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Phil Remington REM Remembered by his friends (English Edition)

- 5,98 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
PHIL REMINGTON   "REM"   Remembered by his friends.Proceeds of this eBook goes to "The Former Shelby American Employees Fund"As Carroll Shelby said many times, "There probably wouldn't be any Cobra stories without Phil Remington".The contents of this book is a tribute to Phil Remington. It is a collection of reminiscences sent in by colleagues and friends who agreed to share their personal stories ...
Rubrique(s) : Reference & Collections | Biographies & Memoirs | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Customize | Automotive | Nonfiction | Motor Sports

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life (English Edition)

- 9,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
In this authoritative and engrossing full-scale biography, Walter Isaacson, bestselling author of Einstein and Steve Jobs, shows how the most fascinating of America's founders helped define our national character.Benjamin Franklin is the founding father who winks at us, the one who seems made of flesh rather than marble. In a sweeping narrative that follows Franklin?s life from Boston to ...
Rubrique(s) : Miscellaneous | Sports | Reference & Collections | Biographies & Memoirs | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Ebooks Kindle | Customize

The Revolutionary Writings of Alexander Hamilton

- 6,87 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
As one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Hamiltonoccupies an eccentric, even flamboyant, position compared withWashington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison, and Marshall.Hamilton?s genius, forged during his service in the Continental Army inthe Revolution, brought him not only admiration but also suspicion. Asthe country he helped to found grew and changed, so did his ...
Rubrique(s) : Automotive | Nonfiction | Motor Sports | Miscellaneous | Sports | Historical | Political | Leaders & Notable People

Collins English Dictionary: Complete and Unabridged (Collins Complete and Unabridged)

- 4,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Not suitable for all Kindle devices. Please see below for compatibility with your Kindle device. Set as your dictionary of choice for Kindle and look up words while reading ebooks.Compatibility & FunctionalityIf you have any issues with this, please contact Setting as Default Dictionary works on all Kindles except Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle for Android ...
Rubrique(s) : Scientists | Professionals & Academics | Scientists | Specific Groups | Revolution & Founding | United States | Americas | History

The Happy Hooker: My Own Story

- 8,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
How did you first learn about sex? If you grew up in the 1970s, it may have been from a gleefully lusty tour guide named Xaviera HollanderIn the late 1960s -- that era of sexual chaos, when Playboy Clubs and love-ins were competing for national attention -- a beautiful, intelligent young Dutch secretary named Xaviera de Vries moved to New York, grew swiftly tired of her desk job . . . and soon ...
Rubrique(s) : Historical | Political | Leaders & Notable People | Scientists | Professionals & Academics | Scientists | Specific Groups | Revolution & Founding

The Biographical Turn: Lives in history

- 21,60 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The Biographical Turn showcases the latest research through which the field of biography is being explored. Fifteen leading scholars in the field present the biographical perspective as a scholarly research methodology, investigating the consequences of this bottom-up approach and illuminating its value for different disciplines.While biography has been on the rise in academia since the 1980s, ...
Rubrique(s) : United States | Americas | History | Revolutionary | Historical Study | Revolutionary | Historical Study | Crosswords

The Complete Poetical Works and Letters of John Keats (English Edition)

- 3,33 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Keats was a well known poet of the English romantic period, and despite his death at the tender age of 25, is one of the most widely read authors of the era.The Complete Poetical Works and Letters of John Keats contains all of John Keats published poetry as well as an extensive selection of personal letters written by the author. The book opens with a brief biographical sketch written by editor ...
Rubrique(s) : Puzzles & Games | Entertainment | Dictionaries & Thesauruses | Reference | Reference | Words & Language | Crosswords | Puzzles & Games

The Life of Sir Humphrey Davy, Bart. LL.D. (Volume 1 & 2 of 2) (English Edition)

