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Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal

- 14,02 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Gold Medal Winner--Tops Sales World's Best Sales and Marketing Book ?Fast, fun and immensely practical.? ?JOE SULLIVAN, Founder, Flextronics ?Move over Neil Strauss and game theory. Pitch Anything reveals the next big thing in social dynamics: game for business.? ?JOSH WHITFORD, Founder, Echelon Media ?What do supermodels and venture capitalists have in common? They hear hundreds of pitches a ...
Rubrique(s) : Training | Management & Leadership | Business & Investing | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Communications | Skills | Running Meetings & Presentations

The Choice Factory: 25 behavioural biases that influence what we buy

- 7,21 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Before you can influence decisions, you need to understand what drives them. In The Choice Factory, Richard Shotton sets out to help you learn. By observing a typical day of decision-making, from trivial food choices to significant work-place moves, he investigates how our behaviour is shaped by psychological shortcuts. With a clear focus on the marketing potential of knowing what makes us tick, ...
Rubrique(s) : Training | Management & Leadership | Business & Investing | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Communications | Skills | Running Meetings & Presentations

Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives and other Introverts (Books for Writers Book 6) (English Edition)

- 4,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Do you want to improve your public speaking ability? ** Top 5 Bestseller in Public Speaking, Business Life and Business Communications categories **As creatives in a crowded world, we can no longer sit in our rooms, creating alone, if we want a viable income. Increasingly, we have to be out there in the world, sharing our knowledge and being visible in order to have a successful career.Public ...
Rubrique(s) : Industries & Professions | Advertising | Marketing & Sales | Consumer Behavior | Marketing | Applied Psychology | Psychology & Counseling | Health, Mind & Body

Breakout Strategy: Meeting the Challenge of Double-Digit Growth

- 18,45 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Companies that purposefully set out to excel are remarkably few and far between. The number of those who have a strong, well-thought out strategy for success are even fewer. Based on five years of research and field-testing, Breakout Strategy gives you a ?fast track? strategic vision that can push your company to incredible new rates of growth and expansion. Strategy and leadership experts Sydney ...
Rubrique(s) : Industries & Professions | Ebooks Kindle | Advertising | Marketing & Sales | Consumer Behavior | Marketing | Applied Psychology | Psychology & Counseling

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It

- 9,39 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
A former international hostage negotiator for the FBI offers a new, field-tested approach to high-stakes negotiations?whether in the boardroom or at home.After a stint policing the rough streets of Kansas City, Missouri, Chris Voss joined the FBI, where his career as a hostage negotiator brought him face-to-face with a range of criminals, including bank robbers and terrorists. Reaching the ...
Rubrique(s) : Health, Mind & Body | Reference | Reference | Catégories | Systems & Planning | Writing | Reference | Systems & Planning

Trust Me I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator

- 6,93 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Recently, fake news has become real news, making headlines as its consequences become crushingly obvious in political upsets and global turmoil. But it's not new - you've seen it all before. A malicious online rumour costs a company millions. Politically motivated 'fake news' stories are planted and disseminated to influence elections. Some product or celebrity zooms from total obscurity to viral ...
Rubrique(s) : Writing | Reference | Negotiating | Negotiating | Public Relations | Self-Help | Public Relations | Self-Help

TED Talks: The official TED guide to public speaking (English Edition)

- 7,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
'This is not just the most insightful book ever written on public speaking-it's also a brilliant, profound look at how to communicate' - Adam Grant, author of ORIGINALSIn Ted Talks Chris Anderson, Head of TED, reveals the inside secrets of how to give a first-class presentation. Where books like Talk Like TED and TED Talks Storytelling whetted the appetite, here is the official TED guide to ...
Rubrique(s) : Small Business & Entrepreneurship | Social Sciences | Nonfiction | Public Speaking | Words & Language | Small Business & Entrepreneurship | Social Sciences | Nonfiction

