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1) > Pisaure Admirable ++++ > Pisaura Mirabilis 11355
Pisaura Mirabilis 11355
Belle Pisaura mirabilis who was sunbathing on a piece of iris from my garden this summer watching his prey ... Because Pisaura does not weave cloth! She "hunt" from leaf to leaf to catch food! To be recognized, the male presents the female a dead prey wrapped in silk and probably impregnated with pheromones from the female. Mating takes about an hour, while the female consumes the present that it was done. Some time later the female lays eggs in a cocoon that she carries with its maxillipeds during the time of egg maturation. In the photo, we are dealing with a female carries her eggs so under its belly.
Tag: animal araignee pisaure admirable
Tag: animal spider Pisaura admirable
Ajoutée le: 17/10/2010
Wallpaper 861x768 - Vu : 310 - Nb Com : 0 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 7.94
2) > Libellule Orthetrum Cancellatum ++++ > Orthetrum Cancellatum Female Reticulated
Orthetrum Cancellatum Female Reticulated
Dragonfly Orthetrum cancellatum female reticulated relatively young. The female rests after flying to lay its eggs, Mare ecological Charbonnières (Isère) 38300. This dragonfly can change color slightly over time. It is recognizable as a female by her toes to the tip of the abdomen. Marc Boucher said Meillan. : 19:
Tag: insecte libellule
Tag: insect dragonfly
Ajoutée le: 08/08/2010
Wallpaper 1024x724 - Vu : 1080 - Nb Com : 9 - Moy : 4.11 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 7.93
3) > Libellule Orthetrum Cancellatum ++++ > Orthetrum Cacellatum
Orthetrum Cacellatum
Orthetrum cancellatum female crosslinked dragonfly is relatively young. This female is resting after flies, for depositing its eggs, the ecological Charbonnieres (Isere) 38300 Mare. This Dragonfly can change color over time slightly. It is recognisable as female by its points a the abdominal extremity. Marc Boucher said of Meilhan.
Tag: insecte libellule orthetrum cancellatum
Tag: insect dragonfly Orthetrum cancellatum
Ajoutée le: 06/11/2011
Wallpaper 1024x683 - Vu : 90 - Nb Com : 1 - Favoris : 2.
Pertinence 7.83
4) > Bourdon ++++ > Bumblebee 20111028
Bumblebee 20111028
Hello to all... After the female Bumblebee legs have much smooth heavy snowfall comes of hair, forming the basket of harvest of pollen. Can determine the sex of the Bumblebee by counting the number of segments on his � back six in the female, seven in the � male or the number of segments of the antennae � twelve in the 13 in the male and female.
Tag: insecte bourdon
Ajoutée le: 28/10/2011
Wallpaper 1024x687 - Vu : 250 - Nb Com : 1 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 7.41
5) > Chien > Dogue Du Tibet ++++ > 01 006 Bhuma
01 006 Bhuma
Here are 2 mastiffs of Tibet, a two-year tawny female and one other female black and fire of two months...
Tag: chien dogue du tibet
Ajoutée le: 10/01/2008
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 1570 - Nb Com : 3.
Pertinence 7.39
6) > Araignee ++++ >
Female name or spider Argiope Bruennichi Frelon. Female, after mating, kills the male.
Tag: animal araignee
Tag: animal spider
Ajoutée le: 16/09/2008
Wallpaper 1024x685 - Vu : 1910 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 7.39
7) > Papillon Comete De Madagascar ++++ > Comete05femelleweb
Our guide has certified that the male and female butterflies comets were distinguished not only by their tail but also by their antennae is the female.
Tag: papillon papillon comete de madagascar papillon madagascar
Tag: Madagascar Comet butterfly butterfly Madagascar
Ajoutée le: 20/06/2010
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 940 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 7.38
8) > Oiseau > Moineau Domestique ++++ > Sparrow 4
Sparrow 4
After the female, male house sparrows here. It was pretty cold, and as the female, not shy at all.
Tag: oiseau moineau domestique
Tag: bird sparrow domestic
Ajoutée le: 02/12/2010
Wallpaper 1024x722 - Vu : 1210 - Nb Com : 10 - Moy : 4.65 - Favoris : 9.
Pertinence 7.36
9) > Chien > Saint Bernard ++++ > Puppy 4
Puppy 4
Puppy saint bernard female a 1. 5 months. A scope de five has the original five female. De very beautiful bebe. Mine last right: Bellinda.
Tag: chien saint bernard
Ajoutée le: 10/03/2007
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 29830 - Nb Com : 16 - Moy : 4.28 .
Pertinence 7.33
10) > Oiseau > Canard Colvert ++++ > Duck 001 Gf Filtered
Duck 001 Gf Filtered
I think it is a female mallard which I really liked the colors very pronounced. There was another female whose plumage was more bland. I hope you enjoy this picture that I find very colorful.
Tag: oiseau canard colvert oiseau canard colvert
Tag: Mallard bird bird mallard
Ajoutée le: 23/02/2009
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 420 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 7.33
11) > Oiseau > Faisan De Swinhoe ++++ > Pheasant Lophura Swinhoii Swinhoi 11d 2 Huizingen
Pheasant Lophura Swinhoii Swinhoi 11d 2 Huizingen
Swinhoi pheasant (Lophura swinhoii) from China. While I had trouble photographing my silver pheasant through the mesh of the fence, I saw a commotion in a nearby aviary and I went to see what was happening. This male pheasant run after a female and had already grabbed the feathers with its beak but she managed to escape. The race lasted a long time and I saw the male on the female rush and ... see for yourselves. I stayed a while to see what he would do, but it did not move and the female either. How macho! : 11: Photo taken at the Provincial Estate of Huizingen, Flemish Brabant, Belgium.
Tag: oiseau faisan de swinhoe oiseau faisan swinhoi lophura swinhoii Chine Domaine provincial de Huizingen
Tag: Swinhoe's pheasant bird bird pheasant swinhoi Lophura swinhoii China Domaine Provincial Huizingen
Ajoutée le: 18/04/2011
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 1010 - Nb Com : 3.
Pertinence 7.12
12) > Oedemere ++++ > Oedemere On Neck
Oedemere On Neck
The oedemere. This very elegant (about 5 mm) and small bright insect landed inside the House on a neck of bottle. It is a female, the male - much less beautiful than the female! -with the femurs post-play very dilates!
Tag: insecte
Ajoutée le: 07/06/2007
Wallpaper 1008x768 - Vu : 860 - Nb Com : 11 - Moy : 4.91 .
Pertinence 7.05
13) > Lucane ++++ > Scarabee 7042568
Scarabee 7042568
