Beautiful to see I am ready to believe given your beautiful
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 5/11/2015

Reunion > Photos la reunion 1174 2 20151103
Photos la reunion 1174 2 20151103
'Beautiful to see'. I am ready to believe given your beautiful photo.
De Ninik
Reunion > Photos la reunion 1144
Photos la reunion 1144
Excellent jack, which gives an impressive view of this dormant volcano.
De Ninik
Oiseau Perroquet Ara De Buffon > Aras de buffon a pont scorff
Aras de buffon a pont scorff
Excellent photo that shows us a back and a front. The colors and presentation are superb.
De Ninik
Tempete > Tempete en corse
Tempete en corse
This is a favorite that I had not commented then I will repair this oversight. A superb photo of this storm, with a strong contrast of light that will go in the group of lights JC. (TB+).
De Charly
France Aude > Contre jour sur les pyrenees orientales depuis narbonne plage
Contre jour sur les pyrenees orientales depuis narbonne plage
This photo is a beauty. I love the 'reflections of silver' on the sea, the character in the foreground and the Canigou in the distance.
De Ninik
Automne > Automne en foret 4727cctc
Automne en foret 4727cctc
The comment is flattering, it makes me happy because I made a big effort framing with the wet feet, the fog was indeed gone by then !
De Gilbair
Fruit > Fruits d automne et ses quelques fleurs
Fruits d automne et ses quelques fleurs
In any case, the result is successful and very beautiful, a beautiful arrangement. And a beautiful photo of the season.
De Guylaine
Fleur Bouquet > Nature bouquet d anniversaire
Nature bouquet d anniversaire
Exactly a floral arrangement in shades of autumn. It is beautiful this bouquet. You had to be happy. A beautiful also.
De Guylaine
Arbre > Imgp1926 jpg 2
Imgp1926 jpg 2
This is my favorite season with the winter, I will not tell you that I don't like it. It is simple and very beautiful at once.
De Guylaine
Papillon Flambe > Papillon flambe 3301rctc
Papillon flambe 3301rctc
Gilbair I'm not a 'Character' FEI not, but a loyal member since 2006. For messaging EIF you are normally notified by a notice just like when you receive a notice of comment on one of your photos. Just click on the link to go to your personal e-mail of FEI. For your editing software, Photofiltre 7 is a bit basic and old, when to The GIMP2 it is actually very complete, but hand ergonomics this is a real gas plant. For the font (Old English Text MT) character that I use it is part of the list of Photoshop Elements, and in addition I add a style ' Contour Scalloped '. Well, I hope that you receive my second PM. Good day.
De Nenfer13
Fruit > Fruits d automne et ses quelques fleurs
Fruits d automne et ses quelques fleurs
Yes I admit it is nice and no delusions there ! Nice tones and tasty. Thank you. Well hello to Haute Normandie. *** CRICRI62 ***
De Cricri60
congratulations again to the winners, always great photos, on this site, go here we go again for another contest.
Papillon Flambe > Papillon flambe 3301rctc
Papillon flambe 3301rctc
A destination of nenfer13. After your message 06h51 and to the address I come to the same place as for the comments...
De Gilbair
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Lion > Lion thoiry dsc 1102
Lion thoiry dsc 1102
The pink tongue is cute but beware of the sharp teeth that could savour our fingers dessert
De D.marsim
Mer > Maree basse au mt st michel
Maree basse au mt st michel
Beautiful, beautiful meandering of grooves, a beautiful harmony of tones and characters showing us the scale compared to the immensity (TB+)
De D.marsim
Roumanie > P1140906 r palais du parlement 2
P1140906 r palais du parlement 2
I prefer the one above where you have been able to avoid the cars. The diagonal is perfectly suited to the image clear and bright
De D.marsim
France Aude > Contre jour sur les pyrenees orientales depuis narbonne plage
Contre jour sur les pyrenees orientales depuis narbonne plage
Excellent framing of this against-the-beach day contrasts of light in the diagonal leads us to the horizon of the mountains. I enjoy the sun's reflections in small water puddle
De D.marsim
Brume > Dsc08173 copie 2
Dsc08173 copie 2
Still a small wonder of this river that you love, and by your photos you give us happiness
De D.marsim
Fleur Berberis > Berberis j b meise 15k02 fei 2716
Berberis j b meise 15k02 fei 2716
They are beautiful these berries covered in early morning dew and the son of a spider making its web, 6:
De D.marsim
Vache Aubrac > A vaches aubrac img 1896
A vaches aubrac img 1896
Well your neighbors seem to you observe and wonder what this neighbor is doing with this black box
De D.marsim
Fruit Coloquinte > 651
A good choice in this wheelbarrow and beautiful colors ! Cliché a little too muted.
De Dede69004
Fruit Coloquinte > Coloquintes 01
Coloquintes 01
A nice choice and beautiful colors for this nice shot !
De Dede69004
Arbre Neflier Du Japon > Montage fleur de neflier
Montage fleur de neflier
Thank you, as you can see this picture has not much attracted visitors, these flowers are not very photogenic ! I wanted to expose as a documentary, the loquat has variety has white flowers, but at home they are creams and very fragrant.
De Disco
Pont > Img 9190
Img 9190
The Lozère I know, Florac and the Tarnon not bad for having dipped your fingers in search of fish (there are over 60 years old and therefore statute of limitations), So I look for the bridge even close and I don't see it, there is probably a play on words with the name of the village, which is already not bad, but I would have liked to glimpse all the same that promises us the title !
De Gilbair
