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State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program (English Edition)

- 5,88 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
?The persecution of Dr. Mirzayanov stands in direct contradiction of the Clinton Administration?s commitment to strengthen democratization efforts in the former Soviet Union, and halt the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. I am confident that you share my deep concern over the treatment of this courageous scientist, and I call on you to personally appeal for his release.?- From the ...
Rubrique(s) : Military | Leaders & Notable People | Biographies & Memoirs | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Military & Spies | Professionals & Academics | Scientists

Green Ink: Memoirs of a Fighter Pilot (English Edition)

- 4,82 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The biography of a navy fighter pilot who started out from immature, shaky beginnings. He found himself in the navy while growing up during Vietnam. He was the first to shoot down two enemy airplanes and flew 350 combat missions during three deployments aboard USS Kitty Hawk. The ledger he kept will bring you right there with him as he recounts many of those more than exciting missions ...
Rubrique(s) : Scientists | Specific Groups | Military | Leaders & Notable People | Biographies & Memoirs | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Military & Spies

Fighting Through From Dunkirk to Hamburg: A Green Howards Wartime Memoir

- 5,16 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
When Bill Cheall joined up in April 1939, he could not have imagined the drama, trauma, rewards and anguish that lay in store.First and foremost a Green Howard, he saw the sharp end of the Nazis? Blitzkrieg and was evacuated exhausted. Next step, courtesy of the Queen Mary, was North Africa as part of Monty?s 8th Army. After victory in Tunisia, the Sicily invasion followed. The Green Howards ...
Rubrique(s) : Professionals & Academics | Scientists | Scientists | Specific Groups | World War II | Military | History | World War II

Auchinleck: The Lonely Soldier

- 8,86 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck was born in India and raised in conditions of near poverty. Yet his talent ensured his career flourished despite his Indian Army background and he was the first Commander of 8th Army in North Africa. Despite great political interference, he stopped Rommel's Afrika Corps at 1st Alamein only to be sacked by Churchill. After a spell in the wilderness he became C in ...
Rubrique(s) : Military | History | Historical | Political | Africa | Asia | England | Europe

Eat the Apple

- 7,26 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
A gut-wrenching, beautiful memoir which explores toxic masculinity and the devastating consequences of war on one impressionable young soldierMatt Young joined the Marine Corps aged eighteen, after a drunken night that culminated in him crashing his car into a fire hydrant. The teenage wasteland he fled followed him to the training bases of California. Young survived training and then three ...
Rubrique(s) : Historical | Ebooks Kindle | Political | Africa | Asia | England | Europe | Memoirs

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

- 14,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
An updated edition of the blockbuster bestselling leadership book that took America and the world by storm, two U.S. Navy SEAL officers who led the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War demonstrate how to apply powerful leadership principles from the battlefield to business and life.Sent to the most violent battlefield in Iraq, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin?s SEAL task unit ...
Rubrique(s) : Memoirs | Leadership | Management & Leadership | Business & Investing | United States | Leadership | Management & Leadership | Business & Investing

Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography (English Edition)

- 1,04 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The firsthand account of the life of adventurer, scholar, war hero, and twenty-sixth president of the United States Theodore Roosevelt.There must be the keenest sense of duty, and with it must go the joy of living.   Here, in his own words, Theodore Roosevelt recounts his remarkable journey from a childhood plagued with illnesses to the US presidency and beyond. With candor and vivid detail, this ...
Rubrique(s) : United States | Presidents & Heads of State | 19th Century | United States | Americas | Presidents & Heads of State | 19th Century | United States

The Role of Women in the American Revolution - History Picture Books | Children's History Books

- 0,84 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Did you know that women proved to be as strong as men during the American Revolution? Some personalities really stood up for what the believed. Woman power is essential in any community and history will tell you that it?s a fact. Help your child appreciate women in history. Encourage him/her to read this book today!
Rubrique(s) : Americas | Fiction | History & Historical Fiction | Children's Books | United States | Revolution & Founding | Revolutionary | Historical Study

