It 39 s really beautiful And say that I was born in Noumea there are
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 28/2/2010

Nouvelle Caledonie > P1020833
It's really beautiful! And say that I was born in Noumea: there are about thirty years ... thank you for these photos!
De Katy
France Haute Corse > N d de la serra
N d de la serra
This image appeals to me. The light and colors are wonderful. A very nice composition. Nature is beautiful as a poem. Here everything is calm, harmony and tranquility. : 6:
De Chapelier
Chien Rottweiler > Al encadrer
Al encadrer
Oh lucky, your 'rott' n not drool! Lol he is super nice, I am even at home. : 1: All is well.
De Oceeane
Fleur Cigue > La grande cigue p2240039
La grande cigue p2240039
However, I draw your attention on the reddish marks that appear on the stem hollow cylindrical, light green of the plant is guaranteed poison ... behind that beautiful green. Nature is like that. Thank you for your pitches: 18:.
De Le Fada de Marseille
Fleur Bignone > Un bouquet de bignone 005
Un bouquet de bignone 005
Perfect as a photo, thank you for the photographer to note that this flower is the best.
Fleur Coquelicot > Champ de coquelicots
Champ de coquelicots
Very beautiful field of poppies, I love these flowers they are beautiful, too bad we did saw a lot more with treatment in the fields! ...
De Chanel
France Bouches Du Rhone > La maison p2240033
La maison p2240033
It was the discovery of my trip and I just wanted to share it. It remains that the decor around the house quite real, is sublime and was worth immortalizing. Happy sharing. Thank you: 1:: 6:: 3:.
De Le Fada de Marseille
Coucher Soleil > Soleil rouge
Soleil rouge
It's simple, clean, perfect ... Beautiful aura around the sun ... This is pure ...
De Viviane.clemente
Ecureuil > Ecureuil26
I also love his expression ... hard to capture ... So very beautiful snapshot ... Well made good on goal ...
De Viviane.clemente
I like the 1st N °: 3:, and 02! I like it when it falls, it is not bad either! 1:
Carnaval > 2009 02202009carnavalvenise0095
2009 02202009carnavalvenise0095
Beautiful! That the dream! Thank you and congratulations to all the photographers!
De Martine
Cheval > Tete a tete chevaux
Tete a tete chevaux
It would have been great ... But there does not touch too much sharpness?? The effect sharpness and Relief kills the romance of the picture ... No hard feelings!
De Viviane.clemente
Moulin A Vent > Moulin a vent 8
Moulin a vent 8
Hello Jeje, thank you for your comment, it is a pleasure to read you. : 18:
De Nicole.barberon
Cameleon > Attitude originale d un camaleon
Attitude originale d un camaleon
It is awesome! Very good! Very expressive indeed! Unique!
De Viviane.clemente
France Carcassonne > Cite carcassonne 3031
Cite carcassonne 3031
Water and the city is beautiful and I love: 4:: 5:: 6:!
Arbre Chene > Le chene blanc p2240026
Le chene blanc p2240026
Yes, this beautiful tree gets its name from its whitish bark and its gray twigs. By cons, its leaves turn red in autumn and often dressed the tree in a cloak of dried leaves of this color throughout the winter. You must have seen easily in our scrub. Thank you for your passage: 1:: 18:.
De Le Fada de Marseille
Oiseau Canard Mignon Blanc > Canard 2009 8
Canard 2009 8
: 4: Hi, I love your picture because your duck is so beautiful and so white! It seems to float! Very well done. : 18:: 19:
De Candy
Retouche Photo > Canard picture 127
Canard picture 127
: 4: Hi, it is still beautiful even if the decor is a little less magical! But it is natural! Thank you. : 18:: 19:
De Candy
Chien Boxer > Col des pres 086 copie
Col des pres 086 copie
Beautiful picture of boxer showing her beautiful muscle in the snow.
De Juju
Portugal Algarve > Imagem 016
Imagem 016
: 6: I am really longing to return, the Portugal is really beautiful ... 5:
De Mena
Arbre Genevrier Cade > Le genevrier cade p2240009
Le genevrier cade p2240009
Juniper juniper is widespread in the South of France. It grows on dry rocky soil, forming a shrub or tree characteristic of scrubland. Thank you for appreciating it. : 3:: 6:
De Le Fada de Marseille
Printemps > Dsc 1185 1
Dsc 1185 1
: 4: Finally we see bright colors and full of sun announce the return of sunny days. A nice, comforting and pleasant screen: bravo hunter time and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Oiseau Mesange Charbonniere > Bavardage sous la neige4
Bavardage sous la neige4
Both coal, surprises or a bit of a ham, have interrupted their conversation to allow Julicarm to take a picture: an attitude rarely shown and justified (and explains) the projection empathetic comments. Note the quality of balancing a round wire! 5.
De Chrisostome
Oiseau Flamant Rose > Flamant rose 20100227
Flamant rose 20100227
: 4: The courtship posture gives a touching these 'Flamingos' net and nicely colored. The colors, reflections and presentation enhance the beauty of this scene animal: Jacques Bravo and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
France Dinard > Mon bateau
Mon bateau
Hello dear marie. This photo is taken in the cove of the priory but this boat is not at all a ferry to England, but is indeed a ship in transit in the cove ... size must be two or three times that of a ferry to England (I have often taken from Saint-Malo). Each summer, a dozen ships are moored a few hours in the loop of the priory!
De Jpguillerm
My name is Justine and I gallop 2. I love horses and I want one. And above all I crush on the chestnut hair washed.