Extraordinary Circumstances: The Journey of a Corporate Whistleblower

- 8,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The longer WorldCom Chief Audit Executive Cynthia Cooper stares at the entries in front of her, the more sinister they seem. But the CFO is badgering her to delay her team's audit of the company's books and directing others to block Cooper's efforts. Still, something in the pit of her stomach tells her to keep digging. Cooper takes readers behind the scenes on a riveting, real-time journey as she ...
Rubrique(s) : Public Speaking | Words & Language | Memoirs | Biographies & Memoirs | Business | Professionals & Academics | Women | Specific Groups

Awakening: The Music Industry in the Digital Age (English Edition)

- 8,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Awakening is the definitive account of the music industry in the digital era. It tells the inside story of how the music business grappled with the emergence of an entirely new digital economy with exclusive interviews with the people who shaped today?s industry. Mulligan?s gripping narrative switches between the seismic market trends to the highly personal accounts of artists and digital ...
Rubrique(s) : Ethics | Business Life | Memoirs | Biographies & Memoirs | Business | Professionals & Academics | Women | Specific Groups

The Storyteller's Secret: How TED Speakers and Inspirational Leaders Turn Their Passion into Performance (English Edition)

- 7,80 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
How did an American immigrant without a college education go from Venice Beach T-shirt vendor to television's most successful producer? How did a timid pastor's son surmount a paralysing fear of public speaking to sell out Yankee Stadium, twice? How did the city of Tokyo create a PowerPoint stunning enough to win them the chance to host the Olympics?They told brilliant stories.Whether your goal is ...
Rubrique(s) : Ethics | Business Life | Business | Music | Entertainment | Business | Music | Entertainment

UNLEASH YOUR PRESENTATION POWER: The 17 Presentation Secrets of Anthony Robbins (English Edition)

- 2,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
UNLEASH YOUR PRESENTATION POWERHow to Unleash Your Presentation Power is a short, straightforward guide that will reveal to you how to give powerfully persuasive presentations. Whether you plan to deliver a TED talk or simply want to be a more persuasive speaker, this How to Unleash Your Presentation Power will provide you a roadmap for doing so.DISCOVER the presentation secrets of Anthony ...
Rubrique(s) : Leadership | Management & Leadership | Business & Investing | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Communications | Skills | Leadership

Streampunks: How YouTube and the New Creators are Transforming Our Lives

- 11,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Across the planet, humans spend more of their free time watching video than doing anything else. But increasingly it?s not TV they're watching, but online video. In 2016, Swedish vlogger PewDiePie made a record $15 million from his YouTube videos, beating Hollywood A-listers like Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts and Amy Adams. Something massive is shifting in the world of entertainment. Since its ...
Rubrique(s) : Management & Leadership | Business & Investing | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Communications | Skills | Industries & Professions | Business & Culture

The Storytelling Edge: How to Transform Your Business, Stop Screaming into the Void, and Make People Love You

- 18,16 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Transform your business through the power of storytelling. Content strategists Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow offer an insider?s guide to transforming your business?and all the relationships that matter to it?through the art and science of telling great stories. Smart businesses today understand the need to use stories to better connect with the people they care about. But few know how to do it ...
Rubrique(s) : Computers & Internet | Television | Entertainment | Media Studies | Social Sciences | Nonfiction | Consumer Guides | Reference

Turn The Ship Around!: A True Story of Building Leaders by Breaking the Rules

- 9,49 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
'David Marquet is the kind of leader who comes around only once in a generation ... his ideas and lessons are invaluable' Simon Sinek, author of Start With WhyCaptain David Marquet was used to giving orders. In the high-stress environment of the USS Santa Fe, a nuclear-powered submarine, it was crucial his men did their job well. But the ship was dogged by poor morale, poor performance and the ...
Rubrique(s) : Industries & Professions | Ebooks Kindle | Business & Culture | Computers & Internet | Television | Entertainment | Media Studies | Social Sciences

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age (English Edition)

