What beauty what beauty is purely wonderful to see all the flowers
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 17/2/2010

Fleur Rose De Banks > Rosier liane 187
Rosier liane 187
What beauty, what beauty is purely wonderful to see all the flowers more beautiful than the other ... It is the feast of the eyes. Thank you ...
De Danouta45
France Herault > Le moulin de saint chinian d
Le moulin de saint chinian d
On the original photo he was almost in the center, I cropped with these rules, I thought it was better to decentralize.
De Jcmai
Fruit Paroka > Liane 001
Liane 001
This fruit is actually a vegetable. I do not know its name in French, but in Cambodia called "market". It is a vegetable that is very pretty, her taste is far from sweet, sorry! But it is very bitter bitter. Its seeds resemble those of a pumpkin but granular. It can be eaten raw (not recommended) or the stuff in cooking long enough to lose some of its bitterness. They eat only when they are green. By cons, it is true that it has medicinal properties.
De Cool
Fleur Edelweiss > Edelweiss 001 gf
Edelweiss 001 gf
Flower rare and precious, beautiful shot! : 1:: 3:: 4:
De Pimprenel
Fleur Laurier Rose > Fleur de laurier rose 092
Fleur de laurier rose 092
It's very beautiful and well centered. How wonderful all these colors all these forms of petals chased each other. The feast of the eyes ...
De Danouta45
Helicoptere > Six fours sapeurs pompiers 3617
Six fours sapeurs pompiers 3617
Guylaine thank you for your comment, these people really deserve being put in the value and that is what I was training for a Six Fours les Plages, I have other photos that I will later. ..
De Brigotte
Photo egypte photo pyramide kephren 02
I am a hard pyramids ... It fascinates me ... that human beings have done this ... Not. Hat ... but. I can not find the words ...
De Fleures11
Vache Charolaise > Charollaises
It's time to break. There is one who does us the honor of his pose. I am always struck by the cleanliness of the cattle breed of color. It seems that there are little behind: a few ears and tail details. : 4:
De Eden04
Oiseau Canard Colvert > Canetons pause
Canetons pause
The last two are dragging a little leg ... So to speak. They walk on the leaves or water? : 18:
De Eden04
Mystere > Matieres18
My first thought goes to various stones with a thin layer of ice. The black would be traces of tar. But is it misleading? : 20:
De Eden04
Photo mexique photo chichen itza 01jpg 2.php
Superb, a beautiful screen, I find beautiful: thank you.
De Drew
Vue Du Ciel > Mer de glace
Mer de glace
A beautiful photo interesting. Fortunately there is an explanation. Thank you. : 4:
De Eden04
Nature Morte > Nature morte1
Nature morte1
Beware hands Plunge ... It is very tempting! I love the subject and the arrangement with the nutcracker and made many different materials. : 4:
De Eden04
Tigre > Quel felin
Quel felin
: 6: Congratulations, this big cat is very pretty. Half-asleep he dreams of what? His future meals may be ... Thank you Sab.
De Safire
Chat Europeen > Chat croquette 329 2
Chat croquette 329 2
: 6: It is certainly a crusader bleu-russe/chartreux he has a beautiful coat and is curious enough to climb trees!
De Clara
Carnaval > Venise
Very nice picture: love, we believe in Venice, continue like that.
De Poseidon
Retouche Photo > Camelia sous la neigedsc02168 q 1
Camelia sous la neigedsc02168 q 1
Hello Patjoe. Well, you see, I think you're on track and that my idea to advise you to use the device in "scenes" pre-programmed is the best that you can use to learn to adjust your device. No doubt you can do it. Good luck. Hiris.
De Hiris
Loup > Loup gris 2
Loup gris 2
Too good to wolf, oh I want to stroke: 5: in any case, I do not know who took the photo but it is really beautiful hat to whoever took it.
De Mimi
Maroc Essaouira > 2006 1202pascalphoto0039
2006 1202pascalphoto0039
I was looking for a new screen with Morocco to topic ... This will be the picture ... It is like an invitation card ... personalized, invitation to return to this wonderful country, never to leave again ...
De Babwas
France Belfort > La miotte
La miotte
This is not the Salbert, but the picture is pretty good against the light.
De Gg90
France Territoire De Belfort > A sec
A sec
Forges Pond was drained to power the desludging (thousands of tons of silt have been removed) to enable its flora and fauna to survive.
De Gg90
Fleur Lilas > Imgp4404 lilas double mauve pale 22
Imgp4404 lilas double mauve pale 22
They are beautiful! Very good! : 3:: 2:: 6: Nice photo, it asks only to be picked. Thank you!
De Marie-jo
Saint Valentin > Carte saint valentin roses rouges
Carte saint valentin roses rouges
The green is not my favorite color, but your card is so well done that I find beautiful: 3:.
De Jcmai
Fleur Orchidee Phalaenopsis > Orchidee cad b n
Orchidee cad b n
It was a good idea to fit tight, there are many details and "spotted" is very clear.
De Jcmai
Coucher Soleil > Coucher de soleil 11908 3
Coucher de soleil 11908 3
Bravo, very nice picture reworked or not, in any case the result it is superb! THANK YOU.
De Hélène
Ecureuil > Ecureuil30
I am amazed every day when I discover these beautiful pictures, really good.
Republique Dominicaine > Boca chica 2010 625
Boca chica 2010 625
Very nice picture, it makes you want to vacation: sea, palm trees, sun, everything is there, great.
De Scopat
Oiseau Cygne Tubercule > Img 6423
Img 6423
Very nice picture, but there is colors, reflections, grace is beautiful.
De Scopat
Coucher Soleil > Coucher soleil 19508 4
Coucher soleil 19508 4
Very nice shot. We saw a bird. The world seems to slowly fall asleep.
De Frane
Photo bretagne photo saint malo 05jpg 2.php
Problem shooting? Too bad the background is so blurry. But anyway Thanks a lot to remember "the country" by the pictures.
De Dan.ar.breizh
Oiseau Canard Colvert > Canetons pause
Canetons pause
If light that leaves manage to withstand ... All six very attentive to the swimming lesson. Unless they civics!
