A flower of Escolsia which is presented simply but that is enough in
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 12/6/2008

Fleur Eschscholzia > Resize of eschscholtzia
Resize of eschscholtzia
A flower of Escolsia, which is presented simply, but that is enough in itself to make a beautiful wallpaper.
De Royer.daniel
Fleur Pelargonium > Pelargonium bicolore bois f
Pelargonium bicolore bois f
She is pretty this flower and the background does not shock me to the contrary, I like a lot it is neither too bright nor too dark for my taste to me MDR
De Léna
Cheval > Cheval rieur
Cheval rieur
it looks like he is going to remove his dentures, image very funny.
De Domi
Fleurs fond ecran rose tremiere 01jpg 2.php
The 'hollyhocks' are pretty with this soft pink color. As for the bee, she flees like a true Drone of the gardens' (Bombus hortorum) it seems that . Nice wallpaper : bravo and thank you.
De Le fan belfortain
France Hautes Alpes > 007 380 moutons
007 380 moutons
By chance, I came across this photo. Great my Devoluy natal. These sheep remind me of my youth. Thank you.
De NiNi
Neige > Chalet sous la neige
Chalet sous la neige
How lucky for those who are on vacation ! It is superb.
De NiNi
Fleur Rose > Resize of a cassandre
Resize of a cassandre
This rose is placed in the diagonal is well presented and the poem fits it well.
De Royer.daniel
Chien Golden Retriever > Les rois du monde
Les rois du monde
They are all too cool !!! My golden to me has only 4 months I expect it to grow and become like them !!! they are all yours ? Bravo !!!
De J'en ai pas
Fleur Rose > 2roses2coeurs14
Thank you Crivindiou for your comment... I know that the black backgrounds are 'very popular' in the bottom of the screen here, but this is a matter of taste... And then I never know do like the other, it's part of my personality... I find a lot more cheerful and bright a colored background... And this is the pink 'Pierre de Ronsard' rose... I've taken it in more detail in my blog if you want to see it... After the poem about the poppies... Thanks CR.
De Cr44
Belgique Bruxelles > Fei fenetres au sablon
Fei fenetres au sablon
You're right when I restated windows, the end of too eluded me Ghis.
De D.marsim
Papillon Phalene > Resize of lepidoptere
Resize of lepidoptere
A body net, for this butterfly, too bad it wasn't higher up on the grass to avoid grass that crosses his wing.
De Royer.daniel
Papillon Pieride Du Chou > Papillon blanc tachete
Papillon blanc tachete
This butterfly is well framed on the sheet, the sharpness is a little lacking.
De Royer.daniel
Fleur Rose > Rose 11
Rose 11
A rose simple but it is the one I prefer because it has a refined colour and shades degraded. The background is black or dark very popular here, brought out the pink but don't fill too much of the screen, that has all the interest to put these beautiful roses in the spotlight with pretty hearts hemmed in yellow gold... A lovely trio bravo CR.
De Cr44
Coucher Soleil > P1000237 1024x768
P1000237 1024x768
A small crop from the top and the right side can be made to decenter slightly the tree. This sunset is seen well.
De Royer.daniel
Fleur Myosotis > Miosotis eclatants de soleil
Miosotis eclatants de soleil
Macro Photo of very nice quality, very sharp... Congratulations to the author.
De Lilou
Agrion > Accouplement de libellules sur feuilles de roseau
Accouplement de libellules sur feuilles de roseau
Wow ! Well view real acrobats these dragonflies it is that the male : the blue one or the green one
De Camelia
Fleur Bouquet > Fleurs des champs juin 2008
Fleurs des champs juin 2008
The presentation of this bouquet in its vase is good, but I think that framing in the vertical would be better suited for this topic all in height.
De Royer.daniel
France Saint Malo > La tour solidor 20080611
La tour solidor 20080611
The seagull comes to strengthen this beautiful image, worthy of a postcard.
De Royer.daniel
Chat Europeen > Chaton trigre 1
Chaton trigre 1
He is too cute, I love it and I love cats in particular.
De Lélé
Vache Limousine > Dsc00082
A good definition for this cow, but a little trapped by your framing.
De Royer.daniel
Retouche Photo > Retouche criquet
Retouche criquet
Very nice retouching, the desert is clearly visible this is a very nice photo to you and to the author
De Camelia
Fleur Lilas > Lilas 27408b
Lilas 27408b
The mauve flowers of 'Lilac are gorgeous and beautifully ornate. The layout is very nice and aesthetic, while being original. Bravo and thank you.
De Le fan belfortain
Sauterelle > Sauterelle sur la rose sylvie vartan bbb2rscn2238
Sauterelle sur la rose sylvie vartan bbb2rscn2238
Very nice photo of this grasshopper green clear and reflected perfectly on the pink petals.
De Nicole.barberon
Coucher Soleil > P1000237 1024x768
P1000237 1024x768
The tree, against the light, is superb in its scope. The soft colors of the setting sun put it beautifully in value. This is a splendid wallpaper : bravo and thank you.
De Le fan belfortain
Dessin > Photo0013
Me I see a car, flowers, a pumpkin, a tractor, a heart, the big red spot in front, there, I hold very cute you should be happy
De Camelia
Dessin > Photo0013
It takes a day to start, and maybe later this little girl will be an artist in his way, because discover the art is not easy.
De Royer.daniel
Fleur Lin > Img 2718
Img 2718
Only drawback, I do not see the leaves, but it looks like a seedling which I had not identified the seeds, Thank you.
De Riton 13
Fleur Osteospermum > Osteospernum10
Very nice photo of this flower with warm colours and full of freshness with its drops of water. The heart is of great sharpness.
De Nicole.barberon
Singe > Homme singe