- 10,40 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
An adaptation of Dale Carnegie?s timeless prescriptions for the digital age.Dale Carnegie?s time-tested advice has carried millions upon millions of readers for more than seventy-five years up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives. Now the first and best book of its kind has been rebooted to tame the complexities of modern times and will teach you how to communicate with ...
Rubrique(s) : Nonfiction | Consumer Guides | Reference | Human Resources & Personnel Management | Management | Marketing | Marketing & Sales | Human Resources & Personnel Management

All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Ninth Edition (English Edition)

- 20,80 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
?The industry bible? (Los Angeles Times), now updated, essential for anyone in the music business?musicians, songwriters, lawyers, agents, promoters, publishers, executives, and managers?trying to navigate the rapid transformation of the industry.For more than twenty years, All You Need to Know About the Music Business has been universally regarded as the definitive guide to the music industry. ...
Rubrique(s) : Management | Marketing | Marketing & Sales | Decision-Making & Problem Solving | Motivational | Decision-Making & Problem Solving | Motivational | Interpersonal Relations

Communicate to Influence: How to Inspire Your Audience to Action

- 19,07 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
"The gold standard for communication training programs." ?USA Today Business communication sucks. At each meeting and presentation, we are inundated with information, leaving us thirsting for inspiration. Sure, we will check off an action item because we have to . . . but what if we were actually inspired to do something? What if we were so moved that we wanted to do it? Leaders must earn the ...
Rubrique(s) : Relationships | Health, Mind & Body | Motivational | Self-Help | Success | Interpersonal Relations | Relationships | Health, Mind & Body

Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers

- 14,03 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Great things don't happen in a vacuum. But creating an environment for creative thinking and innovation can be a daunting challenge. How can you make it happen at your company? The answer may surprise you: gamestorming.This book includes more than 80 games to help you break down barriers, communicate better, and generate new ideas, insights, and strategies. The authors have identified tools and ...
Rubrique(s) : Motivational | Self-Help | Success | Guides | Job Hunting & Careers | Business | Music | Media & the Law

The Stupidity Paradox: The Power and Pitfalls of Functional Stupidity at Work

- 8,94 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Functional stupidity can be catastrophic. It can cause organisational collapse, financial meltdown and technical disaster. And there are countless, more everyday examples of organisations accepting the dubious, the absurd and the downright idiotic, from unsustainable management fads to the cult of leadership or an over-reliance on brand and image. And yet a dose of stupidity can be useful and ...
Rubrique(s) : Law | Guides | Job Hunting & Careers | Business | Music | Media & the Law | Law | Running Meetings & Presentations

Designing Bots: Creating Conversational Experiences

- 14,76 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
From Facebook Messenger to Kik, and from Slack bots to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and email bots, the new conversational apps are revolutionizing the way we interact with software. This practical guide shows you how to design and build great conversational experiences and delightful bots that help people be more productive, whether it?s for a new consumer service or an enterprise efficiency ...
Rubrique(s) : Running Meetings & Presentations | Etiquette | Business Life | Organizational Behavior | Information Theory | Computer Science | Business | Software

Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out: The 9 Communication Rules You Need to Succeed

- 13,04 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Master a New Way of Communicating to Build Influence and Achieve Unparalleled Success Radical is the best word to describe Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out. This book provides you with The 9 Communication Rules you need to succeed in a crowded world. You need an edge and this book will give it to you. This doesn't mean you need a complete overhaul.  It means making a strategic shift in how you ...
Rubrique(s) : Guides | Job Hunting & Careers | Business & Investing | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Decision-Making & Problem Solving | Management & Leadership | Management

Persuasive Communication: How Audiences Decide

- 38,29 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
This updated and expanded edition of Persuasive Communication offers a comprehensive introduction to persuasion and real-world decision making. Drawing on empirical research from social psychology, neuroscience, business communication research, cognitive science, and behavioral economics, Young reveals the thought processes of many different audiences?from investors to CEOs?to help students better ...
Rubrique(s) : Workplace | Organizational Behavior | Communications | Skills | Running Meetings & Presentations | Guides | Job Hunting & Careers | Business & Investing

