Thank you for your comments it is true that a little less centered it
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 20/6/2014

Coccinelle > Img 1487
Img 1487
Thank you for your comments, it is true that a little less centered it would have been a plus It was my debut since I'm a little improved in the framing.
De Nadbozet
Oiseau Hirondelle Bicolore > Belle hirondelle
Belle hirondelle
The balance is not at all annoying. A beautiful photo, the light is superb. A nice meeting in any case
De Nadbozet
Syrphe > Img 6093 filtered
Img 6093 filtered
Thank you all for your welcome and your constructive criticism. A quick hello to Rom, I'm happy to be back here.
De Nadbozet
> Voir: Grosse evolution sur les commentaires sous les photos
Mer > Deferlante
Hello Jofu, absolutely still standing ! The wave was impressive, here it is the end of the race. The complicity of the items we dug 40m of dune along the entire length of the coast of the landes, one advantage of the holidaymakers will not be the one on top of the other thank you for your visit.
De Artonge
Mer > Deferlante
good Evening, Grouse, thank you very much. With caution it was beautiful and exciting see you soon.
De Artonge
Fleur Rose Rouge > Rose 2
Rose 2
Hello Jofu Thank you for your nice message ! I am very happy that my 'pink' you like it
De Lilou G
Oiseau Hirondelle > 12 juin hirondelle
12 juin hirondelle
Beautiful Guylaine !!! What is amazing is that these nesting boxes are in principle not appropriate for them, the half-bowls under the faitières their are preferable, as what... This photo is extraordinary because it really unusual !
De Julicarm
Papillon Myrtil > Myrtil img 9810
Myrtil img 9810
You're right Jofu to the elements of nature. However, it is the actual representation of its biotope.
De Francis-Sisco
Hoplie Bleue > Seance d etirement
Seance d etirement
Anything that, by its color, there're attractive A beautiful insect is very nicely presented that I did not know.
De Perle
Syrphe > Img 6093 filtered
Img 6093 filtered
Very nice shoot, simplicity, sharpness, beautiful bokeh and nice attitude of the insect.
De Perle
Fleur Nenuphar > P1130871
The heart in flame contrast beautifully with the white of the petals : in short, a superb shot that hand floating in my favorites !!! Note TB.
De Ed
Fleur Oeillet > La bebete et l oeillet
La bebete et l oeillet
The net just on the heart of the flower and the corny and vibrant colors on the black background, make a snapshot, very pleasant
De Mady
Oiseau Troglodyte Mignon > Troglodyte img 0420
Troglodyte img 0420
Thank you for your comment ; to the sounds of birds you can put on 'bird songs' on the internet, and you will be able to listen to a lot of birds.
De Francis-Sisco
France Haute Savoie > Lac de peyre hte savoie 2
Lac de peyre hte savoie 2
still quality hiking in the mountains I miss them... thank you Tintin.
De Bourgoin.claude
Tamia > Tamia chat la hulpe 14d5 cpf 2260
Tamia chat la hulpe 14d5 cpf 2260
Surprised by this animal too cute with colors, gradients, and the photo is beautiful. Good catch. Ninik Bravo.
De Suzette
Voiture Excalibur > P1000017 excalibur phaeton2 2011 06 27
P1000017 excalibur phaeton2 2011 06 27
rarely seen a car so beautiful !!! Super.
De Mbendich
Oiseau Milan Royal > Un milan dans les nuages 2
Un milan dans les nuages 2
His keen eye scrutinizes yet the landscape Fortunately, he did not taken for a prey but thou hast well-focused with your goal His pace is stunning in the sky blue
De Mady
Fleur Chardon > Tenreuken 040 1280
Tenreuken 040 1280
These flower-shaped ball have a superb color, are clear, well-lit
De Mady
Mer > Deferlante
The lighthouse is really resistant. I try to imagine the force of the water coming to knock on it. Impressive. Beautiful shot. Bravo and thank you.
De Almarie
Tamia > Tamia chat la hulpe 14d5 cpf 2260
Tamia chat la hulpe 14d5 cpf 2260
What they are these cute little chipmunks, they do not seem more shy than those of Guylaine It is well net on a beautiful background blur and soft.
De Ondine
Fleur Rose > Rose sur fond bleu
Rose sur fond bleu
I discovered by chance this very nice pink prior to my arrival on FEI. The sharpness is impeccable and beautiful shades stand out on the deep blue . Nenfer.
De Jofu
Graminee > Graminee 20121025
Graminee 20121025
I just visit your beautiful gallery, I love this table, very clean, very well presented, for sharpness.
De Gélinotte
Fleur Oeillet > La bebete et l oeillet
La bebete et l oeillet
Pdc, color and corny. Everything is flawless ! What more could you ask for
De Denis07
Voiture Excalibur > P1000017 excalibur phaeton2 2011 06 27
P1000017 excalibur phaeton2 2011 06 27
Mbendich, Didi, Nenfer, Thank you to enjoy ! It is necessary that I recover a little. A pity that the local models of exception, are often the same. I would have to change a little area.
De Dede69004
Bateau Pinasse > Pinasse
Very nice photo of this boat in the course of the renovation, the colors of wood are very beautiful. and thank you for the present.
De Nicole.barberon
Araignee Crabe > Araignee thomise le piege
Araignee thomise le piege
