The landscape is superb I have still a small doubt about the deep
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Portugal Algarve > dsc2853bis dxo 02cp02
 dsc2853bis dxo 02cp02
The landscape is superb I have still a small doubt about the deep blue sea
De Camelia
France Haute Savoie > Dsc04002 mur alpin chamonix shift retc cts fei 2015 12 05
Dsc04002 mur alpin chamonix shift retc cts fei 2015 12 05
I vaguely remember to have seen this fresco, but a few years ago now. I think I will have the opportunity to retake the next year : my birthday gift should be an overview of Mont Blanc by helicopter. The reflex is going to heat up. (B+). The framing cuts a little bit fresco but I imagine that you didn't have much of a choice, if this is to do multiple shots and stitch then.
De Charly
Automne > Leybeek 018 1600
Leybeek 018 1600
Beautiful autumn colors and a natural mirror that reflects the calm. (B+). A little too much of the foliage to the right. Perhaps you could shift your target to the left.
De Charly
France Paris > Img 3971
Img 3971
A nice view (a bit known) of Paris and Notre Dame. (TB). Not really convinced by the black and white does not value very much the long exposure.
De Charly
France Paris > Img 3939
Img 3939
A beautiful effect of the long exposure on the water. (B). The topic that you wanted to show us is not obvious to the reading. A lot of noise in the sky.
De Charly
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Oiseau Moineau Domestique > 8736 moineaux
8736 moineaux
Not really convinced by the interest of this photo : the decoration of the houses on this balustrade, house sparrows, common and not really sharp. Sorry Guy ! (M).
De Charly
France Paris > Img 3989
Img 3989
She is very beautiful this cathedral. (B+). A pity that this decision against dive the cup a little : May be try to edit the outlook A little leaning to the left.
De Charly
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Dune > Dunes rouges 1
Dunes rouges 1
Already in this corner, the sand is naturally red, it's spectacular when the sun goes down. To say that I've seen it with my own eyes, yes ! 'The desert is beautiful, is not lying. It is clean. ', in the words of my dear Theodore (Monod) : when he died, on November 22, 2000, I was in Libya, not far from there, in other dunes, just behind the 'frontier', the line straight on the map. And now... well, Thanks for coming .
De Pavotbleu
Irlande > 2015 09 15 route co 770 tie 768 re irlande du nord
2015 09 15 route co 770 tie 768 re irlande du nord
Hello Marc. This is not quite a fjord : there is a place known as 'fjord' in Ireland, but I have to tell you that I do not see so much the difference : only the geographers are sensitive to it I guess. I will send a photo in MP, because here they have had their dose of Ireland I think. Good day.
De Perronnet Catherine
Oiseau Souimanga A Ventre Jaune > Souimanga a ventre jaune img 4871
Souimanga a ventre jaune img 4871
Good sharpness for this beautiful bird, beautifully coloured, beautiful jack.
De Domi
Oiseau Moineau Domestique > 8736 moineaux
8736 moineaux
O. K. Charly, I had a doubt when I sent it, however there are photos over the net that it that are being denied... ? ?
De G.b.45
France Haute Savoie > Dsc04002 mur alpin chamonix shift retc cts fei 2015 12 05
Dsc04002 mur alpin chamonix shift retc cts fei 2015 12 05
Charly, Ben to the helicopter I will also sign ! I will just probably for the last time this was the phone of the Needle, the full circuit up in Italy. Cliché : it is Not easy to take, difference in brightness between the top and bottom of the façade, passers-by, and a bank which has built in joint ownership. But I have other old photos that may be suitable for a position. I think of it ! The classification in group 'street art' seems to me inappropriate, this is not a tag of popular expression, but a genuine fresco.
De Dede69004
Portugal Algarve > Portugal 1986 villa do bispos reduite
Portugal 1986 villa do bispos reduite
Defects, of course, and a cliche already worked well. There remains, however, that it is a good typical image of this beautiful country with its character in the key.
De Dede69004
Pancarte > Praca
A beautiful plate as there are a few around there, heavily embellished and much in the style of ;
De Dede69004
France Finistere Ouessant > Ouessant port de lampaul
Ouessant port de lampaul
A beautiful panorama, pleasant and under control, which gives well the idea of this dangerous landscape.
De Dede69004
Irlande > 2015 09 15 route co 770 tie 768 re irlande du nord
2015 09 15 route co 770 tie 768 re irlande du nord
A beautiful shot of quality that makes you want and probably a nice trip ! Possible format pano in decreasing the bottom. But this is only my opinion !
De Dede69004
Irlande > Derry 08
Derry 08
Cliché shocking, but for a necessary impact that it should not be despised ! q-Q defects, but the important thing is here !
De Dede69004
Street Art > Tn 53980001
Tn 53980001
A photo well taken, vibrant and colorful which appeals to reflect a quiet life. Lack of contrast.
De Dede69004
France Saint Tropez > Remplissage bouteilles d eau saint tropez
Remplissage bouteilles d eau saint tropez
I would have actually been able to make a mount to replace the bottles 'modern' but I preferred to play the card of anachronism by showing that in our time, of the people, either by choice or by necessity, living as they once had.
De Shark.69
France Lyon > Velos sur passerelle
Velos sur passerelle
Thanks for the appreciation on the calves of the lady who is fatigue a bike and prefer to walk on the bridge.
De Shark.69
Oiseau Chardonneret Elegant > Chardonneret perche
Chardonneret perche
Beautiful presentation of this beautiful bird. I've never had the opportunity to see one for real.
De Ninik
Irlande > 2015 09 15 route co 770 tie 768 re irlande du nord
2015 09 15 route co 770 tie 768 re irlande du nord
Beautiful well-balanced photo. Even the clouds have contributed to it. If you have other beautiful photos of Ireland, you must not hesitate to show them because they are rare on FEI.
De Ninik
Oiseau Calao A Bec Noir > Calao bec noir img 7429
Calao bec noir img 7429
It is a strange animal, it has a side bird of prey by its wings, a pleasure to discover.
De Domi
Automne > Automne 002 1600
Automne 002 1600
