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Resultats à partir des commentaires des photographes :
1) > Haute Corse ++++ > Centuri
Wings turn on Cap Corse Centuri is a French commune located in the department of Haute-Corse and Corse region, now dominated by a "farm" of a dozen modern wind turbines.
Tag: france corse
Tag: France Corsica
Ajoutée le: 24/10/2010
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 1970 - Nb Com : 3.
Pertinence 14.17
2) > Maquette ++++ > Corsica Thumbnail View Of The Park
Corsica Thumbnail View Of The Park
: 3: CORSICA: France Miniature: I am not surprised to have discovered "Corsica" in this five-hectare park, as everyone knows, Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and a French region However, having a special status (officially "territorial collectivity of Corsica), composed of two departments, Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse. She was independent January 30, 1735, then became the French 15 but 1768 by the Treaty of Versailles. She had a national anthem "Dio vi salvi Regina". It is now known as "Island of Beauty". The Greeks called it "Kallistré" (in Greek "Most Beautiful"). 1:
Tag: maquette
Tag: model
Ajoutée le: 03/07/2010
Wallpaper 1024x717 - Vu : 2120 - Nb Com : 13 - Moy : 4.27 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 9.15
3) > Haute Corse ++++ > Corsica Copie
Corsica Copie
Along the Cap Corse, on the winding road, the shooting down from the ledge ... MAGNIFICENT: 1:: 1:: 1:
Tag: france corse en route le long du cap corse petite arrêt pour cette prise de vue au dessus de la corniche
Tag: France
Ajoutée le: 22/07/2011
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 680 - Nb Com : 0 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 8.34
4) > Corse Du Sud ++++ > Rock Column
Rock Column
Calanques de Piana, Corse. Uh, the, I dry, I see nothing special, if not a beautiful rock: 18: and you, you guess a form?
Tag: france corse
Ajoutée le: 29/02/2008
Wallpaper 576x768 - Vu : 1220 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 8.17
5) > Haute Corse ++++ > Cape Corse1
Cape Corse1
Go hop a little tour to the Cap Corse. Everything is beautiful and still is nothing to throw a paradise for lovers of peace a little further away from tourists.
Tag: france corse
Tag: France Corsica
Ajoutée le: 24/06/2010
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 840 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 8.17
6) > Haute Corse ++++ > Erbalunga
Hello Here is the small village of Erbalunga Sea Northern Corsica Cape Corse. My amities: 18:
Tag: france corse
Ajoutée le: 28/10/2011
Wallpaper 1024x446 - Vu : 590 - Nb Com : 4 - Favoris : 4.
Pertinence 8.17
7) > Roche ++++ > Rock San Antonino
Rock San Antonino
At the top of the village of San Antonino, in Balagne, haute Corse, small ride through rocks, Pan is waiting for you...
Tag: roche
Ajoutée le: 27/07/2008
Wallpaper 514x768 - Vu : 940 - Nb Com : 0.
Pertinence 8.08
8) > Haute Corse ++++ > Copy Of Img 3377
Copy Of Img 3377
Souvenir of corse ... ... Taken unforgettable holidays in the heart of the valley not far from asco Monte Cinto.
Tag: france corse
Tag: France Corsica
Ajoutée le: 17/10/2010
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 500 - Nb Com : 1 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 8.08
9) > Corse Du Sud ++++ > Bato
Photo has Santa Manza small site corse not very far from Bonifacio. It really is a picture that gives me the evasion, the reverie of the trigger just by asking the look on paper. : 20:
Tag: france corse
Ajoutée le: 29/01/2007
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 2420 - Nb Com : 4.
Pertinence 7.84
10) > Haute Corse ++++ > Dsc01043
A walk in the bush, through a framework of oak and olive trees, myrtle, arbutus berries ... An appearance in the village of Cap Corse Ogliastro.
Tag: france corse
Tag: France Corsica
Ajoutée le: 23/10/2010
Wallpaper 1024x683 - Vu : 570 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 7.84
11) > Filet ++++ > Fishing Nets
Fishing Nets
What a beauty that flashes colors in this small fishing port with the tip of Cape Corse, Centuri, eat good lobster caught there ...
Tag: filet rouge pêche Centuri pecheur
Tag: net red peach Centuri fisherman
Ajoutée le: 25/10/2010
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 1140 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 7.84
12) > Chemin ++++ > Beautiful Wood Couvin Belgium