I don't like watching this kind of scene !!! But it is the law of nature. Your photo is very beautiful and a perfect sharpness. Isa and thank you. (TB+).
De Nicole.barberon
Fleur Rose Rouge > Rose 20140618
Rose 20140618
Very nice photo, this pink net, bright and well development under the background blur, is a marvel. A treat. and thank you.
De Nicole.barberon
Montage Photo > Couleurs du midi
Couleurs du midi
Very nice editing full of colors. All your pictures are sharp, bright and beautiful. Mady and thank you for this excellent work.
De Nicole.barberon
Mer > Deferlante
Beautiful photo of the sea unleashed. These waves are impressive and the sky is of any beauty. and thank you.
De Nicole.barberon
Oiseau Hirondelle > 12 juin hirondelle
12 juin hirondelle
Superb shot !!! This swallow with its beautiful colourful plumage is a remarkable sharpness. Guylaine and thank you.
De Nicole.barberon
Papillon Pieride > Amours de pieride
Amours de pieride
Very nice photo, those butterflies in full privacy stand out in this beautiful background blur. 'Crumb' and thank you.
De Nicole.barberon
Fleur Chardon > Tenreuken 040 1280
Tenreuken 040 1280
This thistle flower with lovely colors and beautifully enhanced by a beautiful light. and thank you for this shot of a great clarity.
De Nicole.barberon
Oiseau Hirondelle > 12 juin hirondelle
12 juin hirondelle
Hello Julie, on the contrary, these small houses are made for them, with dimensions to their liking. Not that some of the other birds go. And apparently, they return to each year. Thank you very much.
De Guylaine
Syrphe > Img 6093 filtered
Img 6093 filtered
A superb macro, with such an apn's hard to miss his shot, beautiful image.
De Guylaine
Goutte > Des perles de pluie sur toile
Des perles de pluie sur toile
It is always nice these necklaces of beads of rain. Very nice photo.
De Guylaine
Lichen > Lichen et effets by marc de meilhan2014
Lichen et effets by marc de meilhan2014
Beautiful in warm colours, just what is necessary of light to appreciate certain details such as the kaleidoscope and all the bubbles.
De Artonge
Oiseau Milan Royal > Un milan dans les nuages 2
Un milan dans les nuages 2
Great shoot , the milan is a very good sharpness and framing is top, the light is also superb on the bird. Charly VG+.
De Tintin.dd
France Collioure > Collioure peinture au couchant bis
Collioure peinture au couchant bis
The colors and contrasts are superb on this beautiful place, the treatment . TB.
De Tintin.dd
Fleur Rose > Rose rose fond noir 20110601
Rose rose fond noir 20110601
I discovered by chance this pretty pink prior to my arrival on FEI. The sharpness, the lighting, the color are at the top. Annick.
De Jofu
Mer > Deferlante
It should not be too ready to this beautiful wave that explodes against the dike . This format is a good choice for the showcase . Artonge.
De Tintin.dd
Goutte > Des perles de pluie sur toile
Des perles de pluie sur toile
Hello, A little late I thank you Nicole, it is really nice of you
De Lilou G
Fleur Gremil Pourpre Violet > Noni bleu esposende 13f cpf 1874
Noni bleu esposende 13f cpf 1874
These are anagallis. I put them for years in my planters and their intense blue is beautiful. I had a large blow of heart for this pretty little flower.
De Chip
Syrphe > Img 6093 filtered
Img 6093 filtered
The sharpness of this macro is very good, the full-size and very good co has done its work .
De Tintin.dd
France Alpes Maritimes > Ile saint honorat 06
Ile saint honorat 06
Its feels good the holidays and this card offers a beautiful invitation to discover these places. Mady.
De Tintin.dd
Papillon Pieride > Amours de pieride
Amours de pieride
Very nice this couple of citrus that contrasts with the purple of the lavender, beautiful image. Pearl.
De Tintin.dd
Bateau Replique > Images l hermione c
Images l hermione c
I visited the Hermione of long ago, in 2000 if I have good memory :it 14: it had started in the rear of the hull, it is a beautiful replica.
De Tintin.dd
Tamia > Tamia chat la hulpe 14d5 cpf 2260
Tamia chat la hulpe 14d5 cpf 2260
It is beautiful and well net this chipmunk, good value on a nice background blur . Ninik TB.
De Tintin.dd
Goutte > Des perles de pluie sur toile
Des perles de pluie sur toile
Hello, Thank you all for your very nice comments And good photos to you
De Lilou G
France Haute Savoie > Lac de peyre hte savoie
Lac de peyre hte savoie
Hello Mady, actually you have seen well , it is the chain of mont Blanc to the back of the chain of Aravis, is hard to distinguish from a cloud cover prevented a good visibility on the tops of distant. Thank you for your appreciation and put in your favorites of this landscape. Good weekend.
De Tintin.dd
Nouvelle Caledonie > dsc6079 dxo
 dsc6079 dxo
Always beautiful pictures there is something for all tastes. Thank You, Nicole.
De Nicoleboudias
> 0 Merci pour vos commentaires, c'est vrai que un peu moins centré cela aurait été
50 L'effet obtenu est très beau, on dirait presque une photo, non pas de couchant,
50 The effect obtained is very beautiful, it almost sounds like a photo, not of the

