The Meige imposing and splendid in all its grandeur and I will add to
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 5/8/2010

Montagne > Massif de la meije
Massif de la meije
The Meige imposing and splendid in all its grandeur, and I will add to the dangerous aftermath of having my feet, and visited the "ice cave". Photo resplendent mixed with blue, white and green. Bravo!
De Manon
Papillon Hypolimnas Bolina > Papillon hypolimnas bolina
Papillon hypolimnas bolina
Gena thank you, you're right: it is simple but elegant. I have the stereotype of 5 times, this picture is the best: I do not know if it was the same for you but I have shot with a lot of casseroles! But in the end was worth the trip!
De Jcmai
Papillon Sphinx Colibri > Sphinx butinant les lavandes
Sphinx butinant les lavandes
Thank you for the "superb", but in fact, as often is the subject that is superb! Thank you especially look down to see you around ... That's what's great: That finally you look beautiful life around us, by ceasing (a little) VIRTUAL watch all these screens ...
De Camin.norbert
Oiseau Perroquet Gris Du Ghana > Perroquet du ghana 3 1280x853
Perroquet du ghana 3 1280x853
Francou Yes, you're right. It was the beginning of my photos of birds, then I have the original principle and therefore can be repeated. Thank you, Mark.
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
Chat Sacre De Birmanie > Img 8326 copie
Img 8326 copie
We do not see your shadow if you want it and it might be interesting: 18: Otherwise, we can "simply" (so to speak) of the mixture of colors, shadows, light: 4: Hair form a movement to the right. And as I am puzzled by this eye looking at me so closely in the eye, I'll capture the group of eyes, eye: 6:: 3:
De Cathygdb
Fleur Lys > Lys trio 1
Lys trio 1
3: This photo of lily is MAGNIFICENT! I love this flower, which gives me great serenity: 3:.
De Keysha
Papillon Porte Queue Geai > Pap5 porte queue geai
Pap5 porte queue geai
Gena thank you, curiously when I put the name of the specimen on the web I found a picture sometimes, but relatively little comment: location sometimes life can be that often there is nothing more to say since their Food is generally similar (flower nectar) and their reproduction too!
De Jcmai
Papillon Archaeoprepona Demophon > Papilllon archaeoprepona demophon
Papilllon archaeoprepona demophon
Thank you for the comment and bookmarking. This one I shot her three times on beam and two photos below I show the original picture and explain how I made this montage!
De Jcmai
Papillon Morpho Peleides > Papillon morpho peleides
Papillon morpho peleides
Gena thank you for the comment. The Panasonic, I have not been very long and I do not yet know all its functions. I just downloaded the user manual in PDF!
De Jcmai
Lever Soleil > Escargot 1
Escargot 1
Firstly, congratulations to the photographer who, if earlier, stops to take the picture and it must be said that the morning is a wonderful moment, so quiet, we own the world ... , the world belonged to you, for sure and I thought it was a moment of HDR. The picture is clear and beautiful colors of the sky: 3: thank you for that magical moment when everything is still pending: 1:: 6:.
De Cathygdb
Montage Photo > Carte papillons1
Carte papillons1
Gena thank you for the comment and bookmarking. After sending the last butterfly I will post a second card with other specimens. Content, that the series will like it!
De Jcmai
Flou > L envol 20100701
L envol 20100701
Dream, beauty, illusion, freedom, supernatural love these images that speak to the heart: 6:
De Cathygdb
Montage Photo > Carte papillons1
Carte papillons1
Judy thank you for the comment and bookmarking. Patience few copies then comes the final map!
De Jcmai
Bouquetin > Bouquetin 1 20091108
Bouquetin 1 20091108
Very nice photo. It should not be easy to photograph a kid. Thank you for sharing. Good continuation and see you soon for more photos. Cordially. Marcel. Crab Canoe.
De Crabecanoe
Fleur Crocus > Crocus 20090428
Crocus 20090428
For a test, is a success. The flower a bit blurred looks great on the black and green. Good continuation and see you soon for more photos. Cordially. Crab canoe. Marcel.
De Crabecanoe
Peinture > L ami fritz
L ami fritz
Eden thank you for the comment. I like the trompe l'oeil, they often give the appearance of a blank wall or a gear a little sad. On the sheet there is the signature of the artist Roland Perret!
De Jcmai
Chien Golden Retriever > Le regard de polly
Le regard de polly
Polly is a "golden-retriever" magnificent. The dream of my life but in an apartment! Love him as he deserves. It has a sweetness in the expression that is irresistible. Big papouille to polly. Very nice picture.
