This is the mystery of nature that we are thrilled whenever it
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 9/1/2009

Hiver > Cadre graminees 7 01 2009
Cadre graminees 7 01 2009
This is the mystery of nature that we are thrilled whenever it manifests itself in mind, in vain, that it is the largest ... : 1:
De Naej
Oiseau Grive > Grive orv
Grive orv
I can not blur ... Just his eyes and his beautiful plumage ... : 1:
De Naej
Neige > Branche ployant sous la neige
Branche ployant sous la neige
I do not know if I have too picolé: 13:, but I see an animal (dog? Fox?) Statue by snow ... The legs, nose, eyebrows: 14:: 1:
De Naej
Congo Kinshasa > Zongo
It is impressive to see the photo, but the reality has to fear with this deafening noise. We feel very small and helpless at a time.
De Cémaphore
Coucher Soleil > Coucher soleil sur l entree du havre
Coucher soleil sur l entree du havre
A little dark, and the horizon that looks ... Dommage ... Fortunately you that this is the precise Havre ... This is not the memory that I: 19:
De Naej
> Voir: Comment remettre l horizon a l horizontal sur vos photos
Montagne > P1120117col d emosson fei
P1120117col d emosson fei
Since you said we have to be fed 'engueulé', I'll be careful: 18: A beautiful mountain view hardly overwhelming if I can and I am not too fan of the color of the frame: 13: A very good note, however: 4:
De Lumixane
Oiseau Sittelle Torchepot > Sittelle en contre jour 01
Sittelle en contre jour 01
Arf! Of all the series on birds, I think this is what I prefer ... Because it leaves room to dream ... : 1:: 2:
De Naej
Lune > Objectif lune 01
Objectif lune 01
Vive retouching software then! : 19: Although ... Y has a little white disturbance affects the clarity of the night: 19:: 1:
De Naej
Oiseau Mesange A Longue Queue > Mesange a longue queue dubitative 01
Mesange a longue queue dubitative 01
It is once again a beautiful picture of a bird ... But surely I would prefer that just figure ... : 1:
De Naej
Hiver > Hiver108
3: A beautiful large quiet, the road to a leaky hypothetical horizon, but blue and soothing,: 6:
De Fanfan du Fatras
Belgique > Tn coloma
Tn coloma
Taken in perspective, this castle would look. The park is beautiful and well maintained. It lacks a bit of brightness and sky blue. Thank you from the comments of D. Marsin.
De Cémaphore
Hiver > Cadre graminees 7 01 2009
Cadre graminees 7 01 2009
A charming sheep - mowed - astride on the thorny stem, a small feature, its tail is very long: 4: Image fresh and poetic: 5:
De Lumixane
Coucher Soleil > Soleil du fort 2
Soleil du fort 2
"Horizon, tell my beautiful horizon is it that you will be right one day?": 19:
De Naej
> Voir: Comment remettre l horizon a l horizontal sur vos photos
Fleur Herbe De La Pampa > Herbe de la pampa 001
Herbe de la pampa 001
The grain is warm and light! Good work!
De Mynameisnobody
Toile Araignee > Img toile d araignee
Img toile d araignee
Change door of this kind in the corrugated iron, which for lack of taste! I am sure that the spider has left this site! Nice picture! : 1:
De Naej
Bourdon > Img bourdon sur epilobe
Img bourdon sur epilobe
Someone who loves Britain can not be inherently evil ... You have done well to continue this insect, the reward is there, after your goal! : 1: Too bad the finger fall into the right ... He escaped to blur? : 1:
De Naej
Oiseau Aigle > Aigle en vol
Aigle en vol
Belle made, illustrating the potential of equipment and know-how of the author. : 18:
De JanLou
Congo Kinshasa > Congo ensemble pecherie wagenia
Congo ensemble pecherie wagenia
This is the typical scenery of these countries, and for those who do not know, this bizarre and out of time, but it is Africa. You said Captain? Succulent fish. : 6:
De Cémaphore
France Puy De Dome > Moulin 03 06 2006 002
Moulin 03 06 2006 002
A competitor for Dédé69oo6 ... Ah! The beautiful Salers cows and Clarine you wake up early in the morning when camping ... : 19:: 1:
De Naej
Arbre > Arbre 6510
Arbre 6510
Impressive! This is the tree Mr. Muscles! Mr. Encyclopedia tells us much of what name it to him ... : 19:: 1:
De Naej
Insolite > Phare 1024
Phare 1024
Very original as shooting! Through the keyhole ... : 1:
De Naej
Hiver > Hiver108
It's a nice photo of all these trees in the snow: 3: for this photo on 500th EIF.
De Benett
France Hautes Alpes > Demoiselles coiffees 3603
Demoiselles coiffees 3603
Yes, but that's a real picture! : 18: and in addition to a superb first plan, you gives us a second no less beautiful! : 1:
De Naej
France Cevennes > Hiver cevenol
Hiver cevenol
Superb picture of my Cévennes ons: 1: and I had to leave with regret. : 6:
De Popi
Congo Kinshasa > Le fleuve congo
Le fleuve congo
The pink color is the result of a sun that was slow to emerge. The scenery is magnificent as the country, but too foggy in the background.
De Cémaphore
Maquette > Bluenose
Very very well done, it looks like a real ship.
De Anthony
Pologne > 2 chevaux
2 chevaux
Always moving to see the emotional links between animals .. : 1:
De Naej
Montagne > P1120111barrage emosson fei
