Technically the picture is successful The regret the light goes from
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 21/2/2009

Fleur Passiflore > Ma passiflore 16 08 06
Ma passiflore 16 08 06
Technically the picture is successful. The regret, the light goes from a flower to another. It can not be fixed. C'est dommage! I do not want to worry about that.
De Morel.andre
Fleur Jonquille > Jonquille 20090220
Jonquille 20090220
A nice photo, a bit of contrast and improve still further the net. : 6:
De Ninik
Concours images0106 Cavalier King Charles 2
The 'cavalier-king-charles' is my favorite race! : 5:: 3:: 4:
De Bouli
Belgique Bruxelles > Bruxelles 009 075
Bruxelles 009 075
It seems to me that you rest a little barrel distortion visible on the vertical, it must be possible to delete.
Fleur Passiflore > Vendee0706 23
Vendee0706 23
Not bad! It is based to look at it. With fringes that form, the impression which will melt in the greenery. I'm in love! I can tell you that a variety of flower of passion.
De Morel.andre
Ruine > Etiquette
The idea is good remains to be refined to do it again: thank you! : 12:
De Odon
Ruine > Alle
I think it looks good that has the desired effect I do not like but your pictures in black and white are for the topic.
De Odon
Retouche Photo > Galerie membre belgique bruxelles bruxelles 009 075 retouche jc
Galerie membre belgique bruxelles bruxelles 009 075 retouche jc
I realize that most of your signature a little 'cut' it remains a relic of your frame.
Chat Europeen > Ponny et le lapin nain
Ponny et le lapin nain
Soil and cabinet + signature: 17:: 19:: 18:: 20: Very nice anyway.
De Camille
Fleur Geranium > Fleur geraniums
Fleur geraniums
I do not give you advice 'macro' because I do not know anything, but a bit of contrast and sharpness further enhance this beautiful image. : 6: I see the flower as less focused and therefore located on the right.
De Ninik
Chat Persan > Imgp1152 2
Imgp1152 2
Well cared for and beautiful color, there is nothing to fault, it is really perfect.
De .....
Chien Coton De Tulear > Paxy 022
Paxy 022
We have 3 months from a cute little 'cotton' is called Dean. Tomorrow he is 5 months: same look, same presence, even elegance. This race is really a gift dropped from heaven. We will say simply that they lack the word, and God knows they can make themselves understood. In a word ADORABLE.
De Martine47
Flou > Dsc 2863 hdr reflet2
Dsc 2863 hdr reflet2
I see better without glasses as interesting is not it? : 4: Nice golden tones to the enchanting castle on the ocean floor: 3: I like the least: 18:
De Lumixane
France Ardeche > P2006 0815descente en ardeche0001fei 0900221
P2006 0815descente en ardeche0001fei 0900221
A beautiful place well where it should be good to walk, to see the scenery around there is what to do, nice photo.
De Domi
Chien A Classer > Sucre me fait fondre
Sucre me fait fondre
It still really hungry, because she looks good this cute little dog.
De Domi
Coucher Soleil > Copie de soleil 4 encadre
Copie de soleil 4 encadre
: 5: Hello and thank you CR, fortunately there are some who love the sea and who like you think it is ever the same! It is true that I can stay hours watching the sea and listening to 'silence the noise or just a few waves and some seagulls! I went over there and I will return. Thank you CR. : 19:
De Candy
Chat Europeen > Candy dort
Candy dort
: 4: Hi Lena! And so after so much effort and poses she was tired the poor. I do kisses your hand. : 19:
De Candy
Chat Europeen > Candy montre les dents
Candy montre les dents
: 4: Hello Lena, and yes it took time to show me his teeth! The poor! It was not even angry now! : 19:
De Candy
Chien Shih Tzu > Chien du paparazzi tanguy 011
Chien du paparazzi tanguy 011
: 5:: 5: It's too mimi, I love it because they are too beautiful 'shi tzu' hair short.
De Jtm A N
Chat Europeen > Candy tete en bas
Candy tete en bas
: 4: Hi, yes I have cut the legs, I love when she turns her head like that? The poor as I was before the 'torture' to do his or her 'Quenotte. And what torture tickle too repeated on the belly! : 19:
De Candy
Chat Europeen > Candy allongee 3
Candy allongee 3
: 4: Well yes, I watch all the time half asleep or calm look! I wanted to see what it gave otherwise. Note you saw the result! Gros dodo after! : 19:
De Candy
Chat Europeen > Minet noir
Minet noir
: 19: Gipsy Good, and yes there is this cute little 'guy and I am committed to him. The substance burned, you must be right. Not easy to take him, not because he hot! This is an angel, but because it almost always closes his eyes and they are small and more, ah ha: 4:!
De Candy
Fleur Cosmos > Champs fleuris
Champs fleuris
My deep admiration for this image has not wavered, I wanted to reiterate, it is a beauty, I am amazed: 15:: 6:
De Lumixane
Chat Europeen > Minet noir
Minet noir
: 4: Good Léna and yes it is my cute little 'man' Me too I like black cats unlike those who think that this brings misfortune! He is happy now! : 19:
De Candy
Renard > Photo renard 02
Photo renard 02
I like the fox, pity it was too obscured by weeds.
De Margay
Saint Valentin > Rose carmin
Rose carmin
: 1: Very beautiful rose that will make a beautiful wallpaper for pc and mobile.
De Bibah
France Oise > Une rue de gerberoy
Une rue de gerberoy
Lots of charm, want to be in the small streets and discover the rest of the village.
