Okay Great but if you had trouble then I starting
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 2/1/2011

France Haute Savoie > Sous bois en foret a combloux
Sous bois en foret a combloux
Okay! Great but if you had trouble, then I starting!
De Daniel78
Carte De Voeux > Bonne et heureuse annee 2011 a vous tous
Bonne et heureuse annee 2011 a vous tous
Well that's wishful flamboyant! One can imagine that the sun rises in the dawn of this new year. Thank you, Ondine, and you too, every happiness for 2011: 5:
De Pavotbleu
Reunion > Eruption 2003 04
Eruption 2003 04
It is superb. It would also be able to hear this outburst of natural power.
De Dom
Oiseau Faucon Crecerellette > Faucon crecerelle
Faucon crecerelle
Superb! A nice little kestrel, they are rare in France, against one encounters much more in North Africa. A very nice photo. : 3:
De Kim
Carte De Voeux > Carte voeux papillon 2011
Carte voeux papillon 2011
We start the year in lightness and sweetness: a very nice macro with complementary colors, blue, purple and yellow ocher. Circles very discreet background add a little more graphic. I love: 6: I wish you too a happy new year!
De Pavotbleu
France Morbihan > Josselin jc galvao
Josselin jc galvao
Gena thank you for your comment, you are absolutely right about what you say. Happy New Year to you and thousands of clicks. Jean-claude-G44
De Jcg.44
Nuage > Un helicoptere au ras de la colline
Un helicoptere au ras de la colline
I see a red eagle takes off into the sunset ... Nice sky, nice colors: thank you for sharing with us this time. : 6:
De Pavotbleu
France Aude > Nuages eclaires par le soleil couchant
Nuages eclaires par le soleil couchant
Well gosh! The eagle is my red! Moreover Evie was immediately recognized, the Firebird: a spectacular sunset. Bravo: 3:
De Pavotbleu
Carte De Voeux > Bonne et heureuse annee 2011 a vous tous
Bonne et heureuse annee 2011 a vous tous
: 5: Thank you also for the fan and your comment and your very nice set of my favorite greeting card, it makes me happy! : 6:
De Ondine
Simply beautiful, without comment: we take in his eyes.
Carte De Voeux > Daumesnil dec 10 voeux
Daumesnil dec 10 voeux
A pair of Ray-Ban, thank you Pascal, I was dreaming ... In the process, I learn that the famous brand was born from the contraction of the English slogan "banish the sun." Returning to our wishes, two glasses and a bottle available, with you I toast the new year, it allows us a lot of photographic trade. : 18: Your photo is beautiful, do you think there may be trout down there, snug under the ice?
De Lumixane
Timarque > Le monstre du bananier
Le monstre du bananier
Banana ... Coconut ... (I digress, it may well be dreaming in Britain: 19:) This creature looks solid as a tank. The "material" metal, is well made. Full diagonal perfect position to fear: 11: But I like being scared! : 6:
De Pavotbleu
Bateau De Peche > Bateau echoue 20080608
Bateau echoue 20080608
: 1: Nice shot of fishing boat. The framing gives all its importance to the boat. Stay tuned for more photos. Regards. Marcel
De Crabecanoe
Carte De Voeux > Bonne et heureuse annee 2011 a vous tous
Bonne et heureuse annee 2011 a vous tous
The clump of trees light sprang. The most beautiful fireworks can not compete. : 18: I hope the year will be sweet for you too, Ondine and thank you for this beautiful gift. : 5:
De Lumixane
Fleur Passiflore > Ma passiflore amethyste
Ma passiflore amethyste
I'd love to have a passion for such beauty in my garden: you did well served with this macro impeccable. Ondine thank you, for we offer. : 5:: 3:
De Pavotbleu
Carte De Voeux > Carte2011
: 1: Very nice greeting card. Many of simplicity and warmth in this shot. Happy New Year 2011 and soon for more photos. Friendships. Marcel
De Crabecanoe
Nouvel An > Bonne et heureuse annee a tous
Bonne et heureuse annee a tous
Apache, like an apparition in the morning mist: 18:! The snow suits her complexion. The image is beautiful and powerful. I wish you my turn a very good year Julie continues to regale us with your pictures. : 5:
De Lumixane
Oiseau Faucon Crecerellette > Faucon crecerelle
Faucon crecerelle
It is very beautiful this small raptor and his catch, he had seen, not easy with this herb. Your picture is recent? Another good and very nice photo. : 1:: 6:
De Guylaine
Papillon Gaze > Papillon gaze sur valeriane
Papillon gaze sur valeriane
One of my favorite butterflies, for its translucent wings, its graphic simplicity: we present you with great grace and razor sharp. Superb! : 3:: 6:
De Pavotbleu
France Haute Savoie > Sous bois en foret a combloux
Sous bois en foret a combloux
Welcome to you, Daniel. Some know-how, know-how in view some of your gallery: 18: I like this in the woods and I may well leave me to dream ...
