You know with the winter fall is my second favorite season May be no
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 17/1/2014

Canada > P1370953biscp
You know with the winter, fall is my second favorite season. May be no exception, but it is still really beautiful in this photo.
De Guylaine
Canada > P1400067biscp
I didn't even know that there were wind turbines in this corner here. They stand out well in any case in the fall.
De Guylaine
Montage Photo > Papillons de nos regions
Papillons de nos regions
Nice editing with beautiful butterflies which we will know their names in the future.
De Nenfer13
Ciel > Ciel bleu avec lune
Ciel bleu avec lune
A beautiful image of very good quality. It is rare to see our moon in the middle of the day under a blue sky, or there is less attention. However, for a better reading of the image I would have composed differently, I will pass a touch to show you.
De Nenfer13
Oiseau Merle Noir > Merlette2014
Very nice sharp image and well composed on a background of uniform and discrete.
De Nenfer13
Ecureuil Gris > P1340522biscp
TB, deserved for this beautiful photo well clear of this superb squirrel in an attitude of fun and his bushy tail.
De Nenfer13
Oiseau Grand Chevalier > Grand chevalier et grenouille
Grand chevalier et grenouille
A nice catch for this bird the frog is almost too big for him. Your picture is very pretty.
De Guylaine
Oiseau Grive Musicienne > Dscn0651 grive pf
Dscn0651 grive pf
A big pan on this lovely thrush, it looks like she will fall. Nice photo.
De Guylaine
Nuage > Nuages flamboyant
Nuages flamboyant
A sky full that you can see that from time to time. You did well to capture.
De Guylaine
Roumanie > P1130996 cathedrale hunedoara 1
P1130996 cathedrale hunedoara 1
This church is beautiful, the people seem to take great care in their churches. A beautiful image well net.
De Guylaine
France Isere > Cremieu 38 chateau delphinal
Cremieu 38 chateau delphinal
An image simple but really very pleasant and beautiful. What a pretty sky.
De Guylaine
Oiseau Canard Ouette D Egypte > Neige 027 1280
Neige 027 1280
A beautiful goose in the winter, it seems not to be too jelly. A nice photo Danièle.
De Guylaine
Montage Photo > Papillons de nos regions
Papillons de nos regions
A beautiful assembly Géna as you know the make. These butterflies are all very beautiful .
De Guylaine
Oiseau Mesange Charbonniere > Mesange charbonniere 2 20140115
Mesange charbonniere 2 20140115
She is the artist of this beautiful blue tit, what address it anyway. Nice photo.
De Guylaine
Canada > P1380149biscp
It is better not to go too near the edge to see the Saguenay fjord. A pretty photo.
De Guylaine
Epiphanie > 49 galette frangipane
49 galette frangipane
I don't know what kind of cake but it seems very good. I see myself eating it with a small drizzle of maple syrup. Nice photo appetizing.
De Guylaine
Nourriture > 47 chocolats
47 chocolats
And I goûterais to all, well almost. I take one or 2, it must be reasonable.
De Guylaine
Nuage > Nuages flamboyant
Nuages flamboyant
The colors are very beautiful, our star must be on the point of disappearing behind the horizon.
De Kepler974
Brume > Brumes matinales
Brumes matinales
there is a cozy atmosphere in your snapshot. Bravo for this awakening misty
De Francis-Sisco
France Beziers > 0703 beziers 34
0703 beziers 34
Although this view is not present, the landscape is welcome to give us the punch of getting in better days
De Francis-Sisco
Oiseau Tourterelle Turque > 58 tourterelle etourneau sansonnet
58 tourterelle etourneau sansonnet
Without a doubt, the conversation went on air The colors are beautiful.
De Francis-Sisco
Roumanie > P1130996 cathedrale hunedoara 1
P1130996 cathedrale hunedoara 1
It is not easy to photograph this kind of building... bravo.
De Francis-Sisco
Oiseau Merle Noir > Merlette 20140115
Merlette 20140115
Your picture is bright and the bird is in evidence with a fine position of head
De Francis-Sisco
France Savoie > Parapente
Not enough it seems to be of interest to prospective visitors !
De Chasseur de temps
Montagne > Le parapentiste
Le parapentiste
Yes Julie the Man 'as a bird' but do you think that we can say that, like him, 'he saw and clean air and fresh water' ?
De Chasseur de temps
Fruit Poire > 5 poires ete
5 poires ete
I carry a pear for my thirst in the game expression-photo - thank you.
De Francis-Sisco
> Voir: Vt14283 0 120.html
Fleur Bouquet > Pivoine 004
Pivoine 004
Thank you for your lovely red peonies, that I will borrow for a game on the forum ! TB+. the
Response from the Moderator: Hello Jean-Claude. Do not hesitate to put to page in the report, the link from the forum to give a boost to the subject An expression and a photo'. Nice end of the week.
De Jcmai
> Voir: Image vp366146.html#366146
Fruit Coing > Coing a fossettes
Coing a fossettes
Thank you Judy for your photo of quince, which I borrowed for a game on the forum, and TB+.
De Jcmai
> Voir: Image vp366147.html#366147
Fruit Peche > 32 peches
32 peches
Thank you Nadia, for the loan of your peaches well appetizing for a game on the forum ! TB+.
De Jcmai
> Voir: Image vp366148.html#366148
Arbre > Un arbre en hiver
Un arbre en hiver