Homme singe
He walks a good walk, and your framing is well done, too bad we can only see his head in that black fur.
De Royer.daniel
Fleur Rose Princesse De Monaco > Rose 12
Rose 12
In the background, and the foliage blends in with the black to let explode the splendor of this dazzling 'Pink Princess of Monaco'. BEAUTIFUL : bravo and thank you.
De Le fan belfortain
Cheval > Cheval rieur
Cheval rieur
Nice photo taken on the spot, it is very funny that horse. Image pleasant to look at.
De Nicole.barberon
Tigre > Tigre 20080611
Tigre 20080611
The light is a bit strong for the white color, otherwise the portrait of this tiger is beautiful.
De Royer.daniel
Agrion > Accouplement de libellules sur feuilles de roseau
Accouplement de libellules sur feuilles de roseau
You have the special gift to surprise us with your insects in full coupling. The photo is beautiful, shades in addition to. Beautiful striking image.
De Guylaine
Banc > Bancbelge
It is a state of the second word... 'belgian State'. In the state... Seen at Herbeumont (belgian Ardennes near Bouillon).
De Laurent.spitaels
Fleur Rose > Rose orange 20080602
Rose orange 20080602
She is gorgeous your yellow rose and well presented, the yellow I love your photo and your rose I like it well !
De Guylaine
I love especially the great white shark, this shark is beautiful. But unfortunately, because of the Teeth of the Sea, the white shark is to the people the killer cold, cruel, and lover of human flesh. It is necessary now that people look at with another eye the shark. The white shark is like the lion in the savanna, it is necessary to leave him in peace.
Sauterelle > Sauterelle sur la rose sylvie vartan bbb2rscn2238
Sauterelle sur la rose sylvie vartan bbb2rscn2238
A little tight, but it does not affect the overall quality. The detail is well rendered and we can say 'good macro' ! ++.
De Marcel
Fleur Osteospermum > Osteospernum10
This heart flower orange is so pretty and the water drops give a more, I think a crop with a reversal would be not bad.
De Royer.daniel
Sauterelle > Sauterelle sur la rose sylvie vartan bbb2rscn2238
Sauterelle sur la rose sylvie vartan bbb2rscn2238
On the petals of a rose, very soft it was hard to miss this grasshopper blends 'Leptophie punctuated' (Leptophyes punctatissima). Beautiful look and beautiful presentation : bravo and thank you.
De Le fan belfortain
Fleur Pavot > Pavot coeur p1080063
Pavot coeur p1080063
A close-up superb which allows to admire all the details of the heart. ++.
De Marcel
Araignee Sauteuse > Araignee salticide p1080539
Araignee salticide p1080539
everyone will have noticed the two eyes which allow us to see 'behind'. (spiders have 6 eyes).
De Marcel
Agrion > Accouplement de libellules sur feuilles de roseau
Accouplement de libellules sur feuilles de roseau
The backlight is fully lit, I guess a little bit of fill flash. The whole is a little clearer. The framing is very good ! ++.
De Marcel
Crabe > Crabe sur rocher
Crabe sur rocher
The crab is too close to the centre. It would be necessary to crop the image by putting this subject in a strong point the top right. (cut off the top and to the right).
De Marcel
Divers > Tn cage aux supplicies
Tn cage aux supplicies
The irons look new, does it again a delivery service ?
De Laurent.spitaels
Fleur Osteospermum > Osteospernum10
I agree with the analysis of Daniel, to reverse the left-to-right. The reading will be more enjoyable. The details are well rendered.
De Marcel
Guadeloupe > Anse bertrand plage
Anse bertrand plage
A nice spot, you could reduce the sky to avoid the cutting in two with the horizon line. Leave to do a panoramic to not cut the sides. A small strip would close the image.
De Marcel
> Voir: Encadrer faire des cadres avec photofiltre
Bd fond ecran asterix obelix 017jpg 2.php
Super the image : she is awesome and has helped me a lot for my design
De Pupuce1260
Retouche Photo > Retouche photo phalaenopsis 20080612
Retouche photo phalaenopsis 20080612
The colors go better with the presentation of these white flowers, a pity that the white is set. But I think we can improve this image.
De Royer.daniel
Guadeloupe > Baie le moule
Baie le moule
The first plan is a bit too far and discriminates against the subject. The level of the sea request a small discount to upgrade. Cut the beach (20% of the image)and make a small pan. A border outline would be pleasant to delineate the clear zones of the image with the outside world.
De Marcel
Fleur Bouquet > Fleurs des champs juin 2008
Fleurs des champs juin 2008
Thank you all, your comments make me pleasure. Daniel can you give me the format of a vertical alignment ? I would do it gladly, but I do not know the measures best suited for your computer. I thank you
De Géna
0 IL s'agit de la fleur du figuier de Barbarie (Opuntia ficus-indica). Ce cactée s
0 IT is the flower of the Prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica). This cactée spread
50 :4: Merci à vous tous pour vos remarques judicieuses : je vais, bien sûr, en ten
50 :4: Thank you all for your good observations : I will, of course, take account,
100 Très belle photo !!! Je la trouve très nette, et le contraste entre le corps ver
100 Very beautiful photo !!! I found it to be very sharp, and the contrast between t
> 150 Une fleur d'Escolsia, qui est présentée simplement, mais qui suffit à elle même
200 Une belle photo de cette cane, on pourrait rajouter de la netteté.
200 A nice photo of this cane, we could add the sharpness.
250 Ils sont magnifiques ces amandiers et semblent couverts de givres, la photo aura
250 They are such beautiful almond trees and appear to be covered with frost, the ph