The Gallic Wars (Illustrated)

- 4,49 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The Gallic Wars is one of the earliest examples of a military science manual, detailing arms technology, tactical maneuvers, battlefield politics, espionage, intelligence and even the role played by luck in ground and sea campaigns. This new 2017 edition of The Gallic Wars from Immortal Books features an updated translation with modern English spelling and punctuation, an Image Gallery, a short ...
Rubrique(s) : History | Education Theory | Education | Nonfiction | Politics | Social Sciences | Women's Studies | Fiction

SEAL of Honor: Operation Red Wings and the Life of LT. Michael P. Murphy (USN)

- 16,96 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy, commander of Navy SEAL Team 10, posthumously received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic actions on 28 June 2005 during a fierce battle with Taliban fighters in the remote mountains of eastern Afghanistan. Michael was the first recipient of the nation?s highest military honor as a result of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. He was also the first naval ...
Rubrique(s) : History & Historical Fiction | Children's & Teens | United States | Revolution & Founding | Revolutionary | Historical Study | History | Education Theory

No Ordinary Pilot: One young man?s extraordinary exploits in World War II

- 10,16 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
After a lifetime in the RAF, Group Captain Bob Allen, finally allowed his children and grandchildren to see his official flying log. It contained the line: 'KILLED WHILST ON OPERATIONS'. He refused to answer any further questions, leaving instead a memoir of his life during World War II. Joining up aged 19, within six months he was in No.1 Squadron flying a Hurricane in a dog fight over the ...
Rubrique(s) : Military | Leaders & Notable People | Biographies & Memoirs | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Military & Spies | Professionals & Academics | World War II

Douglas Bader (English Edition)

- 3,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, whose dazzling success as a fighter pilot with artificial legs made him a national hero, was a British national treasure.His courage was remarkable, as was the way he defied his handicap. The film Reach for the Sky brought Bader?s life into cinemas, and Robert Jackson's classic biography was the first to document his life. After a lonely childhood Bader?s early ...
Rubrique(s) : Military | History | Aviation | Military | Leaders & Notable People | Biographies & Memoirs | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères

The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior (English Edition)

- 12,76 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
New York Times Bestseller A stirringly evocative, thought-provoking, and often jaw-dropping account, The Operator ranges across SEAL Team Operator Robert O?Neill?s awe-inspiring four-hundred-mission career, which included his involvement in attempts to rescue ?Lone Survivor? Marcus Luttrell and abducted-by-Somali-pirates Captain Richard Phillips and which culminated in those famous three shots ...
Rubrique(s) : Military & Spies | Professionals & Academics | Aviation | Military | History | World War II | Memoirs | United States

The Bridge at Andau: The Compelling True Story of a Brave, Embattled People

- 2,32 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The Bridge at Andau is James A. Michener at his most gripping. His classic nonfiction account of a doomed uprising is as searing and unforgettable as any of his bestselling novels. For five brief, glorious days in the autumn of 1956, the Hungarian revolution gave its people a glimpse at a different kind of future?until, at four o?clock in the morning on a Sunday in November, the citizens of ...
Rubrique(s) : Afghan War (2001-) | Memoirs | Ebooks Kindle | United States | Historical | Austria | Europe | Eastern

The Lady and the Tigers: The Story of the Remarkable Woman Who Served with the Flying Tigers in Burma and China, 1941-1942 (English Edition)

- 2,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Olga Greenlaw kept the War Diary of the American Volunteer Group--the Flying Tigers--while those gallant mercenaries defended Burma and China from Japanese aggression during the opening months of the Pacific War. Returning to the United States in 1942, she wrote The Lady and the Tigers, which war correspondent Leland Stowe hailed as "an authoritative, gutsy and true to life story of the AVG." Out ...
Rubrique(s) : Reference | Historical Study | Revolutionary | 20th Century | World | Reference | Historical | Austria