P1120111barrage emosson fei
If the lake looks, it's going to blow the dam! Thank you for your invitation, but in winter I caulking! It is a coincidence, but the majority of your photos are taken in places that I know well ... Chamonix is no exception! : 19:
De Naej
Congo Kinshasa > Congo pecheur wagenia
Congo pecheur wagenia
This is a picture that affects the mind. The man who brave the currents to feed him and his family. It is a fishing and oh how instructive is not written in history books in France. That the Chinese are in the area, this is not a scoop, too many at home, so ... : 3:
De Cémaphore
France Provence Alpes Cote D Azur > La corniche
La corniche
The picture it very beautiful and it inspires the holidays, the ride. Too bad that the sky is not the party. Thank you for this view. : 6:
De Cémaphore
Pologne > Sejny 2
Sejny 2
I understand that the name of the next Monastery you we begin with the letter 'Y' ... : 19: We arrive at the end of the trip? : 1:
De Naej
Pologne > Sejny 1
Sejny 1
The architecture of all the monuments that we've presented does not vary so much ... It's very beautiful! : 1:
De Naej
France Beaune > La cuisine des hospices de beaune
La cuisine des hospices de beaune
Sister may be equipped with the old, but what I see on the table in front and behind it is something concrete that I love. Nice picture to the old and love. : 3:
De Cémaphore
Mer > Pecherie
Ben is my wife! I was still not clear! : 19:
De Naej
Arbre Sapin > Branches sapin bleue coiffees de neige
Branches sapin bleue coiffees de neige
Thank you for the advice and assessments. Nice to give me the link, but what is the photoshop that I buy, but easy to use.
De Nicole.beaume
Hiver > Cadre graminees 7 01 2009
Cadre graminees 7 01 2009
Great sensitivity and a good harmony in this winter photo: 3. The bottom aquarellé is quite pleasant.
De Jean-Luc F.
Gabon > Coucher soleil 107313
Coucher soleil 107313
This is a photo that 'Pete' fire: 1, but a little less black would have increased the beauty of the sunset.
De Cémaphore
Fleur Coquelicot > Coquelicots en bretagne
Coquelicots en bretagne
I love this picture: 5:, as I am able to walk into the fields with this beautiful view.
De Coquelicots80
Cascade > Cascade1 20081116
Cascade1 20081116
Very nice picture. I like the theme of the undergrowth and composition with stones, trees, waterfall, leaves ... Everything is there.
De Emmanuelle_33
Oiseau Sittelle Torchepot > Sittelle en contre jour 01
Sittelle en contre jour 01
Speaking of those who seek: 1. The substance, which looks like a burned photo, makes me think of your old photos sky: 3. The topic centered gives mystical dimension to this picture strange and mysterious.
De Jean-Luc F.
Lune > Objectif lune 01
Objectif lune 01
Perso, I go to bed with this picture in mind, invitation to dream. Good night.
De Jean-Luc F.
Insolite > Phare 1024
Phare 1024
The result is truly spectacular and dreamlike, water in all its forms.
De Emmanuelle_33
Mer > Pecherie 2
Pecherie 2
A small crop in the sky very (too?) Light gives this picture an unreal very interesting, I found: 3.
De Jean-Luc F.
Insolite > Phare 1024
Phare 1024
Very attracted to the sticker, a little disappointed at the opening, a development impossible to give this picture a very strange.
De Jean-Luc F.
France Puy De Dome > Moulin 03 06 2006 002
Moulin 03 06 2006 002
Pleasant, so I love these cows that I place an order: a more closer to this magnificent animal.
De Jean-Luc F.
Photo france photo besancon 03
Every time I leave besançon to join my regiment Verdun I have a pain in the stomach commme to say I love this city.
De Coriand
0 Joli profil pour ce 'dalmatien', tu es très beau Cooky et tu as un joli nom. :1:
0 Nice profile for the 'Dalmatian', you are very beautiful Cooky and you h
50 :6: Je suis fan mais j'ai la chance de posséder un fils du magnifique Valentino
50 : 6: I am a fan but I am lucky to have a wonderful son of Valentino that looks l
100 Superbes série de belles images félines, Gribouille est adorable. Merci.
100 Superb series of beautiful pictures cats, Gribouille is adorable. Thank you.
150 Réel plaisir de contemplation, on ne se fatigue nullement à les observer en ces
150 Pleasure of contemplation, it does not fatigue to observe in these harsh times o
200 Jolie photo :3:, elle me rappelle ma maison à la campagne, la prairie et les ois
200 Nice photo: 3: it reminds me of my home in the country, the prairie and the bird
250 :1: Très sympa cette carte postale sur les marais salants. Il y a vraiment de be
250 : 1: Very nice this postcard on the salt marshes. There are really beautiful thi
300 Très beau montage ! Si tu aimes les marais salants, je te conseille d'aller voir
300 Beautiful montage! If you like salt, I advise you to go to those in the region o
350 Le gris du premier plan ne me gêne pas, cela met en valeur le blanc autour et su
350 The gray of the first plan does not inconvenience me, it highlights the white on
> 400 C'est le mystère de la nature qui nous émerveille à chaque fois qu'elle se manif

