we talked about .. I had not seen in the snow. : 3:: 19:
De Dede69004
Voiture Citroen > Citroen traction avant salon
Citroen traction avant salon
Well seen, beautiful car! 11 or 15 hp, normal or mild (11BL). Car mythical great years. From my 18 years, I took the Dad! : 3:: 19:
De Dede69004
Canada Quebec > Baie st paul st laurent 1
Baie st paul st laurent 1
It is a magnificent region, Charlevoix:) I love, regardless of the photo!
De Kitsune
Ciel > Ciel 20090208
Ciel 20090208
Your photo has been no comments, it is a pity, I find it very nice with trees against these days ... The time is dark gray and almost no one knows more what it is heavenly ... Confused here on the sun or the moon? CR.
De Cr44
Jardin > Parc tete d or
Parc tete d or
I had not seen your response and commentary as we can now do so .. You seem to know the area! If you have the opportunity to spend again, waving for a drink! It is a beautiful park, designed to be historically lung of Lyon in search of oxygen and, I am. The chance is in mid-campaign or Dauphiné-Savoie! But .. It is worse than the Croix Rousse, where I'm at the top of the stairs in front. : 6:: 19:
De Dede69004
Canada Quebec > Canada cabane a sucre
Canada cabane a sucre
Beautiful sugar shack, it looks like my father.
De Minou
Creation Graphique Psp > Pierrot et petit chat
Pierrot et petit chat
It is a beautiful creation, all creation is worth watching and appreciated, in my opinion. Too many effects in the image at first glance, it's not. The rest is great! : 3:
De Lamypierrot
Oiseau Rouge Gorge Familier > Rouge gorge 2 20090111
Rouge gorge 2 20090111
I like the sharpness and the posture of the bird, one of my garden is the same but I never got a picture as beautiful.
De Coco
Oiseau Mesange A Tete Noire > Mesange004
: 3 Oh, what exploit, bravo for this picture very successful, what patience.
De Didi
France Arcachon > France arcachon 13jpg
France arcachon 13jpg
: 2:: 6:: 3: Thank you, I have the opportunity to move into the Bay of Arcachon and I have very good memories, kisses. : 6:: 6:
De Jacques.corbehem
Riviere > Riviere 20081120
Riviere 20081120
: 1:: 6:: 3: Excellent, should be careful for this photo ... ! Was it taken in a boat or on the other shore ... ? Thank you to you kisses.
De Jacques.corbehem
Eau > Pas de cere cantal
Pas de cere cantal
: 2:: 6: beautiful picture, I think you're a poet and you do not know the date and congratulations, kisses. : 6:
De Jacques.corbehem
Fougere > Fougeres ete hiver
Fougeres ete hiver
: 11: José Ah little rascal I suspect you have put this sheet in the freezer, or you have sent one of your fairies in Quebec take the picture with me in secret: 14: she is pretty and your original photo. : 6:
De Didi
Chat Bengal > Mes chats bengal
Mes chats bengal
: 6: This photo is beautiful and very original and you have beautiful minous, real small felines in beautiful hair. : 6:
De Didi
Coucher Soleil > Hpim4814 coucher de soleil campagne vaudoise 1
Hpim4814 coucher de soleil campagne vaudoise 1
: 3:: 6: Fortunately, you can through your photos be applied on both sides, splendid photo, thank you, kisses. : 6:: 3:: 2:
De Jacques.corbehem
Foret > Foret des trois pignons 001 gf
Foret des trois pignons 001 gf
: 3: What nice little trail with the added bonus of a soft light and soft colors, a picture full of poetry, we thank you for sharing it. : 6:
De Didi
Arbre Pommier > Fleurs de pommier 1
Fleurs de pommier 1
: 3: What lovely photo, these flowers are so pretty, thank you for giving me a taste of spring or my apple will flower. : 6:
De Didi
Inondation > Inondations esbarres
Inondations esbarres
: 2:: 6: Thank you for this wonderful picture, it says a lot and thank you for this sharing that must be known. I hope you know that it's a real pleasure to see your photos, gros bisous. : 6:
De Jacques.corbehem
Papillon Azure > Azurecommun
: 6: I just discovered this lovely photo of butterfly with soft colors, I've appreciated the sharpness and I like the soft background complements it, bravo. : 6:
De Didi
Espagne > Tossa 2 22
Tossa 2 22
: 1:: 6:: 6: View that I can and have been a very long time to see the ocean and I thank you ... I love everything: a little wink from the tree at the top on the left, kisses.
De Jacques.corbehem
Espagne > Tossa 1 10
Tossa 1 10
: 6:: 2: Holidays: a word out for me and I want to say thank you, this leaves room for dreams that I want to keep intact, bisous.
De Jacques.corbehem
Oiseau Canard Colvert > Colvert 20090216
Colvert 20090216
: 1: I love ... I immediately put in my favorites and have nothing to add ... Everything has been said ...
De Patdemabaro
Voiture Mercedes > P2006 1111rochetailee0060 hitler fei 0902019
P2006 1111rochetailee0060 hitler fei 0902019
I think I tried to take more than three-quarters we see a little forward and without flash with a time of longer poses ...
De Patdemabaro
Oiseau Durbec Des Sapins > 100 1130c
100 1130c
: 4: Sympa this picture ... Against by your place, I think I made a plan a little wider than we can see all this beautiful crib and as it is leaning a little, I adjusted the picture ...
De Patdemabaro
Jardin > Dscf9354
: 4: Astounding this' Deco '... The human inspiration is limitless ... And the hair in vegetation is very nice ... A really nice pool ...
De Patdemabaro
Bateau De Peche > Copie de petits bateau peche tout seul encadre
Copie de petits bateau peche tout seul encadre
: 10: Dommage qu'il y ai autant de 'mess' behind ... It does not much your little fishing boat ... And you speak of a ferry ... I can not see it ... : 14:
De Patdemabaro
Reflet > Reflet 01920
Reflet 01920
: 1: It is so rare to have water so calm ... ! This photo is a bit surreal ... Pas mal le coup d'oeil ...
De Patdemabaro
Fleur Orchidee > St valentin 20090217
St valentin 20090217
: 14: Beautiful orchid but lost in the scenery ... Why not be put before a plain ... My light is dispersed on the surrounding objects.
De Patdemabaro
Chat Europeen > Ulysse 15 02 09
Ulysse 15 02 09
: 1: I have three cats who and who loves ... I was attracted by this picture ... Very well and the tree is a bit like a ... Nice chat, nice photo ... !
De Patdemabaro
Chamois > Img 5138
Img 5138
: 1: I put on my favorites ... I love ... Any ... I can not say more ...
De Patdemabaro
Chamois > Chevre
: 2: I like less than the other (on blue sky background) I have to comment but I welcome the provision ... You merit in this cold ... And what patience ... Hat ... !
De Patdemabaro
> 0 La neige en surface est grise mais dés que l'on s'enfonce on découvre sa belle b
50 C'est magique et magnifique j'adore les avions c'est pour cela que moi même j'ai
50 It's magical and I love beautiful aircraft that is why I myself worked at th
100 De très jolis bouquets, c'est tous simplement magnifique : bravo, j'ai adoré.
100 Beautiful bouquets, it is all simply wonderful: bravo, I loved it.
150 Magnifique masque Vénitien digne du Carnaval de Venise ! :6:
150 Beautiful Venetian mask worthy of the Carnival of Venice! : 6:
200 C'est rare de faire d'une pierre deux coups avec ces genres de papillons. Dans l
200 It is rare to make one stone with these kinds of butterflies. In the fields, the
250 Bonjour Guylaine, quelle belle photo. J'adore ce que vous faites. :3: Je pense q
250 Guylaine Hello, what a beautiful picture. I love what you do. : 3: I think this
300 :3: Je ne sais pas pourquoi elle est dans un bassin, mais cette impressionnante
300 : 3: I do not know why she is in a basin, but this impressive statue is very bea
350 C'est une photo un peu étrange, pourquoi ce cheval a les pieds dans des seaux ?
350 This is a photo a bit strange, why was this horse's feet in buckets?
400 Elle est très jolie cette orchidée, c'est l'une de mes fleurs préférées... Peut-
400 She is very pretty this orchid is one of my favorite flowers ... Maybe a little
450 Voilà, ça c'est le cliché qui représente BREST même !!! :3:
450 Well, that's the cliché that represents BREST same! : 3:

28/2/2009: I find it beautiful because I love nature, and now I'm in town and I miss gr

27/2/2009: You bring us the emerald set in gold of autumn: 5: very poetic picture that we d

26/2/2009: Same feeling that Philippe, the black trunks of the foreground are a little too

25/2/2009: The flowers make a nice touch of color to the dark mountains. A very nice photo.

24/2/2009: I look to the back of a bus shelter bench whose profile is well under a light ag

23/2/2009: Of course! It is for you that I'm back! And I did not want to miss! ... Jobs

22/2/2009: In principle it upright, I tried several methods of vertical alignment and I bet

21/2/2009: On my screen, there is less noise than that ... Otherwise I would have actually

20/2/2009: The snow surface is gray, but as soon as it plunges you discover your beautiful

19/2/2009: Very acrobatic. To please people is one of the main qualities of Moroccans. Beau

18/2/2009: It is true that I increasingly tend to focus the main subject, especially when i

17/2/2009: Patience well rewarded! This little chickadee ball is adorable in this scene so

16/2/2009: Very nice place, very clear, a village with white walls and blue is a beautiful

15/2/2009: Very nice photo of these windows and the water fountain. Even remarks Marcel. I

14/2/2009: Very funny, my parents have a 'fox-terrier' and he laughs too!

13/2/2009: Nice picture I found and it is a good way to visit! It's all here for you, b

12/2/2009: Marseille in the snow, these are photos that must be retained at all costs. Brav

11/2/2009: You took a beautiful picture in perspective of the bridge. The environment in th

10/2/2009: Gena thank you, your photo montage is very nice and well representative of the f

9/2/2009: I have always loved Haystacks! Precisely because when there is a good sign, it i

8/2/2009: Belle photo fun! Austin healley or something similar? I know and in this case I

7/2/2009: Beau the dog, but not top mounting. Again thank you for your photos, keep a long

6/2/2009: Honestly, there is little net on this photo. You did a test and we must persever

5/2/2009: The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) is a large cat in size. Powerful and fierce,

4/2/2009: The 'reading' me perfectly in this regard, I would say that I do not rea

3/2/2009: Although the lake is frozen, but the environment does not seem to have experienc

2/2/2009: Beautiful maple leaves through which the sky appears blue. Thank you for this ph

1/2/2009: These oranges in the mid-green leaves provide color to our screens used in this

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