Photo of a female lucane macro called also kite is the largest hive of Europe. The female, smaller than the male, measure between 25 and 50 m/m its head and its Mandibles are very small, but these last, very acerees are relatively dangerous; a bite can be very painful. : 11:
Tag: scarabee
Ajoutée le: 12/03/2008
Wallpaper 1024x630 - Vu : 3170 - Nb Com : 10 - Moy : 4.7 .
Pertinence 6.95
14) > Oiseau > Canard Mandarin ++++ > Mandarin 3
Mandarin 3
Here a mandarin and his female. Information after the male Mandarin loses superb after the reproduction period and becomes like his female (which is not so bad elsewhere ...). I tried to fit better and have more space left in front! Is it better?
Tag: oiseau canard mandarin oiseau canard mandarin
Tag: Mandarin duck bird bird mandarin duck
Ajoutée le: 12/02/2009
Wallpaper 1024x521 - Vu : 1780 - Nb Com : 5 - Moy : 4 .
Pertinence 6.92
15) > Mante Religieuse ++++ > Mint
Mantis is an insect which die them sex are most strange. Of the acouplement the devore the male female during the Act. for a female, the male loses the head!
Tag: mante religieuse
Ajoutée le: 22/03/2006
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 2530 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.08 .
Pertinence 6.89
16) > Oiseau > Grebe Huppe ++++ > Img 0032
Img 0032
To remind us of spring, I know if the female or male but there is one of two that has a nice hair brush it must be evil for the evil done to the female!
Tag: oiseau grebe huppee nuptial oiseau grebe a cou noir
Tag: bird Black necked Grebe Podiceps Nigricollis
Ajoutée le: 16/12/2009
Wallpaper 1024x689 - Vu : 300 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.85
17) > Tabac D Espagne ++++ > Butterfly Tobacco From Spain
Butterfly Tobacco From Spain
I present this montage of a couple of butterflies "Spanish tobacco" male and female, we can observe their differences, the female is lighter and not zebra spots joining the abdomen.
Tag: papillon tabac d espagne papillon tabac d espagne
Tag: butterfly tobacco from Spain butterfly tobacco from Spain
Ajoutée le: 02/08/2010
Wallpaper 1024x698 - Vu : 360 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 6.82
18) > Oiseau > Perruche Alexandre ++++ > Ringneck 20110123
Ringneck 20110123
Female of ringneck Discovery of a pair of ringneck Rouelles in the park next to Le Havre. Apparently a second male is also in the corner. They took possession of a hole in a tree trunk and the female does not stop moving his head inside (small?).
Tag: oiseau perruche alexandre oiseau perruche perruche à collier
Tag: alexander parakeet bird bird parakeet ringneck
Ajoutée le: 23/01/2011
Wallpaper 683x1024 - Vu : 1130 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 2.
Pertinence 6.71
19) > Libellule ++++ > Sympetrum 14112010
Sympetrum 14112010
I'm posting this other photograph of Sympetrum FEMALE. Met this female at the water's edge, but also along the edge of the woods, wastelands, etc.. The male is bright red, some females may also be much redder. The duration of life is very short. Dragonflies die in winter. Marc Boucher said Meilhan.
Tag: insecte libellule
Tag: insect dragonfly
Ajoutée le: 14/11/2010
Wallpaper 1024x728 - Vu : 470 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.67
20) > Oiseau > Canard Mandarin ++++ > Family Mandarins 20100301
Family Mandarins 20100301
: 14: Seeing the beauty that is the mandarin duck with all these bright colors, I'd say if the male is so beautiful, how can be the female, I have my answer as for many birds, the female is quite "simple", brown, I'm a little disappointed, but interesting to know. : 13: They are still these beautiful ducks.
Tag: oiseau canard mandarin oiseau canard mandarin
Tag: Mandarin duck bird bird mandarin duck
Ajoutée le: 01/03/2010
Wallpaper 877x768 - Vu : 470 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 6.56
21) > Libellule Orthetrum Brun ++++ > Coupling Orthetrum20100806
Coupling Orthetrum20100806
Orthetrum brown dragonflies mating male and female. The male is blue, the female copper-gold. Hard to take the picture with these lovers hidden in the reeds ... The photograph was taken in mid-morning at the pond's ecological Charbonnières in Isère. Marc Boucher said Meillan. : 19:
Tag: insecte libellule
Tag: insect dragonfly
Ajoutée le: 07/08/2010
Wallpaper 1024x683 - Vu : 1020 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 4.38 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.54
22) > Libellule ++++ > Pair Of Dragonflies
Pair Of Dragonflies
During a walk to the lake, I saw this pair of dragonflies in full privacy. During the nice sunny days they mate in the actual position of the wheel. The male stands perpendicularly hung around the neck of the female abdomen with its claws and retains this position while the female lays her eggs.
Tag: insecte libellule
Tag: insect dragonfly
Ajoutée le: 03/06/2009
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 1450 - Nb Com : 23 - Moy : 4.35 - Favoris : 10.
Pertinence 6.50
23) > Oiseau > Canard Mandarin ++++ > Duck Mandarin 12d Waterloo Cpf 1439
Duck Mandarin 12d Waterloo Cpf 1439
I don't know if this cane is mandarin female but she left not a leg. I was very lucky to me also approach pres to have them both on my cliche. While the male was proudly, the female was being to smooth feathers. I was very surprised of the size of the male, I thought great. On the water it seems more, but on its legs it is quite stocky. Photo has the les bruyeres wood pond a Waterloo.
Tag: oiseau canard mandarin oiseau canard mandarin étang Waterloo
Ajoutée le: 08/05/2012
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 1420 - Nb Com : 1 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.50
24) > Oiseau > Toucan Ariel ++++ > Toucan Yellow-throated And White
Toucan Yellow-throated And White
: 3: Toucan Yellow-throated and White is also named "Ariel Toucan", it is part of the family Ramphastidae is a fruit eater and weighs 460gr max. And measures 60cm for a life of 20-25 years. The female lays 2-4 eggs for incubation ranging from 16 to 18 jrs. Male and female are involved in egg incubation. However, the female goes longer than the male in this activity. The latter brings food to the female in the nest. Young Ariel Toucans open their eyes after 2 to 3 weeks. They have a full plumage from the age of 1 month and a half to see 2. It feeds mainly on fruit. However, it sometimes eats insects, arthropods, lizards, frogs, toads, eggs and nestlings, nectar of flowers ... He uses bromeliads (plants funnel retaining water) as a trough or keep open beak in the rain! It lives in rainforests in northern South America from Venezuela to Brazil.