The Keys to Persuasion: Mastering the 10 Keys to Changing the Mind

- 5,17 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Why is it so important for us to acquire the skill of persuasion? The answer is simple: every day of our lives, we need to persuade someone of something, whether in the workplace or in our personal lives. Whether you are convincing a colleague to buy into a new initiative, pitching an important deal to a client or trying to convince your five-year-old to go to bed, you are persuading someone of ...
Rubrique(s) : Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Decision-Making & Problem Solving | Management & Leadership | Management | Organizational Behavior | Ebooks Kindle | Communications

Start with No: The Negotiating Tools that the Pros Don't Want You to Know

- 10,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Start with No offers a contrarian, counterintuitive system for negotiating any kind of deal in any kind of situation?the purchase of a new house, a multimillion-dollar business deal, or where to take the kids for dinner.Think a win-win solution is the best way to make the deal? Think again. For years now, win-win has been the paradigm for business negotiation. But today, win-win is just the ...
Rubrique(s) : Skills | Running Meetings & Presentations | Motivational | Occupational & Organizational | Psychology & Counseling | Health, Mind & Body | Motivational | Occupational & Organizational

Just Shut Up and Do It: 7 Steps to Conquer Your Goals

- 8,49 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Your aim in life should be to achieve all of the wonderful things that are possible for you. There is no reason for you not to be earning twice as much as you are today, or even five or ten times as much. Your potential is practically limitless, if you could just learn how to utilize it.Clarity, Focus, and Concentration: Three strong, simple attributes needed to hone in your potential and hit the ...
Rubrique(s) : Psychology & Counseling | Health, Mind & Body | Negotiating | Negotiating | Training | Success | Self-Help | Training

Media/Society: Industries, Images, and Audiences

- 37,77 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Media/Society: Industries, Images, and Audiences, Fifth Edition, by David Croteau and William Hoynes provides a framework for understanding the relationship between media and society and helps readers develop skills for critically evaluating both conventional wisdom and their own assumptions about the social role of the media. Retaining its acclaimed sociological framework, the Fifth Edition ...
Rubrique(s) : Success | Self-Help | Popular Culture | Social Sciences | Nonfiction | Media Studies | Sociology | Media Studies

Words That Work: It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear (English Edition)

- 6,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The nation's premier communications expert shares his wisdom on how the words we choose can change the course of business, of politics, and of life in this countryIn Words That Work, Luntz offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the tactical use of words and phrases affects what we buy, who we vote for, and even what we believe in. With chapters like "The Ten Rules of Successful Communication" and ...
Rubrique(s) : Social Sciences | Nonfiction | Popular Culture | Sociology | Communication | Words & Language | Reference | Communication

Master Your Workday Now: Proven Strategi

- 12,65 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Comparable to such classics as Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and David Allen's Getting Things Done, this new title presents fresh and profound strategies for reaching success in your workday and life. Linenberger explains how work is largely a mental game that you can win by applying a practical new mental model of work called the Workday Now. The results are a well ...
Rubrique(s) : Words & Language | Reference | Time Management | Time Management

Simply Said: Communicating Better at Work and Beyond

- 15,74 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Master the art of communication to improve outcomes in any scenario Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication. Do you ever feel as though your message hasn't gotten across? Do details get lost along the way? Have tense situations ever escalated unnecessarily? Do people buy into your ideas? It all comes down to communication. We all communicate, but few of us do it well. From ...

Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator

- 8,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The cult classic that predicted the rise of fake news?revised and updated for the post-Trump, post-Gawker age.   Hailed as "astonishing and disturbing" by the Financial Times and "essential reading" by TechCrunch at its original publication, former American Apparel marketing director Ryan Holiday?s first book sounded a prescient alarm about the dangers of fake news. It's all the more relevant ...
Rubrique(s) : Industries & Professions | Marketing | Marketing & Sales | Public Relations | Computers & Internet | Industries & Professions | Marketing | Marketing & Sales

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