- 0,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
The Life of Sir Humphrey Davy, Bart. LL.D., (Volume 1 and 2 of 2) by John Ayrton ParisThe reflecting portion of mankind has ever felt desirous of becoming acquainted with the origin, progress, habits, and peculiarities of those whom the powers of genius may have raised above the plane of intellectual equality; but neither the nature of the information, nor the extent of the detail that may be ...
Rubrique(s) : Entertainment | Dictionaries & Thesauruses | Reference | Reference | Words & Language | Women | Sex Instruction | Sex

My Struggle (Mein Kampf)

- 1,49 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Mein Kampf (German: [ma??n kampf], "My Struggle") is an autobiography by the National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler, in which he outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany. Volume 1 of Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926. The book was edited by Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.Hitler began dictating the book to Hess while imprisoned for what he considered to be ...
Rubrique(s) : Health, Mind & Body | Women | Sex | Health, Mind & Body | Historiography | Social History | World | Historiography


- 0,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
This is a book series list that's made for your kindle. It is a simple to follow checklist that consists of all of Nalini Singh's work. This book is free with an Amazon Unlimited subscription. This Series List consists of: Dynasties: The Ashtons BooksPsy-Changelings BooksPsy-Changelings CollectionsGuild Hunter BooksGuild Hunter CollectionsRoyal House Of Shadows BooksRock Kiss BooksStandalone ...
Rubrique(s) : Social History | World | Poetry | Literature & Fiction | Poetry | Literature & Fiction | Memoirs | World War II

AMAZING QUOTES: 7,555 ODDS & ENDS of NECESSARY WISDOM: 'Someone Said What You Are Thinking" (English Edition)

- 2,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
AMAZING QUOTES ? We would all like to be remembered for coining some pithy bit of wisdom, a message for the ages, a line or two that someone in a future generation might offer up a little awe. Speaking for myself alone it is likely to be ?I?ll take two sugars in that coffee.? However, others have said words worth remembering, words worth reading and words worth remembering.Famous football coach ...
Rubrique(s) : Reference & Collections | Biographies & Memoirs | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Quotations | Reference | Reference & Collections | Biographies & Memoirs

Émile Zola, novelist and reformer: an account of his life & work (English Edition)

- 0,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Émile Zola, novelist and reformer: an account of his life & work
Rubrique(s) : Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Ebooks Kindle | Quotations | Reference | Authors | Arts & Literature | Authors

Stepping Stones: Interviews with Seamus Heaney (English Edition)

- 11,42 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Widely regarded as the finest poet of his generation, Seamus Heaney is the subject of numerous critical studies; but no book-length portrait has appeared until now. Through his own lively and eloquent reminiscences, Stepping Stones retraces the poet's steps from his early works, through to his receipt of the 1995 Nobel Prize for Literature and his post-Nobel life. It is supplemented with a large ...
Rubrique(s) : Arts & Literature | Essays | Literature & Fiction | Criticism & Theory | History & Criticism | European | Criticism | Poetry

Praise of Motherhood

- 5,90 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
When Phil Jourdan's mother died suddenly in 2009, she left behind a legacy of kindness and charity -- but she also left unanswered some troubling questions. Was she, as she once claimed, a spy? Had she suffered more profoundly as a woman and parent than she'd let on? Jourdan's recollections of his struggles with psychosis, and his reconstructions of conversations with his enigmatic mother, form ...
Rubrique(s) : Poetry | British | World Literature | Essays | Literature & Fiction | Criticism & Theory | History & Criticism | European

QI: The Book of the Dead (English Edition)

- 5,99 €
(Boutique Kindle)
Welcome to QI: The Book of the Dead, a biographical dictionary with a twist - one where only the most interesting people made it in!QI have got together six dozen of the happiest, saddest, maddest and most successful men and women from history. Celebrate their wisdom, learn from their mistakes and marvel at their bad taste in clothes. Hans Christian Anderson was terrified of naked women, Florence ...
Rubrique(s) : Poetry | British | World Literature | Humor | Entertainment | Television | Dictionaries & Thesauruses | Fun Facts