Tag: oiseau toucan
Tag: chestnut mandibled toucan
Ajoutée le: 31/08/2011
Wallpaper 1024x764 - Vu : 820 - Nb Com : 3 - Favoris : 4.
Pertinence 6.43
25) > Chat > Persan ++++ > 2 Chat Persan Ecaille De Tortue Sony
2 Chat Persan Ecaille De Tortue Sony
Here, here continues the series of cats ... and here is the first color tortoise. According to Nicole (gavot53) a female, I do not know it was only female color. Nicole and thank you for you here.
Tag: chat persan
Tag: persian
Ajoutée le: 06/02/2011
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 7570 - Nb Com : 3 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.38
26) > Libellule Orthetrum Cancellatum ++++ > Dragonfly Deprimee2010charbonnieres 38300
Dragonfly Deprimee2010charbonnieres 38300
Dragonfly female because of yellow, the male is blue and brown ... Orthetrum cancellatum (crosslinked). This female was encountered at the pond Charbonnières (local ecological reserve) in Isère. This dragonfly (Libellulidae) loves the clear waters and stagnant, soft and slightly brackish ... Marc Boucher said Meilhan. : 19:
Tag: insecte libellule
Tag: insect dragonfly
Ajoutée le: 26/09/2010
Wallpaper 1024x719 - Vu : 840 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.5 - Favoris : 3.
Pertinence 6.37
27) > Libellule ++++ > Female Sympetrum
Female Sympetrum
I post this photograph of Sympetrum sanguineum other Sympetrum or blood but FEMALE (the male being much more red hence its name ...) This female encountered the edge of a pond, but also along the edge of the woods, in wasteland, etc.. The male is bright red, some females may also be much redder. Marc Boucher said Meilhan.
Tag: insecte libellule
Tag: insect dragonfly
Ajoutée le: 03/10/2010
Wallpaper 1024x707 - Vu : 240 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.30
28) > Oiseau > Bouvreuil Pivoine ++++ > Bullfinch Female 01
Bullfinch Female 01
Bullfinch female. While the species is best known for the color of peony chest of the male, is this photo of the female that I find most successful. No branch before the main subject, the background is more sober allowing the main subject more clearly and posture clearly shows the plump side of the case. My favorite at the moment (hoping to do better in the future).
Tag: oiseau bouvreuil pivoine oiseau bouvreuil pivoine
Tag: bullfinch bird bird bullfinch
Ajoutée le: 17/02/2011
Wallpaper 1280x1024 - Vu : 2330 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.75 - Favoris : 7.
Pertinence 6.29
29) > Tipule ++++ > Leatherjackets 20110415
Leatherjackets 20110415
European Crane Fly (female) A European Crane Fly (Tipula paludosa) female (abdomen not pointed end). Known as Cousin and contrary to the mosquito it does not sting Noted the two "rockers" behind the wing-shaped spoon and serving to stabilize its flight.
Tag: insecte tipule
Tag: beetle crane fly
Ajoutée le: 15/04/2011
Wallpaper 1600x900 - Vu : 490 - Nb Com : 4 - Favoris : 5.
Pertinence 6.26
30) > Crapaud ++++ > Toad Eggs
Toad Eggs
Of the female starts was evacuating its oocytes, the male help in stimulating the basis opening of his toes and striking small blows on its flanks. Laying of two long strands of eggs (one per ovary) than the male drains as and a measure of sperm can last several hours. These long strands of eggs are fixed a aquatic vegetation. A female usually lays between 5,000 and 7,000 eggs. Each female how would respond every two years. The hatching of the eggs occurs within a two or three weeks, according to the temperature of the water. Tetard, an aquatic being, has gills and tail. It feeds on algae and organic waste. Her townspeople in young Toad (imago) land, then in a month and a half a 3 months, bringing current June in general, and early July on landforms.
Tag: animal crapaud
Ajoutée le: 15/03/2012
Wallpaper 1024x767 - Vu : 550 - Nb Com : 4 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 6.08
31) > Chat > Chat _autre ++++ > Selkirk Rex Kittens Standing Layer
Selkirk Rex Kittens Standing Layer
2 Selkirk rex kittens, one male and one female on the right. All born 2 on 02/07/2011. Their curly hair does not drink much. The little male is called Gumpy, it is Colorpoint. With the small female is blue tortie tabby and is. Navy blue background with 2 small white petals. They were born in the kennel Kirlee Cotoon.
Tag: chat selkirk rex chat frisé chat mouton chaton chaton adorables boite valise vintage
Tag: selkirk rex cat curly cats cats cat sheap cat cute kitten petals
Ajoutée le: 24/08/2011
Wallpaper 1024x553 - Vu : 560 - Nb Com : 5 - Moy : 4.1 - Favoris : 4.
Pertinence 6.03
32) > Paysage ++++ > Champetre 2012
Champetre 2012
Not far is the taniere of this small natural pool water which stagnates... I saw, the, female dawn, this white and orange Butterfly seeking some shelter on a flower... Also the Dragonfly deprimee male and female consolation in tandem and exposing himself in backlight... The color of the day for a cliche that I wanted to paint... Time bites in blond bread of the day... I engage my eyes always departing in all directions for an inopinee taking... Marc Boucher said of Meilhan.
Tag: paysage
Tag: landscape
Ajoutée le: 07/06/2012
Wallpaper 901x1200 - Vu : 110 - Nb Com : 0.
Pertinence 6.00
33) > Oiseau > Ombrette Africaine ++++ > Umbrette African Scopus Umbretta Zoo Plankendael 0
Umbrette African Scopus Umbretta Zoo Plankendael 0
African Ombrette (Scopus umbretta) - Photo taken at the zoo Planckendael, Belgium, on 1-4-2009. Wader This is from the southern half of Africa and Madagascar - it feeds on small aquatic animals. But what had seen this Ombrette of the previous picture? Apparently a female. I told you, about turkeys, that this beautiful 1st day of April, there was not that the temperature was up, but you have proof here: libido birds too. I tell you right away, sent a female walking the bulky claiming, just as long as I do the photo.
Tag: oiseau ombrette scopus umbretta brun échassier Afrique zoo Planckendael
Tag: bird Ombret Scopus umbretta brown wader Africa zoo Planckendael
Ajoutée le: 12/04/2009
Wallpaper 1600x1200 - Vu : 740 - Nb Com : 7 - Moy : 3.93 .
Pertinence 5.98
34) > Oiseau > Moineau Domestique ++++ > Sparrow Femmelle
Sparrow Femmelle
Female sparrow (Passer domesticus). His cry Sparrow whispers, chuchète, chirps, chirping ... House Sparrow female, belonging to the order Passeriformes and Family Passeridae. This is a sparrow femmelle and we recognize that in its beak thinner and lighter. This sparrow courses, gardens, farms and houses, etc.. Is quite familiar, he enjoys the company of man, and it is very rare to meet him alone in the forest, fields, etc.. Marc Boucher said Meilhan.