The Reaper: Autobiography of One of the Deadliest Special Ops Snipers

- 8,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Preorder REAPER: GHOST TARGET now, Nick Irving's debut thriller that Brad Thor calls "one hell of a read"!The Instant New York Times Bestseller by Co-Star of Fox's American Grit and Legendary Ranger Nick IrvingGroundbreaking, thrilling and revealing, The Reaper is the astonishing memoir of Special Operations Direct Action Sniper Nicholas Irving, the 3rd Ranger Battalion's deadliest sniper with 33 ...
Rubrique(s) : Europe | Eastern | Revolutionary | Historical Study | Reference | 20th Century | World | Reference

Lone Survivor: The Incredible True Story of Navy SEALs Under Siege (English Edition)

- 5,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
In June 2005 four US Navy SEALs left their base in Afghanistan for the Pakistani border. Their mission was to capture or kill a notorious al-Qaeda leader known to be ensconced in a Taliban stronghold surrounded by a small but heavily armed force. Less than twenty-four hours later, only one of those Navy SEALs was alive.This is the story of team leader Marcus Luttrell, the sole survivor of ...
Rubrique(s) : Catégories | Movie Tie-Ins | Genre Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Movie Tie-Ins | Genre Fiction | Literature & Fiction

Napoleon Volume 2: The Spirit of the Age (English Edition)

- 15,39 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Napoleon's life reached its most extraordinary stage, between 1805 and 1810. In 1805, Napoleon was suddenly at war with Britain, Russia, and Austria. He mobilised all his power to confront them, unleashing his magnificent Grande Armée. Its first, resounding victory at Austerlitz was followed by a whirlwind of campaigns, bringing Napoleon and his men to the borders of Russia. These stunning ...
Rubrique(s) : Political | Political

The Last Punisher: A SEAL Team THREE Sniper's True Account of the Battle of Ramadi (English Edition)

- 10,21 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
?One of the very best books to come out of the war in Iraq,? (Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, bestselling author of On Killing), The Last Punisher is a gripping and intimate on-the-ground memoir from a Navy SEAL who was part of SEAL Team THREE with American Sniper Chris Kyle. Experience his deployment, from his first mission to his first kill to his eventual successful return to the United States to play ...
Rubrique(s) : Politics | Nonfiction | Politics | Nonfiction

Tomorrow to Be Brave (English Edition)

- 4,49 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Includes 30 Photos for devices with image capabilityTomorrow to be Brave is the story of Susan Travers's extraordinary life, from her privileged childhood in England through her rebellious youth partying her way across interwar Europe, to her rash decision to join the Free French forces at the outbreak of World War II. In search of adventure -- and a break from her stifling upper-class world -- ...
Rubrique(s) : Women | Specific Groups | Women | Specific Groups

Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life and Missions with America's Elite Warriors (English Edition)

- 7,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The Inside Story of America's Ultimate Warriors When Osama bin Laden was assassinated, the entire world was fascinated by the men who had completed the seemingly impossible mission that had dogged the U.S. government for over a decade. SEAL Team 6 became synonymous with heroism, duty, and justice. Only a handful of the elite men who make up the SEALs, the US Navy's best and bravest, survive the ...
Rubrique(s) : Military | Leaders & Notable People | Biographies & Memoirs | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Military & Spies | Professionals & Academics | 21st Century

The German Aces Speak II: World War II Through the Eyes of Four More of the Luftwaffe's Most Important Commanders

- 10,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The much-anticipated sequel to The German Aces Speak gives voice to four more of WWII?s most noteworthy German pilots. When The German Aces Speak published in 2011, Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine welcomed Colin Heaton?s and Anne-Marie Lewis?s masterful command of interview-based narrative, writing, ?. . . what might have been numbing recitations of dogfights are instead vivid descriptions of ...
Rubrique(s) : United States | Americas | History | Military | Leaders & Notable People | Biographies & Memoirs | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères

