My God is it beautiful and thou hast done well to take a picture of
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 14/1/2014

Givre > Fougere de givre
Fougere de givre
My God is it beautiful and thou hast done well to take a picture of this fern in the frost.
De Guylaine
Fleur Bruyere > Bruyere sous la pluie
Bruyere sous la pluie
I love the bright colors and super sharp in this photo, the water beads at the end of each flower
De Cathy.momo
Oiseau Perruche Calopsitte > Perruche calliope
Perruche calliope
Pretty calo, yes they are very hungry the calos hand-raised : brioche, bread, rice, cakes. Bravo : nice photo.
De Cathy.momo
Huitre > Sur le sable
Sur le sable
I love this picture in reversal of size sea in the second plan and oyster in the 1st shot, great idea and beautiful photo : bravo.
De Cathy.momo
Fleur Pavot > Pavot mauve 001
Pavot mauve 001
I love poppies and this one is lovely, what beautiful colors ! The drops of dew - or rain-add a valuable aspect to this beautiful flower, so simple. Bravo for this photo !
De Anne Debecker
Brume > Dscn7234
Thank you for your appreciation - I love the shots with the mist, may be a remnant of romance in girl friendly - naal.
De Anaa
Brume > Dscn7234
Thank you for the appreciation on this shot - I took pleasure in browsing at dawn in the mist this small lake, which offers several façettes for the objective - good day and best wishes - naal -.
De Anaa
Givre > Fougere de givre
Fougere de givre
Each adjusts your image to his imagination, and this is great - and I see a peacock feather - but this is the result that counts and it is very beautiful, refined, congratulations and thank you for sharing - naal-.
De Anaa
Livre > Livre 2
Livre 2
I love your shot - and how much you're right - or are the moments by the fire knitting and reading... but the progress we exchange on this site !!! Take advantage of all means and thank you again for this beautiful image, very beautiful image - naal -.
De Anaa
Ecureuil Gris > P1340522biscp
I love this little squirrel all right, amazed, adorable on this green carpet. Thank You Annie Reymondie.
De Suzette
Givre > La fee carabosse
La fee carabosse
Don't change anything especially ! This photo is perfect as well, if not ? You remove all its mystery and scary at the same time ! *** Oh ! The wicked witch ! And who will be 'the magic potion' ?. Bravo Lumixane ! *** Waiting for other photos, I wish you well hello High Normandy (where it rains on Tuesday, 14 January 14 ! but that would be the Normandy without it ?) : ) *** CRICRI60 ***.
Chat Europeen > Chat 20110325
Chat 20110325
Hi Gipsy34 of Haute-Normandie ! ***It is very pretty this cat lost, and especially little in common with its head, with long hair and the body not... Miracle of nature ? ***I like :6. (anyway I love all cats are a passionate with my 8 !) ***Good day to you Gipsy34 (even denominational you, that my last kid happened to us last MAY ) *** see you soon, and best wishes to you... health first ! *** CRICRI60 ***.
De Cricri60
Chat Europeen > Chat 3 1
Chat 3 1
I don't think this is a simple domestic cat (alley) no !!! He has a personable phenomenal ! What a beauty and wearing of head ? Very nice really !. Is this yours cat ? *** Well hello to Haute Normandie *** CRICRI60 ***
De Cricri60
Oiseau Mesange A Longue Queue > Mesange a longue queue 2014
Mesange a longue queue 2014
What finesse, what elegance, from the beak to the tip of the tail. Your patience has been rewarded. Superb tone, that of happiness Exc.
De Lumixane
Chat Europeen > Chat manul1 20070727
Chat manul1 20070727
A few that we 'ask for it back ! '. It is a gorgeous pussy ! And it is rare to see a or a !. I particularly like this photo, thank you. ***Is this yours Bebeloute ? I wish and if Yes ? You want***The only downside to it is the decor morne', not pretty ! A pity that you have not photographed, but this does not diminish its beauty. *** Well hello to us, Haute Normandie (where it's raining this morning, but is common among us !) ***CRICRI60 ***
De Cricri60
Crapaud > Tit crapeaud
Tit crapeaud
One could get the impression that the toad is in your face ! It is enough then a whole other animal. I like this illusion. TB.
De Lumixane
Oiseau Mesange A Longue Queue > Mesange a longue queue 2014
Mesange a longue queue 2014
The problem with a photo like the one above, is that the one has nothing to say because it is perfect !!! Still not passed to the slr, I see...
De Julicarm
Oiseau Grand Chevalier > Grand chevalier et grenouille
Grand chevalier et grenouille
Scenes hyper-rare to surprise, then to print, don't think about it... In a park, may be easier, but this does not detract from this talented shoot, bravo
De Julicarm
Hiver > L hiver a nos portes
L hiver a nos portes
I love Julie. Maybe with a little less material in the bottom for balance. Magic ! It's snowing big flakes of wet - pen - which makes me think that he was probably not so cold.
De Lumixane
Oiseau Grue > Grues migratrices
Grues migratrices
Bravo for this photo that I'm wearing in migration in a subject the forum to illustrate 'to Do the crane kick'
De Francis-Sisco
France Vaucluse > Claudine 050 20131102
Claudine 050 20131102
hello, sorry but this photo could have been magnificent. But your changes of colors or I don't know what to do that it does not make it any more natural. It is a pity... Cordially.
De Mesangebleue
Hiver > L hiver a nos portes
L hiver a nos portes
It should read '... the noises have disappeared'. Shame the commentator .
De Jofu
Champignon Armillaire > Champignons pre 770 ts a 768 l emploi
Champignons pre 770 ts a 768 l emploi
The main subject is well net with a beautiful unity of tone to the whole picture . What a variety ? Yes, if they are edible, with a Chateau Margaux for example, we need to have a good time .
De Jofu
France Paris > Gare monparnasse escaliers
Gare monparnasse escaliers
A place of transit to different backgrounds, even in a train station, a GPS would have its place... Soon the departure for you ?
De Julicarm
Givre > La fee carabosse
La fee carabosse
Excellent ! The dream is returned to the reality, saw the sorcièèère ! AND it is magical with this frost white !
De Sidoni.filo
Champignon Armillaire > Champignons pre 770 ts a 768 l emploi
Champignons pre 770 ts a 768 l emploi