30/6/2014: Thank you if I have a few photos to unload, but not for long... Soon the holiday

29/6/2014: :1: Beautiful effect pooled and beautiful range of colors. Stay tuned for more p

28/6/2014: Thank you Didie for this little visit, but especially for this kind word. Big ki

27/6/2014: Thank You Tintin. Dd for the small visit on my gallery, but especially for the n

26/6/2014: Hi Elly, yes it was on the 24th, the national Holiday of Quebec. Here the weathe

25/6/2014: :1: This is a very beautiful scenic of this landscape, smells of the sea. The li

24/6/2014: And well for me the charm of your photo we see, that it is wonderful that fox. A

23/6/2014: I love your shot. I agree with Charly, and Ghislain, a little more contrast wou

22/6/2014: Thank you Jofu, for this nice comment and put in your favorites of this photo. I

21/6/2014: We must make a choice, Ninik ! The small creature to the left is insignificant

20/6/2014: Thank you for your comments, it is true that a little less centered it would hav

19/6/2014: :3: this is a beautiful bottom-screen, I love it, very romantic, well done and t

18/6/2014: Wonderful Brittany !!! Flowers, sand, rocks, toust the ingredients are there for

17/6/2014: This is an original photo very successful in the beautiful graphical effect :2:.

16/6/2014: First, I note that we have the same apn. And 2, this sky is literally the heaven

15/6/2014: It's beautiful this pheasant, beautiful encounter, thankfully you had your npc w

14/6/2014: :1: Pretty river that I'd like to get down with my canoe. The photo is well bala

13/6/2014: :1: Nice photo in the water. Good framing that complies with the rule of thirds.

12/6/2014: :1: I love your creation. She breathes the past time and the current time. It is

11/6/2014: It is true that the pdc is a fair bit but if you opt for the heart of this beaut

10/6/2014: :1: Thank you Naal to have enjoyed and commented on this beautiful picture of fa

9/6/2014: After 2 days of observation to the magnifying glass, the larva was made at the s

8/6/2014: I enjoy it to watch this delicate flower. You have been able to value it with a

7/6/2014: Thank you lilou for coming to see and commented on this intervention. This photo

6/6/2014: Thank you for your passage on this photo Joel, It was taken in the end of the d

5/6/2014: Thank you Lena for this nice comment and for putting in your favorites of this p

4/6/2014: Hello, Thank you very much ! It is really super Nice of you to read :6:

3/6/2014: Hello, :3: a sunset as I'd like to take, very beautiful photo :6:

2/6/2014: Hi Daniel, finally I made 2 edits. One as you suggest opting for the format 'por

1/6/2014: Nice editing on this beautiful city, which you seem to be proud of and this is n

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