De Lumixane
Cerf De Virginie > Chevreuil pspa
Chevreuil pspa
A fine group of deer, but what a shame to have all that snow in the foreground, framing tighter on animals and more trees would have been nicer. : 18:
De D.marsim
Reflet > P5230051
Not far from my house! Your photo reminds me of Annie that I put in the report ... In other places! Enjoy a Puligny Montrachet while eating a banana garden of Hiedra: 18: Sleep!
De Lumixane
Montage Photo > Le roi des neiges harfang
Le roi des neiges harfang
Then Anne (Lumixane) is sulking, it does not see the proposal to Kim! : 13:: 13:
De D.marsim
Oiseau Cygne Noir > Cygnenoir
The neck of the swan and its reflection form a beautiful interlude.
De D.marsim
Pancarte > Lyon l ol dorothy
Lyon l ol dorothy
The idea is excellent.
De Guitard dede
Grande Bretagne Londres > Regent s canal
Regent s canal
I like the feature of this view: the building termination oval out into the water like a boat, its deck at the top where passengers are slouched in the "deck". Beautiful reflections. : 3:
De D.marsim
Glace > Dsc 0380
Dsc 0380
To unravel the mane of a horse Camargue buffeted by Mistral ... What does our friend Jacques? : 18: But the time you sent him home ... : 20:
De Lumixane
Glace > Dsc 0380
Dsc 0380
1: Perfect photography, really: 2: But I prefer a gate or arch of ice: 18:.
De Moncabri
Montage Photo > Le roi des neiges harfang
Le roi des neiges harfang
I arrive ... Daniele! If little busy yesterday, our friends Belfort pitches: 18:. I am really overwhelmed and about to pass on to our grandchildren in Dubai who dream only of snowmen. The Snowy Kim can not get this makeover! Does he understand that it could be short-lived: 20: THANKS: 6: I could not expect better: 18:.
De Lumixane
Oiseau Mesange Bleue > Mesange bleue fei
Mesange bleue fei
Typical position of the little blue about to take off. Nice sharpness and colors are fantastic. The bird identified as a good environment. All is well: 3:
De Lumixane
Coucher Soleil > Coucher de soleil 11908 3
Coucher de soleil 11908 3
An image that might as well find its place in retouching ... : 18: if we refer to the matter on the Caribou launched by WC: 20:. But that does not provide at least a great aesthetic pleasure.
De Lumixane
Allemagne > Bs hafen pince
Bs hafen pince
Well thank you for your comment because I like this picture without really knowing why and I know unfortunately it will have little success on the site, then realize that at least someone appreciates it well: 19: .
De AymericBX
Oiseau Mesange Bleue > Mesange bleue fei
Mesange bleue fei
What do you do?? Good question, I can not answer for my case: a telephoto lens, great patience and luck, talent or other does not (I think) for this kind of photography. You just gather the ingredients: light, matter, chance ... Anyway thank you all, I am a good week for FEI between this picture and my cat has finally reached the 1000 visits (on purpose after all but I found amusing).
De AymericBX
Grande Bretagne Londres > Regent s canal
Regent s canal
Lounging in chairs because phlegmatic, you mean? : 4: I invite you on this ship, starting soon. Do not forget to drag the snowman in your luggage - it will delight both young and old.
De Lumixane
Oiseau Mesange Bleue > Mesange bleue fei
Mesange bleue fei
I did nothing, I was lucky and I am very sour because I stayed a while, I can also say I have a bunch of blurry photos ...
De AymericBX
Fractale > Coquillage 2
Coquillage 2
Massiliot is a "fractal". The program proposes a figure and I "hack" to get something that speaks to me, and choosing the color. : 4:
De Francoisearnoux
Saint Valentin > Main bebe
Main bebe
I am neither the father nor the uncle (well if another uncle) and should be better than the uncle is no guide to 100%: 18:: 19:.
De AymericBX
Chien Cocker Americain > Astur j1 011
Astur j1 011
: 13:: 13:: 13: Fun in the position he is, I too have one, it just happened yesterday!
De 08872
Fleur Orchidee Phalaenopsis > Orchidee cad b n
Orchidee cad b n
Very nice photo, I like the sweetness and the overall aesthetic that emerges. It will swallow us.
De AymericBX
> 0 Quelle beauté, quelle splendeur, c'est purement superbe de voir toutes ces fleur
50 Massaliote, ce n'est pas une "photo" :13:, mais une "fractale", c'est à dire que
50 Massiliot, this is not a "photo": 13: but a "fractal", ie it
100 :1: Les couleurs sont extraordinaires :2:, chapeau :3: bravo :4: !
100 : 1: The colors are extraordinary: 2:, hat: 3: bravo: 4:!
150 Vraiment bien : le livre, la rose et les bougies ! Joyeux Saint Valentin.
150 Really good: the book, the rose and candles! Happy Valentine's Day.
200 Encore, encore ! Elle est trop belle cette fraise ! J'aime beaucoup la présentat
200 Again, again! It is too beautiful this cutter! I love the presentation with the
250 Ce n'est pas une échelle mais une grande poutre, qui fait peut-être contrepoids
250 This is not a ladder but a large beam, which can be offset?
300 C'est très joli à regarder. J'aime beaucoup cette photographie. Merci.
300 It's very pretty to watch. I love this photograph. Thank you.
350 Magnifique ce portrait :1:
350 Beautiful portrait: 1:
400 Une grotte utilisée pour la culture des champignons ? Milieu très humide en tout
400 A cave used for growing mushrooms? Midfielder very wet anyway! : 18:
450 Je ne l'avais pas vu celle-là !!! Ils ne sont pas aimés des pêcheurs mais ils on
450 I did not see that one! They are not loved by fishermen, but they certainly have
500 Il n'est pas banal ce coucher de soleil avec un joli contre-jour... le réverbère
500 It is commonplace that sunset with a nice cons-day ... the lamp gives a touch of
550 Elle est très apaisante et engendre la gaîté. On en a besoin en ce moment. J'aim
550 It is very soothing and creates the humor. We need it now. J'aime beaucoup.
600 Oui je suis d'accord, il a fallu que le soleil pointe le bout de son nez à ce mo
600 Yes I agree, it took the sun pointing the tip of his nose at this moment while m