What a beautiful show, the autumnal colours are splendid !!! A pleasure for the eyes. and thank you for this shot very bright.
De Nicole.barberon
Oiseau Souimanga A Longue Queue > Souimanga a longue queue img 3857
Souimanga a longue queue img 3857
This bird 'the sun' (English translation) is magnificent ; it has feathers of all colors.
De Ninik
France Hautes Alpes > Gap depuis charance 8059 60 61 62
Gap depuis charance 8059 60 61 62
Excellent work, this panorama with beautiful colors is simply beautiful. Jean-Mi and thank you for this picture quality.
De Nicole.barberon
Oiseau Amadine Cou Coupe > Amadine cou coupe img 7598
Amadine cou coupe img 7598
A lot of branches for this little bird, but we made do with what we have and it is already good that we can find out.
De Ninik
Oiseau Moineau Domestique > Animal oiseau moineau domestique 20151208
Animal oiseau moineau domestique 20151208
A beautiful picture very sharp, the sparrow, the seed in the beak, is well highlighted by a beautiful light. Josys and thank you.
De Nicole.barberon
Fleur Rose De Malaisie > Rose de malaisie tapeinochilos ananassae j b meise 15k02 fei 2735
Rose de malaisie tapeinochilos ananassae j b meise 15k02 fei 2735
Still a nice discovery, this flower resembles the pink porcelain has beautiful colors. Ninik and thank you for the present.
De Nicole.barberon
France Paris > Img 3989
Img 3989
Beautiful shot of this building at night, very pleasant and successful!! Same remarks as Charly, but it is adjustable !
De Dede69004
Divers > Av tervuren 003 1600
Av tervuren 003 1600
You find out of beauty in the city of Brussels. Congratulations and thank you to know our capital city.
De Francis-Sisco
Coucher Soleil > Coucher sur mont notre dame
Coucher sur mont notre dame
the format and the colours. The bell tower is the attractive point of your photo. Bravo.
De Francis-Sisco
Irlande > 2015 09 15 route co 770 tie 768 re irlande du nord
2015 09 15 route co 770 tie 768 re irlande du nord
Ok. Ben, I thought that they called it a 'fjord' also the Irish. Good. Each country with its own language, its expressions, local vocabulary, etc, Yes, send me a PM if you want to... but I believe that I have not responded to the last (output film) I think that the 'output' was satisfactory ? ! Good day to you also. Marc.
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
France Aisne > Coucher de soleil sur etang
Coucher de soleil sur etang
This sunset blue and gold is really beautiful. Thank you for this nice photo Jean-Jacques.
De Gipsy34
Guadeloupe > Coucher de soleil guadeloupe mars 2013 918 2
Coucher de soleil guadeloupe mars 2013 918 2
Sisi it leans again ! Otherwise all colors are beautiful, the palm tree branches hide the sky where there is nothing. I like it a lot. Still a bit of framing and it is good !
De Geoffrey17
Oiseau Goeland Argente > Goeland freinage d urgence
Goeland freinage d urgence
Ok, thank you for this response 'Seagull'. Bravo for the 'remember' that you guards. The olive picking is a good thing, it allows (may be) closing of the month-a little righteous... and to meet other people, communicate, in effect, to make pretty pictures on what you are doing, beautiful or pretty gatherers... and to see other landscapes. For me, I thought of the harvest... Then pass a good time and makes good use of the 'fatigue' sportive but healthy in the end. Amts. Marc.
De Boucher Marc dit de Meilh
France Paris > Img 3989
Img 3989
Very nice photo ! Yes, can be straighten the prospects, but it is perfect. Thanks for the photo.
De Gipsy34
Oiseau Souimanga A Longue Queue > Souimanga a longue queue img 3857
Souimanga a longue queue img 3857
Beautiful colorful bird ! He also is an adjunct in the foliage, happily, he was a little red in its plumage. Thank You Francis.
De Gipsy34
Paysage > A matin p1040381
A matin p1040381
The colors are superb. How not to do a photo to capture the moment sublime ? Thank you for this beautiful sunrise to Francis.
De Gipsy34
Champ Lavande > 12106824 1055133031166582 2521135897305770461 n
12106824 1055133031166582 2521135897305770461 n
All of these colors are wonderful, it smells the south ! Lacks a bit of sharpness on the whole.
De Geoffrey17
Portugal Algarve > dsc0981bis dxocp02
 dsc0981bis dxocp02
The fishing rod, we would have been able to stop, but the scenery was well worth a photo with this lighthouse so special and with the wave that explodes. (TB).
De Charly
Algerie > Lever soleil tadrart
Lever soleil tadrart
A beautiful place in my native country that I may not have the opportunity to review. A beautiful light illuminates this landscape. (TB+).
De Charly
Guadeloupe > Coucher de soleil guadeloupe mars 2013 918 2
Coucher de soleil guadeloupe mars 2013 918 2
Your sunsets are very beautiful, but you should try to straighten the horizon, and less focus the sun. Look on the forum you will find advice.
De Mady
> Voir: Comment remettre l horizon a l horizontal sur vos photos
France Hautes Alpes > Le champsaur en automne 8269
Le champsaur en automne 8269
The fall and the sun to provide landscapes with vibrant colors ! What a beautiful season you have to take quite a long time in this beautiful region !
De Chachane92
France Paris > Img 3989
Img 3989
This is a beautiful night view of this beautiful cathedral of Paris
De D.marsim
France Paris > Img 3971
Img 3971
The processing in black and white pleases me greatly
De D.marsim
France Paris > Img 3939
Img 3939
You are absolutely right this view dark as you say pleases me, both by the composition and route light coming from the dividing to the left is the most beautiful effect with the reflections in the Seine
De D.marsim
Paysage > A matin p1040381
A matin p1040381
Thank you for giving us a panoramic view of the morning this range
De D.marsim
Enseigne > Enseigne 20151208
Enseigne 20151208
A beautiful sign in a medallion in front of the house of the ferronnier
De D.marsim
Oiseau Moineau Domestique > 8736 moineaux
8736 moineaux
This is the second time I answer, the first is not passed, I sent this picture without much conviction I was not on what is happening, unlike others that are more crisp... Will understand... ? ?
De G.b.45
> 0 Le paysage est superbe :3: j'ai quand même un petit doute sur le bleu puissant d
50 Vraiment, très joli ciel, le format convient bien et donne tout son importance a
50 Really, very nice sky, the format works well and gives all its importance to the

