Nice photo I love the light through the hair
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 13/1/2014

Chien Golden Retriever > Thelma 20130502
Thelma 20130502
Nice photo I love the light through the hair
De Cathy.momo
Souche > Reflet 1024
Reflet 1024
Beautiful inspiration and especially great photo bravo reflections colors nothing more to say.
De Cathy.momo
Givre > Bouleaux givre et glace
Bouleaux givre et glace
TB, A beautiful winter landscape full of ice with a beautiful blue sky. The tree on the left is in my opinion less leafy and therefore has less withheld from frost.
De Nenfer13
Oiseau Tarin Des Aulnes > Messager du printemps
Messager du printemps
Wow great photo, congratulations for the patience, but for a beautiful result.
De Cathy.momo
Oiseau Pinson Des Arbres > Mon premier pinson 20130222
Mon premier pinson 20130222
For a first mockingbird, it is a success. The photo is sharp and the background blur is very nice. And the perfect model.
De Cathy.momo
Oiseau Tourterelle Turque > 15 tourterelle
15 tourterelle
Hello nice photo and your little model seems to pose just for the photo.
De Cathy.momo
Puma > P1360355bis03cp
Thank you Lumixane I did not blur the background, the bokeh was done to the shooting ! For the Web it will remain a big secret
De Annie.reymondie
Givre > Bouleaux givre et glace
Bouleaux givre et glace
It is very beautiful Anne, and you did well to go there. It was cold ? Not too much I think, just the freezing point. I hope that there has not been too much damage. A very beautiful image.
De Guylaine
Mer > Un soir d hiver a l ile de re
Un soir d hiver a l ile de re
A beautiful silver colour for the sea, I also like. A beautiful photo Manu .
De Guylaine
Puma > P1360355bis03cp
I remember this lovely photo of this beautiful cougar. It has one of those looks. Good catch.
De Guylaine
Canada > P1440826biscp
You will have been entitled at least to a beautiful sunset on the St Lawrence river and a nice big ship. the Good and the beautiful framing.
De Guylaine
Nouvel An > Dsc 0571bis03cp
Dsc 0571bis03cp
Hi Annie, thank you again, first for this photo that for me even if I have done so elsewhere. It is your photo and I find it a pity that you not have more comments . It is so pretty this bedroom.
De Guylaine
France Herault > Lodeve jolie petite ville de l herault
Lodeve jolie petite ville de l herault
Beautiful photo taken from the 'Virgin' statue on a pedestal overlooking the city. The GREZAC dominates the city from the other side. Former roman oppidum, which became a resort after the disappearance of the vines. City unknown, wedged between the Mountains and the sea, and lived for a long time at the same rate as Spain with paseo. Siestas and tapas...
De Fréres Marc
Oiseau Mesange Bleue > Une improbable amitie
Une improbable amitie
It is very nice your photo say so... It is still rare to see a tit posed as well ? And that 'Mimine' looks, so that would be a prey of choice ! *** You believe that the tit is afraid of you ? but not you get ideas !. Well hello to Haute Normandie. ***CRICRI60 ***BEST WISHES to you !
Brume > Dscn7234
Beautiful this photo, the pleasure is always there when I just admire your gallery, thank you.
De Riette
Cuba > Cuba plage magnifique au soleil couchant
Cuba plage magnifique au soleil couchant
The photo is magical, but the framework also ! Congratulations and thank you for making us dream during the winter months !
De Joss5119
Livre > Livre 2
Livre 2
Very nice wallpaper ! It looks like a table and he'd hang well in my living room... Bravo !
De Chouna
Cuba > Cuba 03
Cuba 03
The emerald of the sea, the grey and white of the clouds and the sapphire of the sky make this shot a color palette that is nice to look at !
De Chouna
Givre > Fougere de givre
Fougere de givre
It reminds me of the time I was a little girl (yes !) throughout the winter our windows were decorated with frost in different forms... Bravo for your look.
De Chouna
Oiseau Canard Colvert > Isles sur sorgue 003
Isles sur sorgue 003
Thank you so much for your comment delights me ! See you soon for other photos !
De F.pimenta
Carte De Voeux > Voeux etoiles 2014
Voeux etoiles 2014
Thank you Charly, in my turn, I present to you my wishes for the year 2014. Health, happiness and joy...
De Chouna
Nourriture > 24 canapes aperitif dinatoire
24 canapes aperitif dinatoire
I have done nothing of all that, Julie. It is an aperitif and hors that my friend held in a restaurant for 80 years.
De Gipsy34
Nourriture > 25 amuses bouches aperitif dinatoire
25 amuses bouches aperitif dinatoire
These are small sausages inside. There were also cheese. I do nothing of all this, it is a restaurant. I'm not doing the cooking at home. Thank You Julie.
De Gipsy34
Lever Soleil > Bonne annee 2014 leversoleil
Bonne annee 2014 leversoleil
Hello, superb sky, best wishes to you and your family. Yours, DAPHNE.
De Daphne
Nourriture > 24 canapes aperitif dinatoire
24 canapes aperitif dinatoire
Oh ! I'm disappointed... Joke aside, you know that it is very easy to make and you épates in your gallery... I keep your photos in the idea and will try this summer.. Beautiful day Josy
De Julicarm
Givre > La fee carabosse
La fee carabosse
It seems to count the bunches of mistletoe neighbouring trees ! (TB+).
