The frost is on the trees and stands out very well against the blue
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 3/1/2008

Givre > W parc givre 07 25k
W parc givre 07 25k
The frost is on the trees and stands out very well against the blue sky. It is a beautiful photo and a beautiful wallpaper.
De Le Fada de Marseille
Poney > Le poney
Le poney
Too beautiful this pony it is choo like a security blanket !!!
De Shasha
Oiseau Troglodyte Mignon > Piu piu 2008 01 03
Piu piu 2008 01 03
I think well be able to give you the mark of erap, he could be a troglodyte ! You can send it to me for the time of a photo ? Assured return Your picture is lovely, pity that the support is not a bit more aesthetic, that said, I creak, like per capita
De Lumixane
Congratulations to the photographers... And I am more proud of... My daughter is 4th...
Enseigne > Enseigne 11
Enseigne 11
A lovely image and light to finish off a pleasant day, thank you Domi, the specialist signs.
De Lumixane
Fleur Amour En Cage > Physalis 01
Physalis 01
I find it super that the love in the cage sees the cage crack at this point, it is a good idea in the beginning of the year : Unleash the love !
Chien Rottweiler > Ssl20422
You forget the background to keep this wonderful smile dog ; go, a big hug to Bronko
De Evalias
Retouche Photo > Img 2257 abaa retouche 02
Img 2257 abaa retouche 02
The beautiful image of Guillemaudpat is without a doubt improved. Well seen !
De Lumixane
Carte De Voeux > Train malsaucy voeux 01
Train malsaucy voeux 01
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year and good health Great photo used for your good wishes for everyone.
De Guillemaudpat
Papillon Paon Du Jour > Un paon du jour a plat
Un paon du jour a plat
The photo is very attractive, the peacock of the day deserves to be included in the background screen.
De Heuzeja
Dauphin > Le dauphin
Le dauphin
I love the dolphins, who don't like them. Of beautiful mammals, they are beautiful and so smart. A pleasing picture.
De Guylaine
Retouche Photo > Retouche photo oiseau cygne un cygne en provence 52693 option marcel
Retouche photo  oiseau cygne un cygne en provence 52693 option marcel
Thank you, thank you, thank you ! When will your new series ? Perhaps new birth ?
De Marcel
Enseigne > Enseigne 11
Enseigne 11
It is very beautiful your brand, which will increase the collection and the sprites are very gay with colors pleasant. (I could just erase the end of the chain). Beautiful and nice wallpaper : bravo and thank you Domi. Happy new year 2008 : health, happiness and your good mood customary accompanying your photos.
De Le fan belfortain
Chat Angora Turc > Photo talina2 030
Photo talina2 030
I love too the picture of the little cat : this is too mimi , I love it
De Moi
Roche > Roche coeur
Roche coeur
If the sun had risen by the heart... But I imagine very well The sky is beautiful and the rocks are cut well, too bad for the light.
De Evalias
Fleur Amaryllis > M006
Photo remarkable for the association of flowers, colors and shapes that are different and complementary. The frame is also very well done, and the light adds to the poetry.
De Nenuphar
Animal fond ecran tigre 12
Fond of tigers, the picture is beautiful, I believe you have in front of me
De Lillou
Belgique > A fond 2
A fond 2
This is a great idea to show an assortment of views of Belgium. A few years ago, I had found a postcard 'calendar' in Nivelles (B) in which the whites contained the months of the year. Ideas to dig in !
De Ninik
Chien Rottweiler > Ssl20433
His nose 'crushed' on the lens shrink the eyes which doesn't favor the dear Bronko. Otherwise, I join the opinion of Mb and, in addition, I asked a question (silly?): just want to say 'radiografie aa'? This is a trick as washing machines AAA ?
De Crivindiou
Arbre Sumac De Virginie > Sumac ombre et lumiere
Sumac ombre et lumiere
pretty red anime winter !!! Damage charly, I find it a little 'only' your flower of sumac;).
De Mamyrasta
Carte De Voeux > Train malsaucy voeux 01
Train malsaucy voeux 01
Very beautiful card, and I know that this train has already seen a lot of kids, including my daughters, and it will be still a lot ! Happy new year to you also.
De Lyoko
Citation > Rocher de great ocean oad
Rocher de great ocean oad
good looking one can imagine a lot of things in these rocks and the quote goes very well with this beautiful shot, the warm colors and contrasting with the blue of the water. Bravo
De Ninik
Mouvement > Goutte d eau bleu
Goutte d eau bleu
Very nice image of a pretty blue and clear, the balance in this case does not bother me at all .
De Nenfer13
France Calais > Img 2299
Img 2299
It is original to do this kind of photo 'by night'. Fortunately, there is a small gap clearer in the sky, and a lamp of the boat takes a few glints of fire in this black water to brighten it up somewhat.
De Ninik
Chien Bull Terrier > Akira bebe
Akira bebe
Michto the photo it is too beautiful, the small 'bull' has too much class
De BOBO 94
I loved all these wonderful pictures, it is a dream to go do it yourself ! Kisses.
Nouvel An > La mer 899
La mer 899
Thank you for your good wishes, and I present to you is also mine. A nice image that would have deserved in my opinion, a horizontal alignment, as well as a little more contrast and sharpness.