Palace Cobra: A Fighter Pilot in the Vietnam Air War

- 5,83 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Palace Cobra picks up where Ed Rasimus's critically acclaimed When Thunder Rolled left off. Now he's flying the F-4 Phantom and the attitude is still there.In the waning days of the Vietnam War, Rasimus and his fellow pilots were determined that they were not going be the last to die in a conflict their country had abandoned. They were young fighter pilots fresh from training and experienced ...
Rubrique(s) : Military & Spies | Professionals & Academics | 21st Century | United States | Americas | History | Germany | Europe

A Higher Call: The Incredible True Story of Heroism and Chivalry during the Second World War (English Edition)

- 6,49 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Five days before Christmas 1943, a badly damaged American bomber struggled to fly over wartime Germany. At its controls was a twenty-one-year-old pilot. Half his crew lay wounded or dead. Suddenly a German Messerschmitt fighter pulled up on the bomber's tail - the German pilot was an ace, a man able to destroy the American bomber with the squeeze of a trigger. This is the true story of the two ...
Rubrique(s) : World War II | Military | Germany | Europe | World War II | Military | Memoirs | Vietnam War
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Seán MacDiarmada: 16Lives

- 8,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Seán MacDíarmada moved in the shadows, ultra-cautious about what he committed to paper, aware that his letters could be intercepted by the police. Because of this, history has not allocated MacDíarmada the prominent role he deserves in the organisation of the Easter Rising.This book gives Seán MacDíarmada his proper place in history. It outlines his substantial role in the detailed planning of the ...
Rubrique(s) : Aviation | United States | Memoirs | Ebooks Kindle | Aviation | United States | Vietnam War | Historical

Born Fearless: From Kids' Home to SAS to Pirate Hunter - My Life as a Shadow Warrior (English Edition)

- 1,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
'Hard eyes stare out of massive beards, their faces marked by the scars of battle. With these guys their webbing looks like it belongs to them, rather than it's been hung on a pair of reluctant shoulders. There's not a word been said to us, but the ante has clearly been upped. There's a dark and sinister feeling in the air. It doesn't take a genius to figure it's about to kick off.' Former SAS ...
Rubrique(s) : 20th Century | World | Historical | 20th Century | World | Political | England | Ireland


- 7,10 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
'I read this as a young pilot about to embark on a career flying military helicopters. It should have put me off for life. Robert Mason tells a gripping account of the relentless courage and heroism amidst the insanity of the Vietnam war. The final few pages are the most shocking I have read in any book.' Tim PeakeA stunning book about the right stuff in the wrong war.As a child, Robert Mason ...
Rubrique(s) : Political | England | Ireland

Marine!: The Life of Chesty Puller (English Edition)

- 6,45 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The gripping story of an extraordinary American hero, the most decorated man in US Marine Corps history, from a New York Times?bestselling author.?We are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. They can?t get away from us now!? ?Lewis B. ?Chesty? Puller, USMC   In the glorious chronicles of the US Marine Corps, no name is more revered than that of Lt. Gen. Lewis B. ?Chesty? ...
Rubrique(s) : Biographies | People & Places | Children's Books | Korean War | Biographies | People & Places | Children's & Teens | Korean War

Soldier Spy

- 9,06 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Soldier Spy is the first true story told by an MI5 officer. A shocking, honest account revealing never-before-seen detail into MI5's operation.'I do it because it is all I know. I'm a hunter of people and I'm damn good at it.' Bestselling author Tom Marcus is the first MI5 officer to tell the true story of British counter terrorism operations on our streets. Recruited after the 7/7 attacks on ...
Rubrique(s) : Espionage | True Accounts | Nonfiction | Espionage | True Accounts | Nonfiction

The Girl Who Stole My Holocaust: A Memoir

- 15,71 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Haunting, beautifully written and deeply moving memoir of a young Israeli soldier.?She took from me the belief that absolute evil exists in this world, and the belief that I was avenging it and fighting against it. For that girl, I embodied absolute evil ... Since then I have been left without my Holocaust, and since then everything in my life has assumed a new meaning: belongingness is blurred, ...
Rubrique(s) : Israel | Middle East | Jewish | Relations | International | Politics | Social Sciences | Middle East

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