Thank you for this commentary it 39 s true that I should see my
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 29/3/2009

Avion Patrouille Acrobatique > Toussus318r
Thank you for this commentary, it's true that I should see my framing.
De Louisfritz
Avion Patrouille Acrobatique > Test toussus197 2 r
Test toussus197 2 r
Thank you Alain, interesting comment because that is the question I ask myself too. This increase in chandelle me a problem because I wanted to avoid that the image is cut in two on the stroke and I opted for this solution 'on board' with the line of smoke.
De Louisfritz
Oiseau Sizerin Flamme > Oiseaugbec001jpg
Thank you for your site, the photos are very beautiful .. I keep in my background: 4:
De Banane
Ete > Dsc00921
Really is a very beautiful picture: the river, the mountains ... All that is beautiful .. Bonne continuation.
De Amine
Tamia > Tamia3 20101219
Tamia3 20101219
I look forward to their arrival by 2 weeks. They are so peaceful.
De Joan
Photos De Nuit > Chateau d eau palavas
Chateau d eau palavas
Wow, for a moment I thought I recognized a Sky Tower in Auckland. Belle development of this building.
De Jeff2b
Senegal > Couche soleil senegal 033
Couche soleil senegal 033
Beautiful sunset indeed surprising that it has not been commented before, it deserves.
De Jeff2b
Animal fond ecran chat 2 091jpg 2.php
I have a cat like it, I installed as wallpaper, so every day I see and I think of you. Again thank you.
De Pierre
Fleur Orchidee Sabot De Venus > Paphiopedilum 20090328
Paphiopedilum 20090328
Matter of taste but the framework can be more clearly showed the orchids. There should be tests to see the result. The experience can provide advice.
De Musique74
Belgique Bruxelles > Souvenir de bruxelles
Souvenir de bruxelles
Nice editing. Postcard that invites us to be more curious. BRAVO.
De Musique74
You have an extraordinary site. I love all the pictures. For now it is the best site I've seen and you will be very hard to beat. Thank you very much for this beauty.
Fleur Pensee > Pensees 20090328
Pensees 20090328
These beautiful 'Thoughts' in shades of purple are beautiful against the background of green leaves. Nice presentation: bravo and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
: 1: great site, I have rarely seen such beautiful pictures: thank you.
Arbre Peuplier > Peuplier01w
Super beautiful picture, the morning light is perfect. Ah well, it's the evening light, then it must be winter.
De Zohra trango
Fumee > migrations
I saw your picture thumbnail for months without ever click ... She is beautiful I love this picture! Maybe it 'penchouille a little!
De Mrtieu
Fleur Primevere > Primeveres mars09
Primeveres mars09
These 'Primevères' orange blossoms and buds, are beautiful and the most beautiful effect in screen: bravo and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Fumee > Lumiere 11
Lumiere 11
Lightpainting a simple and efficient! Good photo! J'aime beaucoup.
De Mrtieu
Automne > Essai3
I find this picture very nice! But I find the sky too saturated against ... The rest, ça me va!
De Mrtieu
Avion Patrouille Acrobatique > Toussus318r
The angle must be very difficult to find to present this squadron in flight training. The diagonal is splendid in any case: well done and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Vigne > Vignes auxey duresses
Vignes auxey duresses
The fall colors and reliefs provide a wallpaper of all beauty. A beautiful landscape so different from that of Dubai. In all, very pleasant Sunday. : 6:
De Le fan belfortain
Pont > Moissac pont napolEon image 1 2
Moissac pont napolEon image 1 2
ALAIN I have included a few steps right and it's a waltz: 4: When the water Heuze Michel, but it is further upstream: 18: thank you for your comments: 6:
De Camelia
Arbre > Dscn2010
: 6: This tree made me think of the white mulberry narrated by Ovid ...
De Lorena
Oiseau Epervier > Epervier deurope accipiter nisus jerome morin 2007 web ornitho com
Epervier deurope accipiter nisus jerome morin 2007 web ornitho com
Outstanding photo! Although decentered. The characteristics of the bird face are obvious. Played with light.
De Laurent
Nouvelle Caledonie > Ouvea 20090311
Ouvea 20090311
Very nice photo, you want to take a vacation on this beautiful beach and being quiet to decompress ... And basking ... Bravo.
De Samy33
Pont > Moissac pont napolEon image 1 2
Moissac pont napolEon image 1 2
: 2: A beautiful perspective effect that leaves a little room for greenery. It's well framed! The contour tree suggests a reported heaven?
De Marcel
Chamois > Chamois 20090328
Chamois 20090328
: 2: A beautiful image with which you could consider a crop cutting left and above. The sharpness of the image should allow it.
De Marcel
Fleur Rose > Dsc01398 rose
Dsc01398 rose
Very beautiful pictures with beautiful colors soothing. : 6: bravo.
De Lulu
Sport Voile > Massilia lexus cup 8
Massilia lexus cup 8