De Nenfer13
France Bonifacio > Bonifacio grain sable
Bonifacio grain sable
The image could be perfect if she leaned not and had more sharpness. A decline to the shooting would have prevented this wall unsightly. A shame because the site is beautiful.
De Aralserge
Neige > Neige5
Despite a dominant blue, the picture is very beautiful, where can come this paraglider in the middle of this range covered with snow.
De Nenfer13
Photos De Nuit > Pont chalon
Pont chalon
Very nice picture, but the lack of sharpness breaks the beauty of the whole. I like the simplicity and mood of the photo.
De Aralserge
Citation > Rocher de great ocean oad
Rocher de great ocean oad
A splendid backdrop that these cliffs and rocks eroded by the sea and the wind in the course of time, the colors are very beautiful.
De Nenfer13
Cheval > Jeux de combat
Jeux de combat
A great image, very fun, and enjoyable to watch. A few small improvements would be welcome although the parts a bit overexposed will be difficult to recover.
De Nenfer13
Carte De Voeux > Carte 2008 fei
Carte 2008 fei
A very pretty greeting card, I thank you, and you also mine.
De Nenfer13
Chien Beauceron Arlequin > 6
I have the same but bigger but it is not as cute as this one, too mimi.
De Laulau
Creation Graphique Psp > Bonneannee moderne inextremis avant le saut dans 2008
Bonneannee moderne inextremis avant le saut dans 2008
Thank You C. Alain5 ! I have a good laugh. And in fact, I was about to edit my commentary on the spot, but retraced my state of mind ! However, the new will not be more short... Good read.
De Hiris
Creation Graphique Psp > Bonneannee moderne inextremis avant le saut dans 2008
Bonneannee moderne inextremis avant le saut dans 2008
Damage to appear, 2007 ? Why ? This is the end of my signature and I camouflaged to the extent possible. There are many 2008 top ? Sorry.
De Hiris
Noel > Dsc02821 deco noel palace lausanne
Dsc02821 deco noel palace lausanne
A great photo of the lights at night christmas, and a beautiful performance for a shooting without a tripod, with a ½ second pause time in .
De Nenfer13
Creation Graphique Psp > Bonneannee moderne inextremis avant le saut dans 2008
Bonneannee moderne inextremis avant le saut dans 2008
This montage is beautiful, it pleases me very much the different textures are very well rendered. By enlarging the black background at 1024x768 it fills perfectly the screen.
De Nenfer13
Carte De Voeux > Noel boules guirlandes2
Noel boules guirlandes2
At least it sparkles and it makes you want to live this year 2008 ! Thank you
De Mamyrasta
France Alpes De Haute Provence > Mont d or
Mont d or
A superb panoramic of a landscape that is familiar, how many times I walked past to go to Forcalquier.
De Nenfer13
Oiseau fond ecran chardonneret 10
Beautiful photo of the goldfinch. For its brilliant color and its trills velvety.
De Art
Coucher Soleil > Coucher soleil sanguinaires
Coucher soleil sanguinaires
The sky was a pastel is very pleasant. The 'sea' less interesting in my opinion. Beautiful wallpaper very soft portion with your nickname.
De Jean-Luc F.
Lac > Plan d eau
Plan d eau
A nice landscape, but the colors that do not translate properly to this scene of the end of the afternoon.
De Nenfer13
France Sisteron > La citadelle
La citadelle
I personally think that this view would be so much more beautiful in its rendering of natural. It is a matter of personal taste, but I'm not too fan of this kind of photo.
De Nenfer13
Nouvel An > Bonne annee 2008
Bonne annee 2008
Very nice greeting card, I thank you, and you also mine.
De Nenfer13
Neige > Neige5
There is only one that shows up in the list ! So, I put me also note, max, because I find this image beautiful and the red button makes a final note to a colorful and welcome to all.
De Hiris
Clocher > Clocher veynes
Clocher veynes
The bell tower looks actually a little to the left, but I love this nocturnal image that has warm colors the most beautiful effect .
De Nenfer13
Neige > Lac gelE sous la neige 12 dscn1850 2
Lac gelE sous la neige 12 dscn1850 2
Super beautiful pictures of winter that I like... happy new year to all
De Papillonbri
Chien Pinscher Nain > Jardin 17aout 017
Jardin 17aout 017
She is gorgeous, I am stunned ! 5
De Gi
Neige > Neige pin parasol dscn2243
Neige pin parasol dscn2243
A year after, I discover this beautiful photo of snow, with trees that I like (all, not pines !) and I take the trouble to add to my comment although I've already slipped it into my favourites ! Bravo for this beautiful shot.
De Hiris
0 :6: :6: :6: Plus que magnifique !!! Bravo !!! :3: Bonne continuation !
50 Et voilà, le tour est joué ! C'est splendide :3: Et j'appose les coeurs qui s'ac
> 100 Le givre est bien présent sur les arbres et se détache très bien sur le ciel ble
150 Excellent ! Le bleu, l'angle de vue et la netteté de ce beau papillon en font un
200 Le monument est bien mis en valeur par les éclairages et la photo le rend bien,
250 Entre les superbes clichés de A & A, mon coeur balance ! Celui-ci a tout pour me
300 Une belle image que cette mini crèche, le flash est correctement dosé, mais l'im
350 Dommage pour la retouche à gauche du papillon un peu trop visible. Très belles c
400 C'est un peu sombre mais très spectaculaire comme image, la Nature reprend ses d

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