The reflection on the water can make you think that fairies still
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 7/10/2011

Croatie > Le miroir aux fees
Le miroir aux fees
The reflection on the water can make you think that fairies still watch ... Croatia's beautiful, thank you for this image.
De Mininaur
Oiseau Sterne Inca > Sterne inca
Sterne inca
Great Photo of a bird that I know nothing more to say except: 3:.
De Guylaine
Croatie > Dsc02327 3
Dsc02327 3
: 1: So this is perfect. I am dazzled by so much beauty, and the work of the artist: 5:: 5:
De Mininaur
Fleur Hibiscus > Hibiscus blanc mc agadir 11i 123 cpf 1259
Hibiscus blanc mc agadir 11i 123 cpf 1259
: 1: This white hibiscus is beautiful and the colors stand out beautifully against the green leaves. Ninik Congratulations and thank you. : 4:: 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Chaussure > Chaussure cruelle faisait hurler un lion
Chaussure cruelle faisait hurler un lion
I love the style of your shoes: 6: As for socks, adorable! A perfect set! But that does not mean that it is permissible to put his foot on the car hood: 7:: 19:
De Fifie34
Croatie > Croatie cascades krka
Croatie cascades krka
Bravo: 3: Yes, no weariness, all there was beautiful, and editing superb: 5:, thank you, I who love waterfalls ...
De Mininaur
Marmotte > Img 6930 3
Img 6930 3
: 1: In the rubble, the marmot and the look is pretty good posture allows the details. Bravo F. Pimenta and thank you. : 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Fleur Pivoine > Pivoine 20111007
Pivoine 20111007
I like your flower Annick, beautiful color on a black background. Thank you sharing Annick, in fact, my comments on monitors wallpaper, even super nice. Kiss, Loïc.
De Arsenallll
Croatie > 2010 croatie ballon eau chaude
2010 croatie ballon eau chaude
: 1: Very clever, bathroom outdoor ... Thank you for this shot.
De Mininaur
Croatie > Au pays des eaux vives opus5
Au pays des eaux vives opus5
Not that the show begins, the show goes on ... Beautiful curtain: 3:
De Mininaur
Croatie > Horloge croate 6240
Horloge croate 6240
A clock on the clock 24 hours, I did not know it existed. Nice photo. : 3:
De Mininaur
Croatie > En bas 6232
En bas 6232
I thought it was the finger of ET, it lacks the phone ... : 2:: 1:
De Mininaur
Goutte > Photo 025
Photo 025
: 6: it is your beautiful diamond hidden in the heart of this mystical forest, I like the mystery that surrounds the bravo, Didi Quebec: 5:
De Didi
Maroc Essaouira > Dsc 9015 2
Dsc 9015 2
Bonsoir Amoun, your sunset is a true wonder! Reading the messages in the coffee, I just realized that your registration date September 21, Marianne's birthday, my first daughter. In any case, I congratulate you all for your courage and thank you for choosing FEI your photos! : 4:
De Géna
Chaussure > Chaussure cruelle faisait hurler un lion
Chaussure cruelle faisait hurler un lion
This is not the HOOD ... : 7: my Fifie is the trunk ... : 19: Thanks for your visit and what you know ... : 6:
De Kaenafelix
Chaussure > Chaussure cruelle faisait hurler un lion
Chaussure cruelle faisait hurler un lion
It all feels the support of the forum sponsored by the French Federation of the shoe, but yes my good lady (MDR), but what a fly has bitten the community FEI out this topic: 20 (one is not, however, in April ), a fine example of collective hypnosis, especially women, moreover, that we know the irrational passion for a significant number of them for tatane the men will not do, to have no regrets Circulation is nothing to see (and next month the Hermes scarf?).