31/12/2015: A very nice shot for a true blow of heart ! Bravo Cagouc :6:

30/12/2015: I'm glad to see that you love the seasons and the animals that interest me. You'

29/12/2015: The little blue cap of this bird looks like a stroke of the brush added. This ti

28/12/2015: This mural is beautiful. It could be the subject of a comic strip in the bedroom

27/12/2015: :4: Thank you for this appointment, which delights me because I have a weakness

26/12/2015: Thank you very much for your passage Patjoe, and also for the comment you left,

25/12/2015: :3: :5: I love it and I'm going to put this card in the background of today scre

24/12/2015: She has a pretty head Sophie :6:. And beautiful card Didi, thank you and merry C

23/12/2015: :6: thank you for your good wishes makes good use of the holiday season, merry C

22/12/2015: A card very pretty with this little angel, so cute and that penguin is just as i

21/12/2015: Hi J. C. Yes may be a little bit, I had presented with less contrast, but it was

20/12/2015: Hello, Nice photo but a pity for the background, and the leaf blighting the lan

19/12/2015: Thank you Joel for this picture and good festivals of end of the year to you als

18/12/2015: She is gorgeous your card, full of gaiety and color. I like a lot, it is well-ma

17/12/2015: You did well not to resist because the bird is cute and the pictures look very n

16/12/2015: I'm also doing trials of bokeh with a cache in several forms. I'm doing with a c

15/12/2015: It is very 'funny' this father Christmas. It is an advantage of living in the ci

14/12/2015: A nice fitting and well composed but a little horrifying to my eyes pacifist. :3

13/12/2015: I have explained to you how to put a photo in a group, but the text has been pub

12/12/2015: I'm well happy ! These 'fools', I hate them. But there is in these lands of othe

11/12/2015: A very good framing. I, who am well acquainted with this bridge, I am happy to s

10/12/2015: That it is original, I don't know what kind of flowers ! The photo is very prett

9/12/2015: The landscape is superb :3: I have still a small doubt about the deep blue sea :

8/12/2015: A beautiful night view of this beach, but... I would have made pan and it would

7/12/2015: I love this photo : We're well in the mood of this return to fishing with all th

6/12/2015: I love the white spray and what beautiful turquoise water. I am accustomed to th

5/12/2015: I have to inform you that I'm wrong and it is the park of the Royal Belgian :10:

4/12/2015: I think that you can accuse me of not having left space for the stroller in fron

3/12/2015: A good down jacket and you go for a nice walk, the winter announcement of a beau

2/12/2015: Original this bird with its tail held red in his environment, he is superb, I th

1/12/2015: A beautiful corner of wild nature where he must do good to get fresh ideas ! The

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