What I like the most end up on your photo, it is the birth of this pink unique painted the valleys when the sun sets on the horizon. Still not very pronounced, it guesses at the foot of the tree, he did not stay long... The softness of the lights of winter, thank you Tintin...
De Julicarm
Fleur Chardon > Nature2013 marc de meilhan
Nature2013 marc de meilhan
It's true what you say in general. Fortunately, there are still with us places, places where nature is 'wild' keeps its place and as well allows wildlife to exist always. Where the picture was taken was a fallow or a fallow left by the farmer in order to leave at rest a land usually cultivated intensively. I know that in agriculture there are quotas that force the owners to let land without cultivation for state subsidies granted by the Ministry of agriculture. Fortunately all of the lands are not subjected to the 'sweep' intensive. Thank you and good day to you, Marc.
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
France Savoie > Marc de meilhan montagne73
Marc de meilhan montagne73
Hello, Best Wishes to you, Mady ! The walks are challenged with the weather : gray, black, and wet, rainy, windy and not very warm and even less warm... It would be better to have a good thickness of snow with a dry gel, which in the end would herald the upswing in return. No, this is only a sponge sordid this time since a lot of time now. The walk then we must do it in a dream and waiting for better days, I wish you a good year. Thank you and yours, Marc.
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
Brume > Brumes matinales
Brumes matinales
Here is a fugitive moment immortalized. Thank you for sharing.
De Disco
Brume > Brumes matinales
Brumes matinales
Beautiful ambiance in the morning, but it looks seriously left (B).
De Isabelle S.B
Fleur Rose Rouge > Roses 0033
Roses 0033
There is research in your work, the whole is pleasant to look at.
De Disco
Neige > Neige 025 reduite 1280
Neige 025 reduite 1280
A small postcard in the winter, well framed in a light shy.
De Disco
Arbre > Un arbre en hiver
Un arbre en hiver
It is always a pleasure, Tintin, to discover your beautiful pictures of snowy landscapes. Nice framing with this majestic tree, which seems to do its utmost to prevent us from seeing the valley . The light is soft, giving the snow a delicate pink tinge. I like a lot (TB+).
De Isabelle S.B
Retouche Photo > 1456052 182481881959372 557133725 n r
1456052 182481881959372 557133725 n r
Thank you Nenfer for the clarification ; still a question : with what tool in APS reinforced you the sharpness ?
De Annie.reymondie
Sculpture > Solvay 016
Solvay 016
Please present this work is a modern combination of stone metal and rubber. The gesture is unmistakable and what cycling has never experienced this kind of situation !
De Disco
France Beziers > 0703 beziers 34
0703 beziers 34
A lovely view, light and nicely framed with a more to have inserted the foliage in the composition. (TB). It leans a little to the left, no
De Isabelle S.B
Oiseau Merle Noir > Merle noir 6353
Merle noir 6353
All watchful and keen eye, thank you for this snapshot in a beautiful light.
De Disco
Oiseau Merle Noir > Merlette2014
A nice portrait well net, superb this merlette, it monitors without a doubt, his big merlou so that it does not stupidity !!!
De Disco
Canada > P1380175biscp
Here is a composition vivid, it is as beautiful as a truck !!!
De Disco
Oiseau Moineau Domestique > Dscn8047 moineaudom 2
Dscn8047 moineaudom 2
He has a tail very long, a cliché with colours that are very flashy, thank you for the present.
De Disco
Kenya > Kenya fev 2012 765
Kenya fev 2012 765
Here it is the big plan on the fly, pretty teeth, isn't it ?
De Disco
France Var > Lecques 011
Lecques 011
Beautiful night sea, the calm waters give nice reflections. If I delete the mat for the pleasure of The cry of the owner of the boat may make a complaint !!!
De Disco
Oiseau Canard Colvert > Votez pour moi
Votez pour moi
Well seen, the little duck voluntary in all blue ! What is it is cute ! She is very beautiful this photo !
De La cri
France Savoie > Parapente
It is your passage to the favorites that made me discover this image just to the side of the Julicarm. She opted for a silhouette-lost in a beautiful landscape and you to the human. I prefer your version
De Annie.reymondie
Brume > Brumes matinales
Brumes matinales
Beautiful atmosphere ... Damage to the air, bent over, easy to straighten !
De Ainsiminilyse
Canada > P1380175biscp
What comment, I'm ROFL and I love the humor. I'll go to meet you in your gallery
De Annie.reymondie
> 0 Tu le sais avec l'hiver, l'automne est ma seconde saison préférée. Peut-être pas
50 Superbe, Géna ! :5: Bravo : tu fais les clichés que je n'ai guère plus l'occasio
50 Superb, Géna ! :5: Bravo : you do the shots that I don't have the opportunity to
100 Je trouve que tu as superbement bien contrôlé les blancs de cet échassier. :4:
100 I think you did superbly well controlled in the blanks of this wader. :4:
150 Belle composition, la diagonale tracée par la balustrade invite l'oeil vers l'in
150 Beautiful composition, the diagonal drawn by the railing invites the eye to infi
200 :1: et tu as bien raison Guylaine : ta photo est superbe et naturelle. Cette scè
200 :1: and you're right Guylaine : your photo is beautiful and natural. This scene