De Lou feignassou
Maroc Marrakech > Dsc 0052 modifier
Dsc 0052 modifier
I made this kind of photography in 2009 when I went to my second daughter, Stephanie. Except that that picture was not made in Marrakech but St. Aygulf in the Var (France) is not the same is not it! : 19: Note, I prefer the time this part of our country than bad in the Vosges! : 4:
De Géna
Oiseau Gabian > Jeunes gabians
Jeunes gabians
Very nice photo, very clear. : 1: It's still amazing how the young birds can be so different from their parents. To identify them, it is not easy. : 14:
De Ninik
Maroc > Ombres et lumie 768 res
Ombres et lumie 768 res
I would say that it's played: 1: Another way to appreciate the caravans in the desert! : 4:
De Géna
France Hautes Alpes > Col du lautaret 2780 81 82 83
Col du lautaret 2780 81 82 83
: 1: The assembly of four shots magnifies the landscape that I have so appreciated in the picture below. Sharpness, framing the reliefs and the colors are a wonderful rendering in the background: Gaude JM Bravo and thank you. : 4:: 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Maroc > Refle 768 tes et contre jour
Refle 768 tes et contre jour
When I wrote my second novel "Samaya princess of the desert" I would have liked a picture like this on the front cover! : 6:
De Géna
Oiseau Heron Cendre > Heron ailes baissees
Heron ailes baissees
Your Majesty, the heron, I salute you. What a beautiful animal, 1:
De Mininaur
Coucher Soleil > 108 coucher de soleil
108 coucher de soleil
Very beautiful colors for sunset: 2:. I would remove just the black ...
De Benett
Oiseau Canard Colvert > Photo1 12611
Photo1 12611
Isa.56 Hello, tomorrow I refer another original photo but with a slightly different one. See you tomorrow!
De Taratata31
Chaussure > Chaussure cruelle faisait hurler un lion
Chaussure cruelle faisait hurler un lion
Regardless, hood or trunk, (I can not see from here and I do not have that brand, then no mark!) It is not good: 13:
De Fifie34
Maroc > Cheval et fantasia
Cheval et fantasia
You live a beautiful country! My stepmother went to Marrakech ago few years! Sometimes I look at the photos that have been given. Personally, I made two trips to the Balearic Islands, any further: 18: I look forward to following your story! : 4:
De Géna
Croatie > Au pays des eaux vives opus3
Au pays des eaux vives opus3
What a great shot. The color of turquoise with green and gray rocks are a beauty to behold. : 5:
De Ninik
Maroc > Lignes et couleurs
Lignes et couleurs
This picture changes from previous ones. This must be great to go hiking in the green pastures! : 6:
De Géna
Oiseau Heron Cendre > Heron ailes baissees
Heron ailes baissees
: 1: Your heron, although net, has a very severe look and a fun attitude. Congratulations Crabecanoe for good look and thank you for sharing. Good evening. : 4:: 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Maroc > Refle 768 tes et contre jour
Refle 768 tes et contre jour
Hello Roland. Lenert53: 4: Did you saw the group is composed mainly of tourists, I was part of the second caravan a little detached from the first, I admit I enjoyed the friendliness of the drivers and also some pictures to tourists when it was necessary to stop, thank you to you for your appreciation: 1:: 4:
De Amoun
Automne > Parc du centre fiscal
Parc du centre fiscal
Didi Oh how pretty! : 5: What a beautiful place to walk! : 6: I imagine, making crunchy leaves under my feet or lifting them a little messy in my shoes! And watch from time to time to the sun by offering him my face and close eyes for a few seconds to enjoy the warmth yet! That's all I would do if I was there! : 18:: 19: But I'm in front of my computer ... : 20:
De Ainsiminilyse
Brume > Brume
Thank you for the comments, I also love to tell you the truth ... Otherwise it is I got my 7D, I can not wait to test it ... : 3:
De Rod78000
Maroc > Entre chien et loup
Entre chien et loup
What breed of dog is that? A friend has a Basenji. This dog is native to Africa is not it? She explained that this breed has maintained its origins ... he remained a little wild though it for some years now! : 4:
De Géna
Arc En Ciel > Arc en ciel juillet 2011 01
Arc en ciel juillet 2011 01
As for your picture, I like it: thank you for sharing, Loïc.
De Arsenallll
Coucher Soleil > 108 coucher de soleil
108 coucher de soleil
: 4: I have almost the same a few days ago, I mean the color of course, the sunsets are often very beautiful! : 5:
De Ondine
Fleur Pivoine > Pivoine 20111007
Pivoine 20111007
: 4: Very nice peony, water drops add to the beauty of the picture! : 5:
De Ondine
Oiseau Moineau Domestique > Deux moineaux
Deux moineaux
: 1:: 2:: 3: Frankly, I should pass before I does not, it's not good for my such a beautiful photo. How I could not see it. Thank you Nicole us share it, kisses, Loïc.