Beautiful Wood Couvin Belgium
A Corse in Belgium, on the heights of Couvin a morning of February 2008 on the road to l'Ecole buissonniere, under the rays of the Sun that filters through the trees.
Tag: Bois forêt nature Belgique pins sapins matin chemin campagne ombre lumière
Ajoutée le: 08/02/2008
Wallpaper 576x768 - Vu : 320 - Nb Com : 0.
Pertinence 7.76
13) > Fleur > Champ Fleurs ++++ > Dunesfleuries
I'd fallen into a Monet painting? Well I can because the next day after the passage of the sirocco blowing in strong gusts Propriano (Corse du Sud), the poor poppy had no head!
Tag: champ fleurs
Ajoutée le: 25/06/2010
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 1550 - Nb Com : 12 - Moy : 4.25 - Favoris : 8.
Pertinence 7.76
14) > Moulin A Vent ++++ > Mill Mattei
Mill Mattei
On both sides of the neck, which dominates the north loop of Centuri (NW tip of Cape Corse) are three windmills, including the famous mill Mattei.
Tag: moulin corse vent cap corse
Tag: mill Corsican wind Cap Corse
Ajoutée le: 24/10/2010
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 710 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 7.76
15) > Haute Corse ++++ > Corsican Macinaggio
Corsican Macinaggio
Corsica output port Macinaggio (Cap Corse) I found this place so beautiful. For those who like to travel like me it's a go or have to want, live the dream: -) (Normally the background is the island Capraia).
Tag: france haute corse france haute corse Macinaggio cap corse
Tag: France
Ajoutée le: 17/03/2011
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 960 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 7.68
16) > Retouche Photo ++++ > Monte 2
Monte 2
I propose the same photo, but original in the France-Corse topic! However I suggest you photo postcard!
Tag: retouche photo
Ajoutée le: 02/04/2006
Wallpaper 1024x696 - Vu : 800 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 7.52
17) > Moulin A Vent ++++ > Corsica 8
Corsica 8
For fans, here is the mill Mattei, one of the few mills located in Corsica. It is located in Cap Corse (Col de la Serra).
Tag: moulin
Tag: mill
Ajoutée le: 27/09/2010
Wallpaper 1024x680 - Vu : 790 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 7.52
18) > Haute Corse ++++ > Calvi North
Calvi North
Photograph of the Citadel of Calvi Haute Corse North, off the Gulf of Calvi and non-Sardinia as described previously!
Tag: Corse Corsica Calvi Bonifacio Bastia
Ajoutée le: 18/01/2008
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 2860 - Nb Com : 9 - Moy : 4 .
Pertinence 7.51
19) > Haute Corse ++++ > Nonza
The church Nonza, color pink spring sun black rocks and blue sky and sea, the Cap Corse west side is beautiful, if you have the opportunity to go hang out your goals and especially your eyes and your heart, mine has been in Corsica.
Tag: france corse Nonza église
Tag: France Corsica Nonza church
Ajoutée le: 23/10/2010
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 2270 - Nb Com : 7 - Moy : 4.21 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 7.32
20) > Paysage ++++ > Albo Tower And Tallow
Albo Tower And Tallow
The muzzle toward the tower, we come to mark the Navy Albo, Cap Corse, walk from tower to tower for a tour of Cape Town, Corsica is beautiful.
Tag: paysage tour génoise Albo Cap Corse chien Terre neuve
Tag: landscape Genoese tower Albo Cap Corse dog Newfoundland
Ajoutée le: 25/10/2010
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 970 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 7.18
21) > Haute Corse ++++ > 115 Sant Antonino
115 Sant Antonino
Here is one of the most beautiful memories of my tour de Corse in 2006. Sant'Antonino is class among the 100 most beautiful villages of France. I love this small quiet Church on blue sky background. I am pleased to share my feeling. Phil.
Tag: Sant'Antonino Corse France Village
Ajoutée le: 09/02/2008
Wallpaper 1020x768 - Vu : 1920 - Nb Com : 4.
Pertinence 7.06
22) > Haute Corse ++++ > Pond Corse 1
Pond Corse 1
Here is a picture of a peaceful fishing lake where you could spend hours so calm is present. This is the pond of Urbino in northern Corsica between Aléria Solenzara. I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I enjoyed this fabulous site. PS: I have not found the Category 2B Corse! To create Thank you.
Tag: france haute corse
Tag: France High Corsican
Ajoutée le: 28/09/2010
Wallpaper 1024x590 - Vu : 400 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 6.85

