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Eat Pray Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia (internation al export edition)

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Book by Gilbert Elizabeth
Rubrique(s) : Memoirs | Biographies & Memoirs | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Adventurers & Explorers | Specific Groups | Personal Transformation | Self-Help
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Time Bandit: Two Brothers, the Bering Sea, and One of the World's Deadliest Jobs

- 1,60 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
?Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep, so beware, beware,? goes the chorus of an old sailors? sing-along that celebrates the allure and danger of the seafaring life. But make no mistake?there truly is much to beware for those who are drawn to risk their lives and seek their fortunes upon the waves. And perhaps none take more chances than the men and women who brave the tempestuous, bountiful ...
Rubrique(s) : Health, Mind & Body | Personal Transformation | Spirituality | Religion & Spirituality | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Essays & Travelogues | Reference & Tips | Travel

Into the Wild

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Rubrique(s) : Ecosystems | Outdoors & Nature | Siblings | Family Relationships | Parenting & Families | Oceans & Seas | Nature & Ecology | Science

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Into Thin Air Now available in paperback comes the bestselling adventure book by Jon Krakauer, the acclaimed author of "Into the Wild". When disaster struck during his ascent of Mt. Everest, killing eight climbers, Krakauer survived by luck, skill, and discipline. Now, he has written the definitive account of this headline-making tragedy. Illustrations.
Rubrique(s) : Memoirs | Biographies & Memoirs | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Ebooks Kindle | Adventurers & Explorers | Specific Groups | Ecosystems
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The Dawn Watch: Joseph Conrad in a Global World

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Rubrique(s) : Outdoors & Nature | Siblings | Family Relationships | Parenting & Families | Nature & Ecology | Science | Authors | Arts & Literature

The Mapmaker's Wife: A True Tale Of Love, Murder, And Survival In The Amazon (English Edition)

- 7,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
In the early years of the 18th century, a band of French scientists set off on a daring, decade-long expedition to South America in a race to measure the precise shape of the earth. Like Lewis and Clark's exploration of the American West, their incredible mission revealed the mysteries of a little-known continent to a world hungry for discovery. Scaling 16,000foot mountains in the Peruvian Andes, ...
Rubrique(s) : Adventure | Specialty Travel | West | United States | Journalists | Professionals & Academics | Biographies | Sports

The Kingdom of Speech (English Edition)

- 6,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The maestro storyteller and reporter provocatively argues that what we think we know about speech and human evolution is wrong. "A whooping, joy-filled and hyperbolic raid on, of all things, the theory of evolution." (Dwight Garner, New York Times)Tom Wolfe, whose legend began in journalism, takes us on an eye-opening journey that is sure to arouse widespread debate. THE KINGDOM OF SPEECH is a ...
Rubrique(s) : Mountaineering | Literature & Fiction | Women | South America | Americas | History | France | Europe

The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst: Now Filmed As The Mercy (English Edition)

- 0,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
'A masterpiece.' New Yorker'Wholly riveting, brilliantly researched.' Evening Standard'A meticulous investigation into the seeds of disaster... fascinating, uncomfortable reading.' Sunday Times In 1968, Donald Crowhurst was trying to market a nautical navigation device he had developed, and saw the Sunday Times Golden Globe round the world sailing race as the perfect opportunity to showcase his ...
Rubrique(s) : Expeditions & Discoveries | World | Women | South America | Americas | History | France | Europe

Captain Francis Crozier: Last Man Standing?

- 14,46 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Francis Crozier was a major figure in the epic quests of nineteenth-century Polar exploration - navigating the North West Passage, reaching the North Pole and mapping Antarctica. His remarkable story embraces six daring voyages to the world's most hostile regions and extraordinary feats of endurance, tragedy and failed romance. The groundbreaking expeditions with legendary explorers like Parry, ...
Rubrique(s) : Expeditions & Discoveries | World | Anthropology | Social Sciences | Nonfiction | Sociology | Linguistics | Words & Language
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What Doesn't Kill Us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength

- 10,91 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
What are our bodies really capable of? We like to sit in air-conditioned comfort, yet each year millions of ordinary people train in CrossFit boxes, compete in Tough Mudders, and challenge themselves in Spartan races. They are connecting with their environment and, whether they realise it or not, unlocking their hidden evolutionary potential. No one exemplifies this better than Wim Hof, whose ...
Rubrique(s) : Reference | Speech | Anthropology | Social Sciences | Nonfiction | Sociology | Linguistics | Words & Language

An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Rubrique(s) : Memoirs | Biographies & Memoirs | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Scientists | Professionals & Academics | Adventurers & Explorers | Specific Groups

A Curious Life for a Lady: The Story of Isabella Bird

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
A Curious Life for a Lady Isabella Bird was a woman of remarkable gifts. Her accounts of her experiences became best-selling books and established for Isabella Bird a reputation as one of the great travel writers of her day. This book tells the story of Bird. Full description
Rubrique(s) : Scientists | Aeronautics & Astronautics | Astronomy | Science | Astronomy | Women | Essays & Travelogues | Reference & Tips
> VOIR LE PRODUIT | Comparer prix A Curious Life for a Lady: The Story of

A Ride to Khiva: Travels and Adventures in Central Asia

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
It is 1875, the time of the 'Great Game', when the British and Russian Empires are vying for power in central Asia. Great Britain learns of Russia?s plans to annex India, the 'jewel in the crown' of the Empire. A British officer rides for Khiva, a Russian city closed to European travelers. He is on a dangerous mission, to learn if this remote and dangerous oasis is about to be used as a ...
Rubrique(s) : Travel | Adventurers & Explorers | Specific Groups | Biographies & Memoirs | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères

Mind of a Survivor: What the wild has taught me about survival and success

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Rubrique(s) : Leadership | Management & Leadership | Business & Investing | Adventure | Specialty Travel

White Eskimo: Knud Rasmussen's Fearless Journey into the Heart of the Arctic

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Rubrique(s) : Arctic & Antarctica | History | Anthropology | Social Sciences | Nonfiction

Ties of Bandhana: The Story of Alladin Bapu (English Edition)

- 5,41 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The journey of a family from Gujarat on the west coast of India, to East Africa. A story of a pioneer family, their gains, losses and fortunes. 1889: Alladin Giga and wife Prembai leave with their children from the port of Verawar in Kathiawar for the German colony of East Africa. Twenty years later, Alladin travels back to India to visit his village. 1914: The First World War. Tanganyika becomes ...
Rubrique(s) : Africa | Africa | History | Ebooks Kindle

No Way Down: Life and Death on K2

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Rubrique(s) : Children's Books | Mountaineering | Sports

The Long Way

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Rubrique(s) : Sailing | Water Sports

Becoming the Iceman (English Edition)

- 4,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
**Included: An exclusive step-by-step guide to teach YOU how to become like The Iceman! Becoming the Iceman is a project inspired by Wim and Justin to show the world that anyone can adopt the ability to become an Iceman or Icewoman. The project?s goal is to show that the ability to control the body?s temperature is not a genetic defect in Wim, but an ability that can be adopted by everyone.For ...
Rubrique(s) : Applied Psychology | Psychology & Counseling | Health, Mind & Body | Applied Psychology | Psychology & Counseling | Health, Mind & Body

Waking Up in Paris: Overcoming Darkness in the City of Light

(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Rubrique(s) : Occult | Religion & Spirituality | Angels | Spirituality | France | Europe

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