De Jcmai
Livre > Livre 2
Livre 2
I love it, it reminds me of my hours of revision as a student ! Bravo.
Givre > Bouleaux givre et glace
Bouleaux givre et glace
So far with the sweetness relative, not often the opportunity to do this kind of photo. Superb ! TB+.
De Jcmai
Givre > La fee carabosse
La fee carabosse
Your eye of a Lynx could not miss this silhouette quite evocative The presentation in black and white with the framing reinforces the illusion
De Mady
Voiture > La terre accouchant d une automobile
La terre accouchant d une automobile
What a pity for this beautiful old car !!! Bravo for the originality of this jack, which will certainly make its success. (Note TB) Jean-Mi.
Portugal Algarve > 5 carvoeiro 193
5 carvoeiro 193
It is certainly the better of the two even if here the sky is really too important. (Rating B+) Jean-Mi.
France Herault > 0635 paysage de l herault
0635 paysage de l herault
Nice landscape with a good construction and also a good balance plans, bravo. (Note TB) Jean-Mi.
Puma > P1360355bis03cp
It does not look convenient this cougar, but it does the necessary for a good photo, congratulations. (Note TB) Jean-Mi.
France Vaucluse > Reflet des berges du luberon
Reflet des berges du luberon
Nice mounting pan to the landscape with soft colors and perfect reflection, bravo. (Note TB+) Jean-Mi.
Givre > Bouleaux givre et glace
Bouleaux givre et glace
Not a problem !!! It is the winter which is well put in value in a landscape carefully composed, bravo. (Note TB+) Jean-Mi.
Neige > Neige fevrier 2012
Neige fevrier 2012
It is true that when one is not accustomed to the snow, its presence disrupts the habits and for the children, it is the feast. Here, the layer is not thick but it has just what it takes to embellish the landscape that you have managed to frame the shot. Mady.
De Jofu
France Haut Rhin > Photo paysage alsace 03
Photo paysage alsace 03
In the background it is Kaysersberg or Ammerschwihr ??? I have a doubt.
Nouvel An > Dsc 0571bis03cp
Dsc 0571bis03cp
Thank you Annie for this lovely greeting card, this sunset is gorgeous. I also wish you a good year 2014, with joy, happiness and especially health.
De Nicole.barberon
Givre > La fee carabosse
La fee carabosse
Thou hast not ruled on the choice of the N/B - comment from Julie - but I know what you're thinking, JC As to balls of mistletoe, Carabosse could easily grab for his potion lethal (the bays containing the viscotoxine), it is enough for him to reach out a hand.
De Lumixane
Oiseau Merle Noir > Merle au bain 01
Merle au bain 01
I carry the water, the bath and the blackbird to illustrate 'to Stay (be) dead in the water' See you soon - have a good day.
De Francis-Sisco
Nourriture > 25 amuses bouches aperitif dinatoire
25 amuses bouches aperitif dinatoire
Only good things, these appetizers are very tasty !!! Thank you Josy, and happy birthday to your companion.
De Nicole.barberon
Chateau > Chateau de monbazillac perigord pourpre
Chateau de monbazillac perigord pourpre
Our country is famous for such wonderful Buildings. When I'm in retirement and if I can, I will visit the châteaux of the Loire.
De Géna
Nourriture > 24 canapes aperitif dinatoire
24 canapes aperitif dinatoire
A nice plate appetizing, these sofas are very tempting. You have to treat yourself. Josy and thank you.
De Nicole.barberon
Egypte > El sokhna entre mer et desert
El sokhna entre mer et desert
These countries have many plants of this genus. I love the background.
De Géna
Italie > Scilla calabre italie du sud
Scilla calabre italie du sud
This small port with these mountains in the background is full of charm.
De Géna
Oiseau Etourneau Sansonnet > Dscn9728 etourneausansonnet
Dscn9728 etourneausansonnet
Very nice shoot, this bird stands out well under this beautiful blue sky with superb sharpness. and thank you.
De Nicole.barberon
Sculpture > Sculptures cuba
Sculptures cuba
I admire those artists who are a simple piece of wood such beautiful pieces.
De Géna
France Vaucluse > Reflet des berges du luberon
Reflet des berges du luberon
Superb shot high quality, the colors are soft and the perfect mirror. As always, you've done a great job. Tintin and thank you.
De Nicole.barberon
Fleur Camelia > Camelia de mon jardin
Camelia de mon jardin
This flower reminds me of the novel by Alexandre Dumas that I really loved to read. The framework is not too important for this beautiful camellia ?
De Géna
Lever Soleil > Bonne annee 2014 leversoleil
Bonne annee 2014 leversoleil
Thank you Anita for this wonderful greeting card, this sunset in flamboyant colours is superb. I wish you and your loved ones a good year in 2014, it brings you joy, happiness and above all health.
De Nicole.barberon
> 0 Jolie photo :2: j'aime bien la lumière à travers les poils :4:
50 Et bien ce doudou a une place de roi. Il est joli ce cyclo-pousse. :4:
100 Une belle fin de journée pédestre... Lorsque tu avanceras, le chemin ne sera plu
150 Waouh quelle superbe carte pleine de couleur et de soleil :6: j'adore :1: (TB+)
200 TB, Merci Charly pour tes bons voeux sous ce joli feux d'artifice, et qu'il en s

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