Not bad for a label thank you I could make a good use for my
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 24/8/2006

Bd fond ecran simpsons 122jpg 2.php
Not bad for a label thank you I could make a good use for my son.
De Mars
Oiseau Canard Ouette D Egypte > Oiseau canard ouette d egypte dsc 0196
Oiseau canard ouette d egypte dsc 0196
With a slower speed it would give a nice effect of movement. Here it is a bit frozen !
De Rp
Oiseau fond ecran oiseau exotique 33jpg 2.php
Beautiful Photo of this loriquet. Net impeccable and the vegetation adds to the beauty of the image.
De Clairebielande
Chat Europeen > Un casse croute en vue
Un casse croute en vue
Nice attitude well captured. Too bad she has the legs cut off.
De Rp
Montagne > Sommets nuages
Sommets nuages
Splendid, it reminds me of a beautiful trip ! Nice assay clouds mountains.
De Rp
France Pyrenees > Pyrenees rhododendrons 01
Pyrenees rhododendrons 01
Beautiful Lumixane, there's nothing else to say, just to congratulate you once again.
De Clairebielande
Oiseau fond ecran oiseau exotique 17jpg 2.php
Beautiful little yellow bird in a beautiful harmony of colors. Thank you to the photographer for sharing with us these wonders.
De Clairebielande
Montagne > Sommets nuages
Sommets nuages
This is what is called being in the clouds but one can still distinguish the landscape. Very beautiful picture I like a lot.
De Clairebielande
Coucher Soleil > Coucher de soleil 1jpg
Coucher de soleil 1jpg
I like the succession of plans and the play of reflections of the light. In a few moments everything will be darkened, and a great impression of fragility accentuated by the presence of the characters on this road sub.
De Lumixane
Fleur Cosmos > Jachere normande
Jachere normande
These fallows flowers are becoming more common. What a great initiative ! Let's hope that the phenomenon will still expand. Here, I see cosmos and blueberries. Thank you for us to enjoy.
De Lumixane
France Pyrenees > Rando pyrenees 01
Rando pyrenees 01
Beautiful picture, but for once I émettrais a small niggle the remote is not legible looks like Marcel.
De Clairebielande
Montagne > Couleur montagne
Couleur montagne
Beautiful staging plans and superb color arrangement, the mass of dark rock in the foreground contrasting sharply with the shades of pink and bluish grey. Very beautiful your image, Topfun !
De Lumixane
Oiseau fond ecran coq 02jpg 2.php
Once again, I am very sensitive to colors, really beautiful with that cock. Beautiful harmony of green in the background. Very beautiful composition Congratulations to the photographer.
De Clairebielande
I have a Shih-tzu and I'm crazy !!! Thank you for this beautiful photo !!!
Fleur Rose > Anni lea 3ans 127
Anni lea 3ans 127
He had to think about it, very good idea and it gives me ideas !
De Lumixane
Oiseau fond ecran coq 02jpg 2.php
All in all I think that he deserves the maximum, it's so beautiful.
De Clairebielande
France Carcassonne > Cite fumee
Cite fumee
Atmosphere of war in the Middle Age or of a fairy tale. I find this photo interesting. The other me escaped...
De Lumixane
France Alpes Maritimes > Gorges cians
Gorges cians
These places at red earth are still very beautiful. There may be bauxite ? Beautiful photo.
De Lumixane
Fleur Anemone Du Japon > Anemone du japon mauve
Anemone du japon mauve
I love your anemone to ears folded, Nicole ! This flower gives the impression of being velvet. By the way, you make me laugh with your 'bourdonnants' but it says well what it means...
De Lumixane
Chat Europeen > Photoforum 290
Photoforum 290
Hard hard, the life of a cat, it is necessary to think of rest from time to time. I like their position sprawled on the cushion. It's funny. This is a photo taken at the right time.
De Clairebielande
Chien Dogue Allemand > Pricesse sylver et max 21 11 05 007
Pricesse sylver et max 21 11 05 007
I believe that this great dane is the most beautiful I have seen in my life, its color is rather rare.
De Nanou
Fleur Anemone Du Japon > Bouton d anemone
Bouton d anemone
Pure wonder ! The button allows a glimpse of the suite but we would like this flower, a magic wand, to be thus immortalized. It has been thanks to your talent.
De Lumixane
Abeille > Abeille 1
Abeille 1
The tones of this photo are very pleasant. The golden yellow dominant gives a bit of magic to the whole. This is sumptuous. And the eye is sharp and clear !
De Lumixane
Fleur Pivoine > Pivoines jardin bis
Pivoines jardin bis
The form seems to be new, closer to the chrysanthemums Japanese !
De Aristote
Coucher Soleil > Couche de soleil 2006 08 04
Couche de soleil 2006 08 04
A very beautiful sunset, I think it should clear up the dark masses, by playing with the contrast.
De Romaric
Oiseau Cygne Tubercule > Dsc 0158
Dsc 0158
It is a pretty picture taken in the water that seems clean. Beautiful swans.
De Guylaine
Photo nouvelle caledonie photo paysage nouvelle caledonie 08jpg 2.php