De Biscotte.laurent
Egypte > Redsea 92346
Redsea 92346
Very nice fish, impressive and well colored, really good picture.
De Marmo
France Herault > 178 les ruffes
178 les ruffes
1: Following Tsouret: your landscape could be in Gran Canaria!
De Jcmai
Flou > L envol 20100701
L envol 20100701
Are all we have certain affinities, only my problem remains and will remain a permanent disability and would otherwise have phases "complicated" real improvements, other sites know this and do not want me so far, the e-mail encouragement apparently generated automatically, but it customized by the webmaster really touched me ... It is not "indispensable" to follow ... Do tou (te) s at my best feelings ... P. O yes my feelings, my worries, no! ... Hoping for your understanding ... Soon and friendships courteous and photographs.
Belgique Anvers > Anvers 10h3 647 hotel de ville grote markt cpf 811
Anvers 10h3 647 hotel de ville grote markt cpf 811
1: The City Hall is magnificent Grand Place and deserves its name: you have ample clicher this beautiful building!
De Jcmai
Belgique Anvers > Anvers 10h3 676 brabo grote markt cpf 810
Anvers 10h3 676 brabo grote markt cpf 810
1: Thanks for this beautiful photo of the monument and especially for historical explanation. I realize that some Dutch words are understandable for a germanophone (perhaps written more than talk.).
De Jcmai
Belgique Anvers > Anvers 10h3 644 gare centrale cpf 809
Anvers 10h3 644 gare centrale cpf 809
1: This station is beautiful and congratulations to Belgium to have built retaining the original beauty. Your HDR processing is successful, you have adorned the sky while not touching up the rest too!
De Jcmai
Egypte > Charm el cheik 030
Charm el cheik 030
: 1: The row of umbrellas on the beach provides a beautiful diagonal! 3:
De Jcmai
Chevre > Bouc 2
Bouc 2
1: The goat is far from clear, and I prefer to see a picture, that true (as there are better smell!: 19:).
De Jcmai
France Herault > 181 dio chateau
181 dio chateau
1: Nice framing for this ancient castle, the tower on the right seems to be the ancient church, we present you another picture.
De Jcmai
France Herault > 173 dio vue
173 dio vue
2: Nice old village, otherwise well preserved and valued.
De Jcmai
Papillon Machaon > Papillon 20100804
Papillon 20100804
Bravo Sylvie for this magnificent swallowtail photo, which looks well fed!
De Jcmai
Vache > Vache curieuse
Vache curieuse
1: This cow Tyrolean none of your eye as a: 4: fortunately it was not a bull! 20:
De Jcmai
Chat Europeen > Trezor dormant hamac lc 02
Trezor dormant hamac lc 02
: 1:: 2: Very nice shot of your pathetic little cat, who seems to applaud the quality of the picture. The kitten is very clean, the framing is successful, the neutral background enhances the animal and a discrete framework such as finish. For me the shot is perfect! 6:
De Jcmai
Sport Parapente > P1020995b
1: Nathalie, this shot out of the box, 6: Although the effect of "carpet" from the bottom, it reminds of the stubble. Thank you for sharing. Kaenafelix of Friendship.
De Kaenafelix
Coucher Soleil > Coucher de soleil 4827
Coucher de soleil 4827
: 3: JM G, and knew you could imprison those magnificent clouds. 6: the addition of trees and especially the cross. One has the impression that it serves as an anchor in the clouds, they will stay there a moment longer. 1:
De Kaenafelix
Papillon Machaon > Papillon machaon sur lavande fei
Papillon machaon sur lavande fei
Very good shape this swallowtail with a good light and more transparent in the wings.
De Fifie34
Papillon Pieride Du Chou > Papillon pieride du chou 16710 5b
Papillon pieride du chou 16710 5b
Managing to get a similar result with the mundane is proof of a talent that does not meet every day. I am also asked for a moment the question about the potential impact of the blade blur that obscures some of the flowers and finally I came to the conclusion that he brings more to the impression of depth that is emerges from this picture while highlighting the difficulties of framing to dominate such a cliche to succeed. A well deserved! : 2:: 3:: 3:
De Chasseur de temps
Arbre > Un nouveau jour se leve
Un nouveau jour se leve
After "Crabecanoe, your visit: I am spoiled right now! You know "Patjoe" it was enough just to get up a little early and go to taste the freshness of an autumn morning beginning.