> Voir: Regroupement des rappels importants
Paysage > Img 0760 2
Img 0760 2
A good shot in the fall with beautiful colors ! It lacks a bit of the feet, damage.
De Dede69004
France Finistere > Face a la pointe du van
Face a la pointe du van
An excellent shot pleasant, clean and quite up that like !
De Dede69004
France Finistere > Face a la pointe du van
Face a la pointe du van
Image well composed. The human presence in the face of the wave is interesting, .
De Jofu
France La Rochelle > Entree du port de la rochelle
Entree du port de la rochelle
Excellent shot of this city in the style postcard with beautiful colours ! An impression of a slight leaning to the right on the central tower
De Dede69004
Automne > Balade a charance 7951
Balade a charance 7951
You have had reason to choose this format to highlight the trail and the tree that are the interest of the image. Beautiful lighting and beautiful colors .
De Jofu
Bateau > Retour de peche
Retour de peche
Classic Image very pleasant. The seagulls think of a feast providential but he will do nothing. The image is well composed and the association of the blue and the silver is delicious, .
De Jofu
Brume > Dsc08173 copie 2
Dsc08173 copie 2
A boat on the decline, another taking the relay with the lighting of the sun in the morning : the symbolism is beautiful. Charly is right, the chiaroscuro is simple and endearing, .
De Jofu
Vue Du Ciel > Vue sur le vercors
Vue sur le vercors
Thank you Charly You have to believe that I identifies and corrects the dominant colors on the photos of other members and not on mine I'll see what I can do
De Mady
Fleur Berberis > Berberis j b meise 15k02 fei 2716
Berberis j b meise 15k02 fei 2716
Sorry, then this is no longer the dew of the morning is the dew of noon
De Disco
Divers > Sablon 022 reduite 1600
Sablon 022 reduite 1600
This is actually a terrace of luxury for guests to behind-the fragile sight of the cushions, which does not prevent the graffiti was right, the work of a small cochonnou that marks its territory
De Disco
Automne > Balade a charance 7951
Balade a charance 7951
The portrait mode is well suited to this path through the woods brilliant.
De Disco
France Hautes Alpes > Valgaudemar 6942
Valgaudemar 6942
This is a nice mountain landscape with autumn colors. I'm going to allow me to put it in 16: 9 in an editing suite.
De Disco
Tempete > Tempete en corse
Tempete en corse
I stumbled on this beautiful photo. The strong contrast of light makes all its interest, .
De Jofu
Automne > Balade a charance 7951
Balade a charance 7951
Thank you Charly for your passage and your comment, to explain my choice of framing, I wanted to give simply and may be a false priority to the trail covered with leaves, while retaining a portion of foliage and sky. Very good day to you.
Irlande > Achill island connemara irlande
Achill island connemara irlande
Oh the beautiful cliffs that you have so beautifully framed. Excellent photo.
De Ninik
Arbre Cedre Pleureur Bleu Du Liban > Img 0433 5
Img 0433 5
All the colors of the autumn meeting in one place with a beautiful sun that makes them stand out. Welcome among us.
De Ninik
Mouton > Moutons 4748
Moutons 4748
A beautiful encounter with these sheep in a beautiful setting.
De Ninik
Vache > Vache 20151104
Vache 20151104
With 18mm this is a classic, but always nice this kind of shot who here does not deform too the subject and keeps a thoroughly enjoyable, bravo. (TB).
Paysage > Img 0816
Img 0816
Photo season is always nice with these beautiful colors, and a mirror waved as a bonus, bravo. (TB).
Chat Chaton > Coquine completement desinteressee par moi
Coquine completement desinteressee par moi
Claws out, the little fawn looked both curious and worried, congratulations for the good catch. (TB).
Bateau > Retour de peche
Retour de peche
It is always nice to see the return of fishermen surrounded by birds with a sweet tooth, (B+). A small bent on the left.
Oiseau Heron Cendre > Les herons
Les herons
The shot is sharp and well coloured, but the reading is a little embarrassed by the branches surrounding. (B+).
France Haute Savoie > P1240275 mt blanc pano ret ccts nb fei 2015 11 04
P1240275 mt blanc pano ret ccts nb fei 2015 11 04
A pretty light to illuminate this good assembly to that black and white goes very well, bravo. (TB).
Fleur Rose Orange > Fleur rose orange 20151104
Fleur rose orange 20151104
A pretty flower with soft and beautiful colors, she stands out perfectly from the dark background, congratulations. (TB). Having regard to the inclination of the rod, and the slight leaning of the flower, I will have left, if possible, the large empty space on his left.
Roumanie > P1140906 r palais du parlement 2
P1140906 r palais du parlement 2
Superb photo of a building from another age. We no longer have the means to erect such constructions, though there are still a lot of unnecessary spending.
De Ninik
Roumanie > P1140893 paysage transylvanie
P1140893 paysage transylvanie
This is not the photo of THE century, but it gives you an idea of the regions you have traversed.
De Ninik
> 0 "Une splendeur à voir". :11: Je le crois volontiers au vu de ta magnifique photo
50 Très belle composition avec cette église dont j'aime beaucoup les coupoles de st
50 Very nice composition with this church of which I like a lot the domes of style
100 Tout a été dit, c'est superbe toutes ces couleurs de l'automne, bravo Jean Mi et
100 Everything has been said, it's superb all of these fall colors, bravo Jean-Mi an
150 :18: HO chez vous aussi les frimas c'est commencer :13: ici au Québec nous avons
150 :18: the HO in you as the frosts start :13: here in Quebec we have the indian su

