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1) > Texture ++++ > Abstract 2010
Abstract 2010
The maple (Acer campestris) is a tree belonging to the genus Acer Aceraceae family. It is classified in section platanoides (Acer platanoides) classification of maples. A beautiful tree that can reach several authors of a man. An excellent wood (maple wood) with which it was (once) beautiful yokes for our oxen yoked to the plow, beautiful rustic furniture, etc.. Marc Boucher said Meillan.
Tag: texture
Tag: texture
Ajoutée le: 13/06/2010
Wallpaper 1024x692 - Vu : 730 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 13.00
2) > Feuille ++++ > Acer
Beautiful colors of fall for our acer... The leaves are green to yellow. Branches, red for some, are not left to complete the decor...
Tag: feuille
Ajoutée le: 20/11/2006
Wallpaper 800x600 - Vu : 560 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 8.53
3) > Fleur > Rose Du Desert ++++ > Acer 20120404
Acer 20120404
Hello, Acer obesum, color flower are multiple.... Several varieties in my greenhouse especially for the caudex, which according to the number of years take extraordinary forms.
Tag: fleur rose du desert fleur adenium
Ajoutée le: 04/04/2012
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 330 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.75 - Favoris : 6.
Pertinence 8.45
4) > Fleur > Azalee ++++ > Shrub Land Of Bruyere
Shrub Land Of Bruyere
A small corner of our garden that showcases the azalees scene mollis before a superb acer of a soft green and an orange of Mexico. The front of les bruyeres.
Tag: fleur azalee
Ajoutée le: 29/05/2006
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 4230 - Nb Com : 4.
Pertinence 8.20
5) > Fleur > Rose Du Desert ++++ > Acer
This flower is the flower of a plant called Acer obesum in macro with a Panasonic lumix DMC TZ2.
Tag: fleur
Ajoutée le: 28/11/2007
Wallpaper 1024x735 - Vu : 1940 - Nb Com : 3 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 8.10
6) > Arbre > Erable ++++ > Tree
The sugar maple (Acer saccharum): 13: I was approached by these rich colors, its side is a cedar. They are in the cemetery of my village. I have not cheated with colors. : 7:
Tag: arbre erable cimetiere
Tag: acer
Ajoutée le: 07/10/2008
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 3420 - Nb Com : 7 - Moy : 4.14 .
Pertinence 7.99
7) > Arbre > Erable ++++ > Sycamore Maple
Sycamore Maple
SYCAMORE Maple (acer pseudoplatanus) in fact it is my neighbour but a few filled branches which allows me to have a little shadow well nice in the afternoon in my Office because it is West and ca tape in the summer. Follow the link to learn more.
Tag: arbre erable-sycomore
Ajoutée le: 06/11/2011
Wallpaper 1024x1024 - Vu : 200 - Nb Com : 0.
Pertinence 7.96
8) > Feuille ++++ > Acer Palmatum 2695
Acer Palmatum 2695
Here is the beautiful foliage of my Acer palmatum atropurpureum. Its purple foliage violace feared full sun. It is therefore planting situation shaded in a mass of land of bruyere. Mine is in pot on the side of my house, just next entry between a row of ifs.
Tag: feuille
Ajoutée le: 01/05/2006
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 2110 - Nb Com : 4.
Pertinence 7.61
9) > Arbre > Erable ++++ > Maple Tree Fall
Maple Tree Fall
I have just learned that it is a maple of Montpellier (or acer monspessulanum). I had never seen before and for cause, after a botanical site, it is not vendors in Gironde (33) or in the Landes (40), only 2 departments or I lived before coming here (47) If you have a large garden, hesitate not has to plant one or more because its foliage perhaps dore or red in the fall. To learn more click on my link to access a my blog.
Tag: arbre erable
Tag: acer
Ajoutée le: 02/11/2011
Wallpaper 1024x1024 - Vu : 200 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 7.47
10) > Feuille ++++ > Acer Palmatum 2392
Acer Palmatum 2392
Leaf of Acer palmatum, or maple from Japan. Lapsed shrub land of bruyere beautiful purple foliage. The first leaves are still a little froissees... It comes out from the long winter sleep and has a little trouble to waking up has the nature who have a clemente temperature! Hello Maple, happy to see again you!
Tag: feuille
Ajoutée le: 09/04/2006
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 3260 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 7.38
11) > Arbre > Erable Du Japon Dissectum ++++ > Acer Palmatum 3793
Acer Palmatum 3793
This is the superb Acer Palmatum atropurpurea which throne before my entry. Between the ifs and the saloon of the awning door, a shadow, it is cover in a large tray wooden factory of my small low... And in the land of bruyere, of course. His feet, in the tray, la bruyere you already saw the flowers.
Tag: arbre
Ajoutée le: 04/06/2006
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 3340 - Nb Com : 3.
Pertinence 7.31

Acer : Moyenne : 3,97/5 sur 35 Votes

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Resultats à partir des critiques des membres:

1) Arbre Erable > Photo Paysageautomne02
Thank you for this wonderful picture that shows what will become our little Acer rubrum planted last fall in October 2008.
Vu : 2750 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 4.31 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 7.31

2) Mystere > Photo Mystery March 2011
: 3: Lots of good answers: 3: I thank you all for your participation, your comments, to put in your favorites and your visits. This is actually the trunk of the tree that I presented this winter - see the photo report -. I think this is a 'Norway Maple' (Acer platanoides) and has already a good number of years: 18:. Again thank you and good weekend to all. : 4:
Vu : 410 - Nb Com : 12 - Moy : 4.62 - Favoris : 3.
Pertinence 7.31

3) Fenetre > Photo Marl Blue Component
: 4: Thanks for your clarification, I'm no effect except in botanical knowledge of bonsai, I was a big bonzaïophile a bit monomaniacal, but I'm back. Spring is properly installed, I had to fight off the foot against an invasion of spider mites attacking my collection Palmatum Acer (maples). Vicious the little beasts, they are barely visible to the naked eye, it causes us much worry, my good lady! (Lol).
Moderator's Response: Consider using the [Reply to this comment] over a comment when you want to respond to his comments in particular.
Vu : 860 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 7.31

4) Arbre Erable > Photo Shaft 0005
1: The abundant yellow flowers of this 'Norway Maple' (Acer platanoides) - 'Norway Maple' in English (Bravo and thank you Fada) - is magnificent. The yellow balls are beautifully spread the branches das under a magnificent blue sky in the background. : 4: Very nice harmony of colors and nice presentation: D Bravo Marsim and thank you. 3:
Vu : 340 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.25 - Favoris : 4.
Pertinence 7.31

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