31/1/2014: Hello Annie, thank you for stopping by to see this edit and have it put in your

30/1/2014: It had escaped me :11: actually it is the lichen that I also saw in Quebec !

29/1/2014: TB, nice picture of this beautiful landscape in the mist and smooth. Adjacent to

28/1/2014: Thank you Catherine, a little encouragement does not make me wrong in these tria

27/1/2014: TB, superb shot which the quality is not so bad as you say. A few small enhancem

26/1/2014: TB, a beautiful image with beautiful colors and those pretty houses very colorfu

25/1/2014: This ball pen is beautiful on his piece of wood... it is based and the opportuni

24/1/2014: You excel in the manufacture of jewelry ; it is the beginning of the collection

23/1/2014: :1: A very beautiful portrait of this beautiful stone marten. The image is well

22/1/2014: :1: The important thing is the light in the veil and the reflections in the tree

21/1/2014: Pow pow pow Excellent editing Disco :1:, the boards of The Cri have borne fruit

20/1/2014: Beautiful image with the veil capturing the ray of light. In this case one can f

19/1/2014: The trees are like an army that will fight against the apocalypse next. Very bea

18/1/2014: A big cat is powerful, but certainly moustaches short, small head, pff not even

17/1/2014: You know with the winter, fall is my second favorite season. May be no exception

16/1/2014: Thank you for your passage Nanou. A pity indeed that you may not be able to atte

15/1/2014: Actually Ninik, one rarely sees, the hidden face of this little beast. Thank you

14/1/2014: My God is it beautiful :5: and thou hast done well to take a picture of this fer

13/1/2014: Nice photo :2: I love the light through the hair :4:

12/1/2014: I find your picture particularly successful. The deep blue sky with its clouds,

11/1/2014: Even if the effect is a little forced on the clouds and the sky, it 'hits' ! The

10/1/2014: A beautiful nocturnal image of this beautiful landscape that I know well. Actual

9/1/2014: Nice photo with a background very discreet to showcase this lovely tit.

8/1/2014: The mist gives way to the sun, and the transition on the picture between the whi

7/1/2014: A window on a beautiful landscape, frosted in pastel tones I love :5:. :3: Bravo

6/1/2014: I prefer the first take : here I find the yellow less warm, and the pattern more

5/1/2014: It is magical :6:. The soft hues and beautiful. Early this year, you gave us a v

4/1/2014: Ah Guylaine a quality that makes you dream. All these shades of light colors and

3/1/2014: :5: Thank you for this pretty pink Manu, thank you for your wishes and get mine

2/1/2014: Hello, the castle was restored, but the appearance is misleading, especially vie

1/1/2014: Thank you all for your wishes ! I enjoy actually of these sunny days with my sma

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