De Lumixane
Dune > Dunes rouges 2
Dunes rouges 2
That's what I like: the scenery! Thank you, Isa, for your nice comment.
De Pavotbleu
Chien Epagneul Breton > Photo 010
Photo 010
Thank you for finding my little spaniel dog very cute. In the photo she was three months, and began to make some mistakes. Now older, it became wiser and more cuddly. Thank you again for your nice comment. Friendships.
De Eva
Dune > Dunes rouges 2
Dunes rouges 2
Dream, and travel images, that's what I like to share. I visited your gallery today and I'm not disappointed with the trip: full of beautiful wow! : 5:
De Pavotbleu
Retouche Photo > Baies rouges
Baies rouges
: 5: I like the leaves appear silvery veins are well developed, it's pretty! : 6: Nice framing too! : 3:
De Ondine
Montage Photo > Histoire d une vie
Histoire d une vie
: 6:: 1: Superb montage of photos of swans. Taste and charm in this composition. Stay tuned for more photos. Friendships. Marcel
De Crabecanoe
Chat Europeen > Dscf2024
Beautiful photo, what a beautiful pussy! Very, very nice site! : 6:: 5:
Chien Epagneul Breton > Photo 010
Photo 010
When taking EVA small spaniel was 3 months. Now a little older, she is still beautiful, but also very stubborn and mischievous. Anyway she gradually calmed. Thank you for your nice comment. Thank you Regards.
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De Eva
Carte De Voeux > Cadre brindilles enneigees pour voeux 2011
Cadre brindilles enneigees pour voeux 2011
I like the simplicity, sobriety, purity of this card! The buds are already there, hope! Happy new year to you too, Fanfan. : 6:
De Lumixane
Fruit Poncirus Trifolie > P1030748
Who get burned, I spend my turn to eat the fruit or the bay unless everything is cooked for a few days. Bravo for the photo: 6:
De Francis-Sisco
France Chantilly > Duoptyque chantilly
Duoptyque chantilly
Your response to my comment made me laugh but I can not decipher the PS ... Thank you: 18:
De Lumixane
Oiseau Mesange Charbonniere > Gisele et lucienne
Gisele et lucienne
: 5: They are superb the vamps in your garden! Nice picture of a crisp, wow! : 6:
De Ondine
Chien Epagneul Breton > Photo 010
Photo 010
: 5: she is cute and endearing that little Eva! I had a Brittany Spaniel, Tom, of a kind! Make a caress from me to Eva! : 6:: 18:
De Ondine
Oiseau Canard Mandarin > Un canard mandarin
Un canard mandarin
These mandarin ducks are really wonderful. : 3: and thank you for sharing. : 6:
De Minimo
France Haute Savoie > L eglise decombloux
L eglise decombloux
Beautiful focused picture. : 3: She looks a bit, unfortunately. : 6:
De Minimo
Nouvel An > Billard du nouvel an
Billard du nouvel an
: 6:: 1: Greeting Card very original. The cheerfulness and good humor in this circuit. Happy New Year Nicole and soon for other fixtures. Friendships. Hugs. Marcel
De Crabecanoe
France Bouches Du Rhone > A table
A table
It must be a double treat to eat in front of such a panorama. : 3:: 6:
De Minimo
Retouche Photo > Baies rouges
Baies rouges
Bravo Mireille, the result is pretty! The trimming should be quite tedious!