: 1: For me it's a great photo. Living near the sea, I know this atmosphere of racing sailboats.
De Claude.renouf0454
Chamois > Chamois presse
Chamois presse
: 1: It is beautiful in its movement the chamois, and I love the colors, brown legs, robe clear 3: Bravo we regale you with your beautiful photos.
De Lajane38
Chamois > Apprenti sauteur
Apprenti sauteur
What jump: 3: Bravo for the chamois: What agility! : 3: Bravo for the photographer who was able to take full 'flight'.
De Lajane38
Bouthan > Dzong de trongsa
Dzong de trongsa
A beautiful image, and certainly an unforgettable journey, leaving damage to the roofs in front.
De Domi
Fleur Pensee > Pensees 20090328
Pensees 20090328
Pretty colors for these thoughts, all form something pleasing to the eye.
De Domi
Chamois > Chevreau presse
Chevreau presse
You're right to play the picture but we can forgive you because it is not as easy to take a subject in motion ... So yes the photos are not always the quality you would expect but what a delight it must be for you to be able to 'track' these 'small' animals and for us to follow their journey through your 'little' story Photo: 3:
De Lajane38
Chamois > Chamois sauteur
Chamois sauteur
: 1: I've never had the opportunity to hunt photography. Your photo gives me the urge to do so. The sharpness and position of the animal I like.
De Claude.renouf0454
Avion Patrouille Acrobatique > Test toussus197 2 r
Test toussus197 2 r
A superb question emerges in this beautiful blue sky. A pleasant image.
De Domi
Avion Patrouille Acrobatique > Toussus318r
Just one regret for airplanes cut! But we have a beautiful diagonal: 1:
De Ghis
Chamois > Chamois sauteur
Chamois sauteur
: 1: Bravo in the movement, it is beautiful and yes you can really wonder sometimes if you would not be in a 'reserve' because your approach is perfect, you take them so close that we did not seem to disturb you ... : 3:
De Lajane38
Papillon Paon Du Jour > Paon du jour et fleurs de saule
Paon du jour et fleurs de saule
Beautiful photos with great sharpness and beautiful colors: 6:, thank you all.
De Lulu
Chat Europeen > Dydy regarde papa encadree
Dydy regarde papa encadree
: 4: Thank you Alain de ton passage! You're right and I'll try to put your application advice! : 18:: 19:
De Candy
Cheval > Une jument et son poulain 2
Une jument et son poulain 2
They are too beautiful, I adore, my favorite animal. : 6:
De Gwen
France Finistere > Hpim3286 edited
Hpim3286 edited
Very nice to keep as a monument to all because it is a part of the face of Britain.
De Bspa63
Photos De Nuit > Chateau d eau palavas
Chateau d eau palavas
Thank you for your passages Yes the moon has been added: 13:, otherwise no cropping except PT and scrubbing a building, also on the buffer guess ... For the opening I was in night mode so it's AFN rule ...
De Ghis
Chat Europeen > et la neige 2007 11 14 4
 et la neige 2007 11 14 4
: 1: Have you put your shoes cat? beautiful photo and beautiful cat. : 3:
Insolite > Garde a vue
Garde a vue
I have never seen handcuffs as closely: 19: my hair too dark, but if it is to darken the situation further, why not: 18:
De Fifie34
Fleur Orchidee Sabot De Venus > Paphiopedilum 20090328
Paphiopedilum 20090328
I have nothing to say about this picture except that it is very beautiful. The colors well made and the details too.
De Sapatinho
Pied > Pied 20090325
Pied 20090325
Adorable! I like much this kind of photo: 6: and it is the foot: the toes of your son in a position to relax with jeans and revealed slightly more black and white: 1:: 6:
De Fifie34
Chevreuil > Vendee chevreuils 85
Vendee chevreuils 85
Very beautiful picture in nature, a bit far but it's not easy to get deer.
De Marino
Vache Montbeliarde > Vaches2
They are beautiful, they have nice white and brown hair. Thank you. Hi.
De Fabien
Oiseau Cygne Tubercule > 4eme saison
4eme saison
The colors are a little darker, otherwise it is very beautiful and it is based.
De Cloclo120
Photo guadeloupe photo chute eau 01
Wonderful, wonderful photo. I would have liked to be snif, snif snif! : 1:: 6:
De Shermann971
> 0 Merci pour ce commentaire, c'est vrai que je devrais revoir mon cadrage.
50 Originale comme présentation :1:, il manque un peu de netteté me semble-t-il :14
50 As the original: 1: it lacks a little sharpness seems to me there: 14:
100 Très jolie photo, je trouve que le noir et blanc lui va très bien, Ce sont les j
100 Very nice photo, I think the black and white suits him very well, They are beaut
150 La renoncule des jardins ou des fleuristes (ranunculus asiaticus) est une plante
150 Buttercups gardens or flower (Ranunculus asiaticus) is a perennial, fleshy root.
200 Je partage les avis des visiteurs, ce bouquet printanier est ravissant, plein de
200 I share the opinions of visitors, this is lovely spring bouquet, full of freshne
250 Splendide. On dirait une espèce de guirlande. En plus la présentation sur fond n
250 Splendid. It seems a sort of garland. In addition to the presentation on a black