31/1/2009: I never crossed the character and it's perfect. That said, there are similar

30/1/2009: What vineyard. These colors are beautiful, n'agressent not, the light is pla

29/1/2009: Beautiful sunset, but this picture would have deserved a more careful framing.

28/1/2009: Iris This is great. The background a little discomfort the eye and the subject i

27/1/2009: Nice picture which puts this futuristic very slender. It is a great achievement.

26/1/2009: I like this flower because it's my name and it is too good!

25/1/2009: I love watching the sky, and it is beautiful, bravo for this beautiful picture.

24/1/2009: This is the principle of any major dam, valves open electric guillotines once th

23/1/2009: I see that there are amateur Normandy! Me is my corner! I live 30 km from Étreta

22/1/2009: The sky of fire engulfed the sea Hopefully you have a rescue boat! The effect is

21/1/2009: What a beautiful image of a vacancy and boat trips. There are lucky to earth. Ni

20/1/2009: The image I like also that, with regret for the tree and the sun-centered, and a

19/1/2009: Thank you to all non-registered visitors and that's a shame: 18: your commen

18/1/2009: A beautiful image, it reminds me tans memories of my childhood! : 6:: 6:

17/1/2009: Surprisingly, Mexico has a rich history and I love the photographs. : 3:: 1:

16/1/2009: What a beautiful picture. You allow us to admire and this beautiful place that I

15/1/2009: Here, jam is a good idea, it will have to try: 18:

14/1/2009: : 1: a textile design, a ripple in the colors of the Basque Country, Good point,

13/1/2009: Maytoune What a surprise! You make me happy and definitely always the correct wo

12/1/2009: A very subtle display prompting the customer to buy. The Moroccan art to attract

11/1/2009: Lovely mushroom-shaped club. I would rather a 'clavaire Truncated' which

10/1/2009: : 4: Well I have never seen so little cabin overlooking the sea, it does calm, t

9/1/2009: Nice profile for the 'Dalmatian', you are very beautiful Cooky and you h

8/1/2009: : 4: Thank you Sofi! I see that you have found the path of my gallery for the ph

7/1/2009: Nice picture of these beautiful geese not timid English for a cent. : 4:

6/1/2009: It lacked a bit of brightness can be but my picture is light, due to various cha

5/1/2009: Thank you for your encouragement .. Otherwise. The road! LOL! I am happy for the

4/1/2009: Ouh la! Indeed, knowing this place, there is no doubt .. These houses are not so

3/1/2009: : 3: Very nice picture, I love the winter landscapes: thank you, good years and

2/1/2009: The varan Comodo is a huge beast dangerous and photographer who took these photo

1/1/2009: A beautiful photo and presented net of this landscape, reflections are superb. :

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