Tag: oiseau moineau domestique oiseau moineau domestique
Tag: bird house sparrow bird house sparrow
Ajoutée le: 12/04/2011
Wallpaper 1024x683 - Vu : 520 - Nb Com : 1 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.94
35) > Oiseau > Grue Du Canada ++++ > Crane
The Canada crane is a large bird. It has a heavy body, a long neck and long legs. Male and female are similar in appearance, but the male is larger than the female. The adult is grey, with dull red skin on the CAP and the lores. He has Chin blanchatre, cheeks and the top of the throat, and black primaries. The Bill is grey dark. The legs are noiratres.
Tag: oiseau grue du canada oiseau grue
Ajoutée le: 10/04/2012
Wallpaper 868x600 - Vu : 1000 - Nb Com : 17 - Moy : 4.56 - Favoris : 17.
Pertinence 5.91
36) > Agrion ++++ > Bluet Is Cut In Tandem
Bluet Is Cut In Tandem
The cup carrier Bluet (Enallagma cyathigerum) female and male 'Tandem' before they finally mate. The female is rather beige-gold when immature and gradually takes on a green and blue. Here, disturbed by my presence, they still have not found the good place. I took them to the pond's ecological Charbonnières. The cup carrier Bluet (Enallagma cyathigerum) is in the family Coenagrionidae. Marc Boucher said Meilhan.
Tag: insecte agrion
Tag: insect Bluet
Ajoutée le: 30/07/2011
Wallpaper 1024x575 - Vu : 170 - Nb Com : 0 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.88
37) > Cerf Sika ++++ > Sika Deer 006
Sika Deer 006
Another photo of female Sika deer (Cervus nippon). This female hears my footsteps, she is watching ... and takes advantage of the moment to 'ruminate' sa mouthful of grass. Herbivore, its diet will be reduced with herbs, but also seeds, nuts, fruits, etc.. Mating will take place in autumn, to give birth after seven months in which only one fawn born in May or June ... Marc Boucher said Meilhan. Marc Boucher said Meilhan.
Tag: animal cerf sika
Tag: animal sika deer
Ajoutée le: 09/09/2011
Wallpaper 1680x1050 - Vu : 560 - Nb Com : 1 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.83
38) > Oiseau > Pic Chevelu ++++ > Female Hairy Woodpecker
Female Hairy Woodpecker
A hairy Woodpecker female, difficult to photograph the peaks, unless you are already installed before he arrives, ca depends on the types also, last summer, I back in place two feeders, that I had just fuel, a block has steep a feeder a sunflower seed, although he! Even to go to back to place a rating before I had a mesange and on the other a female downy Woodpecker I am the standing remains, I almost had the air of a scarecrow, I observed a my taste, especially the mesange peak it focuses, a beautiful time...
Tag: pic bois oiseaux faune
Ajoutée le: 13/04/2008
Wallpaper 803x768 - Vu : 580 - Nb Com : 5 - Moy : 4.2 .
Pertinence 5.79
39) > Libellule Sympetrum Rouge Sang ++++ > Sympetrum Sanguineum Red Blood
Sympetrum Sanguineum Red Blood
Red blood Sympetrum sanguineum Sympetrum then met at the edge of the marsh pond Dardes 38,300 in Isère. Sympetrum The male is bright red, sometimes slightly clearer when it has not yet reached adulthood. There is considerable dysmorphism between male and female: The male is red seduction, smaller than the female general. The female is yellow with red highlights, clear, brownish and greenish at times, then his eyes are clear, ranging from yellow-green to brown-brown ... We meet the Odonata from June to August and sometimes like this taken at the pond until October Dardes beside the still waters. It prefers quiet waters, in fact, muddy, muddy, etc.. In which it finds sustenance and means of reproducing ... So it will be found on the banks of ponds, pools, streams and rivers, springs and all water points where to live ... Marc Boucher said Meilhan.
Tag: insecte libellule sympetrum rouge sang
Tag: insect dragonfly Sympetrum red blood
Ajoutée le: 07/10/2011
Wallpaper 1680x1050 - Vu : 330 - Nb Com : 3 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.75
40) > Lezard ++++ > 20100429 Green Lizard
20100429 Green Lizard
I present a green lizard (Lacerta viridis) long watched the first of a slope under a pile of bushes, brambles and dried herbs. This is the female green less uniform than the male. There is also the male that I saw last time. I do not know if I did wrong, but the female seems inhabited three ugly side ticks visible on a close shot of this lizard made the same day, that is to say that Thursday, April 29, 2010. This beautiful reptile feeds on insects, frogs, young rodents, etc.. Marc Boucher said Meillan. : 19:
Tag: animal lezard
Tag: Lizard Lacerta
Ajoutée le: 29/04/2010
Wallpaper 1024x697 - Vu : 290 - Nb Com : 0.
Pertinence 5.65
41) > Oiseau > Autruche ++++ > 5 Female Ostrich
5 Female Ostrich
The ostrich has a massive body, legs long and strong, a long neck end head proportionally very small. Head, 2/3 of the neck and legs are bare. It does have only two fingers by paw, the outside being free of claw finger. The male with black and white plumage and the female has a grey-brown plumage and clear below. This female was very close to the car and came pecking midges on the rear-view mirror, which explains that it is taken very pres, Windows closed.
Tag: oiseau autruche
Tag: ostrich
Ajoutée le: 08/06/2012
Wallpaper 1024x768 - Vu : 300 - Nb Com : 4 - Favoris : 2.
Pertinence 5.65
42) > Lezard ++++ > Green Lizard Thursday
Green Lizard Thursday
I present a different picture of the green lizard (Lacerta viridis) long watched the first of a slope under a pile of bushes, brambles and dried herbs. This is the female green less uniform than the male. There is also the male that I saw last time. I do not know if I'm wrong, but the female seems inhabited three ugly side ticks visible on a close shot of this lizard made the same day, that is to say that Thursday, April 29, 2010. This beautiful reptile feeds on insects, frogs, young rodents, etc.. Marc Boucher said Meillan. : 18:
Tag: animal lezard
Tag: Lizard Lacerta
Ajoutée le: 30/04/2010
Wallpaper 1024x693 - Vu : 540 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 5.62
43) > Oiseau > Hibou Grand Duc Africain ++++ > African Eagle Owl
African Eagle Owl