Cap corse : Moyenne : 4,07/5 sur 74 Votes

Messages sur le forum : cap corse

Resultats à partir des critiques des membres:

1) France Corse Du Sud > Photo Paradisplage
Corsica (Corsica Corsican) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and a French region, but having a special status (officially "territorial collectivity of Corsica), composed of two departments: Corse-du-Sud (2A) and Upper -Corse (2B). It is now known as Island of Beauty. The Greeks called Kallisté (Greek Καλλίστη "most beautiful").
Vu : 3070 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 6.85

2) Retouche Photo > Photo Gallery Member Frog K67 Green Frog
Jolie frog, she takes a nap? It is not by chance rather corse! : 13:
Vu : 420 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 6.85

3) France Bonifacio > Photo 508 Bonifacio
Ahhh! The Corse... nothing has to say just fun to watch, listen and enjoy. Thank you: 2:
Vu : 550 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 4.5 - Favoris : 4.
Pertinence 6.85

4) Montagne > Photo Paysage02
A landscape corse we like, a lack of contrast and border attract advantage of the eye.
Vu : 280 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 6.85

5) France Corse Du Sud > Photo Lucia Tallano
A touch of contrast and more, "said this beautiful photo. Vive la Corse.
Vu : 8490 - Nb Com : 5 - Moy : 3.8 .
Pertinence 6.85

6) Pancarte > Photo Corsican
: 1: Your label could illustrate a song Fernandel: "The tango corse!
Vu : 820 - Nb Com : 3.
Pertinence 6.85

7) Fleur Euphorbe Petit Cypres > Photo 95 10 Yellow Flowers
It is surely a variety of hellebores... But which...: 14: not the fetide , not the corse... Need us our Fada passage...: 4:
Vu : 350 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.85

8) France Corse > Photo Corsica For Fat
Which is rare deserves the compliments: 3. Here, I'm behind on ... : 11: You're able to bring the continent of Corse to my greatest surprise: 14:. Thank you!
Vu : 2050 - Nb Com : 11 - Moy : 4.27 - Favoris : 5.
Pertinence 6.85

9) Moulin A Vent > Photo Corsica 8
This is the mill of Cap Corse, there's only one like that in Corsica, beautiful photo, cloudless sky, no pollution, there was certainly not wind up there?
Vu : 790 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 6.85

 10) Galerie Membre > L
As a native of Corsica, I love all the funds screen against a background I'd like to have a head corse! Thank you in advance.

11) France Gordes > Photo Gordes X 01
I like this photo, the village has little village corse.Je'll have the chance to see him during my next vacation, I hear so much about!
Vu : 890 - Nb Com : 0.
Pertinence 6.85

12) France Haute Corse > Photo Corsican Village Penta Di Casinca Copy
Ninik thank you for your comment I had not really noticed the sharpness of the image, it's true that I liked and it is not too bad, these are the colors of the stone house of corse dark clothes like old ladies as the bush in autumn. All my friendship. Cheepp: 1:
Vu : 2290 - Nb Com : 5 - Moy : 4.2 - Favoris : 3.
Pertinence 6.85

 13) Galerie Membre > L
J'arrive de Corse - end June - which is a beautiful island, this picture is beautiful, review the photos me donne envie d 'return.

14) France Haute Corse > Photo Home Corsehdr2 Copy
For more recent construction I am asked to remove it, but maybe I'm not I tough enough for that. Thank you for your comment. My origins are also corse, I am doing some research on my Grandfather, tough to find. : 14: Friendship: 18:.
Vu : 600 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.85

15) France Corse Du Sud > Photo Nikon801 Girolata Wave
: 4: thank you Anne, less spectacular, I agree, it must be said that the surf is of corse the rupee Starling near the Breton backlash, a backlash as the Corsican soul emollient (now can be tomorrow or so ...: 19:) I feel better?
Vu : 1890 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 4.5 - Favoris : 8.
Pertinence 6.85

16) France Haute Corse > Photo Corsica
Well not this is not a cliche paper which has been scans, this is a photo taken at the cap Corse and the colours are fideles a reality, Isle of beauty... I love. The white edges are made because I am Truing the after encadree photo.
Vu : 390 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 2.
Pertinence 6.85

17) Moulin A Vent > Photo Corsican 9
Awesome, the wings of the Moulin Mattei Cap Corse and the wings of the wind turbines, super picture of history, memory and wind that you share here, thank you: 5:
Vu : 730 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.85

18) Insolite > Photo Cave Corsica
J'adore, c'est trop beau, en plus je dois faire un exposé sur la Corse so I'll print this picture.
Response Moderator: REMINDER: Any use other than strictly private (exposure to a blog or personal site, use in a website design, printing paper for publication ...) images exhibited on the FEI website is strictly prohibited without the agreement of the author. Click on the link at the bottom of each photo page. See also the link below.
Vu : 1760 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 6.85

19) France Corse > Photo Corsica For Fat
This picture is obviously edited. It is taken straight to the south, as shown by the bay of La Napoule in the center and the heights of Tanneron right. But then the sky is a technicolor sunset sky, as the brightest part is in the West. And above the silhouette of Corsica is both far too high above the horizon, especially misplaced! Corsica is not south of Grasse, but to the east-southeast with respect to the Cap Corse, and the Southeast in terms of the mass center. It is therefore fitting, not very adroit, three different pictures, or at least a photo of Corsica at sunset, brought on a photo of Grasse in the very early morning or evening late.
Vu : 2050 - Nb Com : 11 - Moy : 4.27 - Favoris : 5.
Pertinence 6.85

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