De Natacha
Montagne > Parc de la gaspesie 2
Parc de la gaspesie 2
: 6: It's really really beautiful dream to go there on foot.
De Mortimer
Canada Montreal > Neige24
It is a pleasure to see these beautiful pictures and it brings back good memories. In April, it will be the 5th time we go to Montreal. Beautiful country.
De Marco
Fleur Lys > Lys 0066
Lys 0066
Very beautiful photo, well framed, good light and beautiful inspiration.
De Gemma
Lituanie > Eglise saint casimir
Eglise saint casimir
From time to time, we can eliminate some things, but here there was really too much. We let the artistic side to retain only the documentary aspect. It is a beautiful building and your photo is clear, sharp and well framed. : 4:
De Ninik
France Var > Lavandou 007 276
Lavandou 007 276
With the rocks, the lapping white waves, blue sea and sky, I like me. : 3:: 6: For the borders, as Marcel said, before putting the blue sky, it would have taken intercalate 1 pixel black (or very dark).
De Ninik
Flou > Dsc 2863 hdr reflet2
Dsc 2863 hdr reflet2
That answers the question Romaric. This is a photo to view it without glasses! : 19:
De Charly
Creation Graphique > 2009 02 16 calanques sous la neige
2009 02 16 calanques sous la neige
Good .. I will do the hard Left strata are realistic, but not right because they are never as regular. As for the snow to the fore the lack of whiteness and it makes me think more clouds you see when flying in aircraft. Otherwise, not bad at all. : 3:
De Ninik
Chat Europeen > Chat europeen2
Chat europeen2
So thank you I ask is that one also, I had the feeling, lol.
De Jennyly
Lituanie > Eglise saint casimir interieur 1
Eglise saint casimir interieur 1
Nevertheless, this church is beautiful and you manage to take pictures inside as well as outside. : 1:
De Ninik
Fleur Mimosa > Mimosa 2 int c2
Mimosa 2 int c2
The mimosa open on a black background is superb. It's very light, this picture is beautiful.
De Paulette
Lituanie > Eglise orhodoxe piatnitskai interieur
Eglise orhodoxe piatnitskai interieur
I always accompany you with pleasure in your journey and I visit all these buildings you photograph so well. : 3:
De Ninik
Papillon Argus > Papillon argus les pres d orvin
Papillon argus les pres d orvin
: 3: There is this beautiful butterfly, I like the presentation very much, the flower is pretty too.
De Domi
Oiseau Merle Noir > Bebes oiseaux 12 07 07
Bebes oiseaux 12 07 07
You feel their weakness is an image full of tenderness, love.
De Domi
Lituanie > Eglise orthodoxe piatnitskai
Eglise orthodoxe piatnitskai
As I will not go in the Nordic countries, I do not miss a crumb of your photos. You had to enjoy seeing you all this! : 3:: 6:
De Ninik
Lituanie > Place rotuses a vilnius
Place rotuses a vilnius
A nice view with these beautiful houses with colorful facades. : 3:: 6:
De Ninik
Chat Chaton > Oct 2006 158
Oct 2006 158
I do not often stop to photos of animals, but this kitten is adorable and with astonishment, which reads in its expression, it is crunchy. And concerns bring a little color. : 3:: 6:
De Ninik
Ecureuil Roux > Ecureuil vincennes 005 2
Ecureuil vincennes 005 2
I greatly appreciate your screen, because I can not capture images as beautiful, especially since I'm not very good at the photo, what I like is that they make me travel.
De Badette
Oiseau Goeland > Goeland apprivoise
Goeland apprivoise
Very nice picture! : 3: and clear: it helps when choosing a device.
De Kat21
Chat Chaton > Oct 2006 154c
Oct 2006 154c
This picture of a cute kitten lack a little sharpness and framing is not really successful. : 10: For I have against being attracted by your photo above against the same kitten among the concerns which is very good.
De Ninik
Maroc > Dscf0317
Beautiful rugs and cushions to sit. An invitation to drink tea with mint. It Berber hospitality. The small square of light caused by the sun is cumbersome.
De Cémaphore
Chat Chaton > Photo 128
Photo 128
Oh what a beautiful moving picture. : 6: Very nice photo .. Despite the hair quite white kitten, it is not cram. : 3:
De Ninik
Maroc > Dscf0471
This is no longer a home, but it was certainly a beautiful house, there were years ago.
De Cémaphore
Oiseau Geai Bleu > 100 2032c
100 2032c
En tout cas bravo, you have managed to take a whole with a very nice crib. : 6:
De Ninik
0 Sur mon écran, il n'y a pas tant de bruit que ça... Sinon j'aurais effectivement
0 On my screen, there is less noise than that ... Otherwise I would have actually
50 :3: La photo est belle. Un bout orange à gommer en haut à gauche, peut-être un p
50 : 3: The picture is beautiful. A slice orange blur in the upper left, maybe a li
100 Idée originale et bonne composition ! J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance qui s'en dégage
100 Original idea and good composition! I love the atmosphere that surrounds it! I s
150 Ils sont vraiment mimis :6: :5: :1: J'aimerais avoir les mêmes.
150 They are really Mimis: 6:: 5:: 1: I have the same.
200 J'avais trop besoin de photos de qualité avec des olives : merci, vous êtes des
200 I too need quality photos with olives: thank you, you are pros. : 1:: 18:
> 250 Techniquement la photo est réussie. Le regret, le regard va d'une fleur à l'autr
300 Cette façade est faite de terre, de paille, mais aussi de moellons. Très ancienn
300 This facade is made of earth, straw, but also rubble. Very old building plagued