The Spirit of London

- 6,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
First published as Johnson?s Life of London, now released with new material following Jubilee and Olympic celebrations in 2012. This updated history of London shows that the ingenuity, diversity, creativity and enterprise of the city are second to none.London?s buildings may be famous, London?s history may be lengthy and illustrious, but it is London?s people who have given, and continue to give, ...
Rubrique(s) : Humor | Entertainment | Television | Dictionaries & Thesauruses | Fun Facts | Humour | Catégories | Boutique Kindle

Wrong! 101 Reasons Why You Should Never Listen to Anyone (English Edition)

- 2,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Were you ever told you couldn?t do something, but you went ahead and did it anyway?That puts you in good company!Every dreamer, every doer, every person who was set on accomplishing something of importance did so amidst people who said he or she couldn't do it. Every one of them.But they didn't listen.G.R. Howard brings you 101 examples of why you should never listen to anyone.
Rubrique(s) : England | Europe | History | England | Europe | History | Motivational | Self-Help

Dead People

- 5,16 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Dead People is a book of eulogies, written for an eclectic assortment of famous and interesting people who died in recent years. The essays were written by Stefany Anne Golberg and 2013 Whiting Award winner Morgan Meis. The book covers twenty-eight dead people in all, including intellectuals like Susan Sontag, Christopher Hitchens and Eric Hobsbawn; musicians like Sun Ra, MCA (Beastie Boys) and ...
Rubrique(s) : Health, Mind & Body | Motivational | Self-Help | Health, Mind & Body | Rich & Famous | Leaders & Notable People | Rich & Famous | Leaders & Notable People

Men of The Battle of Britain: A Biographical Dictionary of The Few

- 28,06 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Since it was first published in 1989, Men of the Battle of Britain has become a standard reference book for academics and researchers interested in the Battle of Britain. Copies are also owned by many with purely an armchair interest in the events of 1940.The book records the service details of the airmen who took part in the Battle of Britain in considerable detail. Where known, postings and ...
Rubrique(s) : Military | Military & Spies | Professionals & Academics | World War II | Military | Aviation | Military | Military & Spies

The First 33 - One Woman's Journey From Trash to Treasure: The Early Years (English Edition)

- 2,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
A young black girl from the ghetto, struggling with anger, promiscuity, alcohol, drugs, lying, cheating and stealing? This was Bridgett LaRe?s legacy for the first 33 years of her life. In turning 33, it opened her eyes to all of the miracles that Jesus performed before he died at 33. She analyzed herself for any faithful behavior and yielded displeasure. From the depths of her despair, she ...
Rubrique(s) : Professionals & Academics | Aviation | Military | World War II | Christian Living | Christianity | Religion & Spirituality | Christian Living

The Red Earl: The Extraordinary Life of the 16th Earl of Huntingdon

- 6,71 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
In The Red Earl Selina Hastings tells the extraordinary story of her father, Jack Hastings, 16th Earl of Huntingdon. In 1925, Hastings infuriated his ultra-conservative parents by turning his back on centuries of tradition to make a scandalous run-away marriage. With his beautiful Italian wife he then left England for the other side of the world, further enraging his family by determining on a ...
Rubrique(s) : Historical | Biographies & Memoirs | Subjects | Livres anglais et étrangers | Reference & Collections | England | Europe | History

Lemuria The Buried Truth (English Edition)

- 8,14 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Lemuria - The Buried Truth is a tale of the ancient land known as Lemuria written by the bestselling author Tiffany Wardle. She has become a Lemurian expert and teacher and is already a bestselling author in this field. This book has been well-researched for three years across the globe.This book is a narrative of love, war and psychic power. The numerous characters depicted each have their own ...
Rubrique(s) : Historical | Biographies & Memoirs | Ebooks en anglais | Ebooks en langues étrangères | Ebooks Kindle | Reference & Collections | England | Europe

Pebbles in the Pond (Wave Five): Transforming the World One Person at a Time (English Edition)

- 9,00 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
What If Your Biggest Challenges, Struggles, and Heartbreaks Were Actually Preparing You for Your Greatest Transformation? and Contribution to the World? Can your most difficult moments be the ones that shed the greatest light in your life? These courageous visionaries say YES! Join these transformational authors as they share their own touching, amazing, and deeply inspiring true stories of their ...
Rubrique(s) : History | New Age | Religion & Spirituality | New Age | Religion & Spirituality | Personal Transformation | Self-Help | Health, Mind & Body

Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman, and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods

- 9,59 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
On December 18, 1999, Julia Butterfly Hill's feet touched the ground for the first time in over two years, as she descended from "Luna," a thousandyear-old redwood in Humboldt County, California.Hill had climbed 180 feet up into the tree high on a mountain on December 10, 1997, for what she thought would be a two- to three-week-long "tree-sit." The action was intended to stop Pacific Lumber, a ...
Rubrique(s) : Personal Transformation | Self-Help | Health, Mind & Body | Political | Leaders & Notable People | Women | Specific Groups | Conservation

ALL I EVER HAD WAS HOPE (English Edition)

- 4,41 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
In this collection of poems and her life story Stephanie Ellis shares her personal story as a single mother and how she endured and surpassed the worst of life?s hardships. Everything around her was falling apart but she remained resilient, and it was her hope that served as her shield. All of us are fighting a hard battle in life every single day. Hope is the one thing that keeps us going. It?s ...
Rubrique(s) : Environment | Outdoors & Nature | Ecology | Reference | Plants | Biological Sciences | Science | Nature & Ecology

Disney: Where Dreams Come True (English Edition)

- 2,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Are you Ready to Know All About Disney?Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.You?re about to discover how Walt Disney was an American motion-picture and television producer and showman, famous as a pioneer of cartoon films and as the creator of Disneyland. When people hear the name Walter Elias ...
Rubrique(s) : Political | Leaders & Notable People | Women | Specific Groups | Ecology | Outdoors & Nature | Conservation | Environment

Famous Quotes: Greatest Inspirational Quotes - 365 Famous Sayings About Life, Success, & Happiness (Quotations Collection) (English Edition)

- 2,99 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Famous QuotesGreatest Inspirational Quotes - 365 Famous Sayings About Life, Success, & HappinessEveryone wishes to get success and lots of rewards in life, but it requires constant motivation. The challenges, bad incidents and lots of other factors can dramatically reduce your motivation. At some point of your life, you may feel that everything is finished now. You can improve your feelings with ...
Rubrique(s) : Reference | Catégories | Plants | Biological Sciences | Science | Nature & Ecology | Christian Living | Christianity

Dream: Clarify And Create What You Want (English Edition)

- 8,86 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Do you dare to dream? If so, you are a results-oriented person. Dream is designed to help you both transform your own life and contribute to making the world a better place. Dreaming is something you do?or should do. You were created to create, and your ability to dream is paramount and fundamental when it comes to living a dream-come-true life.Dream will help you design a life that is the highest ...
Rubrique(s) : Christian Living | Christianity | Rich & Famous | Rich & Famous | Quotations | Quotations | Dreams | Dreams

The Original Wild Ones: Tales of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club

- 8,45 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Get an inside look at the real beginning of outlaw biker culture with this ?raucous and heartfelt recounting of the early days of biker clubs? (Roadbike).  The story starts one weekend in 1947, at a motorcycle race in Hollister, California.  A few members of one club, the no-holds-barred ?Boozefighters,? got a little juiced up and took their racing to the street.  Word of the fracas spread, and ...
Rubrique(s) : Motorcycles | Automotive | Nonfiction | Popular Culture | Social Sciences | Biographies | Sports | Motorcycles

Memoirs of Montparnasse

- 11,23 €
(Livres anglais et étrangers)
Memoirs of Montparnasse is a delicious book about being young, restless, reckless, and without cares. It is also the best and liveliest of the many chronicles of 1920s Paris and the exploits of the lost generation. In 1928, nineteen-year-old John Glassco escaped Montreal and his overbearing father for the wilder shores of Montparnasse. He remained there until his money ran out and his health ...
Rubrique(s) : Automotive | Nonfiction | Popular Culture | Social Sciences | Biographies | Sports | Memoirs | France

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