: 5: African eagle owl has a wingspan of 100cm, the male weighs 490/620g, the female, she 640/850g. Its diet consists of 70% insects, 15% bird and 15% of rodents. They nest on the ground, a platform or in a tree hole in mountainous regions, deserts and forests. The female lays 2-4 eggs with incubation period varies from 30 to 32 days. This is the most common owls in many habitats, but low densities are reported in Uganda and Kenya. Unfortunately, these owls are often victims of persecution and human accidents (vehicles, but also by trapping son barbed wire or thorny bushes). : 8:
Tag: oiseau hibou grand duc africain oiseau hibou grand duc africain
Tag: African bird owl bird owl African
Ajoutée le: 13/09/2011
Wallpaper 1024x695 - Vu : 770 - Nb Com : 5 - Moy : 4.2 - Favoris : 6.
Pertinence 5.57
44) > Madagascar ++++ > Montagecameleon04web
I discover a soul Instit. And I like to share with you these boards "informative": 4: Top right furcifer female pardalis Top left furcifer pardalis male Bottom right furcifer pardalis male or female??? Bottom left fircifer minor (that I'm not sure: 12:) Peyrieras Nature Park to the east of Antananarivo.
Tag: madagascar
Tag: madagascar
Ajoutée le: 11/07/2010
Wallpaper 1004x768 - Vu : 310 - Nb Com : 9 - Moy : 3.94 .
Pertinence 5.56
45) > Oiseau > Martin Chasseur Geant ++++ > Mounting Of The Kookaburra
Mounting Of The Kookaburra
I hope that the kookaburra mounting you like? It is a giant Hunter Martin. The male is easily distinguished from the female by the blues of the wings and blue dark tail. The female has a bit of blue on the wings, but not blue on the tail. ANECDOTE: In with johnny weissmuller tarzan film the noisemakers of the realization of the time used cries of kookaburras. It is an aberration, because the action of tarzan goes in Africa as kookaburra is Australian; The kookaburra is the national bird of the territory of new South Wales. : 6:: 6:
Tag: oiseau kookaburra
Ajoutée le: 26/02/2008
Wallpaper 580x768 - Vu : 650 - Nb Com : 3.
Pertinence 5.50
46) > Antilope Sitatunga ++++ > Sitatunga Or Guid Water
Sitatunga Or Guid Water
: 4: The Guid Sitatunga or water is a kind of cattle Tragelaphus. This is the most aquatic antelope, with the ability to feed themselves by being partially or completely submerged in water. This is close to the bongos antelope, kudu and eland. This is an excellent swimmer and diver. The male has a dark brown coat, the female is reddish-fawn. It has six white stripes and white spots. It has a white crescent on the chest and throat. Its hooves are long and thin, suitable for aquatic life. The coat is semi-hard, long and regular. The male has a fine mane and horns spiraling up to 90cm. The male measures 150cm in length. The female 125cm long. A wither height of 100 to 120 cm for males, 80 to 90cm for females. The weight of the male ranges from 90 to 110kg, the female ranges from 45 to 65kg. It can be found in Central Africa, West and East. I loved his look of "bic
Tag: antilope sitatunga animal sitatunga
Tag: sitatunga antelope animal sitatunga
Ajoutée le: 11/09/2011
Wallpaper 1024x731 - Vu : 690 - Nb Com : 4 - Favoris : 3.
Pertinence 5.48
47) > Lezard Vert ++++ > Green Lezard
Green Lezard
I submitted a photo of this Green lezard (Lacerta viridis) (what would be good is to make the folders...) long guette was the first of a slope under a cluster of Brambles, Brambles and dried herbs. It is a less uniform than the male green female. The male also I saw the last time there. I don't know if I'm wrong, but this female seems habitee of three nasty visible ticks on the side photograph on a close-up of this lezard made the same day; i.e. this Thursday, April 29, 2010. This beautiful reptile feeds on insects, frogs, young rodents, etc. Marc Boucher said of Meilhan.
Tag: lezard vert animal bourdon
Ajoutée le: 25/11/2011
Wallpaper 1680x1050 - Vu : 240 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.46
48) > Antilope Sitatunga ++++ > Sitatunga Of Thoiry
Sitatunga Of Thoiry
The Guid Sitatunga or water is kind of a bovine Tragelaphus. This is the most aquatic antelope, having the right to feed oneself is partially or completely submerged in water. This antelope is close bongos, kudu and eland. The Guid of water is an excellent swimmer and diver. The male has a dark brown coat, the female is reddish-fawn. It has 6 white stripes and white spots. It has a white crescent on the chest and throat. Its hooves are long and slender, suited for aquatic life. The coat is semi-hard, long and regular. The male has a thin mane and horns up to 90cm in spirals. The male is 150cm long. The female 125cm long. A wither height of 100 to 120cm for males. 80 to 90cm for females. The male's weight ranges from 90 to 110kg, the female varies from 45 to 65kg. We can meet in Central Africa, West and East, photos taken in Thoiry (Yvelines).
Tag: sitatunga autre animal
Tag: Animal
Ajoutée le: 31/05/2010
Wallpaper 1024x717 - Vu : 410 - Nb Com : 0.
Pertinence 5.40
49) > Oiseau > Manchot ++++ > 02 Humboldt Penguin
02 Humboldt Penguin
Humboldt penguin (Spheniscus Humboldt.) Is pleased to find a reserve of water for bathing, to wade ... He is with two friends and seems to have fun with at least one female ... For the record, I give you this fun article from Wikipedia: 'The Humboldt penguins at Bremerhaven Zoo have hit the headlines because the media in 2005 males were homosexual couples. The zoo's management brought in from Sweden and female associations have denounced gays and lesbians is a desire to "change sexual orientation" of animals. Some heterosexual couples were formed as a result of this measure next couple of gays 1. Wikipedia '. Marc Boucher said Meilhan.
Tag: oiseau manchot
Tag: Penguin
Ajoutée le: 26/05/2011
Wallpaper 1024x497 - Vu : 210 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.28
50) > Singe ++++ > Zoo 025 Copy
Zoo 025 Copy
Photo taken in the zoo at La Boissiere walleye Located a few miles from my house. I took it behind glass, it still may be some reflection ^. Very little is known of langurs. Most individuals of this species has a black coat, however, there is a small population with an orange peel. The color differences are not explained by scientists. Whatever the coat color of adult, all calves are born orange and may change color after 2 months to turn black, brown or orange stay. They have a stomach with several bags needed to digest cellulose and ferment ensure effective. Langurs live in harems. When the little baby, it passes from female to female, but only the mother breastfeeds. The baby is independent within a year.
Tag: animal singe
Tag: animal monkey
Ajoutée le: 08/09/2009
Wallpaper 775x768 - Vu : 610 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