Chien Boxer > Oui je surveille encore
Oui je surveille encore
We have the same but it is a male who is 9 years old, he is very nervous, very nice, we love it.
De Juju
France Marseille > Les vagues houleuses a carry le rouet 037
Les vagues houleuses a carry le rouet 037
Thank you for your nice appreciation. It is an encouragement to continue and improve my photography. Good trip in my gallery and on the website: 1:: 6:: 18:.
De Le Fada de Marseille
Suisse > 14
The landscape is wonderful. It makes you want to go on vacation.
De Chapelle
Oiseau Cygne Tubercule > Cygne verneuil sur seine 27 2 2010
Cygne verneuil sur seine 27 2 2010
This 'Swan' is proud, well positioned and its reflection brings more interesting. Bravo Person. 78 and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
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Chien Cavalier King Charles Spaniel > 3puces
: 3: The position of these three dogs Cavalier King Charles is sympathetic to the extent that they set the goal very seriously. They are very cute: Galeria bravo and thank you. : 4:
De Le fan belfortain
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Chien Boxer > Pc120010 copie
Pc120010 copie
He is adorable very much but he really enjoyed this drink?
De Juju
Moto Harley Davidson > Harley drapeau
Harley drapeau
Super photo, super bike I like, it keeps asking, bravo! 1:
De Shadow78
Oiseau Canard Colvert > Cane colvert dans l eau 02
Cane colvert dans l eau 02
: 1: The sharpness of the cane 'Colvert' on his brown shade and rather dull on his keen eye and include details of the underside of its wings offer a beautiful photograph taken from life at the right time. Excellent shot on a beautiful water: Web bravo and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Bd fond ecran gaston lagaffe 121jpg 2.php
It's pure lagaffe I love this picture. A good nap is always good to take.
De Nicolagaff
Montagne > Paysage de montagne a l alpe d huez
Paysage de montagne a l alpe d huez
1: Under the blue sky, landforms snowy Alps were wonderfully beautiful. The rendering in screen is a treat for the eyes. I put in place for some time Vivianor bravo and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Geometrique > Fond ecran geometrique au sol 8085
Fond ecran geometrique au sol 8085
These stones seem to take us to infinity: 13: beautiful graphics as the East is so well done, a small pile of contrast may be to enhance the appearance checkerboard? Although ...
De Bendulot
Chat Angora Turc > Hpim7693
How wonderful this kitten ... Ho la la all I have: 19:.
De Léna
Fleur Crocus > Crocus 001
Crocus 001
Thank you for the quality, these colors that dazzle. : 4:: 5:: 6:
De Crocus
Chat Europeen > Elfy 7 mois
Elfy 7 mois
Ho la la like you were right to crack: 6: she is beautiful this cat. I do not see myself living without most adorable little hairballs.
De Léna
Arbre Epicea > Foret epiceas jura 01
Foret epiceas jura 01
I love the majesty of these spruce: the atmosphere, calmness and serenity.
De Peintureur
Chat Europeen > Chat croquette 329 2
Chat croquette 329 2
Hello small croquette, but you're adorable chickadees: 7: no, no ... : Looking ... That's it! LOL.
De Léna
Oiseau Etourneau Sansonnet > Img 9916oiseaux
Img 9916oiseaux
Although the light is not really to go, these starlings are sharp and their attitude is rather singular aesthetic especially the back which is more exposed ... : 3:
De Bendulot
Chat Europeen > Dsc 0141
Dsc 0141
It is great that cat ... He looked a little puzzled: 19: by that guest.
De Léna
Ocean > Furie sur la cote des basques
Furie sur la cote des basques
Nice work! A wonderful mix of soft colors which meet on a cliche character said, basque I say! : 19:
De Bendulot
Chat Europeen > Grizzly 20100127
Grizzly 20100127
Cool life. : 19: It is great your cat. I too would make him many small papouille: 6:.
De Léna
Chat Europeen > P1110349
It is so beautiful and touching. I love your Loulou. : 6:: 5:
De Léna
Fleur Rose Jaune > La rose jaune
La rose jaune
: 3: The 'Rose' yellow blooming beautifully and has a pleasant light. The presentation is impeccable and it's happiness for the eyes: RAYD2B bravo and thank you. : 4:
De Le fan belfortain
Geometrique > Fond ecran geometrique au sol 8085
Fond ecran geometrique au sol 8085
All these lines and shapes that intersect and intertwine give me a feeling dizzy. Ultimately, it is a good idea to photograph, original and graphically interesting. Bien vu! 2:
De Divry.christian
Papillon Machaon > Machaon grand porte queue
Machaon grand porte queue
: 4: This butterfly 'swallowtail' is superb and very clear in the center of the pretty pink flowers. Joli cliché: RAYD2B bravo and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
0 J'aime cette splendide photo : cet arbre est magnifique et l'image m'est nécessa
50 Bravo Charly ! Magnifique cette photo ! :6: Dans des décisions difficiles, lorsq
100 C'est une très jolie photo, ce paysage enneigé est grandiose. C'est bien de temp
150 Très belle photo, les couleurs sont magnifiques : le calme et la tranquillité rè
200 Merci, je l'avais photographiée à la Grande Canarie dans une serre.
250 :1: Salut, très jolies fleurs de lantana. Les baies de lantana sont sucrées. J'e
> 300 C'est vraiment superbe !!! Et dire que je suis née à Nouméa : il y a une trentai
350 Une petite goutte qui nait d'une mélange d'or et d'argent. Petite goutte devie
400 :1: C'est trop beau, j'adore cette plante difficile à garder chez nous.
450 J'avais en face de moi ces grands espaces verdoyants en hiver et la ferme de Pic

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