De Arsenallll
Papillon Gaze > Papgaz 3524 fei
Papgaz 3524 fei
: 1: The graphics are crisp and nicely enhance this beautiful butterfly 'Gaze'. Beautiful color of presentation: Vasya Congratulations and thank you. : 4:: 3:
De Le fan belfortain
Fleur Bouquet > Bouquet jaune 20111001
Bouquet jaune 20111001
This picture in the background is beautiful and bright. Bravo: 19:
De Artonge
France Finistere > Douarnenez port rhu 004
Douarnenez port rhu 004
It feels really good to see that even when you are away from home 'there are people who, through their photos, we lift your spirits, thank you. I'm working right now in Algeria.
De Expat
France Hautes Alpes > Col du lautaret 2780 81 82 83
Col du lautaret 2780 81 82 83
4 shots for a panoramic view ... It's hard! : 1:: 3:: 3:
De Artonge
Automne > Parc du centre fiscal
Parc du centre fiscal
A relaxing walk and how many colors? It is beautiful!
De Artonge
Criquet > Sauterelle 20111004
Sauterelle 20111004
Likely to be quiet: 18: This plays cricket chameleons to blend into the landscape: 4: A nice catch, well done: 1:
De Mady
France Moselle > Chateau de sarreguemines 2 d
Chateau de sarreguemines 2 d
Very nice image quality for the whole site! Beautiful colors!
De Buggybob51
France Belle Ile En Mer > Le confort
Le confort
: 3: very scenic, I have the same chairs in my garden, having said that a wooden bench would have been nice, personal reflection on the lack of flight, the fact that it is an island, including the lack of bridge deterrent because if the alert is given time and that we have your report, you are done as in a trap, I knew the island of Ré Bridge before and after the bridge and theft has increased recently because can escape more quickly (I am the hidden child of the Inspector Derrick: 10:) bitte schön, danke schön, mein Herr: 19:
De Lou feignassou
France Cancale > Pointe du grouin 2
Pointe du grouin 2
To each of you, thank you: 5: for your praise, and for having so many, put this picture to your favorites. I am very pleased that you have loved: 6:: 6:
De Pavotbleu
Maroc > Telle un chateau de sable
Telle un chateau de sable
My dream is to visit some African countries like Kenya, the Nile Valley ... but now, for me it is not possible! I am of the opinion of some members, it's a shame to leave such beautiful sites to deteriorate! : 4:
De Géna
Requin > Megalodon
: 3: Well! What a jaw and teeth what! Frankly I hurt in my flesh! : 20:
De Artonge
France Belle Ile En Mer > Aiguade vauban
Aiguade vauban
: 2: original and beautiful composition that plays on symmetry and asymmetry (symmetry in width, asymmetry in height) if not two thoughts, I think I heard that in the absence of the island a source of problems water during the summer, second in past crises were the policies used to say that the light was at the end of the tunnel, with the current crisis is like in this picture, at the end of the tunnel there is a wall and it goes straight in (no, I have not sealed the mood ...: 11:).
De Lou feignassou
France Honfleur > Vieille cour
Vieille cour
A film set, like the miserable! : 18: great saw! We believe it! : 3:: 3:
De Artonge
0 Bonjour Guylaine, Nous ne sommes pas au Canada, mais bien en France le Plateau
50 :1: ma Guylaine, la pente légère de la prairie met si bien en valeur ces arbres
100 Je monte a neuf sur l'échelle des émotions pour les deux tiers inférieurs... La
150 Si je crains toujours le soleil trop vif sur la verdure, j'aime en revanche la v
200 :4: Bonjour Fada, elle est très belle cette photo et je rigole en regardant de p
250 J'aime toujours le petit coup d'oeil dans les cours... (chose dont je ne privais
300 Bonjour Nicole :4:, ce portrait est magnifique :5:, ce regard qu'il a et cette n
350 Superbe oiseau que tu a photographié au bon moment.
400 Oh qu'il est beau ce cliché !!! Merci beaucoup de le partager avec nous, VaSya,
> 450 Le reflet sur l'eau peut faire penser que les fées se regardent encore... Magnif
500 Très belle photo originale... Et bien sympathique... celui qui a mis ces chaises
550 Bonjour Patjoe, Bien résumé, la récompense est souvent au détour du chemin.

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