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Messages sur le forum : female

Resultats à partir des critiques des membres:

1) Daim > Photo Buckskin 01423
I just see 3 in front of me and thanks to you I realize the race ... No deer or deer. Just 2 bucks and a female, but very dark. For the female I have a doubt because in the pictures, I can not find a female too dark.
Vu : 18270 - Nb Com : 9 - Moy : 4.5 .
Pertinence 5.11

2) Chien Lhassa Apso > Photo Dscn0517
I just had five babies' lhassa 'with my little female geyscha what happiness! They are dog lovers, I have a female 12 years and my beautiful mom small 2 and a half years 4 male and a female that I keep. What a pleasure to have these little dogs at home. This photo is beautiful and reminds me a lot of good memories past and future, thank you for us to benefit. Annick Liege Belgium.
Vu : 14320 - Nb Com : 14 - Moy : 4.64 .
Pertinence 5.11

3) Petite Biche > Photo Img 0924
Would this not a lucane female: 11:, beautiful picture, it is clear mandibles that prove that a female; those of males are enormous.
Vu : 810 - Nb Com : 5 - Moy : 3.5 .
Pertinence 5.11

4) Oiseau Oie Cendree > Photo Imgp0678 Gander Pond Sauvabelin
Seeing your question, I will prepare a photo of the female. I do not know if this will be enough for you to know how to spot a male a female. And my knowledge in this area are quite limited!
Vu : 1340 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

5) Chien Yorkshire > Photo Img246
I love the picture! I have a friend who has one, and my girlfriend is a female on the photo is a female? : 6:: 6:
Vu : 16950 - Nb Com : 4.
Pertinence 5.11

6) Coyote > Photo Coyotes 2
A picture full of tenderness. Is it a female and her young or a male and female? 3:
Vu : 1090 - Nb Com : 3 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

7) Chat Chaton > Photo Multicolored Cats
Beside me there is a female as ca with the any small roux but the female was overwrite yesterday.
Vu : 74610 - Nb Com : 16 - Moy : 4.12 - Favoris : 5.
Pertinence 5.11

8) Lievre > Photo Hare In Alsace 01
Your hares "bouquinent? But which is the hase, which the book? One can sue the other, but it is always the king who dominates the female (except deflection without doubt, but this season??) Here the female seems to lead the race!
Vu : 730 - Nb Com : 11 - Moy : 4.14 - Favoris : 5.
Pertinence 5.11

9) Oiseau Durbec Des Sapins > Photo Durbecsrouge12
Why do you say that the female is not too gracious? : 19: I find this very attractive female: 4:: 6:
Vu : 630 - Nb Com : 9 - Moy : 4.5 - Favoris : 2.
Pertinence 5.11

10) Fleur Saule Marsault > Photo Dsc01377
I think it is the female flower marsaul willow (Salix caprea). The female flowers are greenish as illustrated by this photo. A tree known for its flowering very useful to the bees. It is found in wastelands and forest edges. : 1:: 6:
Vu : 420 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 4.62 - Favoris : 6.
Pertinence 5.11

11) Chat Persan > Photo Dsc00477
Thank you very much, you all for your nice compliments that night, one of my other female is busy making small, have a female blue and white Persian, of course, you'll see their pictures soon, hopefully, finally, c is fragile newborns, fingers crossed, good evening to you all thank you. : 6:: 18:
Vu : 1340 - Nb Com : 12 - Moy : 4.42 - Favoris : 8.
Pertinence 5.11

12) Oiseau Tarin Des Aulnes > Photo Female Siskin 20110305
How beautiful this little bird siskin, forgiveness, female, I always thought the male was more colorful, this little female has very beautiful colors. Bravo and thank you. Jocelyne lajoie61.
Vu : 2040 - Nb Com : 20 - Moy : 4.58 - Favoris : 23.
Pertinence 5.11

13) Guppy > Photo Guppy 003
Wow this is magic black and Red I have I have the same on another image when you type Google guppy there and the male with a female has red tail I suppose it is a female because I finally I was the same, but she died: 10: Thursday: S otherwise I always male.
Vu : 3110 - Nb Com : 7 - Moy : 4.14 - Favoris : 3.
Pertinence 5.11

14) Lezard > Photo Budding Naturalist
It is a female because I have a little baby lizard female also, lol.
Vu : 980 - Nb Com : 9 - Moy : 4.39 - Favoris : 3.
Pertinence 5.11