28/2/2009: I find it beautiful because I love nature, and now I'm in town and I miss gr

27/2/2009: You bring us the emerald set in gold of autumn: 5: very poetic picture that we d

26/2/2009: Same feeling that Philippe, the black trunks of the foreground are a little too

25/2/2009: The flowers make a nice touch of color to the dark mountains. A very nice photo.

24/2/2009: I look to the back of a bus shelter bench whose profile is well under a light ag

23/2/2009: Of course! It is for you that I'm back! And I did not want to miss! ... Jobs

22/2/2009: In principle it upright, I tried several methods of vertical alignment and I bet

21/2/2009: On my screen, there is less noise than that ... Otherwise I would have actually

20/2/2009: The snow surface is gray, but as soon as it plunges you discover your beautiful

19/2/2009: Very acrobatic. To please people is one of the main qualities of Moroccans. Beau

18/2/2009: It is true that I increasingly tend to focus the main subject, especially when i

17/2/2009: Patience well rewarded! This little chickadee ball is adorable in this scene so

16/2/2009: Very nice place, very clear, a village with white walls and blue is a beautiful

15/2/2009: Very nice photo of these windows and the water fountain. Even remarks Marcel. I

14/2/2009: Very funny, my parents have a 'fox-terrier' and he laughs too!

13/2/2009: Nice picture I found and it is a good way to visit! It's all here for you, b

12/2/2009: Marseille in the snow, these are photos that must be retained at all costs. Brav

11/2/2009: You took a beautiful picture in perspective of the bridge. The environment in th

10/2/2009: Gena thank you, your photo montage is very nice and well representative of the f

9/2/2009: I have always loved Haystacks! Precisely because when there is a good sign, it i

8/2/2009: Belle photo fun! Austin healley or something similar? I know and in this case I

7/2/2009: Beau the dog, but not top mounting. Again thank you for your photos, keep a long

6/2/2009: Honestly, there is little net on this photo. You did a test and we must persever

5/2/2009: The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) is a large cat in size. Powerful and fierce,

4/2/2009: The 'reading' me perfectly in this regard, I would say that I do not rea

3/2/2009: Although the lake is frozen, but the environment does not seem to have experienc

2/2/2009: Beautiful maple leaves through which the sky appears blue. Thank you for this ph

1/2/2009: These oranges in the mid-green leaves provide color to our screens used in this

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