De Jcmai
Nouvel An > Bonne annee 2011
Bonne annee 2011
: 6:: 1: Very beautiful composition in a lovely patchwork. I love this montage. Stay tuned for more. Friendships. Hugs. Marcel
De Crabecanoe
Glace > 89 glace
89 glace
A funny pelican! : 18: Your photos are spectacular ice, Josy, very beautiful!
De Lumixane
Congratulations to the winners and participants! As usual beautiful pictures: 1:.
France Alpes De Haute Provence > Ca pele
Ca pele
It is beautiful this sunset. : 3:
De Minimo
Statue > 3 statue canon
3 statue canon
Adorable this statue. : 3: With the cold it is, you want to meet this angel. : 6:
De Minimo
Chien Epagneul Breton > Photo 010
Photo 010
Thank you for the compliment to EVA, I see that you also love this breed of dog that is the Brittany Spaniel. I immediately made him a hug from you. Regards.
De Eva
Chat Europeen > Joli coeur
Joli coeur
: 6: Thank you for your comment so nice for my Joli-Coeur and the slipping among your favorites: 6:
De Ondine
Fleur Hibiscus > Fleur d hibiscus 20100926
Fleur d hibiscus 20100926
Pavotbleu thank you for commenting and being my favorite hibiscus, it was a pleasure! : 6:
De Ondine
Coucher Soleil > Coucher de soleil cassis 13
Coucher de soleil cassis 13
You have chosen to emphasize the sky, I can not give you wrong, Martine! : 18: Your photo elevates us. I like the little orange button right above the horizon: 1: delicious shades.
De Lumixane
Carte De Voeux > Bonne et heureuse annee 2011 a vous tous
Bonne et heureuse annee 2011 a vous tous
: 5: Yes, hopefully! Thank you for your comment on my sunset: 6:
De Ondine
Argentine > 3 cascades iguazu
3 cascades iguazu
Beautiful, this photo is simply beautiful. : 2:: 3: and thank you for sharing with us this marvel.
De Minimo
France Aude > Nuages eclaires par le soleil couchant
Nuages eclaires par le soleil couchant
: 5: Thank you for your comment on this bird of fire, nature is often gifts, too bad there was no music at the same time! : 18:
De Ondine
Timarque > Le monstre du bananier
Le monstre du bananier
: 5: Thanks for appreciating my mini-monster and having had a place in your favorites! : 6:
De Ondine
0 :5: Merci à toi aussi et pour ta mise en favoris de cette photo ! :6:
50 :3: L'image du coucher de soleil sur 2010 pour un changement d'année est une bea
100 Oui, j'avais vu pour l'horizontalité, mais je n'ai pas voulu casser le cadre qui
150 :1: c'est juste ma tasse de Kfé, entre les couleurs, la lumière, les reflets...
200 Magnifique photo. Couleurs splendides. Merveilleux sujet. Merci beaucoup.
250 :4: Bonjour Isa, elle est trop mignonne avec sa graine sur le bec et en plus ell
300 :3: La photo est magnifique. Un endroit où l'on a envie de faire comme ces dames
350 Merci pour l'appréciation ! Un superbe beau coin de France où il fait bon se rep
400 Merci Ondine, à toi aussi encore bons voeux ! Qu'elle est belle cette prise avec
> 450 Très bien ! Super mais si tu as eu du mal, alors moi qui débute !!!
500 Tes trois photos se complètent, c'est absolument superbe ! :1: Merci de nous fai

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