A beautiful landscape very well taken. The harmony of the colors is out of the picture.
De Filoox
Beautiful photo, beautiful and rare. The birds are the subjects of paintings that I have not yet addressed.
Montagne > Couleur montagne
Couleur montagne
Four beautiful gradients, successive, beautiful depth of field and beautiful landscape.
De Romaric
Montage Photo > Montage photo mer chevaux
Montage photo mer chevaux
She is super !!! Continue to make pictures as beautiful.
De Typhanny
Animal fond ecran leopard de l amour 50
I find this photo very beautiful, very successful, and continue to make beautiful photos.
De Elolovestef
Perou > Faille halto grande
Faille halto grande
The magnificent landscape. A cropping the bottom and right side could be interesting indeed, but as the photo, we can penetrate into the flaw more easily. Beautiful rock formations and great sweetness of tone. Superb !
De Lumixane
Fleur Gentiane > Voici ma premiere gentiane d automne
Voici ma premiere gentiane d automne
The development has not been made on the sharpness, a pity ! For this gentian in a pretty blue.
De Romaric
Syrphe Volucelle > Macro insecte
Macro insecte
Obviously we have the equipment to do this kind of photo, but you're not too badly, the back view bothers me a bit.
De Romaric
Perou > Vendeur de poupees
Vendeur de poupees
This gaze of a child sad and disillusioned takes us to the guts ! A father Christmas, a lion, a llama, a pot and a sheep, which of them will leave today ? There are all the chances that he returns home with the five fingers trimmed as he had left her...
De Lumixane
Lac > Leman dole 800x600
Leman dole 800x600
OK for the water jet but, it is necessary to put their good glasses ! The first plan is too important, lack of sun.
De Romaric
Grenouille > Dsc03252
Excellent ! The frog lazily installed for the pictures, the look curious and interested. The reeds constitute a screen between her and the photographer, nothing to worry about !
De Lumixane
Herisson > Imgp5382 copie
Imgp5382 copie
Qund even a beautiful photo even if the small sleep. Cute little animal.
De Guylaine
Montagne > Aiguille du midi 1
Aiguille du midi 1
Oh dear, what a... Wonderful, a real pro of the photo here it is very beautiful, I love it and I put a 5.
De Dorothy
Perou > 156
Beautiful framing, beautiful colors, sobriety. This photograph is very pleasant to look at.
De Lumixane
Chat Europeen > Photoforum 290
Photoforum 290
Beautiful, heartwarming, I love this photo she deserves a good note in my hand.
De Dorothy
Fleur Cosmos > Jachere normande
Jachere normande
I like the way the sun illuminates these flowers ; photo, full of poetry and hope.
De Romaric
Punaise > Dolycoris baccharum 01
Dolycoris baccharum 01
Outchhh... Brrr.. to The rescue, ugly beast, but great photo.
De Dorothy
Sport fond ecran moto 07jpg 2.php
She rips serious as a motorcycle, frankly, the color, deadly.
De Billy
Suisse > Pierreleman
The eye goes on the rock and then marries the roundness of the mountains to come down with the very beautiful reflections in the foreground. One of those images that one has of the evil to come off ! It should not especially as the mist rises...
De Lumixane
Guepe > Deux guepes
Deux guepes
Oh, the cow, this is awful... Lol I hate these little critters, but I find very beautiful photo well taken.
De Dorothy
Sole > Poissons
Superb photo, no, not especially, not cut off the top which contrasts with the beige of the sand and gives us this beautiful diagonal. It is beautiful and original.
De Lumixane
Guepe > Deux guepes
Deux guepes
Still a very nice photo of wasps, with all the details, and crisp.
De Romaric
Senegal > Fin de jour
Fin de jour
This photo is absolutely beautiful and I have no comment to add;.
De Melisandlau1
Oiseau Canard Ouette D Egypte > Oiseau canard ouette d egypte dsc 0196
Oiseau canard ouette d egypte dsc 0196
I'm in love... Lol : great photo, I take it for my wallpaper.
De Dorothy
0 Une couleur magnifique pour cette très belle rose sur laquelle on aperçoit encor
0 A wonderful color for this very beautiful rose, on which one still sees a few dr
50 J'aimerais bien y habiter dans ce petit village provençal, situé sur un coteau,
50 I'd like to live there in this little provencal village, located on a hillside,
100 J'adore, cherchez pas pourquoi je ne le sais même pas moi-même, les nuages noirs
100 I love, seek not why I don't even know myself, the black clouds like that I alwa
150 :11: :20: Vous êtes gourmands en commentaires... J'habite Lilia juste en face du
150 :11: :20: You are greedy in your comments... I live Lilia just in front of the l
> 200 Pas mal pour des étiquette merci je pourrais en faire bonne usage pour mon fils.
250 Jolie photo, j'aime beaucoup l'ensoleillement ainsi au sencond plan.
250 Nice photo, I love the sunshine and the sencond plan.
300 Cet oeil est inquietant..., belle prise de vue. Cordialement.
300 This look is worrying..., beautiful shooting. Cordially.