De Chasseur de temps
Montagne > Lac de goleon et la meije
Lac de goleon et la meije
Sublime, I love the landscapes of mountains and lakes, this one is to do, thank you for the explanations because it is awesome.
De Coco
Montagne > Massif de la meije
Massif de la meije
I'll stay the whole day looking at the picture as it is beautiful and inspiring.
De Coco
Montagne > Lac de goleon et la meije
Lac de goleon et la meije
Beautiful landscape, I think, like you, I do not look upon my feet while hiking.
De Huguette63
Martinique Fort De France > Baie de fdf du bakoua
Baie de fdf du bakoua
Formidable! Bravo to the author because it is beautiful. You make us want to dream of escape.
De Andrea.bousseau
Champ Ble > Dsc00006 b
Dsc00006 b
3: Nice moment: the wheat and poppies lay fragile yet so straight, as the red stain color on the background of yellow ... love.
De Astraelle
Libellule > Orthetrum reticule
Orthetrum reticule
Nenfer13 thank you. This is not you that I will learn to take photos. So I added anything except that you want good photos, courage and a nice quiet day. Marc.
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
Chien Golden Retriever > Le repos de reglisse
Le repos de reglisse
Bravo to the photographer is a pure wonder, I who loves dogs and flowers, I'm really spoiled: 1:: 3:: 6:.
De Marjolyb
Papillon Nacre > Nacre de la ronce
Nacre de la ronce
Nenfer13 is true that he sees everything, he is curious and began to observe me in this position. I do not know how I could make this picture so clear because a wild wind swung from left to right without respite. I think it was made a priority of speed ... Thank you, friendship, Mark. : 19:
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
Papillon Pieride Du Chou > Papillon pieride du chou 16710 4
Papillon pieride du chou 16710 4
This beautiful photograph! The flower is made of light and the butterfly seems an angel! The rich green and deep serves as a backdrop. Bravo!
De Méloule
Papillon Pieride Du Chou > Papillon pieride du chou 2009 2
Papillon pieride du chou 2009 2
I like the soft tones of harmony that emerges from this picture, presage a nice wallpaper.
De Pauline
Sauterelle > Sauterelle verte 20100408
Sauterelle verte 20100408
Nenfer13 Yes, I understand the 'balance of the subject, but the picture is sometimes as quickly as we can. The grasshopper did not wait until I finish my development ... After cropping, the image overlap always possible but at the expense of quality. So I prefer to let things like that. Thank you, it's true there is a good sharpness, very well photographed subject. Friendship, Mark. : 19:
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
Clocher > Mepieu 38510 et son clocher
Mepieu 38510 et son clocher
Improved support for your course and let's be honest just keep a little modesty ... The photograph was not too bad, it was worth a recovery prospects as they could. At best ... It must date between the periods ... go, say between the late 17th century and perhaps until the early 19th century with alterations of sacred ... I do not know really. Thank you, good day. Marc. : 14:
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
Libellule Orthetrum Brun > Orthetrum brunlibellule bleue02
Orthetrum brunlibellule bleue02
If thou say that, what I read ... I have nothing else to say and the improvements are due to you, to you. Masters, a field training ... Thank you and good luck Nenfer13;, not too much for the picture of butterflies. Lol. Marc. : 19:
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
Montagne > Lac des beraudes 05
Lac des beraudes 05
So bravo Mady, continues ... and remember that I go with you though ... There are so long that I have not really put my feet in the high peaks, I miss it ... but solitude is not helping to make this expansion, momentum ... Regards, Mark. : 19:
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
Retouche Photo > Tram montpellier hd retouche
Tram montpellier hd retouche
Sympa ta touch, the look is no longer stopped by the post and the tram can continue his race ... 4:
De Lilinormandie
> 0 La Meige : imposante et splendide dans toute sa grandeur ; et j'ajouterai danger
50 Salut, Jean-Claude. Merci de ton passage et mise en favori. C'est un grand b
100 Piéride en livrée d'apparat, on dirait ! Et comme en lévitation : bonne idée d'a
150 Je crois que c'est vrai Jasmin. La prise a été réalisée de justesse tu sais. Mai
200 J'aime bien ce genre de cliché. Cela fait un beau fond d'écran.
250 Superbe tableau. La photo est très lumineuse, la rose ressort très bien sur le f
300 Non, Surtout pas. L'endroit qui est nettoyé est la zone à quelques mètres de ce

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