28/2/2010: I love this magnificent photo: This tree is beautiful and the image I need to il

27/2/2010: What you see Doudou, say so! ! This kitten is beautiful, staring, seems attentiv

26/2/2010: It is completely far-fetched: 13: but it is really gay! A good background for th

25/2/2010: Géna thank you, then I put this branch orchid wreath in your hair ... : 4:. Marc

24/2/2010: Phew I breathe: 18:. This frame suits me much more so than in natural light. Thi

23/2/2010: Thank you, but I thought you had understood the bridges of Paris is my favorite,

22/2/2010: That is pretty image, this castle with HDR treatment makes it even more beautifu

21/2/2010: An unusual photo as you love them, those bananas ultra light bursts on screen, w

20/2/2010: : 6: What a beautiful flower with these colors, is super nice. : 4:

19/2/2010: A real treat for the eyes of hibiscus flowers. Orange makes us languish spring.

18/2/2010: : 1: The 'Seagull' is beautiful and his flight makes it very elegant. Br

17/2/2010: What beauty, what beauty is purely wonderful to see all the flowers more beautif

16/2/2010: : 1: The 'Herring Gull' is superb clarity both colors of its plumage tha

15/2/2010: Personally I think this excellent picture, the brightness is that of a winter da

14/2/2010: A very beautiful image and a good choice in honor of him we miss him already, bu

13/2/2010: A successful, this shot, Jacques! We thank you for ...

12/2/2010: Apparently there is no warmer now than in my home ... But it is winter and the p

11/2/2010: We saw a little rehearsal collage / buffer, but overall it is a good touch.

10/2/2010: It was interesting, I even made a short film. But nothing in the world, I would

9/2/2010: I greatly appreciate the words that you put on my photos. This photograph is an

8/2/2010: Jolie caught in a beautiful environment, it is always difficult to distinguish t

7/2/2010: 2: The Atlas offers a total escape. Your shot is the beauty of the site and enco

6/2/2010: I do not know what seems like it captivating. He is handsome and well groomed as

5/2/2010: The sky is beautiful, beautiful contrast with the structure of this tree: 1:. I

4/2/2010: Nenfer thank you, he is superb as it darling, I thought removing the branch, but

3/2/2010: It is this very beautiful picture, but ... we can see many people, is it possibl

2/2/2010: The nature sometimes gives us some amazing sculptures. These are really special.

1/2/2010: This photo reminds me of wonderful memories. I went on the island of Wasini in J

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