15) Coleoptere > Photo Coleoptere Chrysomelidae
Hello Tintin Beautiful composition! Strange photo! It looks like the beetle in the foreground is a piece added! : 16: They are "Labidostomis Taxicornis" 2 males and 1 female. The female is on the lower right. A +.
Vu : 670 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 3.83 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

16) Oiseau Pluvier Guignard > Photo Loriot
So actually I also think we can eliminate the female golden oriole. On the one hand, it does not seem to me that this species frequents the dams, on the other hand, I think that the female lacks the blue head (in fact, closely resembles the juvenile).
Vu : 1620 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 4.19 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

17) Oiseau Foulque Macroule > Photo Coot TAKEOFF
: 13: One, two, three ... Splash! This' Coot (Fulica atra), although the wings deployed, successfully flight with the final push of the leg! Beautiful movement captured well: congratulations and thank you! : 3: NB: Male or female ... Coot is a female name: 18:!
Vu : 1200 - Nb Com : 20 - Moy : 4.25 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

18) Mystere > Photo Mystery Blue Cecoidonc
Heating up : 1: Fada not perhaps agree that when you see the participation ... almost exclusively female!: 14: Curiosity is it exclusively female?
Vu : 680 - Nb Com : 23 - Moy : 4.17 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

19) Chat Persan > Photo Dsc02573
Hello, I also have a black and white Persian female, but I have to wash it every week and yet the white is brown, I tried everything, would not you have something for me, especially for my female thank you: 3:: 1:: 6:
Vu : 5870 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 5.11

20) Chien Boxer > Photo Fine
Hello I would like to know how old is your female? For me I have a boxer who has a year and a half! And I want a female boxer to a ledge! Thank you in advance!
Vu : 1610 - Nb Com : 11 - Moy : 3.68 - Favoris : 2.
Pertinence 5.11

21) Oiseau Rougequeue Noir > Photo Red Tail Black 01
It is true that beauty is a female, the sexes are differentiated by plumage color: - Brown for the female. - Black for the buck. In all cases, they obviously have the red tail. It's a great image: 3: it is not blurred and the bird is taken by (or with a very good zoom), the only trouble is it would have been better than the picture is taken profile that we see better tail. In brief:: 2:.
Vu : 9220 - Nb Com : 12 - Moy : 4.88 - Favoris : 2.
Pertinence 5.11

22) Chien Dalmatien > Photo Dina 2
The picture is brilliant, this female 'Dalmatian' is very beautiful. I love this race and hopes to have the chance to finally be able to find a (female) of this quality. Congratulations to the owner for this beautiful bitch 'Dalmatian'.
Vu : 1890 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

23) Bourgeon > Photo Pine Bud
Very pretty flower larch female (the male flower is yellow), I can tell you that I do every year liquor larch only with the female pink, I'm also creating a cough syrup for us in gathering mountain starts around the month of May, beautiful shot, thank you: 3. Nicole g.
Vu : 750 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 4.44 - Favoris : 7.
Pertinence 5.11

24) Araignee Epeire Diademe > Photo Enorme Tiara
The reason white crosshair can say that it is the female spider, Epeira crown 'also called' Epeira cross-bearer '(Araneus diadematus). Bravo Isa.56 for sharpness and thank you for this macro *. : 3: * The size of the female ranges from 15-20 mm, while the male reaches a maximum of 10 mm: this macro can well observe the details. 1:
Vu : 1270 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 3.56 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

25) Mante Religieuse > Photo Close Praying Mantis 01
Nice photo! Is a female, can be seen with small antennas, the males are at least twice this size, although the latter is smaller than the females. Another interesting fact, it seems that this mantle just molted, its wings are detached in this way allows me to suggest. They are trying to dry and harden as the body of the whole mantle. The exuviae should not be far off. The presence of the wings also indicate that the female is an adult, otherwise they would be atrophied.
Vu : 3130 - Nb Com : 29 - Moy : 4.55 - Favoris : 20.
Pertinence 5.11

26) Cerf > Photo Contre Jour 20100422
Gena yes she was born like that happen in the female animals such as Corsica, it is well known: 19:. I think this deer and young, because these woods are short, as are the female nose should still pushing re: 19:: 19:. Let's stop messing around. The photo and well taken on the first plane is clear the doe-eyed deer makes me crack (and here we go again): 13: I found the background as one can tell the pros burnt. Bravo Christelle: 1:. Friendship: 5:
Vu : 390 - Nb Com : 2.
Pertinence 5.11

27) Oiseau Durbec Des Sapins > Photo Oiseaugbec000
I think it is the female Grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator or English Pine Grosbeak). Unlike the male plumage has a predominantly red rose, the dominant female is yellowish or greenish. His head, chest and rump dull yellow-orange contrasts with the tops and sides usually gray. Beau cliché snowy background: 1:: 6:
Vu : 1110 - Nb Com : 16 - Moy : 4.31 - Favoris : 8.
Pertinence 5.11

28) Oiseau Canard Carolin > Photo Wood Ducks 01
Dan, you race and race Carolin Colvert, well here it is a female Mallard left though not the green collar and a male Carolin right. In fact those two have nothing in common (no racist: 4:)! The fact remains that each of these two races, the female is a disadvantage ... Good day: 18:
Vu : 1480 - Nb Com : 19 - Moy : 4.68 - Favoris : 12.
Pertinence 5.11

29) Taon > Photo Vla The Beautiful Horsefly
: 1: The big eyes to the countless facets and green lights, the tiny antennae bent-shaped 'V', transparent wings and brown colors make this gray female 'Gadfly' - 'Gadfly oxen' (Tabanus bovinus): 14: - good potential on the serrated leaf. Excellent macro and presentation Bravo Isa. 56 and thank you. : 3:: 20: Only the female bites ... and are more aggressive in stormy weather ...
Vu : 700 - Nb Com : 5 - Moy : 4.3 - Favoris : 3.
Pertinence 5.11

30) Oiseau Canard Colvert > Photo Flying Mallard Couple
Here is one that revolves around the female and hurried to catch up. He tends his neck, head forward flush with water, it follows that the female is likely to first arrive on the nesting place ... Thus the courtship takes place, it takes place on the water during the winter, long before the breeding season. Beautiful shot of this Parade! : 1:: 6:
Vu : 300 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.08 .
Pertinence 5.11

