Is very cute this cygnon The water is clear and down is scintillating
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 20/3/2009

Oiseau Cygne Tubercule > Ebouriffe
It is very cute, this cygnon. The water is clear and down is scintillating. This is an excellent photo. Bravo! : 3:: 5:
De Cryptoscope13
I want a dog that is still very small: as a poodle, I am Caribbean.
Chine > La muraille de chine
La muraille de chine
I set foot on this wall. Some parts are best. This photo is not long enough to make a beautiful wallpaper. However, it is very successful. The mountains are beautiful. And no, this construction is not visible from the moon, as Romaric said. : 20:
De Cryptonite
Photo paris photo paris by night 11jpg 2.php
: 1:: 3:: 5:: 1: it is superb, I love anything that represents France, Paris, I love it. This is a great city
Printemps > Fleurs du printemps
Fleurs du printemps
It's fresh, colorful and it sparkles! : 3: NB: those on the right stretch of contentment in the rising sun! : 13:
De Crivindiou
Fleur Papyrus > Papyrus
: 3: Very pleasant bouquet green! Bright and relaxing, but my heart breaks for my papyrus is DCD and I am very chagrinée! : 12:
De Crivindiou
Fleur Jasmin Hiver > Fleurs de jasmin d hiver 019
Fleurs de jasmin d hiver 019
Thank you for this tasty duo spring! : 3: And it smells good these little suns this?
De Crivindiou
Oiseau Cygne Noir > Cygne noir waterloo etang bois des bruyeres 09 3 17 cpf 413
Cygne noir waterloo etang bois des bruyeres 09 3 17 cpf 413
So we change all these whites! : 13: It is extremely elegant! : 3:
De Crivindiou
France Toulouse > Toulouse101
Very beautiful city even though I lived in Paris, perhaps because it's my ex love Toulouse (rather tarbaise lol) I love Toulouse, Thank you my ex! :).
De Thor
France Paris > P1010076
Thank you! I live in Montreal for over a year and these quiet moments of rowing on the lake Daumesnil do not leave me ... Paris, I can not wait to find you, you are the inspiration of the love I have for all women of this land, under your sky of Paris ... :).
De Thor
Montage Photo > Terres des tigres
Terres des tigres
I find it very nice, but it would be more simpa with a sunset, too blue.
De Seb34
Nuage > Moutons de nuages
Moutons de nuages
: 3: Bravo, c'est très jolie! I put this beautiful photo to display, I thank you! Continue! : 18:
De Julia
Bouquetin > Bebebouquetin
Although there are criticisms on your photo, I find it beautiful, and I feel the mountain air, and I think you do not have a lot of noise nearby. Slt.
De Gdc38
Fleur Rose > Roses jardin villemomble 7
Roses jardin villemomble 7
It does lack the fragrance, I offer this picture to my beautiful girl, thank you Marie.
De Marie39
Australie Sydney > Dsc 3116
Dsc 3116
I am of your opinion, I will send another picture in the same place.
De Patrice Morin
France Biarritz > Biarritz 64 la cote 2fast
Biarritz 64 la cote 2fast
Beautiful remember the Basque coast in winter, the ocean is still a magical place.
De Fred
Oiseau Faucon Crecerelle > Faucon crecerelle 20110224
Faucon crecerelle 20110224
: 6: very: 6: I love nice: 13:: 19: Really good.
De Marjo
Fleur Jonquille > Jonquille double cocut sr dscn2932
Jonquille double cocut sr dscn2932
Jolie photo. I live in the Lot et Garonne, where there are still location, but the destruction of grassland, hedges, weeding slopes will eventually make it disappear. How to deal with agriculture, or try to get some bulbs to save the species.
De Butseb
Montage Photo > Betty fond 1
Betty fond 1
Dommmage it is not framed but anyway, thank you.
De Missbarger
Voiture Citroen > 2 cv jaune printemps
2 cv jaune printemps
: 3: reflections of the city give the current lives irremplaçable.Il must see drive in town, full of assurance and freshness. She often makes the crossing from France diection Switzerland.: 3:: 1: increvable the Deudeuche, but for tile Vichy is missed!
De Fanfan du Fatras
Nature Morte > Cp dsc 6367 roses secateur couleur n b
Cp dsc 6367 roses secateur couleur n b
I love the black and blue with an addition in color. Over nature is well represented. Bravo.
De Nounouenfer
Fleur Rose > Hpim0513 rose ancienne et boutons jardin ecublens
Hpim0513 rose ancienne et boutons jardin ecublens
Super nice! Please share, it is beautiful! Thousand thank you to you.
De Syrtakise
Fleur Jonquille > Jonq jum 009
Jonq jum 009
Thank you Marcel board. I realize that I would make the macro net but I can not with my camera that I put a lot into 'intelligent car'. Perhaps a reflex would it be better?
De Boxani
Fleur Orchidee Cymbidium > Cymbidium
No, Marcel for this exhibition I have used a tripod. Given the crowd of visitors even though I had taken would have been difficult to use.
De D.marsim
France Seine Maritime > Ellecourt vallee de bresles
Ellecourt vallee de bresles