30/6/2008: Too too cute, she is really beautiful, I love : these are the dogs, that is too

29/6/2008: I think this image would have been nicer if you had taken the reflection of this

28/6/2008: :3: Grandiose in the background of screen your poppy ruffled ! It would be perfe

27/6/2008: Alain, you do me not to get it in the right way, I do not do that to my head :18

26/6/2008: Nice photo ! A pity that you do not agree to the edits, as it's better positione

25/6/2008: All the same, these masters ! My parents had one (unfortunately the victim of a

24/6/2008: This radiance of light is the only fantasy that I allowed myself to add (to just

23/6/2008: The right frame provides a good balance of the shot by the good disposition of t

22/6/2008: These trips on Halong bay, it was by boat.

21/6/2008: Very beautiful color that stands out on this black background and lovely composi

20/6/2008: A good presentation for this Clytre, despite the conditions of the atmosphere.

19/6/2008: Pretty bunch ! What a bright blue ! Ours are much more pâlottes ! :3:

18/6/2008: Extra, it is a very beautiful photo, well framed, avoiding the real but it's als

17/6/2008: The mother and her baby are gorgeous on this image, the eyes of the mother watch

16/6/2008: This sand dune in the background screen is splendid, a good game of light and go

15/6/2008: I confess that I hold... For my part, the original was PERFECT, and you have ver

14/6/2008: You have beautifully managed to capture and it is so well presented in the middl

13/6/2008: :1: Written in 1974 by Michèle Senlis, sung by Daniel Guichard on the music of J

12/6/2008: IT is the flower of the Prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica). This cactée spread

11/6/2008: Photo superb, you can feel the velvety petals of the flowers of the apple tree.

10/6/2008: Thank you for these photos. :12: :19: :18: Regards ! nevets

9/6/2008: It is a dream of a beach we would like to spend our holidays, however, the horiz

8/6/2008: A beautiful photo that I had 'missed it' until today. Bravo, this is splendid !

7/6/2008: I also am very blue flower, and your heart cloud pleases me a lot. Here are two

6/6/2008: :1: The whole is admittedly a little dull but these small flowers and large whit

5/6/2008: :3: Bravo for this photo : I love all the sunsets ! I can't wait for the sun to

4/6/2008: The iris water produced several releases each year. Their leaves are ribbon-like

3/6/2008: A majestic tree ! The most beautiful symbol of peace, strength, and longevity th

2/6/2008: Thank you to all the two. Alas, I have already contrasted the photo so that the

1/6/2008: I love this set and I place it in my holder wallpaper. Beautiful harmony of colo

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