30/11/2015: Superb this rose to two-tone it is very beautiful, she makes beautifully on this

29/11/2015: When it will be very cold, there is certain, he will become as big as an ox... !

28/11/2015: The tree lit up and its reflection give any value to the image. Bravo Daniel, ni

27/11/2015: :1: I prefer to see this photo as some are taken in zoos, which are real prisons

26/11/2015: The schlumbergera is really very generous in bloom, and so little demanding, a t

25/11/2015: A cliché very successful rendering of true colors, which borders NB. Oddity of t

24/11/2015: It is a beautiful work of art, the authors of which are the nature and the man.

23/11/2015: :3: for this return of fishing very light in which these faithful companions tha

22/11/2015: :1: a Few small parts is a little dark, but very nice image all the same. This b

21/11/2015: The wide palette of red in the trees is beautiful. The fall 'is in full swing'

20/11/2015: :1: Nice picture showing a beautiful place for fall colors, and where it must be

19/11/2015: :2: beautiful your photo :1: , a superb treatment, this is a wallpaper really be

18/11/2015: Thank you Dede for you to be arrested for me to say these few words to my words.

17/11/2015: :3: :6: superb editing, very beautiful tribute, my sympathy to France, shalom, D

16/11/2015: What a dream location !!! What a beautiful photo, thanks a lot for the share...

15/11/2015: Hello Fanfan, your picture is fine. Totally agree with you, it makes us think of

14/11/2015: Thank you, nice Panda, I am touched that you think of my birthday, and you thank

13/11/2015: A beautiful image that looks more like a watercolor than a photo.

12/11/2015: :4: So Bitch had forgotten to put on her makeup as always when she begs ! :20: :

11/11/2015: I had to wiggle not hurt to make this picture, avoiding the base and the multipl

10/11/2015: I would be happy also, which is nice :5:. A very good and beautiful image ! :3:

9/11/2015: To come to the editing : The new format is quite interesting and makes the imag

8/11/2015: Thank you Nicole for your comment ! I cropped a little the bottom of the photo,

7/11/2015: Beautiful light of end of day for the delight of this sport ! Autumn is coming a

6/11/2015: :1: Very beautiful image, beautiful house and beautiful spring colors in a beaut

5/11/2015: 'Beautiful to see'. :11: I am ready to believe given your beautiful photo. :1:

4/11/2015: The photo does still only partially the outstanding view which you can enjoy in

3/11/2015: The bird does not seem to want to fly, it's more like a jitter, such a dancer th

2/11/2015: 'Eyes in eyes' ! Certainly the wolf is a superb animal, but I do not venture a c

1/11/2015: :3: it's good to see more flowers here in Quebec, they are rare, very nice photo

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