And well Joffu it s good to see a photo also nature He is watching
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Accueil > Archive commentaires > Commentaires du 30/1/2014

Vache > Allaitement
And well Joffu, it's good to see a photo also nature... He is watching you, however, the little calf (who probably does not have a mother-having regard to its colour) !
De Boxani
Coucher Soleil > La mer
La mer
Of course it had to stir Contis : I hear the roar of the sea from here ! Beautiful photo !
De Boxani
Nouvel An Chinois > 2014 annee du cheval de bois bis
2014 annee du cheval de bois bis
Pretty pretty this wooden horse... which does not draw the language... of wood ! Uh... It's up to you what horse Charly ?
De Boxani
Glace > Le pendentif
Le pendentif
What delicacy in this pendant 'hyper-natural'... Bravo for this shot Anne !
De Boxani
Fleuve > 587 la pointe
587 la pointe
Ahhh this landscape while sweetness is always very much appreciated... It looks like a painted backdrop carefully !
De Boxani
Oiseau Mesange Bleue > Mesange charbonniere et bleue
Mesange charbonniere et bleue
The photo was taken at approximately 8 m, with a target of 400. Greetings.
De Ssouteyrat
Fleur Mimosa > Flocons d or
Flocons d or
Thank You Panda ! A day is near, you no longer had the right to introduce me to your vows ! I almost wait, lol ! Obviously the same wish for you and yours. I had done generally somewhere in the Cafèt ! Thank you for my mimosa !
De Ainsiminilyse
Canada Quebec > P1440437biscp
Thank you for stopping by here, I'll put the exif data on a touch-up.
De Annie.reymondie
Fleur Pelargonium > Pelargonium rose clair 001
Pelargonium rose clair 001
This pelargonium light pink is beautiful on the dark green leaves and with the buttons on the point of opening. Very nice diagonal presentation. Bravo Kaenafelix, thank you and my best wishes for 2014 to you and to those who are with you : happiness and especially health as good as possible.
De Le fan belfortain
Nouvel An > Meilleurs v ux 1
Meilleurs v ux 1
This beautiful bay helped you to achieve a beautiful greeting card. Bravo Ferdinand, thank you and my best wishes for 2014 to you, to your wife and to your families : to the happiness and especially health as good as possible.
De Le fan belfortain
Canada Quebec > P1440437biscp
Must be 'miro' I do not see the editing Annie
Pays Bas > Clocher
A very nice night picture, this bell-tower is superb and the color of the sky is special ! Bravo Domi_ and thank you for this beautiful shot ! TB+.
De F.pimenta
France Isere > Col de l aup isere 20140125
Col de l aup isere 20140125
The mountain, we never grow tired of what is covered in snow, with the colors of autumn or in the spring ! In short, the picture is beautiful and clear !
De F.pimenta
Fleur Mimosa > Flocons d or
Flocons d or
The spring is near... bravo for this photo
De Francis-Sisco
Bijou > 2013 08 11 17 11 34
2013 08 11 17 11 34
Hello and welcome on FEI !!! The topic is a good net, and enhances the readability of the plain background, the shadow was interesting in bringing more to the picture, a shame to have it cut, (Grade B+) Jean-Mi.
France Dinan > Dinan 20140129
Dinan 20140129
A landscape in a quiet, relaxing and well framed with a nice depth, (Note TB) Jean-Mi.
Canada Montreal > Qu il est long le chemin opus3
Qu il est long le chemin opus3
A shot that makes you want to put on the walking shoes and follow you apparently a good step ! The colors are beautiful, beautiful photo !
De F.pimenta
France Dinan > Dinan 20140129
Dinan 20140129
I like the depth of field of this shot. Beautiful landscape, beautiful sharpness of this photo. Bravo and thank you.
De Almarie
Ecureuil Roux Americain > Ecureuil et son arachide
Ecureuil et son arachide
Guylaine you we always do crack with this little animal that you know so well put in value. Bravo and thank you.
De Almarie
France Dinan > Dinan 20140129
Dinan 20140129
Actually this place is superb as is the whole of the coast of Brittany. Beautiful framing and image quality TB.
De Tintin.dd
Avion De Ligne > Photo30x45e
Impressive shot , bravo for this very good control.
De Tintin.dd
France Dinan > Dinan 20140129
Dinan 20140129
Thank you ! And I would like to clarify that this photo has not undergone any retouching or correction to none. It is 'gross output' and I myself was surprised by the quality of the colors
De Mosirol
Oiseau Bergeronnette Grise > La bergeronnette
La bergeronnette
Superb this wagtail excellent sharpness and good value on a nice background blur .
De Tintin.dd
Chamois > Img 2988
Img 2988
This chamois is majestic in his environment, he took advantage of a beautiful morning light .
De Tintin.dd
Fleur Mimosa > Flocons d or
Flocons d or
Beautiful this first mimosa of the year, it is the beautiful time on our screens . Sylvie.
De Tintin.dd
Oiseau Mesange A Longue Queue > Surprise surprise
Surprise surprise
Excellent this appearance as a ghost, or rather like an angel. Isa for this superb taken .