Lovely capture of these mushrooms that I don't know. If someone could give us their name, and say if they are edible, this interests me. Bravo and thank you for sharing.
De Almarie
France Paris > Gare monparnasse escaliers
Gare monparnasse escaliers
Bravo for the photo (TB+), but these pillars and beams of raw concrete are very temporary. Frankly they could be 'dressed', for 'the parisian elegance and good taste French' it will be 'a little disappointed'
De Jcmai
Givre > Givre cloture et peupliers
Givre cloture et peupliers
Lace ephemeral... The colors fairly pale gives a look of old postcard NB, which would have been colorized ! (Exc).
De Jcmai
Hiver > L hiver a nos portes
L hiver a nos portes
Can we make such photos this winter ? Nothing is on then take this photo deserved to go out of your DD. A beautiful winter picture !
De Charly
Champignon Armillaire > Champignons pre 770 ts a 768 l emploi
Champignons pre 770 ts a 768 l emploi
A veritable orgy of mushrooms ! For the presentation it is good, but the preparation is a bit simplistic, it is best to cook it ! (Exc).
De Jcmai
Epiphanie > 46 couronne des rois
46 couronne des rois
Yeah just eat, and the next month are the pancakes. No, I have not been the queen. There were 4 or 5 of each, we had to be 40. But in fact we were only 20. Therefore, the units were larger. Me too I prefer the frangipane, that it is the crown of the South.
De Gipsy34
Epiphanie > 49 galette frangipane
49 galette frangipane
Ah yes, the Epiphany ! Thank you for having changed the photos section. I had not thought of.
De Gipsy34
Nourriture > 25 amuses bouches aperitif dinatoire
25 amuses bouches aperitif dinatoire
No Daniel, I haven't prepared anything at all. It was for the birthday of my man, organized in the restaurant of the village.
De Gipsy34
Soleil > Sony 069
Sony 069
The star is beautiful as well as the warm colours of the sky, but I find that the subject is too centered and the foreground dark is too important. (Grade B+) Jean-Mi.
Oiseau Buse > La buse en montagne
La buse en montagne
A nice taken under a light that illuminates the subject's gaze, the details of the plumage are as crisp and present, bravo (Note TB) Jean-Mi.
Perou > Img 2534
Img 2534
Everything is in the title : it is a saline, the salt water comes out of the mountain, it is directed in the 'tanks' to be dug in the earth where the water evaporates in the sun, it therefore remains that of the salt, you can see the details on my other shots of the salt mines of Maras, Peru.
De Benes
Carte De Voeux > Voeux etoiles 2014
Voeux etoiles 2014
TB for me, Charly. Thank you for your good wishes and in return, receive my best and most sincere. Health, happiness and peace to your whole family.
De Géna
Carte De Voeux > Carte de voeux 2014 copie
Carte de voeux 2014 copie
I love the chocolate and white chocolate. Thank you, Louise, it is a good idea your wishes through this box of chocolate. Get in return my most sincere and the best. Health, joy and peace to all the would like.
De Géna
Carte De Voeux > 053 voeux 2014 nuit
053 voeux 2014 nuit
This card is a nice presentation. Thank you for your good wishes and in return, get my health, happiness and peace for your whole family.
De Géna
Carte De Voeux > Sapin roses
Sapin roses
Original fir. Thank you for your wishes Danièle and in return, receive my most sincere health, happiness and peace for your whole family.
De Géna
Grenouille Rainette Verte > Rainette 20121112
Rainette 20121112
Beautiful and original photo black, where, part, of the green color of the back, and it highlights the tummy hidden rose of the frog.
De Spiros
Carte De Voeux > Bonne annee 2014 20131229
Bonne annee 2014 20131229
Your original image shows us how the year flows at high speed. Thank you for your good wishes and in return, get my own health, happiness and peace for your whole family.
De Géna
France Morbihan > Toiture
The simplicity of the image in b&b gives all its value to the elegant curve of the roof. But the small window should not let in lots of light. In any case, the house seemed uninhabited.
De Spiros
Carte De Voeux > Meilleurs voeux 1202
Meilleurs voeux 1202
Nice way to give us your wishes for 2014, J-M. Thank you for your good wishes and in return, get my own health, happiness and peace for your whole family.
De Géna
Carte De Voeux > Bonne annee fa 14
Bonne annee fa 14
Hello Grumpy. An original presentation and colour to present your vows 2014 at FEI. Thank you and in return, get my own health, happiness and peace for your whole family.
De Géna
Carte De Voeux > Voeux 2014 2
Voeux 2014 2
Here's a pretty version not common in EIF for the desire of your vows. Thank you Daphne, and in return, get my own health, happiness and peace for your whole family.
De Géna
Carte De Voeux > Avents 2 005
Avents 2 005
The candle for a greeting card are of circumstances. Thank you for your good wishes and in return, get my own health, happiness and peace for your whole family.
De Géna
Carte De Voeux > Ce soir c la fiesta
Ce soir c la fiesta
The fiesta... have you done at least ? Thank you for your good wishes and in return, get my health, happiness and peace for your whole family.: 4:.
De Géna
Carte De Voeux > Tn annee 2014 hf
Tn annee 2014 hf
Hi Didi, your card is beautiful and original. Thank you for your good wishes and in return, receive my best and most sincere of health, happiness and peace for your whole family.
De Géna
Carte De Voeux > Sapin de noel a macon
Sapin de noel a macon
Hello Mireille, This is a beautiful christmas tree to offer your vows to FEI. Thank you and in return, get my own health, joy and peace for your whole family.
De Géna
> 0 Mon Dieu c'est beau ça :5: et tu as bien fait de le prendre en photo cette fougè
50 Dis donc mec t'es super et la piètre photographe que je suis n'a pas réussi à su
50 Hey dude you're super, and the poor photographer that I am has not succeeded in
100 Vraiment particuliére cette huître, je la préfére en photo sur cette plage que l
100 Really special this oyster, I prefer the photo on this beach that the eat. I hat
150 Quel bel alignement de vignes :5: les couleurs sont belles :3: (TB) Merci :18:
150 What a beautiful alignment of the vines :5: the colors are beautiful :3: (TB) Th
200 :1: la petite goutte d'eau apporte un plus amusant à ton cliché ! :4:
200 :1: the small drop of water brings more fun to your shot ! :4:

31/1/2014: Hello Annie, thank you for stopping by to see this edit and have it put in your

30/1/2014: It had escaped me :11: actually it is the lichen that I also saw in Quebec !

29/1/2014: TB, nice picture of this beautiful landscape in the mist and smooth. Adjacent to

28/1/2014: Thank you Catherine, a little encouragement does not make me wrong in these tria

27/1/2014: TB, superb shot which the quality is not so bad as you say. A few small enhancem

26/1/2014: TB, a beautiful image with beautiful colors and those pretty houses very colorfu

25/1/2014: This ball pen is beautiful on his piece of wood... it is based and the opportuni

24/1/2014: You excel in the manufacture of jewelry ; it is the beginning of the collection

23/1/2014: :1: A very beautiful portrait of this beautiful stone marten. The image is well

22/1/2014: :1: The important thing is the light in the veil and the reflections in the tree

21/1/2014: Pow pow pow Excellent editing Disco :1:, the boards of The Cri have borne fruit

20/1/2014: Beautiful image with the veil capturing the ray of light. In this case one can f

19/1/2014: The trees are like an army that will fight against the apocalypse next. Very bea

18/1/2014: A big cat is powerful, but certainly moustaches short, small head, pff not even

17/1/2014: You know with the winter, fall is my second favorite season. May be no exception

16/1/2014: Thank you for your passage Nanou. A pity indeed that you may not be able to atte

15/1/2014: Actually Ninik, one rarely sees, the hidden face of this little beast. Thank you

14/1/2014: My God is it beautiful :5: and thou hast done well to take a picture of this fer

13/1/2014: Nice photo :2: I love the light through the hair :4:

12/1/2014: I find your picture particularly successful. The deep blue sky with its clouds,

11/1/2014: Even if the effect is a little forced on the clouds and the sky, it 'hits' ! The

10/1/2014: A beautiful nocturnal image of this beautiful landscape that I know well. Actual

9/1/2014: Nice photo with a background very discreet to showcase this lovely tit.

8/1/2014: The mist gives way to the sun, and the transition on the picture between the whi

7/1/2014: A window on a beautiful landscape, frosted in pastel tones I love :5:. :3: Bravo

6/1/2014: I prefer the first take : here I find the yellow less warm, and the pattern more

5/1/2014: It is magical :6:. The soft hues and beautiful. Early this year, you gave us a v

4/1/2014: Ah Guylaine a quality that makes you dream. All these shades of light colors and

3/1/2014: :5: Thank you for this pretty pink Manu, thank you for your wishes and get mine

2/1/2014: Hello, the castle was restored, but the appearance is misleading, especially vie

1/1/2014: Thank you all for your wishes ! I enjoy actually of these sunny days with my sma

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