31/8/2006: :1: It is a very beautiful photo, exposure OK, Framing and good sharpness OK als

30/8/2006: :2: Hey ! Said Auxane, you are very beautiful but will not get you the big head

29/8/2006: I think the reflections are poorly used ! Those to the right are suitable. Perha

28/8/2006: As said Kim, this is really hard. You can explain to us ? Not ? The forum is tal

27/8/2006: For me it is good, the shooting, the colour : a beautiful photo.

26/8/2006: :12: The Cap Canaille it is superb, but you failed in your framing. It was neces

25/8/2006: A very beautiful photo taken in the 'movement' in a posture, little joint.

24/8/2006: A wonderful color for this very beautiful rose, on which one still sees a few dr

23/8/2006: Super simpa, thank you for the photos with a lot of memory from 1985 to 1990. a+

22/8/2006: Special, is the menhir, which is in front of me gene a little, and the cars.

21/8/2006: A dominant blue, too bad the site is beautiful, I don't know.

20/8/2006: Ah well I hadn't seen this one, it is even more beautiful, I think it is one of

19/8/2006: The development of the horse very clear surrounded by this haze, beautiful ! :3:

18/8/2006: Beautiful landscape : it really makes you want to go there !

17/8/2006: The sunrises are the most beautiful sunsets, it seems : a very nice photo.

16/8/2006: :1: It is at least of the sport Shadow, a beautiful German shepherd, he was what

15/8/2006: Superb phot,o beautiful city, lovely landscape and very beautiful place in Belgi

14/8/2006: Super photo as a lot of this site, I went there 2 times so I speak geek : contin

13/8/2006: Bravo for the composition, very beautiful light in the foreground on the boats,

12/8/2006: Photo very funny !!! The small one is funny and mimi !!! Kudos to the photograph

11/8/2006: This photo is good but it would take a lot of the other to have more choices !!!

10/8/2006: This wallpaper is really great : it's St Etienne. I'm going to spend a blo. I'll

9/8/2006: Very nice view, and the sky is not too blue, you could almost feel the scent of

8/8/2006: This photo is sublime :2: :3: frankly, it's successful me ; who loves horses thi

7/8/2006: Hey hey hey ! It is beautiful ! I think he is thinking of the future stupidity t

6/8/2006: She is very beautiful !!! It represents totally the dark side. :3: You cré2e. Bu

5/8/2006: :5: :6: I love the dog : it had the head of the mole, but it is so beautiful thi

4/8/2006: :6: I love dolphins and those, I find them too mimi. :5: :5:

3/8/2006: The decentering is voluntary, although at arm's length, I tried to adhere to the

2/8/2006: I have found it ! This is the Millau viaduct, photographed at night. That is wha

1/8/2006: Yes the photo is very nice indeed. You should try to darken the shadows and give

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