It is designed for a screen set to 1280 (like mine: 18:) Thanks for your visit.
Maldives > Maldives 2006 151c
Maldives 2006 151c
: 5: I: 2: I dream of finding myself as soon as possible: 13: I hope I will realize my dream before these islands do not disappear!
De Chacha
Fleurs fond ecran jonquille 08jpg 2.php
Each time I open my computer, a breath of spring enters the home. Thank you.
De Mamyp
Oiseau Rouge Gorge Familier > Rouge gorge 20090319
Rouge gorge 20090319
Nice presentation to present the different attitudes of the cute 'Red Throat'. : 6:: 4:
De D.marsim
Fleur Jasmin Hiver > Fleurs de jasmin d hiver 019
Fleurs de jasmin d hiver 019
I did not know this color for the 'Jasmine', thank you to me to discover the perfume for embalming I miss my living. : 4:
De D.marsim
Reflet > Caramy carces
Caramy carces
Superb photo, congratulations to the photographer. It is a beautiful contrast of colors, the view is beautiful
Fleur Laurier Tin > Fleurs de laurier tin 016
Fleurs de laurier tin 016
You FADA fills us today with your beautiful presentation. This shrub produces really beautiful white flowers. (I place on my dérouleur): 6:: 3:
De D.marsim
Oiseau Cygne Noir > Cygne noir waterloo etang bois des bruyeres 09 3 17 cpf 413
Cygne noir waterloo etang bois des bruyeres 09 3 17 cpf 413
This beautiful black swan has a very beautiful plumage and is well highlighted by the presentation. : 5:
De D.marsim
Fleur Campanule > Campanules 5033
Campanules 5033
Hello All! You would think having the nose directly into the flowers! A happiness.
De Clairiere
Carnaval > Carnaval belfort 2009 02
Carnaval belfort 2009 02
I love this picture impressive, I think a child would be afraid.
De Nina42
Carpe Koi > Koi baracuda
Koi baracuda
Fish beautiful colors, I love. I just buy 3.
De Marie
Maroc Essaouira > Fenetre
Super is the best, great, perfect top! Wouaw, cool, super génialissime!
De 56lo
Fleur Jonquille > Dsc03756 jonquilles au pied de mon arbre
Dsc03756 jonquilles au pied de mon arbre
: 5: Excellent composition, tree and plant give the value of passing time.
De Jeese1955
Martinique > St anne 105
St anne 105
Too all those beautiful photos! I feel like I be, I who know so well there. Thank you.
De Krakinette
Fleur Violette > 17 violettes
17 violettes
Pleasant to contemplate a bright spring day, but chilly.
De Kreaturderev
I'm looking for pictures of fishing fun and funny, or can I find?
France Haute Garonne > Coucher sur le comminges
Coucher sur le comminges
Beautiful landscape and it is the HDR is very suitable: neither too much or too little, on balance, what perfect!
De Boxani
There are beautiful photographs to make your dream site. Congratulations to you all. This is a very good job, thank you.
France Loire Atlantique > Port de breca 1
Port de breca 1
Lumixane c'est gentil de te propose, but it is up to the boom.
De Domi
Oiseau Canard Colvert > Rencontre
Nice series indeed ... And we appreciate the help of these lovely mallards ... Thank you!
De Boxani
Fleur Violette > 17 violettes
17 violettes
I do not know how to grow purple ... But as I said to Lena, I'll take a few feet and replant in the south, we'll see if it takes ...
De Gipsy34
Printemps > Fleurs du printemps
Fleurs du printemps
Fada thank you for all these beautiful flowers of spring, is one of my favorite seasons, while again.
De Domi
Retouche Photo > Taupe 004 gf 20080602
Taupe 004 gf 20080602
Congratulations, this photo will help educate a child who discovered violent nature and its inhabitants in a therapeutic outdoor workshop. Thank you again!
De Corinne
Fleur Akebia Quinata > Akebia 01
Akebia 01
I love this plant in my garden and it will give a beautiful effect!
De Daniele84
Etats Unis San Francisco > Pont a nuages
Pont a nuages
Superb! Especially with the clouds and the bridge. Nickel. That I should make a turn.
De Pasco
Fleur Amandier > Fleur d amandier p2180026
Fleur d amandier p2180026
I love the almond trees in bloom, but I admit that I had never seen a flower on it and yet I live in a country where the almond bloom, it must be said that the picture is really extraordinary accuracy.
De Grindelwald
> 0 Il est très mignon, ce cygnon. L'eau est claire et son duvet est scintillant. C'
50 Super. Encore un peu et je cherche un appartement là-bas !
50 Great. A little and want an apartment there!
100 Cette orchidée est superbe. Avec le tableau en fond cela donne un côté très rome
100 This orchid is beautiful. With the table in the background that gives a very rom
150 Sur cette photo, elle est belle à en pleurer encore une fois, j'éprouve une gran
150 In this picture, it is beautiful to cry again, I have great nostalgia for what i
200 Mignon comme tout. J'espère ravoir un chat un jour, on vient juste de perdre le
200 Cute everything. I hope to get a cat one day, we just lost ours. This is really