De Tintin.dd
France Dinan > Dinan 20140129
Dinan 20140129
As I told my mother, Dinan is a beautiful city. And your photo proves it well. Thank you for this shot well net. TB.
De Géna
France Var > Nuit tombee st raphael
Nuit tombee st raphael
I believe that there is a lack of sharpness on the set of your photo Diamise. To get back to our meeting that we have missed, we would go to the beach of Saint-Aygulf during our stay there. My daughter lived door Hermés at Frejus, france ; Saint-Raphaël ; In Saint-Aygulf ; Pujet and Draguignan before moving closer to his job at Roquebrune.
De Géna
France Etretat > 09007 etretat 2005 09 08 pf
09007 etretat 2005 09 08 pf
It's going to Mick, there were not too much wind up there ? Thank you for this beautiful photo of a place that I know having been there a few times.
De Géna
Canada Quebec > P1440437biscp
It is necessary that you wait a bit I can no longer post pictures today I have used the 3 photos daily !
De Annie.reymondie
France Eure Et Loir > Etang ecluzelles
Etang ecluzelles
The hues of greyish transmit with accuracy the time of winter. The framing and composition of the landscape are successful with the charm of the reflections, and the presence of the swans. Bravo Almarie, thank you and my best wishes for 2014 to you, your husband, and your families : happiness, serenity and above all a health and also good health. Bravo and thank you also for your sensitivity, and voting support for your friend - a thought moved for him - and to others around you.
De Le fan belfortain
Oiseau Mesange A Longue Queue > Mesange a longue queue 2 2014
Mesange a longue queue 2 2014
Thank you Fan, for this nice comment . To you, I wish you and your loved ones a 2014 full of happiness and excellent health
De Isabelle S.B
Phare > Phare le treport 2
Phare le treport 2
And if we jump to the end of the pier, we find ourselves in America ? The lights are often red and white, it is white and green . This place is little frequented ? So much the better, it is more conducive to daydreaming and reflection. The image is well composed .
De Jofu
Canada Gaspesie > P1400171biscp
I appreciate this dispersed habitat, which does not eats not the landscape. The light and the colors are beautiful, the format is well chosen ; good .
De Jofu
Sport Parapente > Parapentiste 5 fon
Parapentiste 5 fon
We appreciate the shades of blue that are a beautiful background that can allow the red sail of well-detach . We do not know the end of the story ; where he landed ?
De Jofu
Grange > Grange 20140130
Grange 20140130
I love these old barns of the mountain. The field is crossed small streams : it is beautiful and peaceful.
De Perronnet Catherine
Givre > Givre1
Friendly Image, the light is beautiful, the snow is fresh ; it lacks a pair of snowshoes to make a nice rando . Where is it ? In the Pyrenees that you like I believe ?
De Jofu
Oiseau Mouette > Une mouette du lac
Une mouette du lac
This tight framing him is good ; it looks like an angel. Many of the nuances in the blanks .
De Jofu
France Savoie > Massif de la vanoise 73 by marc de meilhan 2013
Massif de la vanoise 73 by marc de meilhan 2013
your photo transports us into the midst of nature raw and beautiful. No trace of human being : it is fabulous !
De Perronnet Catherine
Oiseau Tourterelle Turque > Tourterelles fei
Tourterelles fei
they are thin and stylish in their lovely decor foam. I love their keen eye.
De Perronnet Catherine
Oiseau Mouette > Une mouette du lac
Une mouette du lac
you have managed to have him in a pose full of grace and lightness : it is splendid !
De Perronnet Catherine
Oiseau Bruant Des Roseaux > Le bruant des roseaux img 8445
Le bruant des roseaux img 8445
it seems to be at ease on this twig and pose nicely for you.
De Perronnet Catherine
Phare > Phare le treport 2
Phare le treport 2
very clear and uncluttered your photo of this beautiful lighthouse green hope.
De Perronnet Catherine
Neige > Il neige 7798
Il neige 7798
it has a nice thick on the branches : we really like that it is cotton.
De Perronnet Catherine
Jardin > 06 09008 parc et jardins du bois des moutiers varengeville sur mer pf2
06 09008 parc et jardins du bois des moutiers varengeville sur mer pf2
It looks like a green paradise in effect : thank you for sharing.
De Perronnet Catherine
Retouche Photo > Le vol de barges a queue noire r hf
Le vol de barges a queue noire r hf
you have managed to capture the photo from Pat : I am appreciative !
De Perronnet Catherine
Divers > Dsc 0001
Dsc 0001
Thank you The fan belfortain, it is sure that my wife is missing me already.
De Pgarnier
Retouche Photo > Le vol de barges a queue noire r hf
Le vol de barges a queue noire r hf
Hello Catherine, thank you for the compliment and for making this photo in your favorites. You know the photo is beautiful, and doing retouching for almost 8 years I have not had a lot of work to improve this photo.
De Nenfer13
0 Elle m'avait échappé :11: effectivement c'est bien ce lichen que j'ai aussi croi
50 Très beau portrait d'une parfaite netteté. Le fond avec ces ondulations et de be
> 100 Et bien Joffu, ça fait du bien de voir une photo aussi nature... Il te regarde c

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