31) Oiseau Pinson Des Arbres > Photo Lady Chaffinch
With a conical beak and strong, the chaffinch is a veteran of the gardens and public parks that frequently throughout the year. It is amusing to watch them waddle in nibble here and there. The female is dull brown and sounds more like female house sparrow. We notice the white markings on the wings and tail, and as males, visible at the time of the flight. It is a species protected by law. Beau cliché, although net pleasant to contemplate. : 1:: 6:
Vu : 3180 - Nb Com : 18 - Moy : 4.39 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

32) Oiseau Sterne Pierregarin > Photo Couple Tern 01
The Bills are in the axis, one can imagine the fish falling from the one to the other: 18: the curvature of the tern in flight is very elegant. Issues arise, these birds are supposed to hatching a tour of role, if that is the case, your second allegation would be a dissent. Curious, I would like to know how the person remerciee you help a approach these birds - indicating you the nest I guess. An excellent photo. I just see that the female lays two or three eggs, incubation lasts 22 a 27 days, brooding being provided mainly by the female.
Vu : 1520 - Nb Com : 30 - Moy : 4.73 - Favoris : 33.
Pertinence 5.11

33) Fleur Compagnon Rouge > Photo Flowers Roses Ground Cover
Beautiful flower bed of red campion or dioecious campion (Silene dioica): 1: It is a perennial widespread in France, which are found along roads, in cool, moist places, especially in the mountains. It blooms in May through September. It is a dioecious plant, that is to say that the male flowers and female flowers are not made by the same foot (separate male and female flowers). Beautiful soft floral color: a:: 6:).
Vu : 1170 - Nb Com : 2 - Favoris : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

34) Libellule Orthetrum Brun > Photo Orthetrum Brown
Whatever you say, my dear Isa. 56: 'hard' for the game of fertilization, but also for the game of Marco, who has had to be repeatedly, much zeal for taking this pretty Othetrum cancellatum female in its small business ... (You'll notice cancellatum crosslinked ... not brown, I was wrong when I know them more.) Shooting focused on the female forms a heart that I particularly liked this approach and hold tight fascinates me. The rest you know, one does what one has in itself for success and it is not always obvious, but true. In short, the couple is in my house and he knew he did the same talk ... What would happen then? I have no answer to this question Isa. Thank you and friendship, Mark. 2:
Vu : 390 - Nb Com : 4 - Favoris : 2.
Pertinence 5.11

35) Oiseau Perruche Ondulee > Photo Parakeets Love 054
It is the female and the male right to left ... Before having my four cats, I had parakeets, blue turquoise as your little female right ... they lived in freedom, kisses me, it is a day of unexpected frost that gave me this gift: I saved Evie in a public park, a transit lost and cold, we loved every second, she sang with my violin, it was delicious! She spent twelve years with me, making me absolute confidence! It was twelve years of happiness, which is why I'm so pleased to come across your photo ... I used to be perfectly frank, especially when the topic is dear to my heart, then I'll tell you: the color of your frame is very ugly because it emphasizes even more wicked cut tails that these birds are very beautiful there, it breaks the net and could not see it! Can you try to represent them? , It's so pity ...
Vu : 13930 - Nb Com : 7 - Moy : 4.29 .
Pertinence 5.11

36) Chien Border Collie > Photo Female Dogs 832
Hello Me too She's a female how old your dog?
Vu : 6380 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 4 .
Pertinence 5.11

37) Chien Coton De Tulear > Photo Paxy 20090422
: 6: I love it! Where can I get the same? I would like a female. Thank you.
Vu : 3320 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

38) Cheval > Photo Mare In Foal First
Web, you are very sure of yourself? You really think this little female will become a standard? : 3:
Vu : 2000 - Nb Com : 10 - Moy : 4.25 - Favoris : 3.
Pertinence 5.11

39) Oiseau Cigogne Blanche > Photo Stork 20110225
Probably a female, to think of a makeover under way: 19:
Vu : 680 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.5 - Favoris : 6.
Pertinence 5.11

40) Cochon Vietnamien > Photo Black Pig 20110527
Thank you for your com, it was not alone, there was one female and three grandchildren!
Vu : 620 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

41) Libellule > Photo Dragonfly 20100810
This is certainly an old female of Sympetrum meridionale.
Vu : 400 - Nb Com : 8 - Moy : 4.19 - Favoris : 3.
Pertinence 5.11

42) Oiseau Canard Colvert > Photo Flying Mallard Couple
Apparently, this female does not know his prosecutor. : 4:: 6:
Vu : 300 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.08 .
Pertinence 5.11

43) Chien Dobermann > Photo
: 6: Too many but I have brown in female, but it is also too good.
Vu : 54810 - Nb Com : 1.
Pertinence 5.11

44) Oiseau Perruche Calopsitte > Photo Perruche Callopsite
Me too I have one because the female died, not long ago. : 10:
Vu : 6650 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.42 .
Pertinence 5.11

45) Oiseau Roselin Pourpre > Photo Finch Purple 9
The male and female are very different from one another. Maybe a little focus, right? : 4:: 6:
Vu : 530 - Nb Com : 5 - Moy : 4 .
Pertinence 5.11

46) Cameleon > Photo Original Attitude Of A Camaleon
He do not want her baby go. : 5:: 6:: 19: Is it a male or a female.
Vu : 4120 - Nb Com : 27 - Moy : 4.24 - Favoris : 12.
Pertinence 5.11

47) Chat _autre > Photo Cat 050
Thank you, for cons I realized it's a female! : 4:
Vu : 270 - Nb Com : 4.
Pertinence 5.11

48) Cobe A Croissant > Photo COBE Has Increased 004
It is this beautiful female is an animal that I do not know: 3:.
Vu : 600 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.08 .
Pertinence 5.11

49) Cobe A Croissant > Photo COBE Has Increased 004
Well it makes us smile a shy but very well this female.
Vu : 600 - Nb Com : 6 - Moy : 4.08 .
Pertinence 5.11

50) Oiseau Pigeon Biset > Photo 2 Pigeons Fei
I like this picture but you could tell me who is the female and the male is.
Vu : 5860 - Nb Com : 21 - Moy : 4.55 - Favoris : 2.
Pertinence 5.11

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Qui peut m'aider à identifier cette fleur ?
Un de mes objectifs n'a pas été rajouté à la liste
Faire parler les animaux
Perronnet Catherine145

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