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Dibs: In Search of Self (English Edition)

- 4,07 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
In 1947, Virginia Axline introduced professional psychotherapists to a new way of working with children called Nondirective Play Therapy. In 1964, she introduced the rest of the world to ?Dibs?. Dibs is silent. Dibs is a mystery to his parents and teachers. Dibs cannot be reached no matter how hard they try. He hides under tables and lashes out at other children. Some think he?s incapable of ...
Rubrique(s) : Adolescent Psychology | Psychology & Counseling | Health, Mind & Body | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Child Psychology | Parenting | Parenting & Families

The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It

- 18,89 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
What is the boy crisis? It?s a crisis of education. Worldwide, boys are 50 percent less likely than girls to meet basic proficiency in reading, math, and science. It?s a crisis of mental health. ADHD is on the rise. And as boys become young men, their suicide rates go from equal to girls to six times that of young women. It?s a crisis of fathering. Boys are growing up with less-involved fathers ...
Rubrique(s) : Child Psychology | Psychology & Counseling | Health, Mind & Body | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Adolescent Psychology | Parenting | Parenting & Families

Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up: Help Your Child Overcome Slow Processing Speed and Succeed in a Fast-Paced World

- 11,55 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Do you find yourself constantly asking your child to "pick up the pace"? Does he or she seem to take longer than others to get stuff done--whether completing homework, responding when spoken to, or getting dressed and ready in the morning? Drs. Ellen Braaten and Brian Willoughby have worked with thousands of kids and teens who struggle with an area of cognitive functioning called "processing ...
Rubrique(s) : Ebooks Kindle | Children's Studies | Social Sciences | Nonfiction | Gender Studies | Teenagers | Children's Studies | Social Sciences

The Everything Parent's Guide To Sensory Integration Disorder: Get the Right Diagnosis, Understand Treatments, And Advocate for Your Child (Everything®) (English Edition)

- 9,36 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
For kids living with Sensory Integration Disorder, the world can be a scary place, full of potentially stressful experiences. Kids with Sensory Integration Disorder can howl in discomfort over the feel of a shirt tag or a sock seam on bare skin. They may find the sound of a whisper to be as loud and frightening as a siren, and may perceive the caring touch of a parent or jostling in the school ...
Rubrique(s) : Nonfiction | Gender Studies | Teenagers | Mental Health | Special Education | Education | Social Work | Mental Health

Growing an In-Sync Child: Simple, Fun Activities to Help Every Child Develop, Learn, and Grow

- 10,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
A fresh and timely approach to understanding the profound impact of motor development on children of all ages and stages. Based on the authors' more than seventy combined years of professional success working with children of all abilities, Growing an In-Sync Child provides parents, teachers, and other professionals with the tools to give every child a head start and a leg up. Because early ...
Rubrique(s) : Special Education | Education | Social Work | Special Needs | Special Needs | Family Activities | Babies & Toddlers | Family Activities

Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers

- 8,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
International authority on child development Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D., joins forces with bestselling author Gabor Maté, M.D., to tackle one of the most disturbing trends of our time: Children today looking to their peers for direction?their values, identity, and codes of behavior. This ?peer orientation? undermines family cohesion, interferes with healthy development, and fosters a hostile and ...
Rubrique(s) : Babies & Toddlers | Friendship | Relationships | Friendship | Relationships

Sandtray Therapy: Everything You Need To Know To Start Using Sandtray Therapy With Your Clients Today (English Edition)

- 5,14 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Sandtray Therapy is one of the easiest yet most powerful modalities you can introduce to your clients. In this easy guide and introduction to Sandtray Therapy, Therapist and Author Michael Elliot reveals everything you need to know to get started. You will find Sandtray Therapy surprisingly easy.Help clients transform and heal from abuse and trauma.Never get stuck in a therapy session again!Use ...
Rubrique(s) : Psychotherapy, TA & NLP | Psychotherapy, TA & NLP

The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control (English Edition)

- 7,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Renowned psychologist Walter Mischel, designer of the famous Marshmallow Test, explains what self-control is and how to master it. A child is presented with a marshmallow and given a choice: Eat this one now, or wait and enjoy two later. What will she do? And what are the implications for her behavior later in life?The world's leading expert on self-control, Walter Mischel has proven that the ...
Rubrique(s) : Cognitive Psychology | Behavioral Sciences | Science | Cognitive Psychology | Behavioral Sciences | Science

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind

- 6,49 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In this pioneering, practical book, Daniel J. Siegel, neuropsychiatrist and author of the bestselling Mindsight, and parenting expert Tina Payne Bryson offer a revolutionary approach to child rearing with twelve key strategies that foster healthy brain development, leading to calmer, happier children. The authors explain?and make accessible?the new science of how a ...

Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates and What You Can Do About It

- 8,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
In this breakthrough guide to understanding, treating, and healing Attention Deficit Disorder, Dr. Gabor Maté, an adult with ADD and the father of three ADD children, shared the latest information on: ·         The external factors that trigger ADD ·         How to create an environment that promotes health and healing ·         Ritalin and other drugs ·         ADD adults ?and much moreAttention ...

Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids - and How to Break the Trance

- 8,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
We?ve all seen them: kids hypnotically staring at glowing screens in restaurants, in playgrounds and in friends' houses?and the numbers are growing. Like a virtual scourge, the illuminated glowing faces?the Glow Kids?are multiplying. But at what cost? Is this just a harmless indulgence or fad like some sort of digital hula-hoop? Some say that glowing screens might even be good for kids?a form of ...
Rubrique(s) : High-Tech | Industries & Professions | Business & Investing | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Computers & Internet | Child Psychology | Psychology & Counseling

Your Defiant Teen, Second Edition: 10 Steps to Resolve Conflict and Rebuild Your Relationship

- 12,56 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
If life with your teen has become a battleground, it's time to take action. This empathic book shows how. Trusted psychologists who have worked with thousands of families give you the tools you need to overcome defiance and get teen behavior back on track. By following the authors' clinically proven 10-step program, learn how you can: *Reestablish your authority while building trust.*Identify and ...
Rubrique(s) : Health, Mind & Body | Substance Abuse | Recovery | Education | Nonfiction | Parenting | Parenting & Families | High-Tech

The Stages of Psychosocial Development According to Erik H. Erikson

- 12,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Scientific Essay from the year 2005 in the subject Psychology - Developmental Psychology, grade: 1,0, University of Kassel, language: English, abstract: Erik H. Erikson (1902 ? 1994) is without a doubt one of the most outstanding psychoanalysts of the last century. The native Dane and later US-American further developed the psychosocial aspects and the developmental phases of adulthood in Sigmund ...
Rubrique(s) : Industries & Professions | Business & Investing | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Computers & Internet | Ebooks Kindle | Catégories | Child Psychology

Childhood and Society

- 6,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The landmark work on the social significance of childhood.The original and vastly influential ideas of Erik H. Erikson underlie much of our understanding of human development. His insights into the interdependence of the individuals' growth and historical change, his now-famous concepts of identity, growth, and the life cycle, have changed the way we perceive ourselves and society. Widely read and ...
Rubrique(s) : Psychology & Counseling | Health, Mind & Body | Substance Abuse | Recovery | Education | Nonfiction | Parenting | Parenting & Families

The Language of the Body

- 11,91 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The Language of the Body, originally published as Physical Dynamics ofCharacter Structure, brilliantly describes how personality is expressed inthe form and function of the body. The body is the key to understandingbehavior and working with the body is the key to psychological health.The Language of the Body outlines the foundations of character structure:schizoid, oral, masochistic, hysteric, and ...
Rubrique(s) : Adolescent Psychology | Social Work | Social Sciences | Teenagers | Adolescent Psychology | Social Work | Social Sciences | Teenagers

Alone in the Mirror: Twins in Therapy

- 24,28 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Alone in the Mirror: Twins in Therapy chronicles the triumphs and struggles of twins as they separate from one another and find their individuality in a world of non twins. The text is grounded in issues of attachment and intimacy, and is highlighted by Dr. Barbara Klein?s scholarly research, clinical experiences with twins in therapy, and her own identity struggles as a twin, all of which allow ...
Rubrique(s) : Developmental Psychology | Research | Developmental Psychology | Research | Compulsive Behavior | Mental Health | Social Psychology & Interactions | Compulsive Behavior

The Way to Vibrant Health

- 9,70 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The Way to Vibrant Health, now in its 3rd printing, represents over 20years of Bioenergetic body-psychotherapy techniques. These uniqueexercises are designed to reduce muscular tension and promote well-being,allowing you to feel more joy and vibrancy.Bioenergetics is a way of understanding the human personality in termsof the body and its energetic processes. Bioenergetic Analysis is a formof ...
Rubrique(s) : Mental Health | Social Psychology & Interactions | Movements | Personality | Psychoanalysis | Psychotherapy, TA & NLP | Creativity | Self-Help

Ordinary Magic: Resilience in Development

- 19,33 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
From a pioneering researcher, this book synthesizes the best current knowledge on resilience in children and adolescents. Ann S. Masten explores what allows certain individuals to thrive and adapt despite adverse circumstances, such as poverty, chronic family problems, or exposure to trauma. Coverage encompasses the neurobiology of resilience as well as the role of major contexts of development: ...
Rubrique(s) : Mental & Spiritual Healing | New Age | Religion & Spirituality | Movements | Personality | Psychoanalysis | Psychotherapy, TA & NLP | Creativity

The Awakened Family: How to Raise Empowered, Resilient, and Conscious Children

- 9,39 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
FINALIST FOR THE BOOKS FOR A BETTER LIFE AWARD ? NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER"Parents . . . you will be wowed and awed by [Dr. Shefali]." ?Oprah WinfreyAs seen on Oprah?s SuperSoul Sunday, a radically transformative plan that shows parents how to raise children to be their best, truest selves, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent.What if...? What if I told you that you ...
Rubrique(s) : Self-Help | Mental & Spiritual Healing | New Age | Religion & Spirituality | Counseling | Counseling | Alternative Medicine | Exercise & Fitness

The Spiritual Life of Children (English Edition)

- 8,49 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
A look at faith through the voices of children from varied religious backgrounds, by the Pulitzer-winning author of The Moral Intelligence of Children. A New York Times Notable Book   What do children think about when they consider God, Heaven and Hell, the value of life in the here and now, and the inevitability of death? Child psychiatrist, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, and Harvard professor ...
Rubrique(s) : Physical Therapy | Allied Health Professions | Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Exercise & Fitness | Physical Therapy | Allied Health Professions | Medicine

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