31/3/2009: I love this picture you can see the side dizzying emptiness that illuminates the

30/3/2009: Pretty port of Provence, in the air 'Pagnol' is looming.

29/3/2009: Thank you for this commentary, it's true that I should see my framing.

28/3/2009: What can I say? My predecessors have already expressed so well all the good you

27/3/2009: I find it really well all the photos and I can only encourage you to continue wi

26/3/2009: : 3:: 6 Magnifique, they hard to do such wonders.

25/3/2009: : 3: Bravo for the beautiful photos you share with everyone via the Internet.

24/3/2009: Beautiful image, but a shame that the view is not about the face and too centere

23/3/2009: The landscape is very beautiful with this rainbow, but it lacks a little contras

22/3/2009: Alain reason to call a spade a spade, and this is not masks and layers: 18:

21/3/2009: Hum, I sent their delicate fragrance ... Que de souvenirs .. Moreover, they make

20/3/2009: It is very cute, this cygnon. The water is clear and down is scintillating. This

19/3/2009: I find this very beautiful, I love the flowers that surround the egg, it is beau

18/3/2009: Beautiful church. My father was born in this parish. I guess that is it was call

17/3/2009: : 1: absence of thrushes you shoot blackbirds! : 13: This cute Noiraud in the su

16/3/2009: Very good! It might have been fit by moving the camera a little more left. Other

15/3/2009: : 4:: 5: This dog is cool and fun but it owes much to eat, lol! : 14:

14/3/2009: : 3: It actually feels that the beast is ready to pounce on this if insisting ob

13/3/2009: I like the thoughts! : 5: This specimen color is pretty subtle: 3: and I believe

12/3/2009: A little tight in the picture this beautiful part of bougainvillea. Next photo,

11/3/2009: This kind of picture you can see in the magazines for travel agents and make you

10/3/2009: : 1: wait until the Resurrection, I chose this beautiful egg in the nest: 13: Eg

9/3/2009: A sunset with soft colors invite us to dive into sleep as this star magic ... CR

8/3/2009: I love the harmony of colors ... This tit door delicate shades of winter.

7/3/2009: Congratulations for this photo. For info, 'Freedom' was not designed acc

6/3/2009: Beautiful and sad story of a life here that a chickadee at the end of his life.

5/3/2009: Beautiful and terrifying, nature provides all power, more fun not, bravo to the

4/3/2009: : 3:: 3: The reality in the image, just the magic of a sunset: bravo l'artis

3/3/2009: Wonderful sunset with his radiation reverberating in the ocean and gives the ton

2/3/2009: The colors are beautiful, well seen! I regret that the center of the daffodil is

1/3/2009: Your photo does not like me, I can only m'accroche sand. The photo has no ae

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