31/3/2009: I love this picture you can see the side dizzying emptiness that illuminates the

30/3/2009: Pretty port of Provence, in the air 'Pagnol' is looming.

29/3/2009: Thank you for this commentary, it's true that I should see my framing.

28/3/2009: What can I say? My predecessors have already expressed so well all the good you

27/3/2009: I find it really well all the photos and I can only encourage you to continue wi

26/3/2009: : 3:: 6 Magnifique, they hard to do such wonders.

25/3/2009: : 3: Bravo for the beautiful photos you share with everyone via the Internet.

24/3/2009: Beautiful image, but a shame that the view is not about the face and too centere

23/3/2009: The landscape is very beautiful with this rainbow, but it lacks a little contras

22/3/2009: Alain reason to call a spade a spade, and this is not masks and layers: 18:

21/3/2009: Hum, I sent their delicate fragrance ... Que de souvenirs .. Moreover, they make

20/3/2009: It is very cute, this cygnon. The water is clear and down is scintillating. This

19/3/2009: I find this very beautiful, I love the flowers that surround the egg, it is beau

18/3/2009: Beautiful church. My father was born in this parish. I guess that is it was call

17/3/2009: : 1: absence of thrushes you shoot blackbirds! : 13: This cute Noiraud in the su

16/3/2009: Very good! It might have been fit by moving the camera a little more left. Other

15/3/2009: : 4:: 5: This dog is cool and fun but it owes much to eat, lol! : 14:

14/3/2009: : 3: It actually feels that the beast is ready to pounce on this if insisting ob

13/3/2009: I like the thoughts! : 5: This specimen color is pretty subtle: 3: and I believe

12/3/2009: A little tight in the picture this beautiful part of bougainvillea. Next photo,

11/3/2009: This kind of picture you can see in the magazines for travel agents and make you

10/3/2009: : 1: wait until the Resurrection, I chose this beautiful egg in the nest: 13: Eg

9/3/2009: A sunset with soft colors invite us to dive into sleep as this star magic ... CR

8/3/2009: I love the harmony of colors ... This tit door delicate shades of winter.

7/3/2009: Congratulations for this photo. For info, 'Freedom' was not designed acc

6/3/2009: Beautiful and sad story of a life here that a chickadee at the end of his life.

5/3/2009: Beautiful and terrifying, nature provides all power, more fun not, bravo to the

4/3/2009: : 3:: 3: The reality in the image, just the magic of a sunset: bravo l'artis

3/3/2009: Wonderful sunset with his radiation reverberating in the ocean and gives the ton

2/3/2009: The colors are beautiful, well seen! I regret that the center of the daffodil is

1/3/2009: Your photo does not like me, I can only m'accroche sand. The photo has no ae

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